Trumpland: North Carolina Jails Woman for Saving Abandoned Pets, Left to Drown in Hurricaine


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

I personally find it easier traveling through Cairo’s slums at night than driving through North Carolina on an interstate highway.  These people are totally nuts.  We begin with the report:

As Hurricane Florence barreled toward the Carolina coast, Tammie Hedges took action to protect pets that might have otherwise been caught in the storm – a decision that led to her arrest.

Hedges, a resident of Waynes County, North Carolina, was taken into custody Friday after providing care to more than two dozen animals – 17 cats and 10 dogs – for owners who had to evacuate before the storm hit.

“The owners got to evacuate. They got to save themselves. But who’s going to save those animals? That’s what we did,” Hedges said. “We saved them.”

The owner of Crazy’s Claws N Paws, a donation-based animal rescue center, was in the process of converting a warehouse space into a proper animal shelter when she decided to use the building to help keep pets dry. However, her facility was not legally registered as a shelter.

‘Our mission was to save as many animals from the flood that we could,” Hedges said. “We went through Hurricane Matthew and it was horrible. There were many preventable deaths.'”

America is a nation filled with hate.  Much of it comes through Fox News and its Deep State/Trumpists who control the fake “anti-Trump” media as well, with the exception of the very confused and medium “piss poor” Washington Post, an property.

Here’s a story you won’t enjoy either:

The truth about America?  What kind of people abandon thousands of their pets.  I don’t have to tell readers that a cat or dog is essentially a child.  They don’t go off to school, don’t join soccer teams, but they don’t steal from your wallet to buy drugs either.

Sometimes they bite but usually, you have it coming.

You can tell about a people from how they treat their pets.  I have been involved in animal rescue for many years, donating, saving animals, hard work but rewarding.  I also save military veterans, and to an extent, countries abused by, and I do love this term, the Deep State.”

As for animals, any pet owner that isn’t on the spectrum for psychopathy treats a pet like a child, be it a guinea pig or parrot.  This is a real person from the real world, not someone from “North Carolina,” famous for great BBQ and racial hatred.

I ended up buying a summer home in Michigan, rather than North Carolina.  One of the factors was being able to get pets to safety in case of hurricane.  You have the choice there of living on the ocean or the mountains.  Land and homes are cheap there, taxes low, not much culture but I love the coastline there but hate the storms caused by very real global warming.

Now I get to buy a winter home somewhere without the crazy people.  Where do you go?  Florida?

Were it not for pets, I would have been in Mexico long ago.  The earliest days of VT involved Mexico, with so many American military retiring there.  Despite all of what is said, Mexico is a wonderful country, so much we could say about this.  Perhaps for discussion boards.

My own North Carolina experience goes back to 1999.  I was driving down from Virginia, along the coast, and headed inland.  I hit a traffic check lane with a 400 pound “Billy-Bob” sheriff.  He was operating as though he were border control.

He didn’t like the looks of my 7 series (then new) BMW and out of state plates.  On my windshield was my sticker identifying me as an employee of the Department of Defense, kind of hard not to see.

Similarly the ID he checked included not just an out of state license but a not entirely innocent looking government ID as well.

You see, they don’t much care for the US down there either though they do love sucking in Washington cash.  North Carolina is a state that is 100% supported by an influx of out of staters who moved there for weather, cheap real estate and to avoid locals as much as possible.

The pet abandonment is one thing, arresting someone saving pets is something else.  Like the rest of us weren’t going to be enraged by this.

Like many Americans, I pay vet bills for my pets, at times instead of getting medical care for myself.

I am about 100 miles from the Indiana border.  It is better for me to put the car on a ferry to get to Chicago than to drive two hours and have to go through Indiana where worrying about gay marriage or Muslim rape gangs fills the local news.

Being an American takes a strong stomach.


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  1. Gordon, it goes deeper than Trump or his minions, and it began decades ago. You can include in your article those who are fined, or arrested for having a home vegetable garden in their front yard (Florida), or kids ticketed for selling lemonade, or those shot for questioning a stop and frisk, or those who are screamed at, then abused by some cop for sleeping in their cars, or any of a thousand, or more inane excuses. There is a certain thread woven into todays society, and that thread is there for one purpose, to scare the shit of Joe citizen. We’re very malleable, you know.

  2. Hydraulic jump, to be precise. Used to dissipate energy (and therefore velocity) of the water flow to reduce downstream scour.

  3. Every species knows to run for their lives when humans enter the forest. It wasn’t even this bad when we hunted for sustenance. The cows and chickens in America are the worlds most poorly treated.

    Again, the religious doctrine that teaches to subdue the earth, is not correct at all. Detachment from nature is psychopathy.

    • Khalid, I am speaking specifically of the doctrine being implemented across the board in the US.
      Whatever my views on religion in general, they would not be defined as an erection. The central foundation of Christianity is Dominion. This carried from Roman Catholicism to all branches of Christianity. The basic thought is, that the earth is here to provide Man alone with whatever can be used for whatever purpose,. This means land, people, women and governments must be controlled according to their domineering goals. Animals are considered mindless beasts. I haven’t found Islam or Judaism to be standouts in the field of environmental conservation either. When I say religion, those are the 3 I speak of. False equivalencies used to capture practices as religions, is not helpful to your cause. religion should be able to easily present it’s case without comparisons. They cannot.

  4. The owner of ‘Crazies Claws and Paws’ rescues animals destined to die in a hurricane. I’m shocked! They didn’t wait to get proper permits despite the killer storm? Well these scofflaws deserve the maximum punishment that the fine State of North Carolina can offer.

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