Mattis Was Only Thing Keeping Trump’s Insane Clown Posse in Check

Steady, thoughtful, and respected, Mattis was America’s insurance policy against Trump’s idiocy. If you’re not nervous, you’re not paying attention.


Thursday’s decision by Jim Mattis to leave the stifling, rapidly collapsing confines of Donald Trump’s insane clown posse administration was always inevitable, but that hardly makes the psychological impact of his departure any less traumatic. In a week with an endless series of body blows to Trump, this one is going to leave a mark. Even with a crashing stock market, the Mueller investigation closing in on Trump’s allies with brutal, inexorable efficiency, his family “charity” exposed as a particularly slimy slush fund, a looming government shutdown, and his failure to deliver his infamous wall to his marks, the Mattis resignation is the Quivering Palm Death Touch.

His extraordinary departure in protest of Trump’s policies and personality is absolutely unprecedented. Mattis naturally objects to the reckless Syria pullout plan, but also to the President’s wholesale abandonment of our traditional allies who have made not only the U.S. but the world safer. As I write this, Washington and the world are reeling, and in deep shock. Even usually Trump-compliant Stockholm Syndrome Republicans in the House and Senate are issuing statements bordering on panic, all while the Trump noise machine warms up to attack Mattis as a Soros shill, a closeted liberal, and a traitor to the Maximum Leader.

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    Regarding the Bibi Bitch Boondoggle Back-Down what happens now to the remaining US allies in Syria: the illegally entrenched French, German, Brits, Danes, Israelis and lest anyone should forget their bedfellows – ISIS. Will Bibi’s Bitch throw a few bucks at the royally screwed Kurds to assist them to an ‘abort operation’ and seek the Syrian solace of Assad? The Brits, already betwixt and between over Brexit are further out on a limb – leg, arm – whatever over their intimate hold on the baby-butchering White Helmets whose latest nice-little-earner – organ trafficking, is down for discussion at the UN. The AIPAC acolytes – Congress and Senate, are up in arms with Trump while Erdogan, Assad and Putin can safely be said to be, indubitably – three in glee.

    I’m sure I’ll hear before the night is out that the Turkish embassy in New York sent the Don a hookah to suck on some shisha and keep him mind off a Wapo article on his desk from May of last year with the heading “35 of 37 economists said Trump was wrong. The other two misread the question.” Maybe the number 37 will take his mind back to ’67 when as a draft dodger in Manhattan he enjoyed Nico and the Velvet Underground sing ‘Femme Fatale’:

    “You’re number thirty seven, have a look
    She’s going to smile to make you frown, what a clown
    Little boy, she’s from the street
    Before you start, you’re already beat
    She’s gonna play you for a fool, yes it’s true
    ‘Cause everybody knows (She’s a Femme Fatale)

  2. Rick Wilson. Who the …k is Rick Wilson. One of Triumph’s campaign promises was to get out of Syria. His constituents agreed, and voted him in. Maybe you, Rick Wilson, if that’s your name, support illegal wars Maybe, just maybe, Trump will continue to clean house, and in his remaining 2 years be his own man. Certainly he can peeve it by firing Bolton. Which would probably anger your further. Trump, against all odds, is doing his best to fulfill the promises he made to the American people. Something Obama never did. Barry’s healthcare plan was a sellout of the tax payer, and a windfall for insurance companies.
    I agree Trump obviously has a lot of baggage, but what he carries doesn’t even compare to America’s latest dead heroes, George Bush and John McCain.
    Stop being divisive.

  3. Um, Stockholm Syndrome was a planted euphemism intentionally placed on Infowars. Tracking it has been rather easy.
    Mattis should not have been in his position due to the time requirement for active duty military to wait before holding cabinet positions. The waiver was a bad idea, and in fact should be 5 years. No person with 35 years active military can transition in 1 year. It is illegal for the US to be in Syria. War powers need to be returned to congress, and the Patriot Act should be ended. It is in fact our so called allies, who have made us less safe. We have one of the most defensible land masses on earth. Only the Red Lion district wants war.

    • “We have one of the most defensible land masses on earth”

      maybe you have never heard of nuclear weapons……here is a hint…..there is NO defendable land mass.

  4. So, Rick Wilson is completely okay with the US military illegally deployed in Syria? Because of this, anything else he says is garbage!

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