By Nikola Djordjevic

Vitamins are essential organic compounds which are needed in small quantities for our bodies to function properly.

We need to ingest certain amounts of vitamins daily, usually through our diet, because our bodies produce insufficient amounts of them, or they don’t produce them at all. Children and older adults especially have to make sure they are getting enough of them.

There are 13 vitamins overall, and they all have different functions. Vitamins are classified into water-soluble (vitamin B complex and vitamin C) or fat-soluble (vitamins A, D, E, and K).

We at have created the following infographic to provide you with all of the necessary information at a glance. In it, you’ll discover the uses of all vitamins, the signs of their deficiency, the minimum intake for males an females, and their natural sources.

the world of vitamins


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  1. When I take Kalonji, I toast the seed in a dry skillet and take a teaspoon a day. I lose weight, have lots of energy, but I become very aggressive and start picking fights. I stopped taking Kalonji before I killed someone. I just try to eat better and take Vitamen C. Linus Pauline and Doc Abbe are pretty smart folks.

  2. notice this piece lists the minimal dosage…..that is because it wants you to read it and say..”o,i am getting all the bla bla bla i need just by eating that one orange every few days”.

    the reality is much different.
    first of all it is very important to know that there are HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS…of studies regarding vitamins and how they affect the body and how much you need to take etc etc.

    lets use vit. E as a simple example….it has long been known that E is a natural blood thinner..(among MANY other uses)….working far better than drugs and with no side effects.
    but for it to be effective it must be taken daily at 400iu… and in its complex form (Mixed Tocopherols)

    but you will never learn of this or of any benefit because the AMA will take the license of any doctor that tells their patients to use vitamins.

    and many here have already commented on how corrupt the FDA is.

    if you have some time research Emanuel Revici, MD…now deceased…who Einstein called the greatest mind he had ever met.
    still doing house calls at 100 years old..the AMA tried to take his license because he was curing people of cancer!

    the harm being done to peoples health regarding the suppression of vitamins therapeutic effects is staggering.

    Read about the remarkable qualifications of the Editor in Chief of the Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients Jonathan Collin, M.D. How many doctors do you know who graduated in engineering from Cornell University first, before earning their M.D. degree? Well Dr. Collin, one of the few open minded medical doctors did! This means Dr. Collin took all the most difficult physics and mathematics courses not watered down ones as most pre med students take. I urge everyone to read this excellent medical journal which open mindedly examines alternative medicine as well as orthodox medicine. It is published at Port Townsend, Washington where Dr. Collin has two medical practices as well. Cornell University is one of the top institutions of the country and world.
    • Albany Medical College
    Doctor of Medicine (M.D.)
    1971 – 1975

    Cornell University
    Bachelor of Science (BS), Chemical Engineering/Biology
    1967 – 1971

  4. In addition to the vitamins listed in this good article posted by Carol Duff, the body also needs many other things like trace minerals, essential fatty acids and others for optimal health and disease prevention. I urge everyone to watch this great video of Joel Wallach, DVM, ND which was a speech he gave in Kansas City in 1994: In this speech he cites a 1992 article in TIME magazine discussing the value of vitamins for human health. The only person to criticize it was a doctor Victor Herbert, MD who said, “Popping vitimans is worthless; all they do is give you expensive urine”. Herbert subsequently died at age 75 but Wallach is still alive today, so far as I know at age 78. He is a fabulous speaker. You will love his speech and listen to it over and over again.

    The late Frederick R. Klenner, M.D. became fascinated by the safe, simple and cheap powers of high dose Vitamin C to cure and prevent viral diseases in man and many other medical problems. The criminals in the FDA have obstructed just the study of these facts and only approved a trivial daily dose of 60 milligrams to prevent scurvy when much higher doses, given intravenously, are necessary to cure viral diseases up to and including polio which Klenner proved before 1949! While it is good to take Vitamin C by mouth, it leaves the body in about 2 hours in the urine. This is why it must be given intravenously to get a high enough concentration in the blood. But no ordinary patient is able to prepare the preparation of Vitamin C to be injected into their own body. Only a trained pharmacist can do this job. But because the criminals at the FDA have obstructed this knowledge most pharmacists fear making such preparations. There is no reason to believe high dose Vitamin C can’t cure all additional viral diseases as well. I urge everyone to read the above two seminal articles. Fred Klenner, M.D. lived from 1907 and died in 1984. He was a top biology student from Pennsylvania who earned his M.D. degree at Duke University in 1936. He was a true research scientist in addition to treating patients. Even poisonous snake and insect bites can easily be cured this way

    • Most higher animals manufacture their own stores of Vitamin C; humans do not. Because of this fact, it is meaningless to talk of minimum daily requirements for this vitamin because at much higher doses it has been proved to cure and prevent many diseases. This is why I refer to the FDA as criminals because they have ignored these facts. Many medical problems are the sole result of Vitamin C deficiency going far beyond the age old disease of scurvy. I urge all interested parties to read the references above and the references contained therein.

    • Excellent comments by Cynthia and JohnZ. The FDA is totally corrupted by the Pharmaceutical Companies. They have so much money they can literally buy anyone or anything on the planet. Just consider all the so called “Cold” medicines on shelves in drug stores. While some may provide temporary relief, I have never found any which really work like Vitamin C in 1000 milligram tablets not trivial low doses like 60 mgm to prevent scurvy. One thousand milligrams is one gram. Linus Pauling who earned two solo Nobel Prizes in Chemistry, 1954 and Peace, 1960 took up to 18 grams of Vitamin C per day. Yes he finally died at age 93 but that is not bad is it? Another distinguished doctor Abram Hoffer, M.D., Ph.D., in Canada, also worked with Linus Pauling in treating advanced cancer patients with high dose Vitamin C to treat cancer. They were successful. He also died in his 90’s I believe. Vitamin C in high doses also kills cancer cells without harming normal cells. Even the mechanism is known: Ascorbic acid is drawn into the cancer cells, forms hydrogen peroxide and kills the cell without harming normal cells. The corrupt criminals in the FDA have also obstructed this information too! This agency of criminals and thugs should be shut down in its present form with all of them Fired.

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