Mike Harris on Khazarian Mafia in Russia and Donald Trump

Jewish writer and journalist Robert I. Friedman in the Red Mafiya: ": “The Russian mob was predominantly Jewish."

US President Donald Trump (L) chats with Russia's President Vladimir Putin as they attend the APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting, part of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) leaders' summit in the central Vietnamese city of Danang on November 11, 2017. / AFP PHOTO / SPUTNIK / Mikhail KLIMENTYEV (Photo credit should read MIKHAIL KLIMENTYEV/AFP/Getty Images)

by Jonas E. Alexis

In his recent dialogue with Craig Unger (author of House of Trump, House of Putin: The Untold Story of Donald Trump and the Russian Mafia), VT editor Mike Harris nailed it: “If you look at what they are calling the Russian Mafia, let’s call it what it really is: it is the Khazarian Jewish Mafia in Russia because these are not Slovak people so you can’t call them Russian. They hold a Russian passport, but they are not a Slovak people.”

Craig Unger, of course, started smiling because he saw a conspiracy theory coming out of Harris’ hat. Unger deliberately inverts, subverts, and perverts this issue throughout his book because if the evidence shows that the Russian Mafia happens to be of Khazarian Jewish stock, then House of Trump, House of Putin wouldn’t be a New York Times bestseller at all.

Harris moved on to say that these issues are quite complicated “because of the Jewish control of the banking system, the international banking system…I’m really concerned about that.”

Unger, as expected, responded by saying that Harris was just spouting “insane, fabricated conspiracy theories about Jews, Jewish banking system. That is not what this is about!” Unger has to justify his existence by saying things like this because, as we have already pointed out, his recent book would be in the trashcan of oblivion if Harris’ bold statements turn out to be true.

Unger would have to find a politically honest way of earning a living if the evidence shows that the Khazarian Mafia overwhelmingly plays a disproportionate part of what is now called the Russian Mafia. Unger would probably find himself changing tires and fixing lightbulbs if the Khazarian Mafia also manipulates the banking system.

In other words, since Unger has a vested interest in propounding the very crazy theories of the Deep State and the people who hate Russia, he has to come up with incoherent and implausible hypotheses. As E. Michael Jones points out in his review of Unger’s book,

“Unger tells us that Trump partnered with the Pritzger family in rehabbing the Commodore Hotel in New York in the 1970s with the help of the notorious Roy Cohn, who “helped Trump save $120 million through tax abatements from the city.”6 What Unger failed to tell us is that the Pritzger family was one of the main supporters of Barack Obama, both as senator from Illinois and president of the United States.

“The conclusion is clear. Since Roy Cohn was Sen. McCarthy’s assistant at the notorious hearings of the ‘50s, Obama is controlled by Putin too. Or, maybe, by the ghost of Joe McCarthy. Or did I miss something here?”[1]

Unger accused Harris of summoning conspiracy theories, but listen to Unger very carefully here, as he lays out some of the central points in his book:

“With each new wild accusation, our admiration for Vladimir Putin grows. It turns out that Putin wasn’t just responsible for recruiting Trump as his asset. He was also responsible for Brexit and the defection of nation after nation from the western alliance:

“The battle was against not just the United States but the West itself, as Russia repeatedly interceded in domestic politics in the United Kingdom, where it fueled the successful Brexit campaign, in which UK citizens voted to leave the European Union; in the Netherlands, where it backed Geert Wilders; in France, where it supported Marine Le Pen; in Ukraine, where it backed Viktor Yanukovych and other pro-Putin forces; and in Hungary, Poland, and elsewhere in Eastern Europe as well.”

In other words, Vladimir Putin is taking over the world! Putin, Unger preposterously argued, has already launched “virtual World War III.” The West needs to stop him. He is dangerous, and he is working with a groups of thugs and gangsters which had already infiltrated the United States through Donald Trump. Granted, Trump is working the Mafia. But who are they, Mr. Unger?

Unger is certainly making a fool of himself because he doesn’t want people to know the background of the very people he is naming in his own book. For example, he declares that Hermitage Capital Management CEO Bill Browder played an influential role in bringing about the “Russian Mafia.” But who is Bill Browder? Unger doesn’t tell us much because a deep research into this man’s oligarchic history will ruin Unger’s House of Putin, House of Trump. As E. Michael Jones of Culture Wars again meticulously documents:

“For those of you who don’t know, William Felix Browder is the notorious CEO and co-founder of Hermitage Capital Management, which was the largest portfolio investor in Russia after the fall of Communism and also one of the biggest looters in one of the biggest looting operations in the history of the human race, the one that went by the name of ‘privatization’ in Russia during the 1990s.

“After Browder’s Russian representative, Serge Magnitsky, died in prison in 2009, Browder lobbied the US Congress to pass the Magnisky Act which Barack Obama signed into law in 2012, after which the Treasury Department put sanctions on a number of Russians. The Russian government responded by trying Browder in absentia for tax fraud and after his conviction sentencing him to nine years in prison.

“When Andrei Nekrasov, the anti-Putin Russian Documentary film-maker set out to make a film on Browder, he believed the conventional narrative. By the time he finished the film, Nekrasov was convinced that Magnitsky died of diabetes and that Browder had used his connections with the mafia to steal $200 million from the Russian people.”[2]

Unger is certainly looking at the wrong angle for political reasons. As Jones moves on to say, Unger says next to nothing about Israeli infiltration in the White House. For example, it was Benjamin Netanyahu, not Vladimir Putin, who came to the United States to specifically campaign for Donald Trump.

Unger deliberately subverts some of the finest studies that have been done on the so-called Russian Mafia. For example, he mentions Robert I. Friedman’s Red Mafiya: How the Russian Mob Has Invaded America at the beginning of his book, but he never gets the intellectual courage to say that Friedman did mention that the Russian Mafia were overwhelmingly of Jewish stock. Here is what Unger says:

“One of the first journalist to penetrate this new outlaw subculture was Robert I. Friedman, who chronicled the lurid Brighton Beach underworld of tattooed gangsters engaged in money laundering, extortion, prostitution, drugs, and murder as it evolved into a multibillion-dollar international criminal enterprise.

“Today, for reasons he could not possibly have predicted, the world portrayed in his book Red Mafiya has more resonance than ever because it presents a richly textured picture of the Russian mobsters—money launderers, con men, extortionists, and murderers—who initiated ties to Donald Trump.”[3]

I would challenge any reader to pick up a copy of Friedman’s Red Mafiya and start reading the history of, well, the Russian Mafia. You will discover from the very beginning that they were overwhelmingly Jewish. This is the brute fact, and one wonders why Unger looked surprised when Harris declared that the Russian Mafia was overwhelmingly Jewish.

The interesting thing is that Friedman, the very person that Unger admires for writing Red Mafiya, says the same thing! Listen to Friedman very carefully here: “The Russian mob was predominantly Jewish.”[4] Friedman also made it very clear that the FBI and other agencies knew very well that the mob which moved from Russia to New York was predominantly Jewish, but no one was willing to do a thorough investigation because they were afraid to be called anti-Semites. Friedman declared:

“State and federal law enforcement agencies were loath to go after Russian mobsters, instead devoting their energies to bagging Italian wiseguys, a traditional route to promotion. And because the Russian mob was mostly Jewish, it was a political hot potato, especially in the New York area, where the vast majority of refugees were being resettled by Jewish welfare agencies.”

So, Mr. Unger, was Friedman propounding conspiracy theories? If so, why did you brazenly praise him throughout your book? But if Friedman ought to be decorated, what about Mike Harris? So Friedman is right, but Harris is wrong for saying the same thing that Friedman says in his book? What kind of logic is that?

You see, Unger is confused because he is living in a world where he has to hide brute facts in order to make hundreds and thousands of dollars. He has to use deceptive means in order to seduce his readers. As Jones again puts it: “Unger mentions the Jewish connection largely because his material on the mafia is taken from Friedman’s book, but then he deliberately subverts it by claiming that the mafia is Russian because if the mafia isn’t Russian Unger doesn’t have a book.”

As it turns out, it is Craig Unger, not Mike Harris, who is actually postulating conspiracy theories. Two thumps up for Mike Harris. Keep fighting the good fight, brother!

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