Intel Drop: Khashoggi and Some Very Nasty Truth

There are no more governments, we have only chaos.


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor with Ian Greenhalgh, Jeff Smith and others

Introduction by Gordon Duff

There are no more governments, we have only chaos. Democracy died when candidates began to be manufactured as products, sold like poison, and government became little more than cheap carnival.

None of us are protecting and defending any of this anymore. It is now and always has been a farce since 1787. Everything you have been told otherwise is 250 years of bullshit, and prior to that, 2000 more years of fake history and bullshit as well.

Common sense please. We begin:

With the current insane version of the Khashoggi murder accepted by Trump and his base of backwoods cretins, we will get the simple truth out. No, Stephen Segal didn’t train Khashoggi for months for a ninja assault on the 15 trained killers who accidentally flew into Istanbul to “be there” during Khashoggi’s visit.

Here is how Trump has it:

Khashoggi broke into the garden, which doesn’t exist, at the Istanbul consulate. There, in a struggle with “Larry the lawn guy” he got his fingers cut off in what bin Salman calls a “fist fight.” Immediately thereafter, while spraying blood everywhere, Khashoggi stumbles into the Saudi Arabian National Chainsaw Juggling Team and manages to get himself dismembered in a Three Stooges meets Frankenstein-type engagement.

It was all an accident.

But, we were told something different. Our sources say CIA Director Gina Haspel – who helped train Saudi murder teams – came to the White House to meet Trump. We don’t have a record of who else was in the room.

Haspel then flew to Saudi Arabia, while faking a schedule showing herself to be elsewhere, meeting with security personnel. She explained that Trump had to teach a lesson to the Washington Post and, in particular, to their “much richer than Trump by a thousand-fold” owner Jeff Bezos.

Khashoggi was a natural target. He had humiliated Trump on December 5, 2016, at a press conference; and Trump had the Saudis kick him out of the country (the official reason) for this. Google is cleansing the internet of all records of this press conference where Trump became violently deranged.

For Haspel, this was an easy sell – a “two-fer” – a mild Saudi critic who was outside the country, and a big favor for Trump, who might well pass on some tactical nukes to use on Yemen.

Haspel brought this to the table – a last ditch attempt to save Saudi Arabia from being crushed by Houthi tribesmen with not much more than spears.

Houthi fighters


Evidence of a nuclear attack, all videos cleansed by Google, in Addendum III below, including documentary proof. You see, the Saudis have a great thirst for covert nuclear programs, having begun buying them soon after South Africa and Israel exploded their first weapon in 1979.

See Addendum 4 for Peter Eyre’s 2010 article, archived exclusively by VT (as usual).

Here is the Google/YouTube censored video of the Yemen nuke:

Busted! Here is what Google tried to hide, the screenprint of the nuclear ignition with full technical details in Addendum III. This is gold:

Nuclear pit ignition over Yemen 2015

A Wider Deal – Tactical Nukes

You see, the Khashoggi killing was only one opener in a wider deal, with Sheldon Adelson buying the congressional midterm elections in trade for a Saudi casino deal, a deal sweetened by the Haspel/Bolton/Kushner/Pompeo/Trump sale of tactical nuclear weapons to Saudi Arabia to be used against Yemen, Iran and even Iraq, all to be hushed up by Israel’s stranglehold on the world’s media.

This nuke-peddling ring, once controlled by Victor Bout on behalf of Israel and Ukraine, was ratted out by Dmitri Khalezov, VT editor and former Soviet nuclear investigator.

Bout, front right, with VT’s Khalezov left rear (Khalezov imprisoned to silence him at FBI orders soon after this photo was taken

Ratting out more of the same was Jeff Smith (VT editor), particle physicist and IAEA investigator:

Physicist Jeff Smith on the Golan Heights with the UN

and by former National Security Council Middle East head, Gwyneth Todd (VT Editor), now hiding from the FBI, under the protection of the government of Australia.

Gwenyth in Iraq

With a flood of documents from FBI leaks, the IAEA and OPCW along with personal debriefings including dissident FBI officials, we discovered a covert nuclear smuggling ring run by traitors within the US government, Clinton and Bush officials, names like Richard Clarke, Netanyahu, Countryman, Richardson; and the murders of John O’Neill, John Wheeler III, Roland Carnaby of the CIA, the attempted murder of Colonel Mike Dick (FBI) and an army of dead among the press, now almost too many to count.

It Gets More Complicated

I was contacted this week by a presidential candidate, representing a highly funded 2020 reform movement to act as advisor. We will get into this more.

The call, as so often is the case, was a history lesson, real history, the secret stuff, the truth about things like Ash Can Nazi’s (an inside joke), and the CIA perspective on 6 decades of politics based on alleged access to highly classified illegal domestic operational information. It goes further, but this was the teaser. Details always include where things were planned, who was there, what food was served and who said what.

People who can’t do that are liars.

Voters have had two years to draw conclusions

A key issue was tapping Trump’s enormous base. I pointed out that the base is smaller than imagined, thus Trump keeps going back to Montana and even there, the crowds are paid, coached and brought in from up to 400 miles away.

One of the big issues for the “true base” is a fake grassroots war on “satanic pedophiles.” This was begun as a bit of a joke by Steve Bannon, and was “outed” to good friends during a dinner with Roger Stone. Everyone loves Stone who sees the entire world as a joke.

What Trump’s folks are told is that he “does” aging porn stars as proof that he was never part of the Jeffrey Epstein pedophile ring that he helped run from the New York apartment of Les Wexner or a series of Florida facilities.

Our sources have both the Broward and Palm Beach sheriffs’ departments involved in trafficking children for sex into the Epstein (Trump) network and up to the brothels used by congress and the Supreme Court (and Pentagon).

I reminded our would be candidate with his “gazillionaire” backer and his worldwide business empire that the Trump porn-queen stories and all that forced kissing and “pussy grabbing” was done as cover.

I reminded our friend that I used to work with the Bush White House in an advisory capacity involving terrorism, until the individual there heading the task force left for a Pentagon post after being sexually assaulted by a top Bush advisor, a member of the Bush “gay mafia.”

Boy toy Jeff Gannon, who spent more nights in the White House than Trump thus far

This person told me about continually tripping over Bush “boy toy” Jeff Gannon who has spent more time in the White House than some presidents, the “W” favored “correspondent” gay escort.

There was a reason for the history lesson, showing how lapping up the vomit handed you by dirty tricksters, something to discuss with Roger Stone at some time, makes for a very poor chief executive.

As an example, to cover for Bush, not just Jeff Gannon but his lifelong love for classmate Victor Ashe, the former Knoxville mayor that Bush nominated as US Ambassador to Poland. There is nothing wrong with this relationship, except of course to the Christian base who would find it “unnatural,” citing sodomy and issues of marriage vows.

Then we look at the vomit, the use of “asset” Larry Flynt to provide cover for Bush. Addendum II covers part of the story, laundered from the net by Mossad-controlled Google and Facebook. We have a copy of the UK Telegraph story, which remains only because of Jeff Rense archives.

The tale told by Flynt is that Bush had arranged up to 5 abortions for women who were bought into silence by free houses, government jobs and such. Was Flynt duped, or was he providing cover for a very public gay lifestyle known well in Houston’s very powerful Westheimer/Elgin gay community (where the CIA also keeps an office as well)?

The simple truth is that our religions, our military, our “leaders” are perverts and thugs, subhuman entities long sold into slavery.

Time to stop trying to fix.

There is, behind the pervasive corruption, a real world of business and banking, of humanity and culture, choked to death by world organized crime that won’t give up its stranglehold on power until more than a few eggs are broken.

Pretending otherwise isn’t worth our time. And so it goes.


Addendum I

Trump/Epstein Pedophile Ring

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

There is no historical precedent for what is going on. The White House, staffed by the worst gang of malcontents possible, Trump hates them, they are his people after all, has rebelled against an illiterate commander in chief with a real IQ under 70…at Bush 43 levels.

Now Trump has ordered a gas attack on Idlib, this time no fake victims, Trump has ordered real dead, hundreds of them, as early as next week. He has upped his game in response to President Obama’s scathing indictment of his very real catastrophic failures.

If Russia fails to respond, even to the point of sinking an American missile destroyer, which is what Moscow is discussing now, Putin is “toast.” After that, rules no longer apply and “Mr 67,” as Trump should really be called, may kill us all.

Yesterday, Trump had the Secret Service intimidate a highschool student who made two criminal errors:

  1. He refused to wear a red Trump hat and look like a total fool
  2. He was caught on camera looking amazed when Trump began his usual childish rant

The “SS” as we call them, have protected Trump associate meetings with Russian mobsters and spies, but it goes further. Have they also joined the other fake law enforcement mobs that run kids as well for Trump and Epstein? Let’s talk about it and how the rest of us are footing the bill for a Mossad operation that is ruling America.

It’s not the FBI, it’s the Secret Service or, as we should call it now, the “SS.” They protect Russian mobsters at Trump Tower, they spend their lives and our dollars getting “fatboy Himmler” his McDonalds cheeseburgers now they are “enthusiasm enforcers” for our fake president.

Trump says this photo is fake, is the pedophile on the left or right? Both?

This is enough.

Last night, a high school student, after going through game show-type prepping for a Trump rally in Montana, demonstrated a rare moment of sanity when fatboy began running off at the mouth.

Initially, we just thought the kid, who might have a new career now, was simply “whisked away.” It was more. Trump has a long history with kids, some of them never made it to high school, they were murdered. Others were just raped and threatened. The lucky ones were paid off.

All were silenced one way or another, now the United States Secret Service is doing the job normally given to NYPD detectives, the Broward County Sheriffs Department or the Mossad:

Amended Complaint Filed 9/3… by on Scribd

Trump fed him to the SS, where he was detained “politely” and grilled about why he wasn’t enthusiastic enough by Federal law enforcement personnel whose only job as far as I know is to keep people from killing someone whose death would be a national holiday beyond any other.

If we want to investigate something, let’s get into the SS.

What we do know is this, the SS protects both Mara Lago and Trump Tower. Mara Lago is the scene of a number of Trump sex crime accusations and according to our sources, a brothel for trafficked children who are later murdered. You see, Trump is sick of the payoffs and kids who are brought there for the St. Hubertus types like Sterling David Allen and John Scalia (from an FBI source we worked with related to a European counter-terrorism investigation in 2016).

This is what was reported on this:

“A sex-trafficking victim claimed she was recruited at Mar-A-Lago by the former girlfriend of Jeffrey Epstein.

A lawsuit filed by a woman claiming that she was recruited as a minor at President Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Lago by Jeffrey Epstein for the purpose of underage prostitution, was settled in 2017 but continues to reverberate to the present day.

The victim claimed Epstein repeatedly sexually abused her and that she was considered Epstein’s ‘sex slave‘.

After a settlement was reached, lawyers for both the victim and Epstein released identical statements.

Via Politico:

“We are happy to have settled this matter without the need for a trial and are pleased with the result.”

Virginia Giuffre, the victim, claimed that Jeffrey Epstein’s former girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell, approached her and manipulated her into sex trafficking while she was working as a towel girl at Mar-A-Lago in 1999. Giuffre was 15 years of age at the time.

In the lawsuit, Maxwell was accused as a acting as a procurer of young girls for Epstein.

Via Politico:

Virginia Giuffre (the accuser) alleged she was pulled into years of abuse by investor Jeffrey Epstein when she was working as a 15-year-old towel girl at President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach in 1999.

The suit alleged no wrongdoing on Trump’s part, but accused Epstein’s girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell of procuring underage girls for Epstein. She denied the allegations.

The made-for-the-tabloids case appeared to be nearing trial as soon as this month when a last-minute delay was granted by the judge

During the time period of the lawsuit, Epstein was a regular of Mar-A-Lago. The President is publicly known to have considered Epstein a personal friend.

In 2002, the President told New York Magazine:

“He’s [Epstein] a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it — Jeffrey enjoys his social life.”

In 2017, Trump’s legal team claimed no knowledge of Epstein’s behavior.

Via Politico:

“As I have previously explained, he had no relationship with Mr. Epstein and had no knowledge whatsoever of his conduct. This has all been reported countless times in the press,” claimed Trump’s attorney Allen Garten.

As for how they run the kids, we think local police are doing it. Normally, they deliver late night cocaine and methamphetamine and, as Trump calls them “sportin’ ladies.”

Now they are “sportin’ kids.” From the Sun Sentinal:

“A campaign operative who built his career on smearing political enemies, publicly calls women the C-word and consulted for attorney-turned-Ponzi-schemer Scott Rothstein has become one of Sheriff Scott Israel’s trusted political guides.

Stone hurls profanity at women on social networks, and once called Sheriff Israel “an unqualified punk, a racist and a thief.”

Lately, though, he’s been plying his political trade from a new perch. Stone, 61, and his wife, Nydia, 66, moved from Miami Beach and live in Fort Lauderdale now, in the Coral Ridge area.

Stone helped get Broward Sheriff Israel elected. And now, Stone has the sheriff’s ear.

When Israel took the sheriff’s helm in early 2013, in the first five months he added to BSO’s payroll Stone’s book-writing partner, Stone’s book publicist and Stone’s long-time executive assistant. He had Stone’s stepson transferred to detective, though it was early in his career, with just two years at the Sheriff’s Office.

Stone’s connections to BSO reach higher. His longtime friend Ron Gunzburger, who connected him with Sheriff Israel in the first place, is the agency’s general counsel.”

Epstein, of course, has been doing this for the Mossad for years:

All About the Jeffrey Epste… by on Scribd

Addendum II

Bush ‘Paid For Abortion’
Says Larry Flynt
The Daily Telegraph – UK
President Bush faced an extraordinary claim last night that he once paid for a girl-friend to have an abortion.

The pro-life president arranged for the procedure in the early 1970s, according to porn publisher Larry Flynt.

The controversial publisher of Hustler magazine told the New York Daily News he will make the claims in a book coming out this summer.

‘This story has got to come out,’ said 61-year-old Flynt. ‘There’s a lot of hypocrisy in the White House about this whole abortion issue. I’ve talked to the woman’s friends.
‘I’ve tracked down the doctor who did the abortion, I tracked down the Bush people who arranged for the abortion I got the story nailed.’

But Flynt would not disclose if he plans to name the woman.

The allegation comes after pop star Moby raised Republican hackles last week when he told a New York gossip columnist that he thought Bush’s enemies should cause some political mischief. He said: ‘For example, you can go on all the pro-life chatrooms and say you’re an outraged right-wing voter and that you know that George Bush drove an ex-girlfriend to an abortion clinic and paid for her to get an abortion.’

There was no hint that 38-year-old Moby believed his abortion suggestion.

The White House had no immediate comment on the claim.

Republican National Committee spokesman Yier Shi said: ‘The Democrats will do anything in this election, judging by their campaign tactics, to smear without any evidence or background. This is just another one of those cases.’

The abortion claim is the first hint of serious scandal that has emerged to harm the president’s re-election chances.

Having won his party’s support and the endorsement of family and conservative groups with his strong pro-life stance, it is certain to come under close scrutiny as the election in November draws closer.

( 16439 )

Addendum III

Target arm - Livermore Nuclear Labs
Target arm – Livermore Nuclear Labs

[Editor’s note: This article was originally published in May 2015. We are re-publishing it today as it remains highly significant and with the current extremely high level of tension in the region, perhaps more significant now than ever. Ian]

…by Jeff Smith, with Gordon Duff and Ian Greenhalgh

By now, every VT reader will be aware that Israel dropped a neutron bomb on Yemen on behalf of their Saudi allies. As well as the readers of VT, a billion Arabs also know this truth, every Arabic media outlet picked up the VT story as have the Russian outlets Pravda, Russia Today and Sputnik News. This story is too big to die, it is worldwide.

Israel nuked Yemen, period. This is hard fact that has been 100% confirmed.

Just watch the video, the scintillating pixels are caused by particles from the nuclear explosion hitting the camera’s sensor, there can be no other explanation; note the white hot ball of plasma seen briefly before the huge detonation. (removed by Google)

The camera never lies

Until mobile phones with cameras and small video cameras were developed, small florescent lights were used as emergency nuclear explosion/radiation detectors. Now, phones and CCD video cameras have become dependable “slam dunk” nuclear detectors.

The next few words are the technical explanation of why we are absolutely certain we are dealing with a nuclear event, with no questions whatsoever. This is information available to all member of the press, the military, the scientific community and the general public. This means, of course, that anyone in “denial” of our assertion, proven with this much certainty, is defective as to mental function or suffers from moral degeneracy.

The combination of the cameras plastic lens and the photoelectric effect produced in the cameras CCD pick up chip (because it is basically a very large array of photo diodes) allows them to act as very good detectors of high level ionizing radiation. Low level radiation in this case is not of concern because it will not immediately kill you or have long term negative health effects.


By simply pointing the camera at an explosive event it will immediately determine if it is nuclear or not. When the camera’s CCD pick up chip is overloaded by excess radiation it will pixelize showing white sparkles all over the picture of the fireball or blast image area.

The demonstration video still was taken in Yemen this month. It is perhaps the best single demonstration image of ionizing radiation hitting a CCD receptor. It is as perfect a demonstration of a nuclear explosion as detected using mobile phone or CCD camera technology, as explained above, as might be possible.

We are contacting scientists and physicists throughout the Middle east and Ukraine; we are distributing software that will allow us to detect not just nuclear weapons but radioactive threats of all kinds including polonium poisons; we are training teams to collect soil samples; preparing packages to allow medical personnel to screen for radioactive poisoning and we are offering materials for civil defence and decontamination efforts.

There has thus far been zero denial or refutation (other than by wingnuts and conspiracy theorists) of this having been a nuclear event nor has there been any effective denial of the pair of F-16A/Bs shot down over Yemen this week; planes which can only have belonged to Italy, Portugal or Israel, otherwise it came out of the mothballed stockpiles in the US southwest.

Russia speaks out

As stated in Pravda today, the world’s scientific community is aghast that ‘the Saudis have begun to wipe Yemen off the map’, they get straight to the point by telling us that ‘shocking video reveals proton bombardment from a neutron bomb’ and that ‘forbidden strikes have brought about a storm of worldwide protest’ and might I add, this wave of protest isn’t going to be silenced by a handful of internet trolls and unemployed Haifa housewives.

‘Obama has recently offered military assistance to any external threat the rich Arab Gulf States may face’ according to Pravda. Russia is not only certain after viewing the evidence, that this is a nuclear attack but they believe that the United States is fully complicit in it; where other sources have cited the Israeli-Saudi nexus, highest level Russian sources believe this irresponsible move is the result of Washington kow-towing to both Saudi Arabia and The Gulf States.

It is too late to put the cat back in the box, the word is out – Israel is using nukes to kill innocent civilians.

Take note of the reaction to this very serious issue of the Israeli use of nukes. Anyone who tries to claim there was no nuke dropped on Yemen or apply a derogatory label to those who seek to get the truth about this most heinous of war crimes out to a wide audience must be viewed as a stooge for Israel.

The worldwide spread of the true story of Israel’s nuking of Yemen has got the perpetrators very worried; the truth is one of the things these people fear most.


A scintillator is a material that exhibits scintillation — the property of luminescence when excited by ionizing radiation. Luminescent materials, when struck by an incoming particle, absorb its energy and scintillate, (i.e., re-emit the absorbed energy in the form of light).Sometimes, the excited state is metastable, so the relaxation back down from the excited state to lower states is delayed (necessitating anywhere from a few nanoseconds to hours depending on the material): the process then corresponds to either one of two phenomena, depending on the type of transition and hence the wavelength of the emitted optical photon: delayed fluorescence or phosphorescence, also called after-glow.

A scintillation detector or scintillation counter is obtained when a scintillator is coupled to an electronic light sensor such as a photomultiplier tube (PMT), photo-diode, or silicon photomultiplier. PMT’s absorb the light emitted by the scintillator and re-emit it in the form of electrons via the photoelectric effect. The subsequent multiplication of those electrons (sometimes called photo-electrons) results in an electrical pulse which can then be analyzed and yield meaningful information about the particle that originally struck the scintillator. Vacuum photo-diodes are similar but do not amplify the signal while silicon photo-diodes, (CCD cameras) on the other hand, detect incoming photons by the excitation of charge carriers directly in the silicon. Silicon photo-multipliers consist of an array of photo-diodes which are reverse-biased with sufficient voltage to operate in avalanche mode, enabling each pixel of the array to be sensitive to single photons.


The first device which used a scintillator was built in 1903 by Sir William Crookes and used a ZnS screen.The scintillations produced by the screen were visible to the naked eye if viewed by a microscope in a darkened room; the device was known as a spinthariscope. The technique led to a number of important discoveries. Scintillators gained additional attention in 1944, when Curran and Baker replaced the naked eye measurement with the newly developed PMT. This was the birth of the modern scintillation detector.

Applications for scintillators

Scintillators are used by the American government as Homeland Security radiation detectors. Scintillators can also be used in neutron and high energy particle physics experiments, X-ray security, nuclear cameras, computed tomography and gas exploration. Other applications of scintillators include CT scanners and gamma cameras in medical diagnostics, and screens in older style CRT computer monitors and television sets.

The use of a scintillator in conjunction with a photomultiplier tube or a CCD camera finds wide use in hand-held survey meters used for detecting and measuring radioactive contamination and monitoring nuclear material. Scintillators generate light in fluorescent tubes, to convert the ultra-violet of the discharge into visible light. Scintillation detectors are also used in the petroleum industry as detectors for Gamma Ray logs. ( Note small compact fluorescent light bulbs can also be used in an emergency to detect radiation bursts from a nuclear event. They will flash or glow under radiation exposure).

— — — — — — — — —

Plastic scintillators and the CCD camera, cell phone connection.

Plastic scintillators are the most common type of radiation detectors found in everyday CCD video cameras, cell phone cameras and home security cameras. With little or no modification at all they can be used as simple radiation detectors for emergency self protection from nuclear blasts and high background radiation levels or to document nuclear detonations. The combination of the cameras plastic lens and the photoelectric effect produced in the cameras CCD pick up chip (because it is basically a very large array of photo didoes) allows them to act as very good detectors of high level ionizing radiation. Low level radiation in this case is not of concern because it will not immediately kill you or have long term negative health effects.

By simply pointing the camera at an explosive event it will immediately determine if it is nuclear or not. When the cameras CCD pick up chip is overloaded by excess radiation it will pixelize showing white sparkles all over the picture of the fireball or blast image area. If you are looking to protect yourself from high level ionizing radiation produced by depleted uranium anti tank rounds or after a nuclear blast this will work. For lower level radiation effects usually just putting black electrical tape over the cameras lens is sufficient enough to detect lower radiation levels. Once the background radiation level has drooped off after an explosion. Usually after about 3 hours or more excluding ground zero where levels will remain higher for a longer period of time the CCD cameras may not be sensitive enough to detect these lower levels of radiation and a better detector will be required. However for emergency use this this process altho crude will work.

If you have an Android or Apple smart phone there are several APPS that will allow you to use your phone as a simple radiation detector/ Geiger counter. Some work better than others and several are actually fake or toy apps so user be ware make sure the APP really works.

Types of scintillators

Plastic scintillators

The term “plastic scintillator” typically refers to a scintillating material in which the primary fluorescent emitter, called a fluor, is suspended in the base, a solid polymer matrix. While this combination is typically accomplished through the dissolution of the fluor prior to bulk polymerization, the fluor is sometimes associated with the polymer directly, either covalently or through coordination, as is the case with many Li6 plastic scintillators.

Polyethylene naphthalate has been found to exhibit scintillation by itself without any additives and is expected to replace existing plastic scintillators due to higher performance and lower price.

The advantages of plastic scintillators include fairly high light output and a relatively quick signal, with a decay time of 2–4 nanoseconds, but perhaps the biggest advantage of plastic scintillators is their ability to be shaped, through the use of molds or other means, into almost any desired form with what is often a high degree of durability. Plastic scintillators are known to show light output saturation when the energy density is large ( Birks’ Law).


The most common bases are the aromatic plastics, polymers with aromatic rings as pendant groups along the polymer backbone, amongst which polyvinyltoluene (PVT) and polystyrene (PS) are the most prominent. While the base does fluoresce in the presence of ionizing radiation, its low yield and negligible transparency to its own emission make the use of fluors necessary in the construction of a practical scintillator.

Aside from the aromatic plastics, the most common base is polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA), which carries two advantages over many other bases: high ultraviolet and visible light transparency and mechanical properties and higher durability with respect to brittleness.

The lack of fluorescence associated with PMMA is often compensated through the addition of an aromatic co-solvent, usually naphthalene. A plastic scintillator based on PMMA in this way boasts transparency to its own radiation, helping to ensure uniform collection of light. Other common bases include polyvinyl xylene (PVX) polymethyl, 2,4-dimethyl, 2,4,5-trimethyl styrenes, polyvinyl diphenyl, polyvinyl naphthalene, polyvinyl tetrahydronaphthalene, and copolymers of these and other bases.


Also known as luminophors, these compounds absorb the scintillation of the base and then emit at larger wavelength, effectively converting the ultraviolet radiation of the base into the more easily transferred visible light. Further increasing the attenuation length can be accomplished through the addition of a second fluor, referred to as a spectrum shifter or converter, often resulting in the emission of blue or green light.


Gaseous scintillators consist of nitrogen and the noble gases helium, argon, krypton, and xenon, with helium and xenon receiving the most attention. The scintillation process is due to the de-excitation of single atoms excited by the passage of an incoming particle. This de-excitation is very rapid (~1 ns), so the detector response is quite fast.

Coating the walls of the container with a wavelength shifter is generally necessary as those gases typically emit in the ultraviolet and PMTs respond better to the visible blue-green region. In nuclear physics, gaseous detectors have been used to detect fission fragments or heavy charged particles.


The most common glass scintillators are cerium-activated lithium or boron silicates. Since both lithium and boron have large neutron cross-sections, glass detectors are particularly well suited to the detection of thermal (slow) neutrons. Lithium is more widely used than boron since it has a greater energy release on capturing a neutron and therefore greater light output.

Glass scintillators are however sensitive to electrons and γ rays as well (pulse height discrimination can be used for particle identification). Being very robust, they are also well-suited to harsh environmental conditions. Their response time is ≈10 ns, their light output is however low, typically ≈30% of that of anthracene.

Response to various radiations

Heavy ions

Scintillation counters are usually not ideal for the detection of heavy ions for three reasons:

  1. the very high ionizing power of heavy ions induces quenching effects which result in a reduced light output (e.g. for equal energies, a proton will produce 1/4 to 1/2 the light of an electron, while alphas will produce only about 1/10 the light;
  2. the high dE/dx also results in a reduction of the fast component relative to the slow component, increasing detector dead-time;
  3. strong non-linearities are observed in the detector response especially at lower energies.

The reduction in light output is stronger for organics than for inorganic crystals. Therefore, where needed, inorganic crystals, e.g. CsI(Tl), ZnS(Ag) (typically used in thin sheets as α-particle monitors), CaF2(Eu), should be preferred to organic materials. Typical applications are α-survey instruments, dosimetry instruments, and heavy ion dE/dx detectors. Gaseous scintillators have also been used in nuclear physics experiments.


The detection efficiency for electrons is essentially 100% for most scintillators. But because electrons can make large angle scatterings (sometimes backscatterings), they can exit the detector without depositing their full energy in it. The back-scattering is a rapidly increasing function of the atomic number Z of the scintillator material.

Organic scintillators, having a lower Z than inorganic crystals, are therefore best suited for the detection of low-energy (< 10 MeV) beta particles. The situation is different for high energy electrons: since they mostly lose their energy by bremsstrahlung at the higher energies, a higher-Z material is better suited for the detection of the bremsstrahlung photon and the production of the electromagnetic shower which it can induce.

Gamma rays

High-Z materials, e.g. inorganic crystals, are best suited for the detection of gamma rays. The three basic ways that a gamma ray interacts with matter are: the photoelectric effect, Compton scattering, and pair production. The photon is completely absorbed in photoelectric effect and pair production, while only partial energy is deposited in any given Compton scattering.

The cross section for the photoelectric process is proportional to Z5, that for pair production proportional to Z2, whereas Compton scattering goes roughly asZ. A high-Z material therefore favors the former two processes, enabling the detection of the full energy of the gamma ray.


Since the neutron is not charged it does not interact via the Coulomb force and therefore does not ionize the scintillation material. It must first transfer some or all of its energy via the strong force to a charged atomic nucleus. The positively charged nucleus then produces ionization. Fast neutrons (generally >0.5 MeV) primarily rely on the recoil proton in (n,p) reactions; materials rich in hydrogen, e.g. plastic scintillators, are therefore best suited for their detection.

Slow neutrons rely on nuclear reactions such as the (n,γ) or (n,α) reactions, to produce ionization. Their mean free path is therefore quite large unless the scintillator material contains nuclides having a high cross section for these nuclear reactions such as 6Li or 10B. Materials such as LiI(Eu) or glass silicates are therefore particularly well-suited for the detection of slow (thermal) neutrons.

Addendum IV


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

June 11, 2010


UK, June 10, (Pal Telegraph – By Peter Eyre)

It became apparent that someone spread a rumour that the vessels sailing to Gaza recently were possibly carrying one of the British (acquired from South Africa) stolen battlefield nuclear bombs.

 For some strange reason Chris McGreal of the Guardian newspaper published an article on the 24th of May 2010 revealing how Israel offered to sell nukes to South Africa during the apartheid era. What he failed to reveal was that Israel struck up a deal with South Africa to move its technicians down to the high-security weapons research and development facilities at Pelindaba. It was at this location that the Isaeli technicians managed to covertly give themselves nuclear weapons but also under the table gave South Africa its own nuclear capability.

It is fairly obvious why Israel is totally consumed in trying to find these stolen weapon and needless to say the US and British Governments are equally as concerned and yet are not in a position to admit to their loss as in doing so would incriminate past and current very senior politicians including our current Prime Minister David Cameron.

Obviously the rumour regarding the Turkish vessel was totally false but with Israel being in a total state of panic one can understand just how sensitive this issue is. It always appear to be the case that your past comes back to haunt you. So let’s just recall the history behind these weapons that were designed and commissioned all during the UN embargo years and who was allegedly involved.

I must also make it quite clear that many of the world leaders and senior members of government have been involved in these under the table deals which has resulted in many of them accumulating much wealth either for the party election funds or for their own personal gain. When one further considers that these faceless individuals not only govern out country but are also directly responsible for the death of millions of people both military staff and civilians it is extremely hard to understand.

How can any government have such a flawed intelligence network and allow such things to take place without some sort of audit to see what is going on behind the scenes. We have seen both the US, UK, EU and Israel transfer almost everything from chemical and biological weapons to nuclear part to countries which they have since called the “Axis of Evil.”

It was in the late 1970 when the South African nuclear programme started to go into full swing with the compliments of the Israeli scientists resulting in the first test and only test firing of a nuclear weapon. The test took place on a moored vessel anchored off Prince Edward Island on the 22nd of September 1979 when a typical double flash was observed from a passing US satellite.


One has to understand that this was all under the radar of the United Nations with the full knowledge of selected members of the US and British Governments. The US immediately went on the defensive by creating their “False Flag” report known as the “Vela Incident” in which they explained the following:

The conclusions of the Presidential panel (the Ad Hoc Panel) were reassuring, as they suggested that the most likely explanation of the Vela detection was a meteoroid hitting the satellite — in part because of the discrepancy in bhangmeter readings Others who examined the data, including the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), the national laboratories, and defense contractors reached a very different conclusion — that the data supported the conclusion that on 22 September 1979, Vela 6911 had detected a nuclear detonation.

What I find ironic here is the fact that several agencies confirmed it was a nuclear explosion but the US Government conveniently put it to bed. I can assure you that through my own scientific contacts in the US this did actually happen and an internal memo at the Los Alamos nuclear research facility confirmed that it had been a nuclear explosion. One has to understand the high stakes involved in such programmes, especially when vast sums of money are being banded around senior political figures. This is truly corruption at its best!

The joint venture (Israel – South Africa) created 10 Battlefield Bombs and after the first test that left nine. The bombs were designed to be highly mobile and reasonably compact and could be carried by the British Canberra bomber.

It became apparent in later years that the supremacy of white power in South Africa was about to finish and so they had to open up discussion with the Americans and British as they feared these weapons getting into the hands of the blacks. It was during this time that a decision was made to ship all nine bombs to Chicago for de commissioning. However, our dear “Iron Lady” Maggie Thatcher decided that it would be a good idea to maybe acquire a few of the weapons for possible use against Iraq in the event Saddam did not toe the line.

Thatcher then ordered her Page Boy, David Cameron, to go down to South Africa along with what was believed to be the only technical man available….non other than the now Sir Kenneth Warren. Other also believed to be implicated in were David Wilshire and many other senior members of government. In actual fact as we follow this charade up to the current time we could possible include other very senior person such as Lord McAlpine, Peter Lilley, Alan Clarke and Ken Clarke etc.

We have to remember that this was almost a private sector deal with many political figures implicated some of whom became share holders in the nuke deal. We are talking here about an extremely high risk deal, with little security for the weapons themselves as everything had to be done in a low key covert way.

As we already know David Cameron was able to secure a deal for his lady and returned with a deal for three nuclear weapons. They were shipped to Oman whereby they were put in private sector storage and eventually stolen by John Bredenkamp, the arms dealer who sold them to Britain and then stole them back to sell on the Black market and the rest is now history.

We have to understand that British Tax Payers money was then placed in the Conservative Party Electoral Fund (17.8m) which to this day has not been accounted for and other money was made available to Tony Blair. On top of this a slush fund was also developed to silence other third parties that knew of the deal.

I could write article after article on the many levels of corruption that occurred in both the US and the UK (not forgetting Israel) and the terrible consequences of this greed resulting in the death of many of our own troops and innocent civilians….all for their own pocket. Solid evidence proves that over the period of 1982-90 Iraq and Iran were supplied by the U.S. and UK with WMD, including biological cultures and chemical precursors of nerve gases and radioactive material, including caesium-137.

British companies like Allivane International Limited and Astra Holdings PLC gave rise to pinning officials to the illegal sales of weapons and parts which began to surface in the 1980’s. However all has since been forgotten, as politicians have been mostly successful in quieting whistleblowers, bribing the courts and controlling the media. It is a known fact that there is still in existence a slush fund to continue to pay of those that challenge the system and also a team of spin doctors who try to discredit anyone who raises such issues via the media.

Things really came to a head during the Matrix Churchill Inquiry (that really never got off the ground) when the ex CEO of Astra, Gerald James, was to become the star witness. We could provide a substantial list of political figures who tried to change legislation and to a certain degree have been successful. One could ask some serious question of Ken Clarke and others during this bleak period.

The Prime Minister and very senior members of Parliament where all ducking for cover in the event that Gerald James had his day in court… wonder they wanted Dr. Kelly and Gerald Bull assassinated…..they even tried to get Gerald James but his brother ended up dead instead. Finally we must not forget Saddam, who had he lived, could have opened up a can of worms in revealing who in the US and UK assisted him in his “Empire Building”…..I wonder which political figure in the US and the UK paid for some of his many palaces?

Gerald James had in his possession one very important document, which was Page number 6 of Astra’s financial, spread sheets. This much sought after document gave a financial paper trail of where all the tax payers’ money had gone and how it had be channeled. One could estimate something in the region of 85 million as the initial figure being bounced around at the time and as we well know 17.8 million of that came back into the country via the back door into the Conservative Party Election Campaign with the compliments of David Cameron, Ken Warren and David Wilshire etc.

I will soon pursue the illegal wheeling and dealing and how money can suddenly disappear into infinity…… companies receive millions of pounds in project investment (from their naive investors) when in actual fact they do not exist at all………or how money is pumped into open pit natural resources mining such as gold and diamonds when the mine does not even exist……then you are starting to see the picture.

If one can perhaps look on the funny side of this aspect and realize that millions can exchange hands simply for a small spade hole in the ground or a tin shed sitting in the middle of an empty landscape its simply that easy. I would even suggest that you go to such places as 22 Arlington Street in London where you may well find a bee hive of such activity.

Then we have our notorious Tony Blair who has taken on many advisory rolls, but did such companies exist and did we the public know that he could be a major shareholder in an Iraq oil/gas project via a company in Korea… you see when your are a Middle East Envoy you really know how to pull the strings!

I will add more to this financially corrupt web in a forthcoming article with the assistance of Mr Gordon Bowden who is currently carrying out extensive research and investigations into Arlington Associates Ltd……..believe me this article will be more explosive than the stolen British (South African/Israeli) nuclear bombs!

Israel-nukes3The collapse of the world’s economy was not accidental, it was planned. Those that were bailed out are now reaping in huge profits again after passing on their bad debt to the taxpayers. We see governments getting a return on their bail out or alternatively benefiting from a take over or joint venture. At the end of the line we see all the taxpayer’s money gone forever or those that did have money are now out of a job or have lost their homes (which are then purchased by these same sharks at below cost prices). Then we have the simple poor person in the street having to pay higher taxes over the next 5 or so years whilst they reap in their harvest. Finally, to add insult to injury, we see public spending dramatically reduced resulting in a severe drop in standards of health care or local government services.

When will the public start to understand that this is a huge scam and realised that we are pumping money, not into our economy, but into the pockets of the Wall Street and London City Bankers, otherwise known as “The New World Order.” It is time the world starting asking questions about such places as 22 Arlington Street, London or Chatham House, London and the strong ties with the Bilderberg Group, The Rockefeller’s, The Rothschild’s and not forgetting the connections to many Royal Families. This is the centre of the “Axis of Evil” not in some far away land in Arabia or the Far East.

We continue to see this same game playing out in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Lebanon, Gaza, Somalia and Yemen….I can assure you this is nothing to do with democracy or bringing freedom to those countries…….in actual fact they are carrying out big money spinning deals whilst at the same time our troops continue to die for nothing other than oil, gas, natural resources and drugs.

Whilst doing this our governments are also allowing our military to use weapons containing uranium components thus making sure that when the troops eventually come home they will be badly contaminated. Lets remember those three words that our current Prime Minister, David Cameron used whilst giving a speech on camera….he didn’t say that the parties priority was Education, Education, Education like Mr Brown but rather Afghanistan, Afghanistan, Afghanistan. This is all about government greed for natural resources and drugs….nothing more and nothing less.

To put things in perspective we have now seen a total of 6 nuclear weapons go missing 3 from the US and 3 from the UK. One of each has already been tested in North Korea and that still leaves 4 missing. Where next is the question?

So should Israel be so concerned? Should certain individuals in the US and UK be feeling extremely nervous at the prospect of possibly being arrested under the Nuclear Explosions Act? They certainly should because they made it all possible!

They should all be charged with crimes against humanity and put behind bars – shame on you all!!

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 9/6/2010

Addendum IV

This article from 10th October details how, since 2003, 12 Ukrainian arms dumps have mysteriously exploded and explains how the destruction of these depots is done to cover up the wholesale theft of weapons and munitions, including nuclear ones. This materiel has largely been passed to non state actors, primarily ISIS and a Ukrainian arm dump is the most likely source of tactical nukes which we know have fallen into the wrong hands.


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  1. South Korea lost a frigate a while back in 2010, ROKS Cheonan and 49 sailors, by a German Torpedo, probably fired via an Israeli Dolphin Submarine, which had been in Viet Nam on a training exercise for two weeks previous, fingers were pointed at North Korea.

  2. All any of are, is our integrity.

    Village wisdom has it that when we give up our word, we have basically given up a life.

    Commoditizing integrity to the extent that is now the norm, to where we can readily turn a blind eye to kidnapping murder and even dismemberment of a journalist, justifying further arms profits in this volatile region.

    Unappreciated in the west, the Russians adopted a much upgraded social operating system transferred to Russia by Barbara Marx Hubbard and Dr. Vernon Wolf, in the advanced quantum integrated Holodynamics technology. Seeing the leveraged advantages of Holodaynamics social operating system Russia implemented it country wide and are kicking ass taking names for doing so.

    It is not the horrifying capabilities of the Russian S -700 the west should be concerned about, it’s the superior Russian integrity value set that will inevitably prevail.

  3. Gordon is on the right track, and I look forward to his coming articles. It’s time to be enlightened, and time for you all to believe. It’s all so much bigger than Trump/Putin/ May/Merkel et al, and deeper than any congress, parliament, knesset. or any combination of same. Annie get your gun.

  4. “How can any government have such a flawed intelligence network and allow such things to take place without some sort of audit to see what is going on behind the scenes”? The answer to this question has always been; the banking system. The Federal Reserve, Bank of London, and the German Central Bank have license to print currency (without audit) in any amount and distribute the money anyway they see fit. One has to be naïve to believe the banks don’t have a back door through which to hand out the cash. It’s then used to buy petty Monarchs, and politicians or to supply startup money to buy control of sensitive core businesses like Google, and hand picked 23 year old Jewish kids to front startups like Facebook.
    We all pontificate, and ask how can the world be so morally corrupt, and so packed full of political whores. It’s all so very simple. Just ask yourself, what would you do if you controlled the world’s money supply?

  5. Sherriff Israel? The same Sherriff Israel whose department took 51 minutes to respond to the Valentine’s day massacre? Just enough time for the 3 man team of shooters to be filmed running from the school’s side door, where a white Pickup truck was waiting. tossing their heavy black duffle bags into the open truck bed, before fleeing the scene. We’re talking about the same guy, right?

  6. I think when Gordon mentions 1787 he is referring to the year that a little known corporation known as, The United States of America Inc., was formed in the USA. Do a little research about this, as things just got a little darker.

    • 6078 views now! Perhaps this article could be pinned to the rotating headline header, the information is a fantastic starting point for the under informed just learning of all this!

      Thumbs up VT!

  7. If someone had told me before birth that I fall in the middle of Ali Baba and his 40 thugs I would have turned around on the spot. Now it is too late and I have to “enjoy” this murderous world one or the other way.
    Seems they want to rewrite history of the so called Bible by wiping out what is left of Yemen and historical artefacts which could destroy their “Joo narrative” as god´s chosen.

  8. Outstanding article Gordon! You must have hit many nails on the head, halfway through the text, the page was hacked, at least I think it was, the advertising on the right side of the page increased in size and covered or overlaid the text. Happened just as I paged down to the Yemen paragraphs.

    Just an FYI….

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