Imran Khan and Aafia Siddiqi, America’s Dreadful Mistake


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

A young American woman of Pakistani background is serving a life sentence in the US after having been railroaded in a phony case to save Dick Cheney embarrassment for making up fake evidence of yellowcake uranium being sold to Iraq and getting caught.

This is Aafia Siddiqui and I worked on this case in 2010 and onward, partnered with current Paksitani President Imran Khan.  At one point, Khan phoned me from Siddiqui’s parents home, something I recorded and put on YouTube.  It was taken down as “objectionable.”

I then carried a letter from Pakistani Chairman, JCOS, Admiral Sirohey to General Colin Powell.  Sirohey, a respected military leader with many friends in the Pentagon, and a good friend of mine, believed Powell would intercede.  Powell never responded, Powell is a coward.

Then, in 2011, a CIA agent named Raymond Davis was arrested in Pakistan for murder.  A secret deal was made to trade him for Siddiqui but Prime Minister Gillani, who VT had exposed as a partner in an Israeli-Neocon drug ring along with John McCain and Lindsay Graham, laundering heroin cash from Afghanistan, blocked the deal and left Siddiqui out to dry.

What we are telling you today is that this chicken is going to come home to roost and that Pakistan will make the United States pay for what has secretly been done, America’s longtime program with India and Israel, to stage terror attacks that have killed thousands in Pakistan.

And we blame them of supporting the Taliban.  Khan simply won’t take it and at some point this will explode and justice might just break out.  We wait.  From 2010:


Few remember the abuses of the Cheney presidency, as described in the film “Vice.”

We can stick with Hollywood on this one.  For those of you who don’t know or don’t remember, we invaded Iraq because they had purchased “yellowcake uranium” from Niger in order to make a nuclear weapon.

Problem is, this simply never happened, it was made up entirely and exposed by CIA agent Valierie Plame and later by her husband, Ambassador Joe Wilson as in the film excerpted below:

Despite the supposed embarrassment of an American government that fabricated a war and murdered two million people, then lost the war, like America is doing in Afghanistan and did in Vietnam, truth be told Grenada may have kicked our asses.

Truth is never told.

This time, despite being proven liars and war criminals, the Bush administration and its Israeli masters kept going, kept trying to fabricate proof of WMD’s in Iraq that still haven’t been found decades later.

To do this, they picked out someone to blame, a young PHD in biochemistry from MIT named Aafia Siddiqui, married to a Boston based anesthesiologist.  Aafia had two children and was in Karachi, Pakistan visiting her parents.

She was kidnapped, at CIA request, from the street, with her two children.  The kidnappers were paid $55,000 to pick her up.  They were told, and I can prove this, that if they didn’t find her, anyone would do.  Cheney simply needed a warm body.

U.S. Veterans Group – Injustices in Dr. Aafia’s Case


January 10, 2010 by Gordon Duff


By Gordon Duff/STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

Next week, a mother of 3 children is facing trial for, supposedly, wrestling an M-16 away from a CIA torture squad and trying to kill them.  How did the CIA get her?  They bought her.  She was sold to them by a corrupt official in Pakistan as a “terror suspect,” a common problem and a well-known ploy in the George W. Bush phony war on terrorism.

Was she a terrorist?  There is no evidence of this, even after years of torture.  The only serious crimes we find her guilty of is being a housewife, mother and Islamic and, I forgot, having an education.  Her victims?  Crippled and 100 pounds, she took on a room full of former Navy Seals, Special Forces and “private interrogators.”  The obvious truth, of course:  the charges are a fabrication by a pack of cowards and liars.

What do we really know?  We really don’t know anything at all.  Nobody has any evidence that this woman, a scientist educated in the US did anything at all.  There is talk, empty talk about her sending money to charities that might be tied to terrorism.  The amount of money is about 2% of a typical payment from one of the Saudi royals that have funded terrorists and suicide bombers for years, but none of them are kidnapped, raped, shot or beaten.

They have oil.

The case against her is made, at length, in the Wikipedia article about her.  It is a good read.  It makes me proud to be an American.

What we see exposed, however, is the slave trade in “terror suspects” created during the Bush Administration fear frenzy when intelligence agencies around the world started dragging innocent people off the streets and selling them to the US for millions of dollars to supply the needed number of “terrorist arrests” to justify wild claims of a successful war on terror continually being made by Dick Cheney, Condi Rice and the rest of the gang.

The crime is an amusing one.  A woman who was either just arrested or had been in custody for 5 years, depending on which of her captors you listen to.  This should seem like an interesting read:

“On 4 August 2008, shorty after press rumors suggested that Siddiqui had been in Bagram for the last five years, the US government announced that Aafia Siddiqui was arrested on charges related to her attempted murder and assault of United States officers and employees in Afghanistan

The US claims that Siddiqui was not captured in March 2003, that she was arrested on July 17, 2008 outside the home of the Governor of  Ghazni.[24][25] The US account of the July 18, 2008 shooting is that FBI agents, interpreters, and several GIs entered arrived at the Afghan facility where Siddiqui was being held. The personnel entered a second floor meeting room—unaware that Siddiqui was being held there, unsecured, behind a curtain.

The Warrant Officer took a seat and placed his United States Army M-4 rifle on the floor next to the curtain .[26] According to the US account the GIs set down their weapons, whereupon Siddiqui burst from behind a curtain, grabbed an M-4, and opened fire. One interpreter who was accompanying the officers seized the firearm from her.

US officials claim they have no idea where Siddiqui has been in the five years since she was captured on March 17, 2003.

Siddiqui arrived in New York on August 4, 2008, and was presented before a United States Magistrate Judge in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York. Siddiqui refused to accept the charges.[27][28][29] Siddiqui’s lawyer stated that no one can believe the FBI story and that Siddiqui had actually been captured in Karachi, Pakistan along with three of her children.

On August 8, 2008 the Daily Times reported that Aafia was captured in Ghazni with her eldest son, Muhammad Ahmed.[31] The report stated that documents existed that confirmed that Affia and her children had been captured in March 2003.”


This woman and her three children were kidnapped, and illegally held for 5 years under the most brutal conditions imaginable without any legal reason.  She had been accused of no crime.  After years of imprisonment, rape and torture, she is finally arrested for attacking those who tortured her.


After 5 years of imprisonment, Dr. Siddiqui was a total physical wreck, barely able to walk, and seriously disabled from hundreds of torture sessions.  Yet she is accused of overpowering several Navy Seals and US Army Special Forces unarmed combat specialists, seizing a weapon and nearly killing all of them, this at a weight of 100 pounds.

“Nearly killing” is a bit of an overstatement.  In fact, nobody was injured at all.  The more we investigate this, the more this sounds like an outlandish war story cooked up to file for PTSD.

She faces 20 years for this crime and only this crime.  Since when was it a crime to attempt to escape from illegal imprisonment?  Any American who is illegally detained and imprisoned without due process can’t be charged with a crime for resisting torture or imprisonment.

Americans consider such actions their patriotic duty.


Graphic Images removed (see original article at your own discretion)


Attorney General John Ashcroft considered the kidnapping of this woman, along with her 3 children, one of the great victories of the War on Terror.  However, after 5 years of interrogation and 7 years of confinement, no charges could ever be filed against her other than trying to single handled crawl out of her death bed and dispatch a room full of “drug store” Rambo types.

Ashcroft has many successes in his career.  He is the only person in American history to have lost a seat in the US Senate to a dead man.

In an unpublicized but much more interesting case, Ashcroft and his band of merry US Attorneys, in their attempt to rack up arrests for terrorism without doing adequate homework actually managed to drag in an entire CIA intelligence organization that had, until broken up by John Ashcroft and gang, penetrated the highest levels of Al Qaeda.

Not much more can be said, but several top CIA operatives now have the embarrassing history of having been arrested for terrorist-related charges.  Ashcroft and later Gonzales have, through incompetence, done more to cripple US intelligence efforts than any group other than the Mossad.

Even the “outing” of CIA nuclear proliferation specialist Valerie Plame, believed to be responsible for North Korea getting nuclear weapons, involved much less utter bungling and inanity.


Nearly every legal expert in the world, including almost universal outrage among the legal community in Israel, has called this one of the most insane acts of abuse of any country that claims to have a functioning legal system and representative form of government.

Even the alleged “suspicious acts,” which are, by the way, buying totally legal and harmless gun accessories, are in themselves totally insane.  Am I going to have to register that dangerous combat assault flashlight I keep by my desk for when I drop my reading glasses?

Any idiot who goes to gun shows knows that the weapons that small children carry around in Afghanistan are ten times better than the things Americans can get from sporting goods stores or thru mail orders.  Every time an American collector sees a photograph of a Taliban member who owns 2 goats carrying an AK rifle with a forged receiver and top-quality ART sniper scope, something worth $3000 or more in the US, the insanity of purchasing 3rd rate clone parts in the US to ship to a country that has enough assault rifles to supply the world for centuries begins to sink in.

Where are the NRA and ACLU?


Even if we weren’t dealing with a kidnapped and raped mother facing trial for, not terrorism but for showing superhuman powers and violating, not terrorist laws but, moreover, the laws of physics themselves, I can’t help but come back to an old theme.

If I buy a semi-automatic shotgun and the Black Helicopter Secret Police raid my home, is a US Attorney going to call it an “ultra-high powered special operations assault mid caliber artillery piece?”

Is my Ruger 10/22, purchased for plinking tin cans going to be an assault machine gun?

However, when Dr. Hasan went on his terror campaign at Ft. Hood using an FN Herstal 5.7mm 20-round assault pistol with classified ammunition available ONLY to our special operations troops, ammo specially designed for penetrating body armor, newspapers, TV, everyone was silent.  We can be so very “uncurious” when we need to be.  I am still waiting to find out why we are concealing this.


These things are obvious.  We paid criminals to kidnap an innocent person for cheap public relations gain, elections were coming up and our War on Terror was looking as phony as, well as phony as it actually is.

Then, after years of rape and torture, this frail Islamic woman tries to fight back, or so we are told, told by people who imprison innocent people, rape and torture.  Are these witnesses we would have in an American court?

She already considers herself dead.  What human can survive such brutality, injustice, humiliation, and abuse?  Who are the real victims here?

Americans who know nothing of the trial, Americans who sat silently while this went on, Americans who thought their cowardice was buying them “safety.”

We are the victims because we are despised around the world for brutality and injustice we know nothing of because we gave up our free press and our love of honor for, well, I don’t actually know.  A picture of Sarah Palin comes to mind, her or “Joe the Plumber.”

and so it goes

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  2. Nearly all the links are dead, but the Guardian article from 09 was interesting. The ex-husband protecting his pride and reputation, the uncle with questions about cosmetic surgery, Imran Khans long support, the missing children. The whole thing is bizarre. A neurologist with a copy of Anarchist cookbook, sounds ridiculous, and how many times did we hear that book mentioned during the time.
    This would be a no brainer for the state department to pursue a fresh start with Pakistan, even if Khan had not been elected.
    I remember reading Joe Wilsons report , and walking away from community involvement for a decade. If we can’t hear the case against Cheney, in our courts, then we have a compromised justice system and it remains that way today. No confidence.

  3. What have the intellectual geniuses of her alma mater MIT done for her after all that magisterial milieu must have some contacts with the PTB to effect her immediate release. Mr. Chomsky, wherefore art thou? I find it incomprehensible that in a country with vaunted legal institutions nobody has made the effort on her behalf to right the colossal wrongs done to her. Is there a conscious and caring human being in Congress or the Senate ready to do the right thing by her? Maybe against all the odds Ms. Haspel will see fit to help and show a professional spark of integrity to erase this unseemly blotch from the CIA escutcheon. It needs to be done … instanter, yes, even if it means freeing her in the dead of night … but do it before some avenging god in the heavens vents his fury against this unseemly US savagery against an innocent woman, because savagery it is. Gordon and Jim keep Aafia Siddiqi’s story on the front burner and rattle the intel grapevine until something is done because this is truly insufferable to even contemplate. She has suffered already beyond normal human endurance. Please!

  4. Never having fought a 100#, half starved, tortured, raped, mother of three; who am I to criticize our brave CIA jailors who had to subdue this obviously dangerous terrorist. If proper punishment has not made her behave; just what else can we as a free and just society do to make her rehabilitated? And yes, our world is run by insane criminals. No doubt about it.

    • I train to fight women in wheel chairs. By US standards, we usually duct tape them down first and still lose.

    • Gordy, someday we have to thumb wrestle, if your dare, I’ve only been defeated four times in my life. Most times I go left or right without looking. Three of my defeats have been against a nephew, whom I love dearly. You can not use duct tape!

  5. Will we ever live to see an arrest of these pieces of human garbage with armed military protection for life? It doesn’t look like it. Doesn’t this confirm that the scum rises to the top and becomes untouchable, both corrupt political parties. Even Lucky Larry is laughing all the way to the bank. It is now 17 + years and counting since he purchased the towers but the official lying report is in denial about him too. Israel did 9/11/01. A mountain of evidence proves it. Bush and Cheney and the four stars aided and abetted too. How about it corrupt crooks in the “Injustice” Dept.?

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