Smoking Gun proof Mideast Terror is well financed Organized Crime

Thanks to the disclosures of a number of great American Heroes and newly emerging and irrefutable smoking gun evidence, the truth has finally now emerged that all Mideast Terror, as well as all Terror anywhere in the world, is actually created by the world's largest organized crime syndicate, best called the Khazarian Mafia.

The VT crew with Dr. Barakat (r) at the Damascus CounterTerrorism conference in Dec. 2014

by  Preston James

It was VT’s own Gordon Duff that first disclosed that Mideast Terror was actually a creation of the world’s largest organized crime cartel. It turns out Gordon was more right than we even guessed, new evidence has now emerged that provides beyond any reasonable doubt that Gordon was 100% correct in his claims made during this Keynote Speech.

Gordon Duff representing the US delegation at the Damascus Counter Terrorism Conference on Dec 02. 2014, and giving his Keynote Address which sent shockwaves around the world which are still resonating.

During his heroic Keynote speech at the International Conference on Combatting Terror and Religious Extremism, Gordon sent shock waves around the world through every major Intel agency by explaining for the first time anywhere ever that Terrorism was actually caused by the world’s largest Organized Crime Syndicate.

The whole flavor of the meeting and the discussions were immediately changed by this disclosure, and the discussion of combatting terror immediately became much more realistic. Since that meeting in Damascus in December of 2014, the results of such realistic discussions have turned out to have been quite fruitful.

VT’s top Directors at the Damascus Conference, December 2014. These courageous American Heroes served America well and also had a secret backchannel mission just recently disclosed which was to get Syrian permission for American forces to rescue any US Pilots shot down or forced to land inside Syria. From the left Mike Harris, Jim Dean, Gordon Duff, Colonel Jim Hanke. Mike Harris provided security and performed heroically in one key incident on the way to Damascus. Numerous interviews were provided by these VT Directors during and after the Conference.

It seem quite clear that this major disclosure that Mideast Terror was based on well financed mercenary armies created, trained, financed and run by the this world’s largest organized crime syndicate has actually been a primary motivator in the prevention of a full scale nuclear war breaking out over Syria and Iran. This conference was certainly a turning point in an apparent escalation cycle towards a full scale nuclear WW3 between the USA and the new Russian Federation.

Soon after the Conference, this world’s largest organized crime syndicate was identified publicly on VT as The Khazarian Mafia. Since Gordon’s ground breaking Heroic disclosure, lots of supporting evidence has emerged supporting his claim.

The greatest supporting evidence backing up Gordon’s claim yet to emerge (other than the top secret satellite photos which can’t be included here) has now been provided by former Army Psyops Officer Scott Bennett who had a top secret clearance and who is also a great American Hero.

Scott’s appointed job was to trace terror financing and he did it far too effectively and was quickly jailed on phony minor trumped up charges that he did not register his auto on the military base properly, something that just doesn’t exist as a real offense.

He was thrown in prison but according to Scott, by the grace of God, he ended up being moved to a prison right next to Brad Birkenfeld the Swiss Banker (also an American citizen) who was also jailed when he tried to report the actual bank financing of ISIS et all Mideast Mercenary Terror using laundered money. Birkenfeld was another Hero that was also being wrongly jailed and made arrangements to shuttle all of his “smoking guns” documents for Scott to examine later.

When Scott was released, he published all the “smoking gun” documents and evidence in a book he authored, printed numerous copies and gave every member of the US Congress a copy, hand delivering them to their offices.

The only member of Congress that paid any attention and got back to him was Senator Rand Paul. What does this say about our members of Congress? Obviously they have all, except one or two, sold out to AIPAC by signing its Loyalty Oath to put Israel first even before America.

This was exposed by former Representative Cynthia McKinney, another great American Hero and she was voted out of office after millions were spent on her opponent and she was illegally redistricted out of her prior votes. Former Representative McKinney has been working with former CIA Robert David Steele to expose much of this and to promote open source Intel, something VT has also been doing for many years.

It is obvious that all these major disclosures that have helped turn back the escalation to a full scale nuclear WW3 have all been due to the true Heroism of these numerous great American Heroes mentioned in this article. We all owe each of them a debt of gratitude for their courage and integrity.




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  1. A video I often recommend first to begin to effect a revamp of a history never taught is Benjamin Freedman’s 1961 speech on you tube. The next one is the video, “Under the Sign of the Scorpion”, presenting the real perpetrators of the 1917 operation against Russia. Have a look.

  2. Is there more to that video? It seems like a trailer for a documentary.

    Thank God for whistleblowers, and all who seek the truth and speak out against the despicable corruption that has been going on worldwide. We all know who the key players are, have named names and wait for justice…

    Kudos to Scott Bennett for his bravery! Let’s hope he is named an American hero along with all the others working together to expose these treasonous criminals.

    Rand Paul is true to the Constitution and can’t be bought, which is probably why he was attacked by his deep state mind controlled neighbor who was supposed to take him out, but God willing, he lived through it.

    AIPAC has got to go and all those who signed an oath to Israel are traitors.!

    Now that noname is gone, that leaves only a few like Netanyahoo who will hopefully be removed soon along with all the last vestiges of satanic warmongerers trying to start WW3 in the the Golan Heights and elsewhere in the world.

    Blessed are the Peacemakers…

  3. “The greatest supporting evidence backing up Gordon’s claim yet to emerge (other than the top secret satellite photos which can’t be included here) has now been provided by former Army Psyops Officer Scott Bennett who had a top secret clearance and who is also a great American Hero.” If evidence can’t be viewed by everyone it is not evidence. Why continue to use the less familiar phrase
    “Kazarian Mafia” when the more familar phrase ” international criminal gangsters based in Israel” would be more easily understood by all, because are not these gangsters really who you are talking about? Are not you basically talking about the same folks Henry Ford was talking about in his abridged Protocols of Zion?

      Abridged from the original as published by the world renowned industrial leader,

      Appearing originally in the periodical published by the Ford Motor Co.
      “The Dearborn Independent.”

      These were published about 1921. Was not Henry Ford really the first major public figure to bring this subject to large public attention? Did not he reach the issue that this was the and still is, the major problem of the world? The phrase “Khazarian Mafia” is not an organized group is it? It is totally meaningless and unrecognizable to most readers isn’t it? Why use it then? Isn’t the answer
      “political correctness”? Why not call a spade a spade so more folks know what you are talking about? I rarely even hear Gordon use the phrase “Khazarian Mafia. Everyone know what an
      International Jew is don’t they? Isn’t this why they immediately criticized Henry Ford when he published the truth about these scoundrels in his great newspaper nearly 100 years ago?

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