The American Empire and the Zionist State of Israel

How many of us have really examined the historical “truths” in our textbooks and presented on television about the Federal Reserve Board, the World Wars, Pearl Harbor, the Kennedy Assassinations and that of Martin Luther King? Have you ever heard of Deir Yassin? The Lavon Affair? The USS Liberty Attack? The Pollard Spy Case? The real story on 9-11?


by Jonas E. Alexis and Mark Dankof

Mark Dankof is the former 36th District Chairman of the Republican Party in King County/Seattle. He was an elected delegate to Texas State Republican Conventions in 1994 and 1996 and entered the United States Senate race in Delaware in 2000 as the nominated candidate of the Constitution Party against Democratic candidate Thomas Carper and Republican incumbent William Roth.

JEA: What’s your view on the American Empire and political Zionism, which essentially has its headquarters in Israel?

MD: The American Empire and its linkage to the Zionist State of Israel is intrinsically evil.[1] These entities are at the center of the drive to the New World Order, which in turn encompasses the ideology of world government; central banking; a controlled news media; the Culturally Marxist ideologies of radical feminism, abortion-on-demand, the LGBTQ agenda, societal acceptance of pornography, and an inherent opposition to the moral order.[2]

These entities seek to enslave the entire globe with this Satanic ideology, utilizing internal subversion, wartime economic sanctions, a global surveillance police state,[3] and overt threats of military force against nation-states who do not acquiesce to the New World Order.[4]

Iran and a post-Communist Russia being revitalized by Russian Orthodox Christian spirituality and culture are but the latest targets. The symbols of the Christian Cross and the American Flag and Constitution shall be those chosen to sell lies to the American public and the American churches as to what this coming battle is about.  Make no mistake about it. The New World Order is about neither. It is the avowed enemy of both, no matter how many United States Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Navy recruitment ads appear during NFL games suggesting otherwise.

JEA: What caused you to draw this conclusion?

MD: I have not come to this conclusion lightly or without personal study or sacrifice.  I will simply invite you to peruse a recent article of mine, “A ‘Communist’s Thoughts on the 4th of July,” both because of a young man I discuss in that essay who is a microcosm of the deception of millions of Americans who believe they are following Christ in this arena when in fact I believe the opposite is true, and also because that essay contains many links to presentations and articles I have been preparing since 9-11, often times at considerable risk over these years.

Read these articles; listen to many TV and radio broadcasts since The War on Terror began 17 years ago. My work will lead you to that of many others of equal or greater importance than I. Begin this journey in earnest and you will encounter a world deliberately being withheld from you by your schools, your churches, most of your textbooks, as well as the news media most of you encounter when at all. I simply ask all of you to follow the dictum of Francis Bacon: “Read, not to believe and take for granted, nor to contradict and confute, but to weigh and consider.”

After all, how many of us have really examined the historical “truths” in our textbooks and presented on television about the Federal Reserve Board,[5] the World Wars, Pearl Harbor, the Kennedy Assassinations and that of Martin Luther King?  Have you ever heard of Deir Yassin? The Lavon Affair? The USS Liberty Attack?[6]  The Pollard Spy Case? The real story on 9-11?

Or these Gulf Wars which began in earnest with Desert Storm under George Herbert Walker Bush in January of 1991? What is really the truth about why our government has taken such a bellicose stance on Iran and Russia in recent years?[7] Why has our government supported ISIS and Al-Qaeda affiliates in destroying Syria?  Why are we supporting the genocidal war of Saudi Arabia in Yemen?

I am no pacifist. I believe in St. Augustine’s Just War Theory. I come from a lifelong Air Force family. I am no stranger to weaponry. I would fight for the legitimate defense of the United States against domestic criminals and foreign aggressors as I would for the innocent in our own community in San Antonio whose lives are being threatened and who are defenseless.

As a personal example 3 years ago, I almost had to shoot a criminal malefactor to death who was in the process of beating a woman to death in the parking lot of my apartment complex in San Antonio, even as a 3 month old infant lay injured underneath the couple’s car. I truly thank God everyday that circumstances that prevented that justifiable development from having to happen did take place. You may read about it briefly here.

The point is this: What the American Empire and the Zionist State of Israel it supports in the Middle East have been doing for years has no moral and legal justification.

Take a close look at the grim reality of this truism in Palestine, Gaza, the Occupied Territories, and East Jerusalem, along with Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Southern Lebanon, or Ukraine. The coming war with Iran and Putin’s Russia will bring this evil New World Order agenda to an apocalyptic crescendo.

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  1. You have to be willfully dumb not to realize that 9/11 was organized by Mossad.
    Anyone with basic investigative skills must have known the whole operation was a false flag within hours of it happening.
    Cheney knew all about it & the level of co-ordination required to stage a 9/11 required not only vast intelligence agency input but also civil, corporate, media & military assistance & FULL US Government co-ordination .

  2. Great! Now what? We, here on this page, do understand what is going on, what sort of future we can anticipate, but what can WE do? Any suggestions how to counter, this unrelenting drift toward that, TOTAL GULAG? “Agenda 21!” Social Media is a kind of, ‘outlet’, for our frustrations, but, the Powers to Be, can censor, close that avenue and disallow the sharing of our displeasure, frustration, with the direction the world is getting dragged toward. What is left? Armed rebellion? I for one don’t see any other move on the part of those, like us, who are clearly seeing the dark tunnel, but hopping to see the, ‘LIGHT’ at the end sometime in the not too, distant future! Because, to far down this road, it may be TOO LATE!!

    • Reclaim your status as a borne US man/woman and end the rule of Washdupton DC, City of London and Vatican rule over you by your birthcertificate which is Law of the (Holy) Sea or Pirate Law, not Natural Law or Constituional Law. Remember the yellow frinde ? Your constitution was suspended in 1871 after the Civil war debt fell due and replaced by a secret 2 Constitution which is prolonged ever year secretly in you congress. Rome rules over you not the Constitution, see the 2 Fascii left and right of the flag and the Roman Eagle in Congress

  3. The Sept 11 “problem” is quite simple if one remembers their high school Science class. Galileo had no smartphone or acomputer but from JUST observation understood that if you drop an ant and an elephant from the SAME height they WILL hit the ground +- at the SAME TIME.

    Why ? Because the acceleration toward the ground DOES NOT DEPEND on their mass (in vacuum this is better demoed). Now using a little mathematical hocus pocus gets us the equation for the time to hit the ground,
    NOTE: In the equation there IS NO MASS hence elephant, ant or a ball makes little difference (small error does creep in due to shape of the object).

    Height of the World Trade Center towers is about 417 m. So if we let lose an ant and an elephant at the same time to fall down freely from that height they would reach the ground at about (no air/wind resistance)
    t = (834m/9.8m/s^2)^1/2 = 9.23s

    So how long did it take the towers to fall ? According to NIST. They estimated the elapsed times for the first exterior panels to strike the ground after the collapse initiated in each of the towers to be approximately 11 seconds for WTC 1 and approximately 9 seconds for WTC 2. So lets take 10 seconds as the time.

    “Free Fall” and falling through collapsing floors gives nearly equal time, 9.23 vs. 10. Makes sense ? I don’t think so.

    Resistance is resistance. If air resistance has an effect on the time to hit the bottom bottom for a falling object than steel/concrete in the tower will have even larger resistance (lengthening the time) on its fall.

  4. You must hand it to the Zionists. They have mastered the techniques of using blackmail, bribery and coercion, to fully control a target population and it’s government representatives. America has always ran on the Honor System, assuming that every citizen would do what’s best for the country because eventually, everyone would benefit and be protected and fairly treated. Well guess what? That stuff stopped working a long time ago and the illusion of the American Way, is just that, an illusion. Abortions, homosexuality, transgenderism and multiculturalism have been introduced into America, as population reduction schemes aimed at the workforce, military and citizenry. The trail to who has done it is easy to find.

    • Well Winston they are going all out,
      “Transgender rights activists are celebrating with cosmopolitans, dark chocolate, and passing around palette loads of Midol, because the U.K.’s Brighton and Hove city council has declared that boys also menstruate. The East Sussex city’s local government brain trust issued guidelines earlier this month, under the heading “Taking a Period Positive Approach in Brighton & Hove Schools” and will be compulsory inside the classrooms of all primary school children.”

      A some point people better wake-up and realize that this part of “Our Lords Prayer”, “and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us” is FLAWED. Why? Because the other side does not believe in this.

      “Kol Nidre” the forward looking prayer of the Tribe to absolve for FUTURE transgressions. Their Rabbis will say move on nothing to see here but only the ignorant will believe them. Those that speak Hebrew know better. Here is a typical explanation given to us dummies,

      “This prayer is often used by anti-Semites to falsely claim that Jews will not keep promises (because supposedly such promises can be absolved with this prayer); however, the prayer is only about vows and promises to God, not to other people (this is also true of Yom Kippur generally; it is used to atone for sins and transgressions against God, but for transgressions against people one must obtain forgiveness from the person who was victimized). ”

      Fine. But last time I checked I never saw God on Earth and ANY vows to him must be about Earthly matters. Why is it FORWARD looking ? Then we have this part, “transgressions against people”. To me that implies humans. So what happens to beings THEY DON’T consider “humans (Goyem) ???? Yes, this belief is in their Holy Books.

      “Don’t worry be happy” in ignorance is not a good philosophy for life or in leading a nation. Some leaders knew the danger and reacted but they were in the minority. Here from the mouth of the Tribe’s newspaper that helped us get into the mess called Iraq we see it in action,

      Gen. Ulysses S. Grant was a crazed anti-Semite. Just amazing.

  5. “The American Empire and its linkage to the Zionist State of Israel is intrinsically evil.[1] These entities are at the center of the drive to the New World Order, which in turn encompasses the ideology of world government; central banking; a controlled news media; the Culturally Marxist ideologies of radical feminism, abortion-on-demand, the LGBTQ agenda, societal acceptance of pornography, and an inherent opposition to the moral order.[2]”

    I’m willing to walk the plank if I am wrong on this one but if the New World Order is established those that helped the Tribe get there WILL BE ELIMINATED. Currently the Vatican Mafia is fighting for their life as their coffers are smartly being reduced through right left attacks. To me it looks like they have no where to hide or to look for help. When you spit on your core support you will fall and the core has been sacrificed for Clowns.

  6. Great article that has more probity than anything MSM has to offer for sure. Zionism & it’s other affiliated ideologies is the biggest threat to the world’s stability. The apex of hypocrisy. Fighting for Peace is like Copulating for Virginity. All goes back to several doctrines & dogmas. Report From Iron Mountain clearly laid out the strategy of constant tension & conflict ultimately leading to a world w/o Wars. Of course it didn’t mention the Synagogue of Satan running the show & pesky pedantic line items like like ritual human sacrifice/child/organ trafficking/Narco Terrorism eiher. The Devil is always in the details for the Prince of lies. Looks to me more like an implosion of catastrophic entropy of the Masonic-Kabbalah coterie & it’s affiliated cohorts at some point. The waiting is the hardest part.

  7. I was just reported that Mueller has spent some $25 million investigating Russian influence on our elections? But everyone knows it is Israel which is the problem not Russia. He has been investigating the wrong country and wasted millions of dollars. Force Israel lobbies to register as foreign agents. Force the breakup of media monopolies owned by Israeli billionaires. Prosecute whores in Congress who are dual citizens with Israel and either receiving money or threats to do their bidding. People are free to believe anything they want. If you want to believe objects fall up instead of down you are free to so believe. If you believe you can fly like a bird try jumping out of the nearest skyscraper. But don’t try to impose your nonsensical beliefs on other innocent people. Everyone should take physics and mathematics courses first before all that other religious and political science garbage. If these fools are right lets train engineers in religion instead of physics and mathematics and see what happens. Evidently this is the low level our population has degenerated to.

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