by Vaughn Klingenberg

PSYOPS or Psychological Operations: Planned operations to convey selected information and indicators to foreign [and domestic] audiences to influence their emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of foreign [and domestic] governments, organizations, groups, and individuals. The purpose of psychological operations is to induce or reinforce…attitudes and behavior favorable to the originator’s objectives. [, Psyops Definition, US Department of Defense.]

Introduction: Much of what I will impart in what follows is based on speculation and assessing motives (which generally is discouraged in scholarly writing). However, what we are dealing with here is in the amorphous, intangible realm of psychological warfare where political and military leaders engage in psychological manipulation and intimidation at the very highest levels of geo-political maneuverings.

This cabal-vs-cabal ideological tectonic confrontation is almost completely beyond the comprehension of your ordinary grunt soldier fighting in the front lines of a battlefield. All a soldier needs to know is who to hate and how to kill the designated enemy–ideological and practical services provided by the particular parochial domestic Establishment. For the modern Establishment itself, however, it is a conflagration, if you will, or, better, mortal hegemonic combat between competing geographical and socio-political elites.

One of the things I wish to accomplish here is to open the eyes of a mostly ignorant public to the machinations and psychological gambits employed by both domestic and foreign elites as they jockeyed for position and waged war in the mental stratosphere during the Second World War. World War II is an excellent example to deconstruct because in the commonplace imagination it is still simple-mindedly seen as a battle between good (that would be the imperial Allied powers of Great Britain, France, the Soviet Union, and the United States) and evil (that would be the would-be imperial Axis[1] powers of Germany, Japan, and Italy).

If anything, I hope–at a minimum–to introduce a grain of skepticism and doubt into the mental certitude most people have these days concerning this most “righteous” [sic] of wars as well as prick the conscience of the mis-named, and sycophantically named, “Greatest Generation.” A more apt nomenclature for this Allied generation would be “the ignorant, most easily manipulated, clueless, and gullible Generation,” as I shall now demonstrate.

Before I get to concrete examples of strategic psyop and counter-psyop campaigns, it is important to identify some of the items in the toolbox of symbolic references employed by elites to intimidate and bait their opponents. Granted, the types of items I will give here is not exhaustive nor are the examples I provide here to flesh out the employment of symbolism as a means of intimidation exhaustive either, but together they will provide a sufficient catalog of examples to establish the validity of my argument.

As for the types of symbolic intimidation employed by elites to bait their opponents and trumpet and triumph their power this would include the following: reference to historical anniversaries, religious holidays, religious symbolism, seasonal references, geographical names, symbolic names, numerology, alphabetology, pointed cascading phonetic associations, miscellaneous other symbolism…and so on. I will begin with the Axis powers, Germany and Japan, because of their early successes in World War II and then close by examining Allied employment of strategic psy-ops.

Points to Ponder

  • At the height of their geographic reach the Nazis had 3 million Jews under their jurisdiction.
  • Of that 3 million, 6 million died in the Holocaust.
  • That only left 5 million Jews to claim reparations from a defeated Nazi Germany.

Part One: Nazi German and Japanese Strategic Psy-ops

The Nazis in particular saw themselves in an uncompromising life and death struggle with cabbalistic Jewish power-brokers who were the real powers-behind-the-thrones of the Western imperial powers of France, the United Kingdom, the Soviet Union, and the United States.

According to the Nazi world view, Jews controlled international banking and finance, the international Media (including Hollywood, radio, and the press), and Western politicians through the carrot of legalized bribery (i.e., campaign contributions) and the stick of the threat of releasing real or manufactured damning exposes (i.e., Media blackmail or smear campaigns) with respect to particular vulnerable government officeholders. Contrary to popular history, the Nazis did not have an irrational blood-lust or random desire to callously and indiscriminately murder Jews.

On the contrary, and with good reason, the Nazis saw many top rank Jews as insidious fifth columnists and conspirators who had infiltrated and usurped Western governments in order to advance their own particular partisan, and often anti-Christian, Judeo-supremacist agenda–Gentiles be damned. The Nazis saw themselves as 20th Century neo-Crusaders whose mission it was to free European Gentiles from the ever tightening clutches of satanic Jewdom.

And while the Nazis earnestly and eagerly sought to end the war in Europe immediately after dispossessed Germans were all finally reunited with Germany proper after the fall of polyglot Poland, the anti-Nazi Jewish power-brokers for their part refused to agree to a peace. All this set the stage for “The Unnecessary War,” as Winston Churchill, in one of his more honest and lucid moments, once quipped:

One day President Roosevelt told me [Churchill] that he was asking publicly for suggestions about what the war should be called. I said at once, “The Unnecessary War.” There never was a war more easy to stop than that which has just wrecked what was left of the world from the previous struggle. [2, emphasis mine]

World War II did not have to be fought nor did it need to last for six years. The Nazis were prepared to evacuate from a defeated France and come to a peace with the United Kingdom and end the war in 1940, but powerful Jewish forces and their minions would not have it so. With all this said, let us now turn to the Nazi employment of psychological warfare and its prominent anti-Jewish symbology.

1.) Historical anniversary and pointed geographical reference. The invasion of France and the Low Countries–via the northwestern portion of the Allied front on the continent–was timed to coincide with the ancient Roman General Titus’ open and full-scale assault on Jerusalem from the northwest in 70 AD; this assault eventually ends in the destruction of the Second Jewish Temple in Jerusalem. Significantly, and this is the point, both events–the assault on ancient Jerusalem and the invasion of France and the Low Countries–took place on the modern calendar day of May 10th. The Nazi leadership saw Jewish puppet-masters controlling the Allied nations and looked to mine defeatist historical Jewish references whenever possible so as to bait and intimidate the overarching, shadowy, Jewish power behind the puppet governments of the Allied states. May 10th, 1940, was also the day that the bellicose Winston Churchill became Prime Minister replacing the more pacifistic Neville Chamberlain.

2.) Religious symbolism and cascading phonetic associations. Dunkirk. Why did the Nazis select the port town of Dunkirk to drive the defeated and fleeing Anglo-French forces to as the German military mopped up the retreating Allied armies of a defeated France? And why did Hitler order the victorious German army to pause for a week, from May 27th to June 4th of 1940, and allow the Allies to evacuate over 330,000 troops to England to fight again? (The assault on Dunkirk was resumed on June 5th, the feast day of the Patron Saint of Germany, St. Boniface.)

The Germans could just as well have driven the beleaguered, retreating, forces to the port cities of Calais or Boulogne. This seemingly inexplicable pause in the fighting came to be known of in the Allied Media as the “Miracle of Dunkirk.” “Miracles” cannot be explained, they just happen, and the Judeo-Allied Media did not want their public to see a very logical reason for this seemingly foolish pause as ordered by Hitler. The real, transparent answer to the “miracle” [sic] of Dunkirk was that Hitler was holding out an olive branch–symbol of victory and peace–to the defeated Allies to let them know that he did not want the war to continue but instead wanted to bring it to an end. During the war the Allied Media would have the public believe that the rout of Allied forces to Dunkirk, and then the pause by the Germans, was an inexplicable “miracle,” but it was not a miracle at all but a very calculated public relations overture on the part of the Nazi leadership to invite the defeated Allies to agree to a peace.

But another symbolic reason presents itself as well. The name of this obscure coastal town is phonetically significant, especially to the ruling elite in Great Britain. A “kirk” in Scottish means a “church” and “Dun” is phonetically associated with the English word “done” or “finished.”

Taken together the message we have here being communicated to the United Kingdom’s ruling elite is that, emblematically, the church of the Jewish overlords and their minions that control the Allied leadership is done for, that Churchill is done for. That is the foreshadowing message the Nazis wished to communicate to the Allies.

3.) Counter-Jewish religious symbolism and alphabetology. After defeating Anglo-French forces on June 22nd of 1940, the Nazis selected Vichy–of all the many cities and towns they could have chosen, and many with much much larger populations and better equipped administratively to govern–as the capitol of the defeated and now client state of France.

The inaugural date for the establishment of Vichy as the capitol of the quasi-independent French government was July 10th, 1940, exactly on the two month anniversary of the invasion of France on May 10th. The reason the Nazis did not simply assume control of all of France but allowed for a quasi-independent French government in unoccupied France was that the Nazis were still hopeful of negotiating a peace with the remaining Allied power, the United Kingdom.

Furthermore, and this is the point, Vichy was selected by the Nazis as the capitol of client France because it began with the letter “V.” The “V” sign or symbol has long been, and is, an emblem of Jewish crypto-identity (see the Jewish priestly blessing of Birkat Kohanim). By having Vichy as a client state of Nazi Germany Hitler was indicating what was in store for soon-to-be defeated Allied Jewish interests, namely, they will give obeisance to Gentile Nazi Germany.

4.) Historical allusion. The Battle of Britain. The Battle of Britain began in earnest on August 12th, 1940. Historically, this date–August 12th–is the anniversary of the Battle of Ascalon, considered the last battle of the First Crusade. It need not be spelled out that the strategic psy-op message being communicated here is that with only Britain now holding out against the victorious crusading Nazis that the defeat of Great Britain is now only a formality, the first two Nazi campaigns–against Poland and France–having been successfully concluded. Here again the Nazis see themselves as analogous (Christian) crusaders combating (Anglo-Jewish) infidels; it is an apt analogy indeed.

As a pertinent aside, it is important to note a couple of things about the Battle of Britain: first, the Nazi leadership still held out an olive branch to the British by only incrementally ratcheting up the air campaign against the United Kingdom. The Luftwaffe began the air campaign by attacking only British naval and cargo shipping in the English Channel.

The Luftwaffe, significantly, did not begin the Battle of Britain by immediately targeting in-land military and political targets but only slowly began to attack these after it was apparent that the British ruling elite would not negotiate a peace. Second, it must be emphasized that both Hitler and Goering gave strict orders to the Luftwaffe NOT to bomb civilian population centers during the Battle of Britain. Luftwaffe crews that bombed civilians were subject to court marshal. (See Hitler’s No. 17 Directive, issued August 1st, 1940.)

This made strategic sense. The Nazis wanted to drive a wedge between the British people and the bellicose ruling political Establishment and indiscriminately bombing civilians would only drive regular Brits into the arms of the British war-mongers. It was, in fact, Churchill who first authorized the indiscriminate bombing of German civilians so as to goad Hitler and the Nazis into bombing British civilian population centers in retaliation.

The Nazis, for their part, only reciprocally began targeting British cities after August 25th of 1940 when the Royal Air Force indiscriminately bombed Berlin. In the beginning of the Battle of Brittan the Luftwaffe limited their bombing runs to political targets (Whitehall) and the docklands (where munitions were unloaded and stored). Only after RAF bombing and fire-bombing of German cities did the Nazis then, reluctantly, retaliate.

Once again, and this bears repeating, Churchill wanted the Luftwaffe to firebomb British cities so as to rally the citizenry to support the pro-war British political Establishment, to avoid a split between the bellicose British ruling elite and the ordinary citizenry, and Churchill did what he could to bait the Nazis into targeting ordinary British civilians. This of course is contrary to the universal Allied war propaganda that the Nazis were hell bent on murdering British civilians right from the start of the Battle of Britain–propaganda that is still universally believed today by an ignorant, gullible, and uncritical public.

5.) Historical and mythological symbolism, along with a seasonal allusion. Operation Barbarossa, the name for the planned German invasion and conquest of the Soviet Union. Frederick I, or Frederick Barbarossa, was the first emperor of the Holy Roman Empire and he united central Europe under his rule. He was one of the greatest medieval monarchs and was known for his charisma, skills at unifying competing principalities, military, and administrative skill.

He was instrumental in organizing the Third Crusade along with the French ruler, King Philip Augustus, and the English ruler, Richard the Lion-hearted. (Perhaps by employing Barbarossa as the title for the attack on the Soviet Union the Nazis also intended to belatedly continue to offer a symbolic olive branch to the British and French to join the Nazis in their crusading assault on the contemporary Judeo-Bolshevik Soviet Union?)

But even more than this the Nazis probably had the mythical associations of Frederic Barbarossa in mind when they consciously selected him as the symbolic figurehead for the invasion of the Jewish dominated and controlled Soviet Union. Barbarossa was a slumbering hero who one day, according to legend, will awake and restore Germany to its former greatness.

In medieval Europe there was a biblical, apocalyptic, twist to his legend, namely, that there would be cataclysmic natural disasters (world war), the Anti-Christ (Jewish dominion) would appear, and a good king (Hitler-Barbarossa) would arise to combat the Anti-Christ. These historical and mythological associations no doubt were in the forefront when the Nazi leadership selected Barbarossa as the code name for the military operation of the invasion the Soviet Union.

Finally, the day selected for the actual land invasion of the Soviet Union was June 22, 1941. This day was the day after of the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere that year (June 21st, 1941); on the summer solstice the sunlight shown longest, more so than any other day of the year. What is the triumphal point being sent by the Nazis to Stalin and his Jewish overlords?

Simply this, the German invasion of the Soviet Union on the day after the longest day of the year similarly marks the longest–most depressing–day for Stalin and his Judeo-Bolshvyk minions. The sun is now beginning to set on the Judeo-Soviet empire.

As a relevant aside, there is ample evidence that Stalin had planned to invade Nazi Germany once German forces were committed to a seaborne invasion of England; Stalin had much of the Soviet army pre-positioned on the Soviet-German border, so it was a shock to learn that Hitler, wisely and of necessity, chose to invade the Soviet Union before launching a sea-borne invasion of England.

6.) Revisited geographical symbolism. Operation “Watch on the Rhine” [aka “The Battle of the Bulge”]. A few things to be noted here regarding this last German counter-offensive in the west: first of all, with respect to the timing of this counter-offensive, it began on Saturday, December 16, 1944, the day of the Jewish Sabbath during Hanukkah week that year. Second, the title of the operation calls to mind the German patriotic hymn Die Wacht am Rheine; by using this song as the title for the counter-offensive the German military command gave the pretense that they would be adopting a defensive mode along the Western Front.

The third point to note here is that this counter-offensive basically tracked and was set to repeat the successful German invasion of France in May of 1940. By duplicating the point of attack of the successful invasion of France from four years earlier Hitler and his generals hoped to bolster and reinforce morale in the hitherto retreating and beleaguered German armies. Selecting the Ardennes region as the point for this last, desperate, counter-offensive was a brilliant idea (even though by this time the German armies were woefully outnumbered in both manpower and equipment as well as spent militarily).

7.) Religious feast day symbolism. The Japanese navy and air force attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7th (US time)–December 8th (Japanese time) 1941. What is the significance of the date? Simply this, because of the difference in the international date line time zones, in Tokyo the time of the attack coincided with the Christian feast day, The Immaculate Conception. It was an “immaculate conception” indeed for Japanese military planners to catch the uninformed US navy flatfooted as Japanese planes decimated the US Pacific Fleet in Hawaii. Contrary to popular history, President Roosevelt almost certainly knew of the imminent attack on Pearl Harbor but did nothing positive to prevent it from happening nor to diminish its effect. In fact, quite the opposite.

Roosevelt wanted the Japanese to create carnage at Pearl Harbor so as to shock clueless Americans into uncritical, visceral, bellicosity. (In this way, he followed in Churchill’s footsteps of inviting and welcoming attacks on his country.) While most Americans believe that the Japanese only attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941, the fact of the matter is that the Japanese also on that day launched invasions of Malaya (including Singapore), the Philippines, Borneo, and the Dutch East Indies.

The reason for this seemingly foolhardy attack on the Dutch, British, and US empires was that six months earlier the Allies had cut oil supplies to the Japanese. This put the Japanese in a dilemma: either scale back or end their imperial ambitions (and lose face) or attack the very countries that put the Japanese in this disadvantaged position and seize the Far East oil fields (and save face).

Obviously, the Japanese chose this later course. Nevertheless, with the Japanese economy being 1/10th the size of the US economy, it must be considered a foolhardy sortie on the part of the Japanese.

In sum, the Nazis–in particular–modeled their strategic psy-ops on the premise that they saw themselves as modern day Gentile crusaders attempting to save a Jewish-occupied Europe from total, absolute, and ignominious subservience. The Nazis saw themselves in a life-and-death apocalyptic show-down with a self-serving and parochial oligarchic collectivist Jewish community otherwise known as, in modern parlance, the anti-Christ (collective).

While the Nazis have been saddled with the label of seeing themselves as proponents of a German master race, the fact of the matter is that Jews for millennia–including today–see themselves as true members of a tribal master race (with non-Jews being the equivalent of sub-human talking animals). The Nazis saw World War II as truly a battle between good and evil, and they were the force for good.

There is in fact much to say in support of the Nazi perspective on World War II. Now, however, let us turn to Allied strategic psy-ops and learn how, among other examples, they employed Christian symbolism, diabolically, to trumpet their successes and victories over Nazism.

Part II: British, American, and Soviet Strategic Pys-ops

While the Nazis employed anti-Jewish symbology, the Allies for their part often employed pro-Jewish and anti-Gentile, anti-Christian, symbology in their psy-ops campaigns against the Axis nations.

This should come as no surprise. While the Nazis saw themselves as champions of the Gentile cause, the Allied nations embraced Judaism as their standard. While President Roosevelt is honorifically associated with helping to defeat the purported evils of Nazi fascism and rescue Jews from the reported horrors of the concentration camps, it must be acknowledged that this politician from New York was seen by many of his political opponents as being crypto-Jewish himself.

In fact, FDR was nick-named “Rosenfeld” here in the U.S. by many Americans who saw him as too closely allied with powerful members of the Eastern Jewish Establishment and with his pre-war virulent bellicose attitude towards anti-Jewish Nazi Germany. With this in mind, let us turn to the revealing symbology employed by the Allied leadership to bait and lord over an increasingly beleaguered Nazi Germany.

1.) Name symbolism: Eisenhower. Why was General Dwight David Eisenhower plucked and catapulted to be the Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in Europe–the very highest position in the Allied military hierarchy in that theater–in spite of the fact that he had a very lackluster military career prior to World War II? For 16 years he was a non-descript Major (1920-1936); during this time he was assigned to the all-Negro 24th Infantry Regiment, a position he rightfully considered a demotion and very much disliked. But his luck would eventually change. In 1936 he finally was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Then in September of 1941 he became a Brigadier General, and in 1942 he became a Major General and a Lieutenant General, and then a full-fledged General in 1943. In December of 1943 it was announced that he would be the Supreme Allied Commander in Europe.

The family surname was originally “Eisenhauer”, or “iron tusk.” The selection of the German-named American General with the surname, significantly, “Eisenhower” (German, “iron hewer,” “iron tusk,” or, associatively, “iron shofar”) to lead the Allied war effort in Europe as the Supreme Commander in spite of the fact that he was a mediocre student at West Point (he graduated 61st out of the 1915 class of 164) should not be lost on sophisticated observers. Furthermore, many of the battlefield tested Allied generals underneath him–Field Marshal Montgomery, General George Patton, General Omar Bradley, Admiral John L. Hall Jr….etc–had little respect for his leadership even if he only served as a public figurehead.

“Eisenhower,” like the shofar, was employed emblematically to trumpet and rally the pro-Jewish elite to combat and defeat the Gentile opposition to Jewish hegemony, namely, the Nazis. Moreover, there is the distinct possibility that Eisenhower was of Jewish heritage; his father and mother had distinctly Jewish names (David Jacob Eisenhower and Ida Stover), and General Eisenhower’s correct name at birth was David Dwight Eisenhower but he chose to have his first and middle names reversed.

On a related note, significant also is the fact that Stalin’s original surname was “Dzhugashvili,” which reportedly can mean, in Georgian, “Jewison” or “son of a Jew”; he later changed his name to “Stalin,” a Russian name meaning “man of steel.” With “Eisenhower” on one side and “Stalin” on the other this served to remind middle European Gentile Germans that they are trapped between Jewish iron (to the West) and Jewish steel (to the East).

2.) Name symbolism: Churchill. Winston Churchill was no stranger to sacrificing civilian lives in order to promote a pro-war agenda, just witness his complicity in the very suspicious and very problematic sinking of the ship the Lusitania (May 7th, 1915) in World War I which was trumpeted by the international Allied press as a reason to bring the United States in on the side of the Triple Entente early in that conflict. Churchill was a self-promoting, opportunistic, Machiavellian who was more than willing to serve Jewish interests if it would promote his political career and secure his name in the history books. The fact that his name was “Churchill” (or, “church” + “ill”) which could be projected on to the Nazis as suggesting that the Nazi cause was an ill religious crusade was “icing on the cake,” so to speak, when elevating Churchill to the position of Prime Minister. Obviously his name was not chosen to reflect badly on the Allied cause but can be seen to be a negative projection against the Nazis.

3.) Crypto-religious gesture. Roosevelt and Churchill’s “V for Victory” fingered salute. Significantly, Roosevelt and Churchill both embraced the “V for Victory” hand sign as a covert, yet public, way of showing their support for the Jewish community (once again, this is a variant of the Birkat Kohanim) and as a dig at the Nazis who bristled at global Jewish domination. Roosevelt and Churchill were both perfectly aware that they were the champions of Jewish hegemony during World War II and that in a very real sense World War II was a battle between Jewish and counter-Jewish, Gentile, sovereignty.

4.) Anniversary symbolism. The Soviet Stalingrad counter-offensive. The Red Army counter-offensive here began on August 23rd, 1942–on the very day of the three year anniversary of the Nazi-Soviet non-aggression treaty, the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, of 1939. This was a pointed reminder and rebuke of the Nazi leadership for choosing to violate their earlier non-aggression pact with the Soviets.

5.) Naming symbolism. The Allies sought to diminish the importance to the Nazis of the North Africa campaign by mis-naming Rommel’s German and Italian army group as a mere corps–the “Afrika Korps.” Wishing to foment anti-colonial uprisings in order to disrupt the Allied war effort and to enhance the German campaign to rid the Mediterranean of British control, the Nazi leadership placed a heavy emphasis on conquering and occupying North Africa. Rommel’s so-called “Africa Korps” was in fact a combination of armies, one German and one Italian, into an army group. The Allies attempted to reduce the importance of the anti-colonialist Nazi strategy by downplaying the Axis resources devoted to North Africa and by censuring from the Allied public any information about the initially successful upstart pro-Nazi, anti-Allied, rebellions in Syria-Lebanon, Iraq, and Iran.

It is worth saying some more on this topic, namely, that the Nazis did in fact have some successes in fomenting anti-colonial uprisings in imperial British territories. Successful Nazi-sponsored Middle East uprisings against the Allies include: the British vs the pro-Vichy French campaign in Syria/Lebanon (the French in Syria-Lebanon voted in 1940 to align themselves with Vichy France after the German victory; as a result the British in May-July of 1941 launched an invasion of the pro-Vichy French territory of Syria-Lebanon. While the British were ultimately successful, nevertheless, the vast majority of the defeated Vichy French forces selected to return to Vichy France after that campaign was over and not fight on behalf of the Allies or Charles de Gaulle–something you will not read of in your standard history books).

The Nazis also were successful in fomenting anti-colonial uprisings in Iraq and Iran in 1941 during the Nazi campaign in North Africa. Once again, this is something you will not learn about in your standard history books. In fact, there certainly is unspoken censorship surrounding Nazi anti-colonialism during the War. You simple will not read about the pro-Nazi “Golden Square” Iraqi uprising against the British on April 1st, 1941 (the Anglo-Iraqi War was successfully put down by the British) or of the Anglo-Soviet deposition of the pro-Nazi Shah of Iran, Reza Shah Pahlavi, and his replacement with his pro-Allied son, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, in 1941 either.

(Furthermore, as an aside, few people realize that the British invaded Iceland on 10 May 1940 so as not to permit it to fall into German hands. Regardless, the British were not invited in but literally invaded neutral Iceland and occupied that country; the British subsequently turned the military occupation of Iceland over to the US on 16 June 1941–even before the U.S. was officially a belligerent in the war. The U.S. continued to occupy Iceland until the war ended.)

6.) National holiday association. The assassination of the leader of the Polish Government-in-exile, General Wladyslaw Sikorski, most likely by Allied intelligence (the Office of Strategic Services or OSS), on the 4th of July, 1943 (Independence Day in the U.S.), in a plane crash just off the coast of the British colony of Gibraltar. (Orchestrating an assassination to coincide with a significant date is often done so as to, psychologically, disabuse and dampen conspiracy musings because of the consciously manufactured coincidence.

Surely conspirators would not have the chutzpah to employ overt coincidences such as assassinating Sikorski on Independence Day if they wished to cloak their behavior and motives, right? Wrong! Manufactured overt “coincidences” [sic] often serve as a psychological damper to misdirect speculation on the true causes behind a conspiracy. Conspirators are all to familiar with human psychology and the means to diffuse cognitive dissonance in the mind of a well indoctrinated public.) General Sikorski’s death was most convenient for the Allies–especially for Stalin–since the Polish government-in-exile was a diplomatic thorn in the side of the Allied superpowers that did not want to have to go out on a limb to demand a free post-war Poland, free from Soviet tyranny.

This would have upset “Uncle Joe” Stalin. Furthermore, by having General Sikorski assassinated that saved Churchill, in particular, from the domestic embarrassment of having to at least attempt to negotiate freeing Poland from Stalin’s grip when it was transparent that the Red Army was going to occupy and keep Poland in the post-war Soviet orbit. Many expatriate Poles who fought on behalf of the British, in particular, were under the profound misapprehension that Churchill (or Roosevelt) gave a damn about them or their country.

7.) Iconic imagery. The Casablanca (“White House”) Conference of January 14th to the 24th, 1943. Code named, significantly, “Operation SYMBOL.” This is a pointed jab at the Nazis that yet another global superpower, the United States (i.e., “White House”), is now arrayed against them as well. By selecting the code name “Symbol” for this first war-time overseas meeting between Roosevelt and Churchill, the President and Prime Minister are signaling to the Nazi elite that they too will be employing symbols as a means of intimidation and psychological warfare and that the Nazis need to pay attention to this. Moreover, at this conference Roosevelt and Churchill pronounced that they would only accept “unconditional surrender” from the Nazis, thereby removing any incentive for the Nazis themselves to surrender.

8.) Proactive symbolism. The Cairo Conference, code named “SEXTANT”, Nov. 22 to the 26th of 1943. Roosevelt, Churchill, and Chiang Kai-shek (China) met here. A “sextant” is a nautical navigational device employed to identify the location and direction of a ship at sea. With the Nazi defeat at El-Alamein just to the west of Cairo the year before (October-November 1942) the message being sent to the Nazi leadership by naming this conference in North Africa with the code name “Sextant” is that the tide of the war can now be seen to be firmly turning against the Nazis. That is what the baiting Allied “sextant” records.

9.) Retroactive symbolism. The Tehran Conference, code named “EURIKA” (or “I found it!”), from Nov. 28 to Dec. 1st, 1943. It was the first war time meeting of the three Allied leaders–Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin. The leader of Iran in 1941 was a pro-Nazi anti-colonialist named Reza Shah Pahlavi while next door four renegade Iraqi generals, known of as the Golden Square led a short lived rebellion against colonial British rule in 1941; in both cases anti-colonial political and military dissidents were teased out and identified–“Eurika!”–as Nazi sympathizers as Britain (in Iraq and Iran) and the Soviet Union (in Iran) crushed the anti-colonial rebellion and established yet two more firmly controlled Middle Eastern client states within the Allied orbit.

10.) Cascading phonetic associations, and mythical references. The Yalta or Crimea Conference, code named “Argonaut Conference”, February 11th to the 14th, 1945. “Yalta” is phonetically associated with the word “Halt”, thereby signaling and reminding the all but defeated Nazi leadership of the high water mark of their now thwarted invasion of the Soviet Union. The other message being communicated to the Nazi leadership, courtesy of selecting, of all places, the Crimea for this conference, is that the Nazi leadership will likely face criminal prosecution at the conclusion of the war–this in spite of the fact that the Crimea Conference took place precisely when Dresden was being fire-bombed by the Allies! What chutzpah!!!

But what about the curious name for this conference, the “Argonaut Conference”? What possible relevance does the mythic story of Jason and the Argonauts have with this decisive final war-time conference held between a dying FDR, and Churchill and Stalin? In Greek mythology the Argonauts were heroes who were instrumental in assisting Jason in overcoming many obstacles and capturing the Golden Fleece, a symbol of kingship and authority.

With this backdrop in mind, the analogy comes all too clear: just as the Argonauts were crucial in preparing the way for Jason to win the Golden Fleece and reclaim his kingship, similarly, with the triumvirate of Stalin, Roosevelt, and Churchill these three WWII “Argonauts”, after many trials, helped capture the “Golden Fleece” of a defeated Germany and by so doing place Jason (J-son and the Jews) on the throne of the now completely Jewish dominated and controlled central Europe. FDR, Stalin, and Churchill are willing intermediaries–figurative sons of collective Jewry–who post bellum present Big Jews, and Jewish posterity, with the trophy of a defeated Nazi Germany.

11.) Religious symbolism. While the Allied invasion of Nazi-occupied France officially began on the morning of June 6th, 1944, it was originally scheduled to take place on June 5th but because of bad weather was postponed a day. (Nevertheless, some Allied special forces units did land on June 5th in France.) Why was June 5th selected? Because it was the feast day for the patron saint of Germany, Saint Boniface (who also reportedly died on June 5th).

Furthermore, the selection of Normandy for the invasion was significant. The only real significant opposition the Allies experienced on D [Deutsch?] -Day was at Omaha and Utah beaches. The other beachheads–Gold, Juno, and Sword–had virtually no significant armed opposition. The selection of Normandy then was, once again, most likely selected for psy-ops purposes signaling (among other things) a return of William/Winston Churchill the Conqueror’s return to Normandy, France. The brazen and costly Normandy landing–a landing that, from a strictly military point of view, was unnecessarily hazardous to grunt Allied soldiers, especially at the Omaha and Utah beaches–was the Allies’ rebuttal to the rout they experienced four years earlier at Dunkirk.

12.) Religious historical symbolism and associations. The Fire-bombing of Dresden, February 13-14, 1945; significantly this city was renowned as the historical seat of the German Protestant Reformation. Nevertheless, over the Shrove Tuesday/Ash Wednesday holy days in 1945, when the war was all but completely won, British and American bombers incinerated this defenseless and hitherto unbombed city and by so doing signaled the death knell and end of the Nazi/German anti-Jewish “Reformation.”

That is the transparent symbolic motivation behind absolutely incinerating this historic town (that had no armaments manufacturing facilities or strategic military value) over these two Christian holy days. The absolute brutality of British and American bomber command to fire-bomb a defenseless city filled with mostly the elderly, women, and children refugees is truly mind-boggling.

After the first night’s bombing, as the overworked German fire and rescue teams struggled to save the burned, crippled, and injured, the Allied bombers came again the following day to target German first aid squads so as to threaten the safety of rescue workers so they would abandon their humanitarian mission to save innocent lives. According to some estimates, up to 500,000 Germans and Eastern European refugees were incinerated in this, true, holocaust. Furthermore, according to some estimates, more Gentiles died in these two days in Dresden than died it the whole of the Jewish Holocaust! [3]

13.) Counter-symbolism of Japanese-Christian martyrdom. The atomic bombing of the two most Christian Japanese cities, Nagasaki and Hiroshima, in 1945 was an ironically fitting counter-point and quid pro quo to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception in 1941. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were the two most Christian cities in Japan; in fact, Nagasaki boasted of having the largest Roman Catholic Church in the Orient, St. Mary’s Cathedral, with a membership of 12,000 congregants (of whom approximately 8,500 died in the bombing).

In fact, the towering spire of St. Mary’s Cathedral was used by the American a-bomb pilots to identify Nagasaki as the city to be bombed! The US leadership was not against slaughtering (Japanese) Christians in order to make a strategic psychological point. This also goes to show how low, amoral, and anti-Christian the Allied wartime targeting practices had sunk and how clueless and compliant regular American airmen were to blindly follow orders and do what they were told–fellow Christians be damned!

14.) Name symbolism: “Operation Keelhaul.” Cruelly but aptly named. Keelhauling was a punishment meted out to sailors for even minor infractions and it consisted in tying a rope around the person being punished and dragging him underneath the bottom of the ship until he emerges from the other side of the ship–dead or alive.

This punishment often resulted in severe cuts to the victim or him drowning. Operation Keelhaul was carried out by British and American forces and it was one of the conditions of the Yalta Conference to return all Soviet refugees–military or otherwise–back to the USSR; the mission was to repatriate Soviet POWs and refugees who were fleeing Stalin and took place between August 14, 1946 and May 9, 1947.

By forcibly repatriating millions of former Soviet residents back to the USSR after the war the Allies effectively facilitated the summary execution of untold thousands of refugees and the incarceration of hundreds of thousands more in Soviet prison camps. The fact that this operation was deliberately and consciously named “Operation Keelhaul” by the Allied military leaves no doubt that Roosevelt and Churchill knew exactly that they were condemning these POWs and refugees to certain incarceration, torture, or death. Allied soldiers transferring these refugees over to Soviet control on the border could often hear the sound of gunshots in the distance as repatriated Soviet citizens were summarily executed.

On March 31, 1945, Soviet General Secretary Joseph Stalin, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt concluded the final form of their plans to extra-judicially execute, en mass, Soviet refugees in a secret codicil to the Yalta agreement. This plan to forcibly return refugees to the Soviet Union was kept secret from the American and British people for over 50 years.

15.) The invention of the Holocaust as a means to establish a Big Jew Zionist state (Israel) as well as to serve as a bromide to justify to the common Allied soldier on the ground and in the air the justness of their cause against the so-called “heinous” [sic] Nazis. The absolute destruction of German civilian centers (cities) had to be justified to the conquering Allied soldiers as they made their way through Germany and witnessed the almost unimaginable horror visited upon German women and children and the elderly.

These crimes of the Allies had to be excused, ergo, the Allies invented the Holocaust, in part, to reassure the typical grunt soldiers and airmen of the rightness of their cause. It became a propaganda cause celebre for the Allied leadership and could not be publicized, promoted, or exaggerated enough.

The Holocaust was also, in part, invented to establish and solidify Jews not as conspiratorial financial, media, and political moguls and manipulators but as perpetual and relentless victims of majoritarian Gentile culture. Finally, as I have argued in an earlier essay [4], the Holocaust was, in fact, a Big Jew Zionist false flag operation employed against Little Jews in order to get the latter to flee Europe and emigrate to Palestine and found, and people, a Jewish state.

From the brief sampling of high echelon Axis and Allied strategic psy-op campaigns listed above one can see a much larger strategic tapestry and psychological chessboard on which the events of World War II were played out. Curiously, but significantly, the Allies diabolically chose Christian holidays–such as the horrific firebombing of Dresden on Ash Wednesday–to time their brutal and bestial assault on non-combatant refugees while at the same time trumpeted their allegiance with the elite Jewish community that profited dearly from the war and its aftermath.

In fact, in spite of the fact that the Allied countries were nominally Christian and Gentile (at least with respect to the common people), that did not stop the Allies from telegraphing symbolic, anti-Christian, anti-Gentile, messages to the proudly Gentile Nazis.

As a closing thought, so my readers do not naively assume psy-op campaigns ended with WWII, I need only to point to the Zionist orchestrated, crypto-Establishment terrorist events of 9/11 which has been engineered to replace the Cold War with a never-ending “war on terrorism” [sic]; nor do I also need to mention the similarly domestically orchestrated OK City bombing of 19 April 1995 (which took place exactly on the two year anniversary of the federal storming of the Waco TX compound of David Koresh in 1993) and the patsy, Timothy McVeigh, who took the fall for this crypto-Establishment covert domestic terrorist operation.

We are to believe that the U.S. is rife with terrorists and that the threat of terrorism, both domestic and foreign, is an equivalent danger to the Cold War we fought with the Soviets. “Be afraid. Be very afraid!” is the psy-op refrain the Jewish-controlled domestic and international Media constantly–and self-servingly–warns us about every day! The real hucksters and promoters of terrorism today are not some rag-tag obscure guerrilla fighters in Anbar Province but our “own” particular domestic propaganda Media outlets, courtesy of the overarching, often Jewish-run, global Media.

Finally, do I expect that everyone will agree with each and every one of the speculative examples of strategic psychological warfare that I have outlined here? Of course not, but this is not necessarily bad. What I would dearly prefer is that my readers make up their own minds as to the validity of my speculations regarding the 22 examples I list here and reflect on what might be other examples of strategic psychological warfare that I may have overlooked.

World War II was employed by the Roosevelt administration to consolidate partisan, monolithic, state control of the Media (through, especially, the United States Office of War Information) and manipulate the public by fanning the flames of war hysteria, and that legacy lives on with us in the carefully vetted, Jewish dominated, corporate Media of today. (There is a reason Media broadcast schedules are titled “programming.”)


1. For lack of a better term, I will reluctantly use the pejorative Allied label “Axis” to designate the counter group of allied nations: Nazi Germany, Japan, and Italy.

2. Churchill, Hitler, and “The Unnecessary War,” Patrick Buchanan, 2008, p. xviii.

3. Using the official Nazi records that cataloged the deaths in the German prison camps, only 403,713 died in the whole Nazi prison camp network from the years 1935 to 1945, see The New York Times, March 3rd, 1991. Also see “The WWII Dresden Holocaust – ‘A Single Column Of Flame,'” 2-6-2, at

4. “Holocaust: A Jew on Jew False Flag Operation,” VT, January 17th, 2015.


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  1. One example of Roosevelt’s propaganda which was a blatant lie was when he gave a radio address in October 1941 talking of a “secret map” which purported to show a plan for a Nazi take over of South America. The whole story was a complete fabrication but it is a good demonstration of how much FDR was willing to lie to achieve his goals.
    This thread shows how Roosevelt lied again and again to the American people –

  2. “Sykewar” (MIT Press, 1971) is the best one volume account of SHAEF’s psychological warfare effort against Germany. Much material is however omitted as it remained (and remains) officially classified as secret. It is acknowledged in the book that there was a branch of the program dedicated creating false atrocity stories about the German leadership in order to discredit them to their people.

    For domestic consumption, Eisenhower is seen in a famous newsreel entering the German work camp at Ohrdurf. Surveying the corpses scattered around and the emaciated surviving inmates, Ike solemnly intones “this is why we are fighting them.” No mention is made of the fact that Ike’s psychological warfare team, headed by Colonel Robert McClure, had been in Ohrdurf for eight days before Ike’s filmed arrival, arranging “evidence.”

    Colonel McClure continued his career in propaganda in editorship roles at Time and Life magazines in the Cold War era, and he became Eisenhower’s chief speechwriter when Ike won the presidency.

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