Enric Marco—another Holocaust fraud

At the end of World War II, some Jewish scholars asserted that “at least 10 million Chinese were dead and 60 million left homeless. Four million Indonesians were either killed by the Japanese or died of hunger, disease, or lack of medical attention; and other Asian countries suffered similar losses."


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…by Jonas E. Alexis

Jewish Holocaust historian Tim Cole of the University of Bristol was onto something when he wrote:

“‘Shoah [Hebrew for Holocaust] business’ is big business…[In] the twentieth century, the ‘Holocaust’ is being bought and sold. $168 million was donated to pay for the building of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum on a plot of Federal Land in Washington, DC. Millions of dollars have financed memorial projects throughout the United States, ranging from the installation of Holocaust memorials to the establishing of University chairs in Holocaust studies. Steven Spielberg’s movie Schindler’s List netted over $221 million in foreign box offices and even Academy Awards.”[1]

One can say that Cole’s statement epitomizes the life of Enric Marco. Marco is from Barcelona and has made a career out of saying that he was in a Nazi concentration camp. Marco, according to the New York Times itself,

“was a prominent public face of Spanish survivors of the Holocaust — president of a survivors’ association, the recipient of a number of awards and distinctions. He spoke at Parliament and frequently visited schools, well into his 80s, to tearfully recall his time at the Flossenbürg concentration camp; the torture and killings he witnessed; his eight months of solitary confinement.”[2]

Marco has delivered countless speeches and has done multiple interviews telling his Holocaust tale—not as fiction, but as brute facts.

Yet Marco turned out to be another holocaust liar, for he was never in any concentration camp in Germany. He concocted a thread-bare hoax, and government officials fell in his trap. By 2005, Marco was found to be “a shameless con artist,” an “out-and-out liar,” and an “utter scoundrel.”[3] Marco, according to author Javier Cercas, was “manipulative, obsequious, utterly unscrupulous parasite.”[4]

Marco was part of what Norman Finkelstein has called “the Holocaust Industry,” which states that the American Jewish establishment has deliberately and perniciously exploited the memory of those who suffered in Nazi Germany for financial gain.[5] The establishment wants to maintain that the “Holocaust” is unique, but they have to exclude other atrocities in the past in order to uphold this vacuous ideology.

If the establishment is really committed to honoring the lives of those who suffered under violent regimes, why aren’t there museums for those who lost their lives under Communist/Stalinist/Socialist regimes? And what about other countries around the world? At the end of World War II, some Jewish scholars asserted that

“at least 10 million Chinese were dead and 60 million left homeless. Four million Indonesians were either killed by the Japanese or died of hunger, disease, or lack of medical attention; and other Asian countries suffered similar losses.”[6]

In light of these figures, how can any scholar or historian be intellectually honest with himself and the rest of the academic world while maintaining that Jewish suffering is “unique”? It simply does not add up.

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  1. We must understand that the, ‘Holocaust’, Hitler and Nazi demonization, that goes on for over 70 years, is but a, “Smoke Screen”, to cover the mush greater harm, that the Jews have done against, the Human Race, under the ‘FLAG’ of Marxist Bolshevik-Communism! What I call, “THE JEWISH PLAGUE!” That they spread from St. Petersburg, Russia, to Shanghai, China, in the 20th century! They are responsible for example the, “HOLODOMOR”, the murder and starvation of some 12 to 15 million, mostly Women and Children in the Ukraine. What about the greatest genocidal mass murderer of all time; The JEW, GENRIKH YAGODA! Soviet communist secret service boss, He set up the GULAG and He and his JEWISH Political Commissars, jailers, torturer, murderers are, directly responsible for the deaths of 10 million people! Why doesn’t the world know about this horrific, inhumane accounts and the perpetrators, only Hitler this and Hitler that?? Because, like Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn correctly points it out! “The fact that most of the world is ignorant and uncaring about this enormous crime is proof that the GLOBAL MEDIA, (Hollywood Slime Industry) ‘this is my insertion!) is in the hand of the PERPETRATORS!”

    • No, the Gulag system was initially created under the authority of Lev Davidovich Bronshtein (aka Leon Trotsky) – perhaps the holder of the most whitewashed reputation in history (not surprising to anyone who knows that Neo-cons are really Neo-Trotskyites). Rather that the “good communist” loser to Stalin in a power struggle (as the propagandists would have it), Bronshtein may well be the worst person who has ever lived.

      Documentation that the Gulag preceded Stalin and his Jewish executioners such as Yagoda and Yezhov.


  2. A great source of what makes the, ‘sufferers’ of the ‘Chosen People syndrome’ tick and how they, to this day are doing their demonic best, to enslave their fellow Men, Women and Children! 760 pages! don’t be alarmed, it is worth digesting, every page of it. “THE CRICIFIXION OF RUSSIA.” A new English translation of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s, “200 Years Together” – A History of the Russians and the Jews.

  3. It’s no wonder they react so quickly and viciously to deniers of the story. It’s a guaranteed money maker for decades to come, not to mention dozens of repressive laws and policies meant to squelch truth and punish enemies. Nothing is ever said about the 60, 000, 000+- Russians, who were killed in warlike conditions by the Bolsheviks, between 1917 and 1958. Or, about the trail of rape, murder and plunder, committed under the guise of war, when the Red Army marched towards Germany. Can we hear a, “Never again.”

    • If the mainstream Holocaust Story™ was known to be false in the public consciousness, support for Israel as well as Diaspora Jews™ being a persecuted minority would evaporate in the “western” world.

  4. These liars and con artists would have us believe history began and ended with Adolf Hitler in WWII. How about the Armenian Holocaust by the Turks in WWI which they still do not acknowledge either? Man’s inhumanity to man goes back to the beginning of time. But to profit off this crime is itself a crime and obscenity. Their behavior and gross misconduct is beyond disgusting and reprehensible. They have no morals whatsever. They seem to be inhuman. Henry Ford was totally correct about them in 1921. https://www.biblebelievers.org.au/intern_jew.htm
    Abridged from the original as published by the world renowned industrial leader,

    Appearing originally in the periodical published by the Ford Motor Co.
    “The Dearborn Independent.”

  5. ” Anonymous ID:qqjDL/qb Tue 28 Mar 20:17:14 2017 No.118690700 ViewReplyOriginalReport
    It’s quote of Barbara Engelking, holocaust expert and wife of one of the most recognizable politicians in Poland and member of the European Parliament Michał Boni.

    >For Poles it was just biological matter, natural -death like death, and for the Jews it was tragedy, it was dramatic experience, it was meeting with the highest one.

    Yes, she was compering death of Poles to death of Jews during WW2″

    When you’re special you are allowed to say anything because no one will challenge you. If they do they will call you anti-Semite.

    On a certain level they are more like comedians.

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