Intel Drop: Beyond “Toast,” Either America or Trump Falls, Does it Matter?

The VT crew meets the Grand Mufti in Damascus, September 2015, a month before the Russians went into Syria. Thomas Mattingly, in the center, ill at the time, died last year

…by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Some straight talk. Borders don’t matter, not the way we think, it’s really about common values. George Patton had it right in his diaries, that Americans are most at home with Germans, people who obey the law, work hard, and hit back hard, or used to, when screwed with.

It took “rabid anti-Semite” and good friend, Ernst Zundel to point out to Germans that they were living on their knees, slaves to international organized crime under the KosherNostra.

Doing my best “Dick Cheney” imitation, Germany 2014

Now it’s America, and Trump is and has been their tool since he was mob mastermind Roy Cohn’s “butt boy.”

I am currently drowning in “Duff, you were right all along about Trump” from those of honesty and dignity who went the lazy route and ignored what they knew about Trump. My hand is red from smacking them. Stupidity just isn’t acceptable.

In the last 48 hours, a mass of leaks from within the Mueller organization, one that has run me through the gauntlet (professionally I admit). They are now targeting Israel, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

This is what I told them to do months ago, explaining for hours how things work. I imagine they are also drowning in evidence and briefings/interrogations of others as well, but I am always glad to take semi-deserved credit.

Worse still, Russia may have been “catfished” into interfering in the election; and I think it began in 2015 when Michael Flynn and his son visited Russia to attend the Russia Today gala, and the general got falling down drunk and made an ass of himself, attacking Obama and mouthing some relatively idiotic conspiracy theories.

Flynn is a weak individual with high intelligence, but no discipline. Jimmie and I refused to work for him at DIA when he very rightly wanted to set up a human intelligence capability to replace the failed CIA some years ago, lots of drama there. This is being inserted for ‘special people’ to read as a “bona fide.” (proving the other things written here to insiders)

Part of what is happening here is the first time “outsiders” have made a difference, made history. Many of us had strong questions about Mueller, those of us who watched him cover for Dick Cheney and simply walk away from 9/11. I have worked in DC and won’t begin to explain how things work there.

I will say that I was recently invited to address a group of key senators, mostly Republican leadership. The phone has been ringing off the hook, lack of direction, VT being totally right, and to a degree, how we have handled ourselves under attack.

We simply told the truth, all of it, even when the Washington Post went after us. They sat and listened to me for hours, they were humiliated at how little some if not most there knew. Not everyone there, however, is stupid or bad.

Team Trump, Kosher Nostra presidential advisers

Even the Daily Beast is picking up on some things, some good writers there, on a platform that began as a Mossad psyop owned by Newsweek magnate Jane Harman, whose involvement in the Pollard affair is still classified, a national scandal. (another carefully placed bonafide)

Right now, Trump is running to Israel for help against the United States, turning his back totally on America. Israel’s man for decades, Newt Gingrich, is advising him, after a call from Netanyahu personally. Newt sold himself out to Likudist maniac, Rupert Murdoch, the inventor of “fake everything.”

Gingrich got a fake job for his wife and a fake book contract, all through Murdoch, whose News of the World/Mossad organization had wiretapped the kooky British royals and gotten tons of dirt on the Masonic pedophile ring that has run Britain forever. We have enough evidence of this to write more than a novel, more than an encyclopedia. Murdoch “owned” everyone.

VT’s contacts in the UK, highest levels, are unparalleled. There’s another story, which will remain untold, of working on an investigation with Special Branch, a murder in Portugal that led to the financing of 9/11 by a US-based insurance company that maintained the slush fund accounts for the gang at Fort Lee and cleaned up the mess by murdering their own CFO. Big company, big name, classified “off the scale.” (another)

Try explaining to investigators the real history behind Murdoch and Gingrich, and how the KosherNostra bought congress. It was brilliant. The tool behind it was the Tea Party, starting a fake movement then selling it to the Koch/DeVos/Scaife/Coors mob, who didn’t know that Netanyahu and his handler, Sheldon Adelson, were waiting in the wings.

If Gingrich is back, it may well be a chance to finally see him in prison. Even Murdoch is sick of Trump. Thank Murdoch, the man who “made” Netanyahu, “W,” and Julian Assange, a triple-play of assholes.

As irritating as he can be at times, Stew Webb had much of this story right, seeing the connections with Kissinger and MDC/Key Bank and the Rothschild Foundation. However, when he got off track, another weak person, he went totally off the rails. Bad thing, as he is a good investigator.

Trump bagman, Elliott Broidy, with the Mizels, who Stew Webb claims run the KosherNostra in America. That’s former Attorney General Jeff Sessions next to him. Webb says they eat babies, but I have never seen it, not personally. Do I believe it?

Were one to say “satanic pedophile” and not include the photo above, I would call one “remiss.”

We both ran into these guys years ago during the Savings and Loan crisis. I was doing gypsy accounting work, this time contracted to Ford Motor Credit, doing a forensic audit on Colombia Savings and Loan (with Silverado) which put me into the middle of the KosherNostra and their hold on the Bush family through Neil and his ties to land fraud at the Denver airport.

Federal prosecutors were called in and later ordered off, pure obstruction and conspiracy. Things would get worse. I still have all the records, by the way, though many involved are dead, others eat at Mara Lago with Trump, by “eat” we mean abuse small children sexually.

First of all, let’s look at the magnitude of the problem. Watch the friggin video:

This isn’t here by accident, released yesterday. It comes with a stack of its own bonafides.

We know Noel Casler is the real deal and found a huge legal loophole that allows him to violate a non-disclosure because his standup act can’t be censored.

This was released as a legal challenge to Trump because Casler can handle the heat and has a ton of proof. Taking the lead on this is Tom Arnold. You will love this one:

There are more than a few witnesses to Trump’s “blue nose” amphetamine snorting problem and illiteracy. VT broke the story two years ago, Trump really can’t read. Let’s deal with Trump at “fatness.”

Unretouched Trump golfing photo courtesy of Yandex/Russia

Trump, through his charity and the Trump Foundation, pays services to scour the internet for photos and use lawyers to force service providers/internet hosts to replace them with doctored photos that take his weight down from its very real 290-320 range, depending on when he had his last lipo event. Trump’s fat could have made enough soap to…

“Fat slob” Tom Arnold at 185 pounds in a size 42 suit

For those who have gotten this far, we address the issue of governance. Jeff Rense, last night on the “Uncle Gordie Hour” called it, ZOG, Zionist Occupied Government. By Zionist, however, we don’t mean “Jewish” or even pro-Israel, whatever that means.

We mean owned and bought or blackmailed by the marriage between the KosherNostra and Gingrich’s gang of rogue nutty billionaires who long ago partnered with the American Christian Taliban and the Victor Bout Arms Cartel.

They started wars, stole nukes, run false flag terrorism and now are deconstructing Europe with fake Brexit, fake political movements and trucks loads of very real AK47s moved from Albania to Italy with help of the Israeli Consulate in Milan, Italy, where they get travel documents forged, according to high level sources in Italy’s intelligence services that I met with in 2016 while working a murder investigation. (another bonafide)

We went over how the KosherNostra had taken over operation of the Adriatic Ports of Ancona and Bari, using them for smuggling in terrorists and weapons, through Italy and into France. There is much more to tell here, things that can’t be told, but this is enough for publishing.

Currently, we are aware of up to 600 felony counts against Trump and a case now being made against Pence. The real hidden investigation isn’t Trump but Pence, who is far worse than Trump. Pence was burned years ago, an utterly talentless piece of human dog shit in a suit. Trump is a giant among men in comparison.

I would hate Trump if he weren’t just what America deserved. I just can’t bring myself to hate the United States, part of being a Marine, it’s in my programming.

You can’t love this country unless you can define it as something it could be or may have been but certainly is no more, and if you clearly understand what Trump means, you then must grieve for America.

Which leaves me our fake Christian extremists. American politics have always been made of racism and fear. I was raised in the middle of it, Detroit in the 1950s. Racial hate and fear were a daily part of life, with the only mitigating factor, a father involved in union politics and civil rights.

We were all poisoned, just like the con Americans fell for after 9/11. Americans did the same thing in 1917 and 1941. Hell, my mother went to her grave hating Japanese.

It has been a gift for me to be taught what a horse ass I spent part of my life as. Problem is, that lesson, which Americans get through ham-handed TV dramas, is misdirected.

Cop shows where every command officer is a black female with a hateful personality isn’t just an accident. This is a psyop, how America is controlled by the KosherNostra that runs the entertainment industry and fosters hate through “liberal” values clownishly contrived into fake TV dramas intended to anger and offend pretty much everyone.

It has worked, America is more steeped in hatred, fear and ignorance than at any time in its history; and worst of them all is a fake president who can’t read and write, no kidding (the problem is more widespread than one might think. Trump, my guess, is learning-disabled and, as a spoiled brat, couldn’t be forced to learn to read.)

Buying phone cards with Adamas’ Kenya Team

Being forced to work in dozens of countries turns it all upside down. When I hear vets talk about how they hate the Taliban, I wonder. I know them, no group is closer to real Marines than the Taliban, they are a pack of crazy MFs, loyal, fun and relentless. You can trust them with your life.

Perhaps they are like the VC?

Whenever I watch KosherNostra TV, urban gangs and “drive-bys” I think of my mother’s farm in Kentucky. The neighbors down the road dealt meth and broke into my mother’s outbuildings more than once. I actually smacked around the local chief of police (really) for failing to look out for my mother.

There were two types of people there, “church” and drug crazed animals. 100% were white, all were voters, all were Republican, 100% voted for Trump, both the druggies and “church folks.”

All are technically insane, delusional beyond measure and by African standards, all of them would be driven out of any village as “unsuitable.”

You think the drug culture in America is an accident? Think Mike Ruppert and Gary Webb who exposed the CIA’s role, but it goes further, so much further. Drugs are a war on America waged by the KosherNostra.

Drugs can’t live in a nation with a cohesive culture. Thus, America had to be debased, demeaned and divided for drugs to take over. Trump rules a nation of addicts and the self-righteous “delusionals.”

None of it is an accident and we haven’t even begun to look at Google and Facebook, who assumed the mantle of Murdoch/Netanyahu’s KosherNostra-run Fox News.

The general idea is to leave you afraid, willing to “settle,” and looking for anything that will give you that “fix,” be it evangelickel kristianity with a twist of KNzionism or methamphetamine.

Or Facebook, and so it goes:


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  1. No, you’re wrong, he can barely read, never had to learn, always had a coterie of sycophantic lawyers and assistants to do the boring stuff like actually reading contracts and corresponding with people. As for doing a fine job, yes, he has, if you’re part of the oligarchy of criminals he has enriched during his time in office, but as far as the other 99% of us are concerned, he’s done a rotten job, the media is hiding the damage, especially that to the US economy, which is being hollowed out, robbed blind by Trump’s oligarchic ‘friends’. On the world stage, he has achieved nothing beyond cosying upto the north Koreans (which is all a giant Punch and Judy show anyways, with NK being a fake nation run by the intel agencies) and convincing every other world leader that he’s a loathsome pig of a man. So no, not a fine job and nothing of note being achieved while at the same time, behind the scenes, it’s all going to wrack and ruin rapidly.

  2. Great read, robustly penned & right on point. It goes deeper into other vectors but, you captured the essence of the rancid pulp viscerally. Bravura for the probity.

  3. After reading “common values” and “Americans are most at home with Germans”, from the first paragraph, to “drugs can’t live in a nation with a cohesive culture” in the third from last, I can’t help but think of the infamous proclamation from NY senator, Jacob Javits, “open the floodgates”, made after the passage of the 1965 Immigration Act. “Common” and “cohesive” being the operative words. Immigrants don’t assimilate like they once did in the great melting pot. This is where we are, by design, or not. I’m suspicious of the former. By agreeing (and I think I am [with the notion of common culture], being open to the possibility of my own demons of hate and fear) I’m not wise enough to know whether I’ve been played, or if that makes me a white nationalist and xenophobe? God, I hate labels!

  4. Increasingly, many Americans simply hope to die. Thank goodness for big pharma and Monsanto, that will be made easy as pie.

    • Some of us “supported” Trump in the hope he would be bad enough to make the brainwashed finally wake up and notice that everything is broken (better the shock of scalding hot water than the slow boil a frog misses) – but maybe that is giving the people too much credit.

    • There is something else Gordon. A tactical strategy. A lesson from Vietnam. What important lesson did the VC NVA learn about fighting the americans? The lesson was to not shoot to kill, but to maim. This ties up two other fighters who will be too busy taking care of their wounded comrad to fight. Multiply that by hundreds. Now advance to present day. The population cannot even begin to fight back if they are too busy looking after autistic children, poisoned and dying relatives. It uses up your every waking moment, and every bit of energy. In other words, all the working folks are too busy being on the defensive to fight back.

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