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A man would die on the Belgian Expedition and another go mad and die shortly after returning home. The medical officer of the Southern Cross Expedition would die of an unknown illness and a crewman would die from what was diagnosed as an intestinal disorder. The Southern Crosses first mate would also die on the return voyage home. A couple of more men from later Heroic Age expeditions would also die of mysterious and debilitating heart disease and yet two more would shoot themselves through the head not a year after returning home.
The Gauss Expedition lost three men, with another one badly maimed, from what was then being called ‘polar anemia’ and is now known as Beriberi. The Germans would wait twenty-four years before publishing a ‘medical report’ for the Gauss Expedition, long after Beriberi was wrongly being attributed to a Thiamine deficiency. 

Beriberi is now believed to be caused by a “poison of molds,” most likely citreoviridin, a mycotoxin produced by Aspergillus terreus a mold found in soils all over the world. The Germans have always known Beriberi is caused by a contaminant. Christiaan Eijkman, a Dutchman who won the 1929 Nobel Prize in Medicine for discovering Beriberi ‘was caused by a vitamin deficiency,’would not even attend “the ceremony” because he already rightly suspected a neurotoxin to be the real cause of the disease.121

Citreoviridin can be purchased from German chemical colossus Merck KGaA through a subsidiary called “Sigma-Aldrich.” 122 George W. Merck, the man who established America’s biological weapons program, was the son and heir of Friedrike Merck who “emigrated from Germany in 1891 to establish E. Merck and Company on 62 Wall Street. Before WWI, E. Merck and Company was a subsidiary” of KGaA. George W. Merck worked very closely with Ira Baldwin, who was Frank Olsen’s supervisor at the University of Wisconsin and the man who recruited Olsen “to work in the Army Biological Warfare Laboratories at Camp Detrick.” 123 Sigma-Aldrich, eldritch… 

A mold is a multicellular fungus as opposed to unicellular fungi which are called yeasts. Many fungi are dangerous pathogens, but at the same time they are like Greta Garbo. When they dine, they want to be alone. Towards that end, they secrete powerful antibacterial agents, particularly Aspergillus and its close cousin Penicillium, from which antibiotics are made. Others like the ergot fungus and certain mushrooms are legendary for their hallucinogenic properties. 
Fungus is distinguished from plants and bacteria by the chitin in its cell walls. Chitin is the primary ingredient in the shells of crustaceans and the exoskeletons of insects, which is why Lovecraft describes the Mi-Go in other stories as bat-winged humanoid crabs. Lovecraft was a learned man, far more learned than today’s academically accredited parrots… 

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The Germans wouldn’t go anywhere near the eldritch east coast of the Antarctic again. They would tap Wilhelm Filchner to lead their second expedition to the other side of the South Pole. Filchner was born in 1877 in Bayreuth, Germany; the stomping grounds of Richard Wagner and company. At fifteen years old, he joined the Prussian Military Academy. When he was twenty-one he went on an expedition into Russia. By the time he was twenty-three, Filchner was exploring the wild Pamir Mountain Range in Central Asia with only his horse for company and from 1903-1905 he led an expedition through Tibet. Upon Filchner’s return to Germany, plans for a second German assault on the Antarctic were immediately begun.  

The Deutschland, Filchner’s ship, would be on expedition from 1911 – 1913. Filchner would publish a book in 1922 about the exploits of the Deutschland in the Weddell Sea, of which he writes “none of us knew if we would ever come back alive.” 124 But the Saxon Civil War had already begun with round one going to the empire, leaving France spent beyond repair, the Russian Empire burned right down to the ground and the German Empire in tatters. The rebels were not about to sell their secrets for the price of a paperback book…  

As had Erich von Drygalski, Filchner was chosen specially for the job, the ‘Illuminati’s’ real-life version of Indiana Jones, their golden boy. “In 1933 the Roosevelt Administration, which had just formally recognized the Soviet Union, sent Nicholas Roerich on a horticultural expedition to Central Asia.” 125 At least this was the cover story. “Instead of botanical research Roerich, who was a native Russian, conducted an extensive search for the lost city of Shambhala.” Roerich, an operative for empire since the Russian Revolution, had been retracing Filchner’s steps across the fabled highlands of the East since 1925. The empire already suspected that he had found Shambhala. Filchner’s expedition to the Antarctic was in search of a doorway to another dimension.  
The Last of Atlantis by Nicholas Roerich, 1928 or 1929 
Miguel Serrano, the Antarctic explorer, Chilean power broker and himself a legend, writes “Wilhelm Filchner had gone to Antarctica, asking the question: “Would it be possible to go from the Weddell Sea to the Ross Sea? Is that sea only a bay, or one end of an enormous subterranean channel that divides Antarctica in two?”” 126 Serrano goes on to say that future German submarines would find that route a useful shortcut from the Atlantic to the Pacific. 

But only a page later he coyly poses the question: “Have German submarines around the North Pole or the Greenland of John Dee found the exact point at which, as if by a black funnel, their ship has gone through, going in to connect with the Other Pole, going out to that paradisiacal earth and sea that, having once been here, no longer are? An impregnable paradise, from where the war is continued, to be won. Because everything lost here is won there. The Golden Age, Ultimate Thule, Hyperborea, the other side of things, so easy and so difficult to reach. The inner earth, Another Earth, anti-earth, astral earth, reached as if by a “click,” a bi-location, or tri-location in space.” 127

Serrano had followed on the heels of Americas Operation Highjump with the first Chilean Antarctic Expedition from 1947 – 1948 in which supposedly in his capacity as journalist to the expedition he had a mountain named after him. He was friends with just about everybody who was anybody in the twentieth century and numbered among his closest friends some of its most influential people, among them C. G Jung, Hermann Hesse, the Dali Lama, Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi whom he had an affair with. Cross him as Salvatore Allende did and you would end up just as dead.  It was in his capacity as the Chilean ambassador that Serrano was instrumental in securing the Antarctic Treaty. 

“During the Eisenhower Administration, India’s representative to the UN Krishna Menon proposed to internationalize Antarctica. This would give all countries the right to ignore the established territorial boundaries of countries like Chile, Argentina and the United States and commence plundering the icy continent’s priceless mineral wealth and, in the United States’ and the Soviet Union’s case, turning it into a frozen weapons depot.Alerted to this dangerous situation, the Argentine Ambassador to India, Vicente Fatone, unsuccessfully sought a meeting with the authorities in New Delhi. Neither could the North American representative, John Sherman Cooper. Washington D.C. decided to send Ambassador Cabot Lodge as its extraordinary delegate to persuade India to withdraw the proposal. None of this worked.

Serrano, practically his estranged son in law, got a meeting with Prime Minister Nehru and explained his position on the matter. The great Indian statesman listened and nodded. He then got up and placed a red rose on the lapel of Serrano’s jacket, sealing the agreement. His next act was to order the proposal withdrawn. Menon would try to push it through again, but Nehru was adamant and the proposal was withdrawn for good.Meanwhile Eisenhower “extended an invitation to the 12 participating countries of the International Geophysical Year for a conference on the future of Antarctica. Hence, on December 1, 1959, the twelve participating countries signed the Antarctic Treaty, forcing them to submit the territory to peaceful purposes and preventing installations with military or armed characteristics…” 128

In Wilhelm Filchner’s own account, the Deutschland was “accidentally” frozen in the Wendell Sea when he failed to make South Georgia for the Antarctic winter, which can last from March to December. The crew amused themselves through the long winter with sports while Filchner somehow took a fall from the mast preventing his participation.  “But by mid-June he was feeling well enough to lead a short, but dangerous, journey over the ice in search of Morrell’s Land, or New South Greenland. The American sealer Benjamin Morrell thought he had seen land in 1823 only 37 miles east from where the DEUTSCHLAND was trapped. Filchner, together with officers Kling and Konig, left the ship on June 23 aboard two sledges, each drawn by eight dogs, with provisions for three weeks.” 129

New South Greenland is a name first coined by Captain Robert Johnson in 1821 for a seemingly phantom coastline he sailed along now explained away as the Antarctic Peninsula. Two years later captain Benjamin Morrell, piloting the same ship the Wasp, would record the same land attributing its discovery to Johnson and sailing for three days along its coastline, taking seal and seeing thousands of Sea Elephants, while marveling at the proliferation of ‘oceanic birds of every description…’

Edgar Allen Poe who is purported to have relied heavily on his contemporary New Englander Morrell’s memoirs for his novelThe Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket ends the tale that Lovecraft attributes to “forbidden sources” quite abruptly with his narrator adrift in a lifeboat on a mysterious fog-shrouded Antarctic sea. “Many gigantic and pallidly white birds flew continuously now from beyond the veil, and their scream was the eternal Tekeli-li! as they retreated from our vision. Hereupon Nu-Nu stirred in the bottom of the boat; but upon touching him, we found his spirit departed. And now we rushed into the embraces of the cataract, where a chasm threw itself open to receive us. But there arose in our pathway a shrouded human figure, very far larger in its proportions than any dweller among men. And the hue of the skin of the figure was of the perfect whiteness of the snow.”130

It ends there, but in the epilogue, which Poe calls Note, he tells the reader that the narrator Pym died and the last chapters appear to have been lost with him. “This, however, may prove not to be the case, and the papers, if ultimately found, will be given to the public…” He goes on lamenting: “The loss of the two or three final chapters (for there were but two or three) is the more deeply to be regretted, as, it cannot be doubted, they contained matter relative to the Pole itself, or at least to regions in its very near proximity…” 131
By Online Map Creation, Ruhrfisch Sightings of New South Greenland
Poe, who was neither a drug addict nor a drunk, was in actuality a military man with deep ties to West Point. In fact, one of his earliest works simply titled Poems was financed by his classmates at West Point and includes a page saying “To the U.S. Corps of Cadets this volume is respectfully dedicated.” He was a pioneer in the science of cryptology and deeply influenced Americas greatest cryptologist Wolf Friedman who broke the Japanese Purple Code during WW II, practically winning America’s war with Japan single-handedly. Poe would die enigmatically at forty-one in 1849, when he was found running down the streets of Baltimore in great distress wearing an unknown man’s clothes and muttering the name Reynolds. He never regained coherence and his last words were “Lord help my poor soul.” The medical records have all been lost, including his death certificate. 

Poe was America’s first professional writer and a master of self-promotion posing for one of the world’s earliest photos then known as a Daguerreotype. The picture is titled Ultima Thule…  
1848 “Ultima Thule” 
Phantom sightings of land have been going on in the Southern Ocean since it was first sailed in the sixteenth century. Oddly, Morrell was selected to be mercilessly pilloried by historians for his report and called ‘the biggest liar in the Southern Ocean.’ But his account still rings true to many who go through strenuous mental gymnastics trying to explain it. 

Seemingly lost in the argument is the fact that the unimpeachable and legendary British naval explorer James Clark Ross also reported possible land in a position close to Morrell’s in 1843. Captain Johnson would never tell his story. He would disappear with his ship and his entire crew in 1826 somewhere in the vicinity of the sea that would be named after Ross.  

The first determined search for New South Greenland would be Filchner’s three man sled expedition in 1912. Not surprisingly with WW I little over a year away, they told the world they had found nothing but a harrowing three weeks on the ice and Morrell must have seen a mirage…  

The next German expedition recorded for posterity would be in late 1938 to early 1939, almost three decades after Filchner’s and only months before the Saxon Civil War erupted into WW II. Using Cartesian coordinates with the online National Geographic Map, the Germans would claim the land only a hundred miles or so beyond the deepest penetration of Ross on the Wendell Sea; the land below the Falkland Islands fronting the Atlantic Indian Basin. This area would henceforth be known as Neuschwabenland or New Swabia. 

According to the academic account, on the eve of their life and death struggle with empire, which they by then knew was inevitable, the Germans went to the South Pole and flew over hundreds of thousands of square kilometers and took more than 16,000 aerial photographs, very few of which have ever been published. They dropped a lot of flags on the ice and did extensive exploration in search of the ‘perfect place to put a whaling station.’ Then the thirty three scientists of the expedition simply turned around and sailed back into the waiting arms of their beloved Führer… 

On the way back, the ‘third German expedition’ is known from the accounts of whalers in the area to have explored Bouvet Island. The island is notorious for shifting positions from where it was last charted and seemingly being able to change its topography overnight. The position of its phantom sister island, known as Thompsons Island, has never been fixed on the charts.  Although it remained there till  1943 and has been sighted many times. 

At approximately sixteen hundred miles south-southwest of the coast of South Africa and approximately eleven hundred miles north of the Antarctic, Bouvet Island itself is easily the hardest place on earth to find. “It is possible to draw a circle of one thousand miles radius (having an area of 3,146,000 square miles, or very nearly that of Europe) which contains no other land whatever. No other point of land on the earth’s surface has this peculiarity.” 132

Morrell’s whole account of New South Greenland has been called into question because it never mentions that Bouvet Island is covered with ice and he had no trouble finding it. “Not even the highly competent James Ross – in 1843 and again in 1845 – could locate Bouvet in the prevailing foul conditions, which include a semi-permanent shrouding of thick sea-mist, and storms 300 days a year. The isle was not fixed on the nautical charts until 1898,”133 by the German survey ship Valdivia…  

Bouvet Island is uninhabited and landings on it are quite rare due to the incredible difficulties involved. One of the islands many mysteries was the discovery in 1964 of a twenty-foot skiff found swamped in a cove on a plateau of land called Nyrøysa, which apparently materialized on the island somewhere between 1955 when it wasn’t there and 1958 when the island was next visited.

According to an eyewitness account from the sixty-four South African expedition sent to investigate Nyrøysa that found the boat: “On the rocks a hundred yards away was a forty-four gallon drum and a pair of oars, with pieces of wood and a copper flotation or buoyancy tank opened out flat for some purpose. Thinking castaways might have landed, we made a brief search but found no human remains.” 134 There is no plausible explanation for how the boat got there or where it came from.  
Perhaps this is all that remains of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket…
By 1956 as eleven nations carved the Antarctic into three dozen monitoring stations in anticipation of the “International Geophysical Year,” which would run from fifty-seven to fifty-eight, Americas Atomic Energy Commission and National Security Council together with the CIA were laying plans to deploy nuclear weapons there.  Unsubstantiated claims “that the Soviet Union used areas in the Antarctica as test sites for nuclear weapons and guided missiles” 135 were being released to the worlds press along with soliloquies lauding the South Poles strategic importance should the dastardly Russians take out the Panama Canal. 

The Soviet Union for their part had been showing an inordinate interest in the Antarctic since WW II and planned to celebrate the geophysical year with an even bigger expedition there than America. Theirs included two icebreakers and a half dozen supply ships “equipped with state of the art microbiological, hydrological, geological and meteorological laboratories.” 136  

Miguel Serrano, the great Chilean powerbroker who put an end to this polar madness practically single-handedly, has an entirely different take on the third German expedition to the Antarctic than today’s academic hacks who live and breathe only in the cloud of intellectual flatulence that spawned them. 

Polar expeditions looking for secrets held within the polar fastness is an old topic in Germany. Georg von Neumayer was a wise German who died in 1909, making important discoveries in hydrology, meteorology, and geophysics. He organized several expeditions to the South Pole. His book, “Auf zum Südpol” “Towards the South Pole,” was used by Captain Ritscher in his polar expedition of 1938-1939. That expedition explored a region of 600,000 square kilometers in Antarctic Queen Maud’s Land, beside the Weddell Sea, baptizing it “Neuschwabenland,” “New Swabia.” 

Within they discovered those mysterious oases with warm water lakes. A high mountain range was named “Neumayer,” in memory of the wise scientist. In the north of this mountain range, they discovered lakes free of ice year-round surrounded by the mainland continent, with some oasis plant growth and forests. The Third Reich continued these explorations throughout the war in uninterrupted calm and worked to take possession of those immense polar territories…” 137

Serrano, probably the most powerful man in this world to have ever been to the Antarctic let alone explore it, goes on saying “that around both the South and North Poles light intensities increase at the same times of year and that their polar days do not then coincide with the angle of the sun. In Antarctica a great secret is hidden, entirely coinciding with the theory of the “Hollow Earth…”” 138

But as a poet from Thebes named Pindar wrote long ago: “Neither by sea nor by land can Hyperborea be found…”To find Ultima Thule one must be in the right place at the right time just like Captain Johnson and Captain Morrell had been, just like Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket was… 

Serrano delivers the secret for those who have ears to hear. “On November 23, 1978, NASA took a satellite photo over the North Pole, with infrared rays, showing a circular aperture. Taken by the satellite “ESSA 7,” and a first sighting, so therefore not easy to repeat, since dense clouds cover the poles. An enormous circular aperture has appeared beneath them. 

According to Eugenio Siragusa, the earth must be thought of as a cosmic cell that “each six months opens the poles to breath and then closes them a few days later.” The question spontaneously arising today is: “Why no great power, since the disastrous failed attempt by Admiral Byrd, in 1946, has claimed possession, embarked, investigated or explored the region of Neuschwabenland?”” 139 

Since the war ended, statements have been consistently attributed to Admiral Karl Doenitz that he made during the Nuremberg trials about the German submarine fleet establishing an earthly paradise in an impregnable fortress that will never be breached. Operation Highjump was launched right after and Doenitz, having sunk a good part of the allies’ mercantile fleet and killing uncountable numbers of noncombatants during the war using unrestricted submarine warfare, was only sentenced to ten years…  

According to Serrano —who even his sworn enemy international Zionism dared not scoff at when he was alive— the Third Reich along with Adolph Hitler are in another dimension. They have settled in New South Greenland and allied themselves with alien beings, already colonizing other worlds, including the Moon. This is not an Amazing Story. Serrano, the Chilean ambassador, always conducted himself and was inexplicably treated as the representative of a world power in the courts of kings and queens. 

He finishes: “The ultimate truth of the Leftwards Swastika is not fulfilled in this space-time world. Not, therefore, a road, but a turning going out from Maya and Samsara, from Demiurgic space-time and pulled in by a Center, or Black Sun, towards Another Reality, towards an Eternity we have called Green Thunderbolt and which is an Ultimate Flower. At the same time, the Rightwards Swastika makes possible the voluntary return of the Tulku Warrior-Avatar, the Siddha-Divya, to the space-time plane of Samsara. When the Circle of the Swastika gyrates with a phantasmagorical speed, there is transformation into a Vimana, breaking the laws of gravity, empowering the leap into another dimension.”140
“And that is another reason why Kalki, the Ultimate Avatar, mounted on a White Horse with the flaming sword of a comet in his right hand (the Comet Phaeton), waiting for the return of Loherangrin, the Black-Necked Swan from the glaciers of the South Pole, keeps fighting alongside us until victory, until we go away, because we are also speeding up.” 141

Loki’s Flyting by Skrubhjert, Deviant Art 

Two people exchanging insults in verse for the entertainment of an audience is an integral component of the twenty-first century cultural phenomenon known as Hip Hop. It’s called Battle Rap and is engaged in by all Rap music’s major stars. Till the sixteenth century, it was also the pinnacle of entertainment in the banquet halls of the Norse. There it was called flyting. “In Anglo-Saxon England, flyting would take place in a feasting hall. The winner would be decided by the reactions of those watching the exchange. The winner would drink a large cup of beer or mead in victory, then invite the loser to drink as well…” 142

In the Baldur’s Draumar it is Baldur’s twin brother Höðr that is predicted to kill Baldur with no help from Loki at all. But the prophecy is made by none other than the mother of Loki’s other three children; the Fenris Wolf, the Midgard Serpent and Hell, which is why Odin when he realizes who she is, says: 
“You’re not a witch,
nor a wise women,
but you’re the mother
of three ogres.”143
Odin has ridden Sleipnir into Hell to seek the council of a witch on the nightmares which have been tormenting his son Baldur. But what he has found is the source of all nightmares for gods and men, the abiding hatred and hunger for vengeance that burns eternally in the hearts of Loki and his for Loki’s cruel punishment at the hands of the Æsir. She tells Odin: 
“Ride home, Óðinn,
and be proud:
more men will come
back on a visit
when Loki is free,
slips from his bonds,
and the fate of the gods
comes, ripping everything apart.” 144
In stanza thirty-two of the Völuspá or the prophecy of the witch Baldur’s fate is again foretold: 

“I saw for Baldr, | the bleeding god,
The son of Othin, | his destiny set:
Famous and fair | in the lofty fields,
Full grown in strength | the mistletoe stood.
From the branch which seemed | so slender and fair
Came a harmful shaft | that Hoth should hurl;”145
The Lokasenna tells the real tale of why Loki was bound and is accused in the much later Prose Edda of having orchestrated the slaying of Baldur, even though according to the prophecy of the witch, Baldur along with Höðr will be two of the few Æsir to survive Ragnarök…

It all begins when Loki probably drunk and definitely jealous kills the serving boy Fimafeng as a party favor at a gala the Æsir were throwing after finally securing a “mighty kettle” that could brew ale for all of them. The Æsir were not amused and Loki was expelled from the banquet hall but after hearing outside that they were bragging of their martial prowess and speaking ill of him he reenters and demands a drink. 146

Bragi, the god of poetry tries to deny him a seat, but Loki reminds Odin of their blood pact to always drink together and Odin tells the assembled Æsir to “let the wolf’s father find a seat at our feast.” They give him a drink and thus begins Loki’s flyting of the Æsir. Loki calls Bragi the least in battle of the Æsir, insinuating with word puns that he is effeminate. When Bragi tries to answer Loki tells him “In thy seat art thou bold, | not so are thy deeds, Bragi, adorner of benches!” Idun, Bragi’s wife tries to defend him and Loki tells her to shut up ridiculing her that she has slept with the slayer of her own brother. When the goddess of agriculture and fertility Gefjun interjects, Loki tells her to shut up too and brings up her corruption of a youth. 147

Odin warns Loki that Gefjun is a master in the black arts of seiðr just like himself and it is not wise for Loki to offend her, but Loki tells Odin to be silent, he has ruled unjustly and all too often given battles to those who did not deserve to win them. Odin almost good-naturedly chides Loki that he once milked cows just like a maid and Loki replies by going for the jugular, bringing up Odin’s practicing of seiðr, widely considered a woman’s art among the Æsir:
“They say that with spells | in Samsey once
Like witches with charms didst thou work;
And in witch’s guise | among men didst thou go;
Unmanly thy soul must seem.” 148
When Frigg attempts to defend her husband Odin, Loki accuses her of having had affairs with both of Odin’s brothers. Frigg responds by telling him that if her son Baldur was there he would not leave the banquet without testing his own martial skills. Loki responds by saying:
“Thou wilt then, Frigg, | that further I tell
Of the ill that now I know;
Mine is the blame | that Baldr no more
Thou seest ride home to the hall.” 149
Freyja warns Loki that just like her and Odin, Frigg knows his fate. This is where Loki is going with his flyting, they are all practicing seiðr, taught to them by Freyja. They are unclean and indeed the word for Demon in the eastern version of the Eddas; the Vedas, is Asuras (Sanskrit: असुर)…

Loki tells Freyja to be silent “Of the gods and elves | who are gathered here, Each one as thy lover has lain.” Freyja now makes it clear to Loki he will not be going home today and Loki responds by saying;
“Be silent, Freyja! | thou foulest witch,
And steeped full sore in sin;
In the arms of thy brother | the bright gods caught thee
When Freyja her wind set free.”
Njorth, the father of Freyja and her brother Freyr, responds by calling Loki a “womanish god” and Loki mocks the fact that like his children, Njorth is Vanis and came over to the Æsir as a hostage in the peace agreement concluding the war between the Vanis and Æsir. When Njorth tells Loki he is proud of that and his son Freyr is the most beloved and beautiful of all the gods, Loki tells him that he sired Freyr with his own sister. Tyr, god of war, then interjects and Loki mocks him because his son the Fenris Wolf has already bitten off one of Tyrs arms when the Æsir tricked the great wolf into restraints. Tyr tells him that may be but “Ill fares the wolf | who shall ever await In fetters the fall of the gods.” 150
Loki tells Tyr to shut up that he has had a son with Tyrs wife too and Freyr tells Loki:
“By the mouth of the river | the wolf remains
Till the gods to destruction go;
Thou too shalt soon, | if thy tongue is not stilled,

Be fettered, thou forger of ill.”

Loki mocks Freyr for having traded his sword for the hand of a beautiful giantess in marriage and tells him he will be without it when the Sons of Muspellheim come to fight. Byggvir, Freyrs servant, tells Loki that if he were Freyr, he would beat him to death to which Loki replies “What little creature | goes crawling there, Snuffling and snapping about?” 151

Heimdall who is the guardian of Asgard tells Loki that he is drunk and Loki lashes back that it is Heimdals evil fate to remain “With back held stiff | must thou ever stand, As warder of heaven to watch.” Skathi, the wife of Njorth, tells Loki:
“Light art thou, Loki, | but longer thou mayst not
In freedom flourish thy tail;
On the rocks the gods bind thee | with bowels torn

Forth from thy frost-cold son.”

Loki reminds her that he was foremost in the slaying of the giant Thjasse and the recovery of Iduns apples of immortality and she wasn’t being so cross with him when she lured him into her bed. “Then Sif [Thors wife] came forward and poured mead for Loki in a crystal cup…” 152

Loki had single-handedly beaten all the Æsir in Asgard in an epic display of flyting, he had undressed each Æsir in front of the other Æsirs, his salutation was being poured by the wife of the greatest warrior on this side of Muspellheim, but he just could not stop. Sif thanked him for not talking about her so Loki did; saying he knows the name of the one whom she has had sexual improprieties. When Beyla, Sifs servant girl, tells him Thor is coming now to shut him up for good, Loki calls her an infectious and foul piece of filth, “steeped in sin.” 153
Thor bursts in, threatening to kill Loki with his hammer Mjollnir to which Loki replies 

“Lo, in has come | the son of Earth:
Why threaten so loudly, Thor?
Less fierce thou shalt go | to fight with the wolf
When he swallows Sigfather up.”
Thor threatens him again and again with decapitation by Mjollnir and finally Loki concedes that Thor is the only Æsir that scares him and that in the interest of staying alive he must now leave, but he reminds them that he had come in there alone and spoke what was on his mind… 154  

“And after that Loki hid himself in Franang’s waterfall in the guise of a salmon, and there the gods took him. He was bound with the bowels of his son Vali, but his son Narfi was changed to a wolf. Skathi took a poison-snake and fastened it up over Loki’s face…” 155Loki’s only crime had been telling the truth and using a universally accepted venue to do it. As far as him killing Baldur, Baldur is not even dead; these are prophecies. What Loki said while flyting was theater like the kind put on by Eminem or Snoop Dog to entertain children. This is why most prosecutors will not prosecute for murder without a body.  There is an old German ending to fairytales: Und wenn sie nicht gestorben sind, dann leben sie noch heute. If they haven’t died, they still live…  

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Originally appeared on http://jackheart2014.blogspot.com. Please be advised we will not be able to reply to your comments on other sites. 

Illustrations & quotes for educational purposes. © Jack Heart 2018

Originally appeared on http://jackheart2014.blogspot.com. Please be advised we will not be able to reply to your comments on other sites. 

Illustrations & quotes for educational purposes. © Jack Heart 2018


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  1. Words like seita are typical to Finnish as well; seita=soothsaying, sorcery; saita=stingy person; soita=play music with instrument; seiti=saithe, pollock. Word sauro is older and it means “tanned goat hide”. One British linguistic noticed similarities in Sumer and Finnish (Suomi). Word Sumer suggest to me word suomeri, which means “sea of swamps”, which some says points to Southern Iraq.

    Word aamu=morning is interesting. Egyptians served Sun God “Amun-Ra”, which is the morning god. Sun rises from the east and the most eastern river of Russia is named “Amur”. Word Raamattu=Bible rings no bells, but if it was “Ramatto”, that would be carpet of the god. A flying one maybe, sounds like Stories of Thousand Nights. In Iranian “Alf layla”, which reminds me the word laula=singing. Poetry was usually sang and not only in Karelia.

  2. As long as you are drawing Christian analogies M.O.A. do not forget the 3 rocks to the 3 nails of the cross, and everything else that’s a trinity in Christianity…

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