by Jonas E. Alexis

The Weekly Standard, the Neocon flagship which perpetuated wars in the Middle East and elsewhere for years and which was launched in 1995 by Bill Kristol with money from mogul Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp, will no longer publish printed copies of its magazine. In fact, the final print edition was published on December 17th. Why?

Well, the magazine is in a sorry state of affair. Ryan McKibben, CEO of the magazine’s parent company, Clarity Media, lamented:

“The Weekly Standard has been hampered by many of the same challenges that countless other magazines and newspapers across the country have been wrestling with. Despite investing significant resources into the publication, the financial performance of the publication over the last five years — with double-digit declines in its subscriber base all but one year since 2013 — made it clear that a decision had to be made.”[1]

The Weekly Standard has always been a Neo-Bolshevik magazine. In fact, even after the birth of the neoconservative movement, many of its members such as Stephen Schwartz of the Weekly Standard and Joan Wohlstetter of the RAND Corporation still had a burning thirst for Lev Davidovich Bronstein, known as Leon Trotsky.[2] Irving Kristol, the founder of Neoconservatism, declared that people like himself

“did not forsake their Jewish heritage and replace it with another form of cultural identity or ethnic belonging. What they sought can best be described as an abstract and futuristic idealism of assimilation qua emancipation in a denationalized and secularized democratic society, ideally of universal scope.

“Leaving the world in their childhood did not necessarily imply its total abandonment in one act of irreversible forgetfulness. For many this departure under the sacred halo of socialism was the next best solution to their own existential problems—a solution that was enormously attractive since it also held out the utopian promise of the ‘genuine emancipation’ of all Jews in a socialist republic of universal brotherhood devoid of national, religious, and social discrimination or even distinctions.”[3]

What is Kristol essentially saying? Well, the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria are continuation of the Bolshevik movement which got its start in subversive ideology. It can also be argued that the Neoconservative movement wreaked havoc on the entire Middle East in general and the United States of America in particular. As we have argued in the past, the war in Iraq alone sent a six-trillion dollar bill to the American people, not to the warmongers who still think that they need to shed more blood all over the Middle East.

In short, no one will miss the passing of the Weekly Standard, the very magazine which promoted ethnic cleansing in the Middle East. Yet there are still some people out there who think that the Weekly Standard was an outlet to be admired. Scott McDonnell of the American Conservative is a classic example.

“If its website is dismantled as the owners have suggested is likely,” McDonnell has recently said, “it will be a loss to the reading public and even to the world’s ability to understand itself. Any right-of-center reader would have found much to admire in the Standard, both in its early days and now.”[4]

Nonsense. McDonnell is certainly out of touch with reality here. But his nonsense doesn’t stop here. He moves on to say: “The Standard’s polemics could be both civil and well-informed: one could read an attack of Pat Buchanan (when Buchanan’s presidential run was threatening the Republican establishment) and actually learn something about the lineage and successes of protectionist economics.”[5]

Civil and well-informed, McDonnell? Perpetuating the Iraq war was well-informed? Has McDonnell even read some of the scholarly works that have been published on the wars in the Middle East over the past fourteen years or so?[6] Obviously McDonnell needs to wake up.

But the simple fact is that the Weekly Standard will no longer harass decent Americans politically and ideology. This is probably a sign that the American people are waking up from the Neocon dream.

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  1. Good read & enjoyed it. Just like that Kristol & his ilk of Sabbatean-Frankist/Marxist/Trotsky/Fabian Socialist/Roman Vulcan (Tubal Cain) Hammer & Tongs were put away until the next phase or iteration.

    “Socialism of any type leads to a total destruction of the human spirit and to a leveling of mankind into death.” Alexander Solzhenitsyn

    “The real trouble with war (modern war) is that it gives no one a chance to kill the right people.” Ezra Pound

  2. The publishers of The Weekly Standard missed the obvious solution to falling circulation – print it on soft 2-ply paper in the form of a roll around a hollow cardboard tube.

  3. We can only hope it is the first of many and the domino effect they supported to destroy nation states of the Middle east will knock the remainder down in quick order. Hopefully, the dire financial situation that killed the oh-so-sub Standard will take the New York Times down next; and despite Jeff Bezos’ wealth the WAPO too goes south down the draining water of the sewer. The English ‘Guardian’ now relies on donations from readership to keep that former flagship from bowing out but hopefully too that disreputable rag goes under propelled by propaganda, liberal lunacy and zionist hogwash. People are more informed reading between the lines – literally and figuratively.

    • @khalid, so true. these blights on humanity are so clever at not treating others as they want to be treated. and avoiding getting called on the carpet for such atrocious civil behavior. the jew will forever be characterized by lying, stealing, killing and destroying. (but, hey, the good of such consistent, persistent anti-N.T behavior was that it caused me to hate that the holy book bible that conflated the O.T and the N.T., the uncivil storying tellings of the yahweh war god, always commanding his chosen to “kill everything that moves”, with the message of his son jesus christ who seemed to embrace and encourage the opposite behavior. at 62, the forever wars of the middle east resulted in me tossing the xtian belief of my youth and embracing sovereignty.)

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