Intel Drop: Trump and Kavanaugh Destroyed (updating)


…by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Yesterday, VT predicted that Kavanaugh’s youthful history of psychopathic behavior would continue. Within hours we received a new story that Kavanaugh. In 1998, had assaulted a woman outside a bar in Washington for refusing to have sex with him after he had repeatedly assaulted her in the bar.

Following this story will be a quagmire.  A source tells me got $50k to say that Kavanaugh was only “at the same party” rather than present and watching during the gang rape accusations.  Following how media tries to spin documents and testimony, and we have seen this at MSNBC as well, also helps track the coverup money behind Kavanaugh.

We knew he did this all the time, everyone knows this.  DC is a small town and the insiders drink in only a few “watering holes” that stock 40 year old single malts at a C-Note a shot. I was a DC lobbyist at one time and still have all my good friends there.

For a bit of background, Kavanaugh worked as a staffer for Ken Starr.  It was while working for Starr that the newest allegations and those we expect to flood in, began.

Starr worked for Richard Mellon Scaife, an extremist billionaire who hired Starr and Kavanaugh, an several “defrocked” former police detectives to go after the Clinton family.

Both were aided by Limbaugh, Hannity and a dozen or so Mossad operatives.  Read more here.  This isn’t the only murder Starr and Kavanaugh are involved in, not by a long shot.

Scaife had been involved in another alleged murder, that of his sister’s husband, the man who introduced Scaife to Richard Nixon.  This story below.  Starr and Kavanaugh’s “mentorship” by twice accused billionaire murderer Scaife, the man behind the Clinton impeachment, has a longer history, the Mellon family that engineered the Great Depression and the Scaife family, who helped found the OSS and CIA with Richard Helms, as a front for a best not spoken off European bloodline cult.

The version they are trying to keep out of the press has Kavanaugh beating a woman to the sidewalk with his fists. Then again, Kavanaugh’s huge gambling debts and his many many addictions, we don’t seem to be getting into that either.

To try to keep Kavanaugh out of trouble, GOP fixers “bought” him “legal clerks,” as part of his fake Federal Judgeship. They figured that with enough large breasted taxpayer paid “female help” around, heavily incentified to keep quiet, the chances of Kavanaugh raping a girl scout on his front lawn might be reduced.

We dont’ think so.

Today’s hearing is about Trump and Kavanaugh and how many American men remember they have wives and daughters and how many are from “that” group, the ones that fondle the babysitter on the way home or troll the hotel bars on every business trip with their outlet mall sportswear and “too much haircut.”

Then again, assholes like me do enjoy smacking these assholes around from time to time.  Those of us with “operational” backgrounds who would end up in DC among the scum and animals, like Jim Hanke who spent years at the Pentagon, had continual run-ins, particularly at the Chesapeake/Annapolis waterfront bars.  Tons of stories there.

We have much more housecleaning than just these two.  That they were allowed to do the damage they already have done, including seeing an American president openly mocked at the UN…

The real story about Kavanaugh is the agenda the court is to take on and it has nothing to do with abortion.  It is all about privatization of militarized police, about elimination of due process, killing what remains of freedom of speech.

The GOP has already moved to criminalize the even suggestion of boycotts and sanctions against Israel.  Kavanaugh would put it into law.

This is the real witch hunt, where enhanced interrogation will come home to roost and the old “rubber hose” that got so many confessions can be replaced with waterboarding here at home.

This is what Kavanaugh and Trump are really about.  You know, studies have long proven that nearly a third of those in prisons confessed to crimes after being locked up for as long as two years in “pre-trial detention” in county jails, two baloney sandwiches a day, rapes, beatings and filth.

America has worse prisons than Turkey and privatized American prisons, all owned by big GOP/Kavanaugh supporters are the worst of the worst…

We used to just go there are simply tell “medium outrageous lies.”  From today’s hearings:

Leahy: “What is the strongest memory you have, strongest memory of the incident, something that you cannot forget? Take whatever time you need.”
Ford: “Indelible in the hippocampus is the laughter, the uproarious laughter between the two and they’re having fun at my expense.”
Leahy: “You’ve never forgotten that laughter, you’ve never forgotten them laughing at you?”
Ford: “They were laughing with each other.”
Leahy: “And you were the object of the laughter?”
Ford: “I was underneath one of them, while the two laughed. Two friends having a really good time with one another.”


Scaife murder accusation:

“For Scaife personally, 1974 was probably more important for the death of his mentor, Duggan, and its consequences for his family. Since 1963, Duggan had been the elected district attorney of Allegheny County, where Pittsburgh is located. Scaife had supported him enthusiastically, served as his campaign treasurer and told friends he wanted to help Duggan become governor of Pennsylvania.

In Duggan’s third term as D.A., the Internal Revenue Service and Richard Thornburgh, then the U.S. attorney for Western Pennsylvania (and later governor and U.S. attorney general), opened investigations into Duggan’s sources of income and relations with criminal elements.

At first Scaife stood by his friend, even lobbying the Nixon administration to call Thornburgh off. But friends of Scaife’s, apparently prodded by Thornburgh’s investigators, brought him evidence of Duggan’s wrongdoing that convinced him that Duggan was corrupt.

But Cordelia Scaife concluded that the world was unfairly out to get her old friend, and – to the amazement of Pittsburgh’s social and political worlds – she decided to marry him secretly in Nevada. Scaife was livid when he heard about the wedding. Weeks after the marriage was announced, Thornburgh tightened the noose around Duggan. With help from a local gangster who finally agreed to testify that he had made payoffs to the D.A., Thornburgh brought a six-count indictment charging Duggan with tax fraud.

On the day the indictment was returned – March 5, 1974 – Duggan was found dead on his farm in Ligonier. His body had a shotgun wound in the chest; a shotgun was found a few feet away. A police investigation concluded that he died by accident or suicide, but many suspicious people doubted this explanation. One was Cordelia, who decided, according to numerous sources, that somehow, her brother was involved. She broke off relations with her brother and has not spoken to him since.”



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  1. NEWSFLASH: AIPAC controls both parties.

    If we want the ZIONISTS OUT then we need to vote them out from both parties and from owning every aspect of our American lives from education, media, government, entertainment, technology, sports, etc. EVERYTHING!

  2. We suppose to believe her? She can’t even give any evidence – what’s the date, the location, who drove you there and who drove you back? NOTHING!

    This is a very dangerous road we are taking… I feel sorry for men. This means if you are a good, decent man your life can be easily be destroyed by a woman seeking the limelight. In this case, she is a registered democRAT who is part of the resistance.

  3. I’m with you on this one. They are all in a club but the wrong club member is president. In these Kabuki Nominations they usually have better actors and much better scripts. This time all is falling apart. From old senators who can barely read their scripts to a Feinstein who gets lost in her own circular logic. The witness Ford was the biggest disappointment. She needs to go back to acting schools. Atrocious performance.

  4. John, I wasted my time to watch this Circus just to see what goes on in there. In the past I never watched such stage shows.

    What I came away with was that Ford was trying to play a role of a victim and performed it very badly. At least Kavanaugh when he got emotional his face was convincing me that he was ready to cry. Not Ford. Her voice gave me the feeling that I was listening to someone immature or mentally unstable. He “I would like some caffeen” is an expression I have never heard in my life. An educated person should know what they want and not sound like a little kid worried that the Senate might not have coffee or Coke.

    Is Kavanaugh a bad guy ? Tough to think he is a good guy when he is in a room full of bad people. There is nothing good in DC. However Ford’s list of “I don’t remember” is quite telling whereas Kavanaugh has material to backup his story. In the 80’s he had no clue which day would require “modification” in his diary. So if he says he was weightlifting I would tend to believe him unless the other side provides witnesses to prove otherwise.

    If I was asked to choose who was the Liar, I would chose Ford. She belong in a kindergarten as a cleaner.

  5. Quote:
    “But a statement at the end of the day by Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio, demonstrated the degree to which Kavanaugh’s afternoon testimony had shifted the momentum. Considered one of the more independent Republicans in the Senate, Portman gave his full-throated support for Kavanaugh at the conclusion of Thursday’s hearings.
    “I believe allegations of sexual assault should be taken very seriously, and Dr. Ford deserved the opportunity to tell her story and be heard. I believe my job is to assess the facts that we have before us, and that’s very difficult when no corroboration exists regarding this allegation. Judge Kavanaugh has adamantly denied the allegation,” Portman said in his statement. “I have known Judge Kavanaugh for more than 15 years, I know his wife, Ashley, and I know his family. The Brett Kavanaugh I know is a man of integrity and humility. He also has the right qualifications and experience to serve on the Supreme Court. In fact, the American Bar Association has given him their highest rating, unanimously. I support his confirmation.””

    • Again there is no requirement in the Constitution that lying lawyers be appointed to the Supreme Court. Lying lawyers dominate all three branches of government as it is. There are no real checks and balances. Earl Carey, engineer author of the book “IBM and the Corruption of Justice in America” recommends lawyers be banned from holding any government jobs period because they have destroyed America. This is a scam to always refer to the American Bar Association the group of lying lawyers. All Carey wanted was a simple jury trial. 42 lying lawyer federal judges denied him that right and would deny you that right too. He even lists them by name and location from Anchorage to Phoenix, from Pasadena to St. Paul. The 5th, 6th and 7th Amendments have been obliterated by these lying lawyer scum who have hi jacked our government. Carey even tried to have them arrested by the FBI! Wake up Americans to the real problem: Lying Lawyers taught to lie and cheat and steal in law school, the only “profession” so taught. They have bad reputations going back centuries in time. They are the oldest “profession”.

  6. It’s Mary Land. The place where God impregnates you without consent .

    If dude was a virgin into college, he should be disqualified. He wasn’t, but he displays all the tendencies and rhetoric of Catholic training. Self righteous indignation and anger toward accusers, is precisely the profile of predator priests. Heard it a thousand times. An innocent man would have asked questions, not lashed out.

    The pack of morons need to be reined in, else dystopia is on the doorstep. Anyone who believes the story of Jesus is a historical event is disqualified from any meaningful investigative body. Enough is enough.

    • Paul, the story of the virgin is Virgin decan. Aug 22 to Sept 2. In the I-ching there is a reference to “Imperial mother of Heaven’. These correlate numerically thematically and verbatim across many cultures and many text and sets of images. I would never dismiss cloning. The “bath water” is Kool-aid, and is easily proven. It has nothing to do with supernatural joy or the ability to experience it. But attribution is the critical step, as that funnels billions toward a certain group, the one about to control nearly every area of our civil society despite sexual abuse at every level continuously. I am not anti-catholic, I am simply in favor of equal and fair enforcement of the law. Tax all religions , protect our women and children, and get your credibility back. As of now, there is none.

    • I can say with a very high degree of certainty, that the Vatican knows full well of what I am saying regarding the basis of the story in descriptors of time incorporated into myth. They know it is all made up. It is a game of pretend and they are convinced it is for the best. Very biased. Many book shave been burned and many stones have been stolen or destroyed,. the trail of the crimes is very warm.

  7. Still does not explain why an 18 year old college freshman was attending parties with 15 year olds that have a reputation as drunken fools that prey on women . Plus Ford is CIA all the way . i think the Beltway Bozos deserve each other .

    • Give me a break. When I went to high school parties we did not check ID’s. Heck, 80% + of the people in them we knew only by sight but had no clue what age they were. If the party had people from different high schools (which happened often) then all bets were off. I think that in the 80’s things were more or less as they were in the 70’s when I was having fun.

  8. I’ll say it again. Being a candidate for appointment to the Supreme Court is a payoff for years of loyal service, during which the “good” judge twisted protocol to suit his paymasters needs. Kavanaugh is one of them. To the troll that just dropped in please visit, and read his fine expose of Ken Star’s investigation into Vince Foster’s death. Kavanaugh was heavily involved in that miscarriage, and this is his reward. It’s not all about sex, that my friend is side show, yeah it’s a blow below the belt, but allowed. The real story is in Kavanaugh’s record, but the good old boys won’t go there because they’re all in the same club.

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