Breaking: The Threat of Israeli Nuclear Blackmail, Duff on Press TV



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  1. You cannot rely on logic and reason from a madman. You cannot talk to him, his mind is closed. Now expand that to the insanity that is the knesset The first thing a criminal (or terrorist) does when cornered is take hostages (usually women or children) and threaten to publicly murder them. How does a good cop deal with a maniac with nothing to lose pointing a gun at a kids head? Well we are all the kid. They are pointing a huge gun at the world, and blackmailing everyone who does not obey. Our guys know what needs to be done, and I am pretty sure it is being done… quietly.

  2. “Nuclear bombs only exist in photo(s)” ?!?!! Tell that to the dead. Tell that to the families of 911 first responders dying of radiation poisoning you a8888le!

  3. Frog. U do realize that that ex pm Julia works (ed) for hillary . And was part of giving half a billion tax payers Dollars to hillary non existing aids research company. A journo Steve Smith I think exposed it. Jobs for boys and girls

  4. we don’t want that prick down here, we already have a 911 criminal here (F.Lowry) who no Australian seems to know about.
    Also Bob Carr, x foreign minister disclosed that wealthy jewish donars tried to take over Labor PM Julia Gillards mid east foreign policies, contracted to them.

  5. Going by the precedent set by the US in 2003 against Iraq, any nation threatened by Israel has the right to carry out a nuclear first strike.

  6. The world should take Israel seriously on this one. As Gordon mentioned Israel has threatened many countries with their Sampson option rhetoric. They are cowards, insane enough to do it. Put the shoe on the other foot, and ask yourself, what the world’s response would be if Pakistan threatened Israel, or any country for that matter?
    Listen, I’m a born here American, and I don’t believe I am talking like a traitor when I say this; the problem is the US dollar, and who controls it. It may or it may not be painful, but this problem doesn’t go away until my country takes back control of our debt based currency, ends fractional banking, and revokes the Federal Reserve Corporations charter. I think it is a simple as that.
    We are in debt $21 Trillion+, they stole $21 Trillions+, let’s call it even and start over with out Jewish control of our banks, and government. If they don’t like well, we prosecute them all. The evidence is there.

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