With Full VT Support: Trump, ‘purveyor of hate speech’, not welcome in Pittsburgh, says former synagogue leader

Lynette Lederman says she does not want the president to visit Pittsburgh and will rely on local political leadership

Tree of Life Synagogue and memorial of flowers and stars in remembrance of the those killed and injured when a shooter opened fire during services Saturday.
Tree of Life Synagogue and memorial of flowers and stars in remembrance of the those killed and injured when a shooter opened fire during services on Saturday. Photograph: Gene J Puskar/AP


“We have people who stand by us, who believe in values – not just Jewish – but believe in values, and those are not the values of this president and I do not welcome him to Pittsburgh,” she said.

The comments followed an open letter signed by a coalition of local Jewish leaders and published by the Pittsburgh chapter of Bend The Arc, a progressive advocacy group, that also called for the president to avoid the city.

“President Trump, you are not welcome in Pittsburgh until you fully denounce white nationalism,” the letter states.

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  1. “grasping at straws”
    ” Fig. to depend on something that is useless; to make a futile attempt at something. John couldn’t answer the teacher’s question. He was just grasping at straws. There I was, grasping at straws, with no one to help me.
    See also: grasping, straw “

  2. Likewise, being a patriot has nothing to do with race. If a person joins our military today, they will be immersed in the worlds most ethnically diverse pool of soldiers in the world. In fact, groups such as Native Americans and Indigenous from Guam serve at much higher rates than whites. The original scheme to confuse or blend nationalism or patriotism with racial identity is a right wing christian conservative movement based in racist beliefs. Right now, in the US, the concept of patriotism is misused at unprecedented levels. They wear the flag, but do not respect it. Kappernick has more respect for the flag than the nutters in the pick-ups flying one on each side. It is ridiculous.

  3. Really ? If Nationalism has nothing to do with race in the US, then why would white nationalism exist at all ? Because what they are trying to say, is “this is a white christian country’. That is not true, and would be used primarily to promote racist agendas. Race has nothing to do with Nationhood in the US. That is why it is called the ‘melting pot”. Confusing the two, racial pride, with nationalism, is at minimum, a way to assign lower status to non-whites, and promote the US as a white christian country. It most certainly is not anything of the sort. Be proud to be whatever race you are, but don’t lie about what our nation is at this point and since it’s inception. White is a race, not The Race. The races of man are like the fingers of a hand.

  4. The embedded policy of domination exists in many denominations of different religions. They attack each other to stomp out the competition. The lone nutters do not come up with the ideas out of the blue, but the rage and exceptionalism is inherent to the teachings. Politics aside, the religious killings have always been going on, perhaps changing flavor, but still the same motivations and thought processes, or the lack thereof.
    The bomber and the shooter,…. christians ?

  5. Not all Jews are belonging to the Zion Crime factory. Some in fact are the cream of society. Some are just plain folk. Not all Zionists are Jews, some are Christians, some are insane criminals posing as human beings (sorry, my take on the NWO). VT has never attacked Jews per se; however google portrays VT as so.

  6. Will the shooter (if there actually was one) be considered a national hero, as many in Israel consider Baruch Goldstein a hero? [end sarcasm]

  7. “The nation of Israel is involved in mass killing in Gaza at this moment.” – G.D.

    Which in turn pales besides the mass killing done in Iraq and Syria by Israel’s proxy forces.

  8. According to reports “setting explosives “at the fence. 200 metres away.
    Don’t forget the parsley farmer 500 metre away that was so scary tank fire was deemed appropriate to despatch him

  9. Stop the non reported massive thrill killing in Gaza, Syria, and everywhere else, then come clean about 9/11. For such a small percentage of the population, those involved are toxic to the rest!

  10. Trump a purveyor of hate speech? What does that make Maxine Waters and Holder?
    Is Trump a nationalist? Yes. Is he a white man? Yes. Does that mean he’s a white nationalist? I guess so, by gender and race. But, what does it all mean?
    Is it wrong to be a white male in America? Is it wrong to be nationalistic? Sometimes it appears to be worse than wrong.
    If we are going to attack powerful white males let’s at the least attack the right ones, those who own the stock of the Federal Reserve inc. A private corporation intent on bankrupting America by promoting perpetual war beginning with WW1.

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