9/11: Israel One, America Zero


By Gordon Duff

Kevin sent me a photo still, which I traced to this video.  To me it looks fake, too obvious.  One thing for certain of the 80 plus videos of the Pentagon attack, those not censored were blurred out.

Like it or not, I personally see 9/11 as a military defeat of the United States by Israel.  They bought corrupt officials, just like the US did with Saddam and Ukraine and Libya and tried to do with Syria.

Then they ordered a “stand down” and let us have it.  Why?  Why would someone hate us that much?  Why would America need to be turned into a police state, defeated in war, occupied and propagandized into Trumpville?

You answer it.  I have other things to do.  Have a Happy 9/11 where you can “dance like an Israeli” all night long.


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  1. Not only did every United States Citizen have to suffer the indignity of the so called 9/11/01 attack on the Towers in New York and Pentagon in Washington, D.C., but every year since then, for 17 years, read lying propaganda sympathy scam propaganda articles, mostly from the controlled lying media in Israel, about them which divert attention from the real criminals and perpetrators employed by our own government who, obviously and deliberately, FAILED, to do their jobs and PREVENT, this false flag con on all of America today or yesterday. If those with the responsibility to foresee and take action to prevent this attack, could not do so, with their virtually unlimited money and other resources to do so, then the only conclusion is THEY WERE IN ON THE SCAM! Our government, mainly the officers in the Pentagon, have been provided virtually unlimited resources to anticipate ANY AND EVERY possible attack on this country end of story PERIOD, NO EXCEPTIONS. Experts, at the Ph. D. level, or other necessary levels are on call 24/7, who may be stationed anywhere in the world. Borrowed and printed federal dollars are of no object to this goal. Everything and I mean EVERYTHING is on the table NO EXCEPTIONS PERIOD. The totally blatant patently false media LIE that these four star generals in the Pentagon did not know or some how did not anticipate this attack is an insult to the intelligence of every American citizen and an obscenity in and of itself. They either KNEW ABOUT IT

    • They either KNEW ABOUT IT IN ADVANCE AND DELIBERATELY FAILED TO RESPOND FROM ORDERS OF THE THEN PRESIDENT BUSH; OR, THEY, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO TRAITORS BUSH AND CHENEY AND THE FOUR STAR GENERALS, WERE IN ON THE STING PERIOD END OF SENTENCE. No other conclusion is possible. This conclusion is consistent with the total nonsense, violating all the laws of physics, presented to the duped fools of the public, about this false flag event in the lying official report, most of whom hated higher mathematics and physics in high school and beyond. The science of physics is the most basic of all sciences. It is the MOTHER SCIENCE. All other sciences are, at bottom, physics with a different name. Higher mathematics is the language of the science of physics. So in order to understand the science of physics, it is necessary to also understand subjects like calculus, differential equations, complex variables, infinite series, the concepts of infinity, existence theorems for solutions of complicated mathematical equations, and on and on and on. Each subject takes years of study to develop full appreciation and knowledge of. Yet most ignorant Americans hate them and avoid them like the plague! All this and more are why Americans are and have been easily duped and fooled by media lies about the so called attack on September 11, 2001. The authorities have reached a low point by using the shame of NAME CALLING to shame anyone who questions their blatant lies which…

    • The authorities have reached a low point by using the shame of NAME CALLING to shame anyone who questions their blatant lies which contradict the well known laws of physics and mathematics. They label them CONSPIRACY THEORIST! This is a diversion to embarrass ordinary citizens to accept blatant LIES. Our country is going down quickly now. I never in my wildest dreams expected to see our government reach so low in my very limited lifetime. It is difficult to find polite words in English to describe this obscenity in America today.
      Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

    • Cutting a steel bar in common workshop with acetylene and pure oxygen is not about melting the steel, as been stated in MSM, that “melting” was the cause of collapse. Oxygen reacts with iron producing remarkable reaction energy, much higher temperatures and heat transfer that can be achieved with hydrocarbon burning even with pure oxygen. In WTC there was no oxygen vessels but “molten metal” explosives that produced liquid phase heat transfer to core steal beams and very high temperature, I think.

    • @ Johnny America – A couple of barrel stoves is all that kept us from freezing to death (could not afford other heat, so we collected firewood, scrap lumber, and scrap cardboard to burn) throughout much of my childhood in SW Wisconsin.

      If you blasted a stream of pure oxygen on your red hot barrel stove, you would find that the steel would burn. But of course, the WTC was not a liquid/compressed oxygen production and storage facility.

    • Guys, most people on the street have no common sense when it comes to challenging what they hear on MSM. I see this over and over and over. What they hear they just internalize. I suspect that the logic they use is that “They would never say that in MSM unless it was true. There are too many news outlets who are also checking the information.” Only one problem with that last part. Most of MSM media in the US is owned by a few corporations.

    • Here is one WTC melting video:


      And here is one MSM -like tryout to explain, that everything was not under control:


      It’s not a question, whether the melt was aluminium or steel, they both emit radiation very much similar manner when at the same temperature. Then there was that table on latter video, which says radiation is white light in 1200C. It is certainly not, more likely 1500C and above and thats what it looks like on the video while comparing with the red flames of about 500-700C. Thermite might be a good guess. Solid to liquid reaction, high temperature and heat conduction in produced liquid which heat flux penetrates well heat conducting steel like cheese.

      Impossible to say on my experience and expertice, except to agree what wjabbe already mentioned, that they got all the money imaginable to prevent that happening, and add here that they also got all the money imaginable to make 911 happen.

    • Hehe, Johnny, Your theory about Building 7 sounds convincing to me. In MSM they said it was the enormous fire, which I think came from overheated paper shredder or microwave meal.

  2. Another cruise missile was witnessed not too far from the hole it made in Pennsylvania. Dozens of head scratching first responders searched the area for hours looking anything that looked like airplane crash debris. Centuries of practice in the arts of subterfuge, have made the slow motion invasion and control of America, a piece of cake. Simple hick politicians are easily controlled by bribery, blackmail, intimidation and child psychology tricks.

  3. Is that missile homing in on a bright spot on the side of the building? Why would the video stop at that point and not say 5 seconds later?

  4. Gordon may be right that Israel won, but as usual, they didn’t win fair and square. They had inside help in corrupt authorities in NY and New Jersey, releasing suspects before any real investigation was made. Ordinary citizens can’t do anything about such corrupt actions legally. This is part of the old mob mentality in these areas. So they had inside help to “win”. We can’t totally blame the corrupt Israelis when corrupt local yokels in New Jersey and New York aided and abetted the criminals in crime. 17 years and nothing today to enlighten us on any of this U.S. government corruption. Justice delayed is justice denied, They have won because of corruption in the U.S. and time has worked in their favor. This crime will never be brought to justice. This is another of many signs that America is going down the tubes. We are living in end times like Rome.

  5. “Why would someone hate us that much?” – GD

    Seems an appropriate question to delegate to someone such as Gilad Atzmon.

  6. Something I use as a “bit” is after 9/11 when every American is running around in a panic looking for terrorists to blame. How did the jew media pull of complete blanket (except evil commo media) on the mossad agents caught trying to blow up /shoot up the Mexican parliament only a month after 9/11??. Sorta leaves no wiggle room on that one

  7. I worked in sales to C-Stores and Gas Stations; we had the account across from the Pentagon. The security tapes were confiscated from that account in less than 30 minutes. Goes to figure

  8. The more you connect the dots on this atrocity……It screams Israel did it! Backdoors to software, paid off and blackmailed minions, missing trillions, topped off with two faced traitorous Israeli first rats prepositioned in all the necessary links in chain of deceptions. So many billions of Shekel’s guaranteed in the offing, primarily for the select chosen ones! How many new billionaires since 9/11?

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