When Americans tried to breed a better race: How a genetic fitness ‘crusade’ marches on



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  1. Don’t look now but you can order eggs and sperm and design your own super offspring. I wish I was younger; wouldn’t it be nice to order up a power forward for the NBA? Of course he might not be lily white but oh well.

  2. Strange that those Eugenic ideas mostly come from half breeds like Coudenhove-Calergi, this young asian lady in NY-Times lately, Thomas Bernett etc.

  3. The irish were looked upon as an impure black race by those of English descent, during the 1880s. The much earlier Anglo-Saxons referred to the Irish, as well as the Scots, as a swarthy race. As were also identified the pre-Celtic Welsh. The earlier Picts were also described as a dark-skinned people, whose identity had beern subsumed into the Celtic Scots, in turn into those that arrived with the Norman invasions, as well as that of the Daneland of the NE. They all had a common nobility, that of the blood of Nihall. Otherwise also known as McNeil & O’Neill. Which interestingly corresponds to the Ouled Neel (literally Children of the Nile), a Berber people of the Atlas mountains who are renowned for their belly dancing.

    • There were no Celts, they are a modern invention by a German linguist who decided to lump together all the tribes of |Europe that spoke similar languages and label them as the ‘Celtic peoples’. The Picts were not dark skinned, they lived in Southern Scotland and were called dark because they mostly had black hair, whereas the Irish and other Scots mostly had red hair. The Romans described the Britons as being tall, fierce, warlike and with red hair. The Irish were never known as swarthy, on the contrary, they have always been known for how pale they were and how many of them had red hair. The Britons, the true native peoples of these isles, were pushed out of the east by invading Angles, Saxons and Jutes, but the west, especially Cornwall, Wales, Lancashire and Cumbria remained entirely Britons with no Anglo-Saxons. In fact, it is incorrect to describe the British as Anglo-Saxon, only a subset, those living in the east and southeast are Anglo-Saxon, everyone else is British, descendants of the Britons, apart from Scotland where they are descended from the Picts and Scoti with some Scandinavians in the islands such as the Orkneys. Modern genetic studies have shown that outside the East and Southeast, the vast majority of people are not related to the Danes, Angles or Saxons, they are descended from the Britons. The language of the Britons survives to the current day in the form of Welsh and the Cornish and Cumbrian languages, the dialects of modern English spoken in the north and west still show much influence from the old British language and lack many of the loanwords from the Anglo-Saxon languages that are prevalent in the east and southeast. The accents of the north, particularly in Lancashire and Yorkshire are much closer to how people spoke before modern influences, for instance, in the time of Shakespeare, the predominant accent was close to what you will hear in Yorkshire today, particularly in the Dales.

  4. Maybe I’m the crazy one, but if Galton and his eugenics craze, was British born, and now Trump gets jammed in by Cambridge Analytica, is it too far to consider the source and our history with it ?
    Galton was not the first of more than half the things they list him as being first of. In fact, he is just another rehashing of an old illness derived from exceptionalism and inbreeding himself.
    And now we have Markles baby bump. and the constant feed from the constant sources continues.
    Half the crap we left for, is now half the crap that followed us. America’s future as anything but a snarky enforcer for the Monarchs , begins with zero tolerance for Monarchy and Religious infiltration. This has been known for the entire time.

  5. Oh please, I read this site to get away from the chosen protocol’s and agenda!

    Shameful American history-check!

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