Why is Trump Attacked When He isn’t Bad?


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

I’m no Trump fan, you can’t cross a street without tripping over something un-American that Trump does.  Race hate, “queer bashing,” war mongering and worship of the rich, there is nothing American about this.

Trump went to Iraq for Christmas.  That’s his job, he did it, stop finding fault.

The markets, Trump ran up debt, his administration is incompetent, his idea of economics and trade comes off a cereal box, but he is trying to save the markets and save his skin.

At least he cares about his own skin and some of us are in that boat with him.  Not a perfect guy but understand his motives, he screwed up for two years and he is trying to not drown in his own idiocy.

The wall.

Build the wall, not because Israel has one to divide and kill their own people but because a border is a fence and there isn’t supposed to be anyone going over, through or under without some kind of approval.

The wall won’t work but at least it will focus our attention to our own failures as a people.  $5b is cheap by today’s standards.

The Syrian pullout, I don’t care about the reason, right thing to do.  Is there a long game that goes the other way?  Stop dot connecting.

There are plenty of real things to focus on such that when the press starts making things up, I begin to get suspicious.

When I find myself at the point of feeling sorry for “Donnie,” I know I am being “had.”

We are at war with clever people who engineer our fears and weaknesses and spend billions to do it.  If only you knew.

It is everywhere, it is everything, nothing is clean, nothing can be trusted and pushing me into telling you that is, in itself, part of their program.



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  1. The Jewish MSM is now reporting that Donny the Draft Dodger has now ” changed his mind” about pulling out of Syria.
    (He must of got a phone call from Israel)
    I told you Bibi was really in charge of America!

    • For a few brief moments after I learned about Trump’s Syria “pull-out” I was elated.

      Then my BS-detector went off.

      In the unlikely event Trump was serious, his Jewish overlords would soon rein him in.

      What a farce.

  2. Part 1

    All I can confide or surmise from my lowly perch in the Mid West where the cottonwood is king, is that Trump has lost his bona fides with the Ashkenazis since we withdrew from Syria. Take an article in yesterday’s NYT where despite everything Trump did for Israel this ingrate all but cursed him in print. He is not alone, of that we can be sure. It was by Bret Stephens: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/12/26/opinion/trump-israel-foreign-policy.html

    Like Gordon I was impressed that Trump slashed the Gordian Knot that ties him to Bibi and Israel by declaring his hand on Syria. The impact of the seemingly impregnable and symbolical (US/Israel) wall crashing down puts the building of ‘el muro fronterizo’ border wall into stark perspective. One wall comes crashing down and the other is unlikely to be built. A real estate developer’s nightmare. Here Don listen to Peg Leg Sam sing The Walls of Jericho: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56HyIcfAbC8

    Like Ian (Greenhalgh) I don’t imagine Trump has altered any, if at all. But seeing the writing on the wall as far as Trump’s inept and failed policies drag him and the US down, it is now that some entity or other has finally stepped into the breach and forced his hand. Maybe even jolted his mind, if only to realize how imperiled his position is.

    • Part 2

      You could not put Trump in charge of a hen-roost with his best friend ‘Bibi the Fox’ in place to run it for him. Something is stirring and Gordon has got wind of it – a little shift in direction, a twitch in the weather vane, a wind that lifts Old Glory – not just any old flag, and unfurls it into a rising uplift of air.
      It reminds me of a poem that could well describe the present American policital landscape depicting mid-Winter in the throes of frost and icy cold of the new year. It is the poem “The Darkling Thrush” by Thomas Hardy. Who is the Trump minder who brought it to mind? (Or should I ask who are they?) Hardy describes a freezing and bleak scene interrupted incredibly by an aged thrush “frail, gaunt and small in blast-beruffled plume” singing – flinging his soul onto the growing gloom:
      So little cause for carolings
      Of such ecstatic sound
      Was written on terrestrial things
      Afar or nigh around,
      That I could think there trembled through
      His happy good-night air
      Some blessed Hope, whereof he knew
      And I was unaware.

  3. Why let anything or anyone good being unscratched ? Feeding the world w negativity is the best soil for selling us every Bullshit, because it let us feel vulnerable and to compensate it by buying any shit. It is big business that benefits from it and we have been downgraded from Humans to Consumer,s the last of the last, not able to handle our own affairs without the help of merchants/servants and other thugs. It creates big debt slavery

  4. We admire VT and I allude to this site daily – the mix of the mundane and esoteric is compelling.
    I am also referencing Zerohedge, The Saker, Paul Craig Roberts, RT (Crosstalk) and a number of other conduits also on a daily basis.
    I also scan the pages if “the gutter press” / MSM to remind oneself of the utter lunacy that has completely enveloped the world whilst also seeking some form of “balance”….?!?!

    Re: Trump – in my opinion, he is a mere choir boy when compared to the Clinton’s and their so-called foundation and its nefarious “activities”.
    Hopefully, they will finally be called to account?

    Finally Trump – Build that Wall and while you are doing that, rebuild America after bringing all the troops home (a forlorn hope one would posit).

  5. ah, but the Saudi’s just changed skins, Netanyahu has real political challengers and Syria just walked into Manbij

    none of these things would have happened without VT

  6. I think they engineer our strength as our weakness. Like conscience of any colour usually white guilt. Things that took Place over 100 years ago, bad thing, but things happened over or less 10 years ago, hey no problem, as Albright told these sanctions will kill half million Iraqis and so what.

    There are no heroes, except Chuck Norris, who made early 80s movies available for ordinary audience same as ordinary producers. Missing in Action trilogy, cool, You can’t make that up, also Mad Max 2, millionaire Hollywood can’t even make half way on that Small budget movie. In fact in here they sold dying banks shares in high prices in 80s and succeeded in that as well.

  7. In the game of pretend, sometimes only a spark of false hope, is all that is needed to attain adoration.
    Likewise, misspelling a word in a tweet, can bring despair to thousands.
    We are experiencing the culmination of centuries of unadulterated pretend. As we turn to the prospect of “not pretending”, it is a moral obligation to resist pretending in all its forms wherever it stands.
    The best use of Trump, is as a catalyst in this endeavor. His heroes journey, is not going well, and the only path to rescuing the princess, is to be completely unselfish, and loyal only to the people. The prospect of this happening is less than 1 %. Anyone touting better odds, is gleaning from the barrel of false hope, and drowning in the game of pretend. If Satan is the prince of lies, what is Trump ?

  8. > Race hate, “queer bashing,” war mongering and worship of the rich, there is nothing American about this.

    excuse me … these are traditional American values. What you mean is .. nowadays, Americans wish this wast’t in their bones, but Trump continually reminds them of their deplorable essential selves.

    (continuation of race hate, warmongering and worship of the rich can be measured by behaviour, not by spoken ideals – and that behaviour continues the traditions.)

  9. American [s]elections come down to 2 factors , 1 evil and 1 less evil . I have been voting in National and local elections since the mid 1970s and I have no one else to vote for because number 1 rule in politics its a millionaires club players only . The late great comedian George Carlin said it best . With this always in mind on election day America suffers from this . And this is controlled by Tribal ownership of nearly ALL media printed and otherwise .

  10. hahaha!
    good one!

    acting like a tRumpanzee for a day to get some laughs!

    very funny…….
    will get you quoted on breitbart…

    a real hoot…
    i cant stop laughing…….

  11. you dont have to say SORRY for any thing Gordon hold your frigging head up! Ive felt like that a few times & i know that feeling. You have a notion of whats going on & somthing changes course & you get a different feel on things & you have to reajust, this is how they play the game. We have to keep re ajusting our thoughts & stratagies, You do know what im saying Cheers JF

  12. Why not just put up a simple wire fence about 4 ft high like farms and ranches all over the country have to keep cattle from running loose? This would be simple, much cheaper, in the order of thousands or millions, not billions of dollars. No trespassing signs could be placed on this fence as farmers and ranchers do. This would also look better than the imposing high wall which is proposed. There would be no reason for vandals to tear it down because they could climb or jump over it. Trump could easily find the money for this without going to Congress at all. The Military could easily install it too. It would serve the same purpose to identify the border. If disputes were to arise it is much simpler to take down and use elsewhere. The top could even have some barbed wire. A billion here and a billion there and pretty soon you are talking about some real money. The government is already trillions of dollars in the hole. More billions should not be added to it. In fact, we should be living within the income to the government and all further borrowing should be halted if we are to avoid a financial meltdown without warning.

  13. And pray tell, how does having a Zionist puppet as POTUS who is also a complete pig, a petty, childish and vindictive pederastic paedophile with acute personality disorders including extreme egotism, sociopathy and psychopathy, do any good at all for the economy or anything else? It doesn’t, it just destabilises the entire world. Besides, Trump’s oligarchic cronies are busy stealing billions from the US economy and the upswing in that economy is all due to measures taken before Trump slithered his way into the White House. Don’t be fooled, there is not one damn thing good about Trump or his administration, it is by far the worst bunch of criminal scum to have ever held sway in the US,

  14. I’m not a Trump fan either. I’m also not too tired ‘yet’ to disregard an honest/comprehensive conversation about The Wall.
    A continuous wall or fence can’t be built. Look at the topography – impossible to access many areas with construction equipment, especially concrete trucks (and no concrete plants within range). There are at least 5,000 parcels of private land along the border in Texas alone. There are still cases in litigation from the 2006 Secure Fence Act. Aquisition would take years… What about wildlife – migration, access to water…? $5b isn’t close to the cost of The Wall, and it’s $5b we don’t have to spend considering the deficit and other needs. The Wall is Trump’s illogical desire (campaign ploy and promise), and we should have no time for that or the games he’s playing.

  15. Gordon, I know this is off topic, but I can’t send you a message any other way. I was going through boxes of what survived Katrina when I came across my copy of the original new employee intro tape for Air America Laos. That it survived itself is a miracle. It is a copy of a copy, but it is complete. I will see if I can get it transferred to DVD. It is your standard new employee intro stuff. It in itself is quite benign, and rather boring. The context if fantastic though. I don’t know if you or anyone you know might be interested in such an old historical tape, but I though you should know. Good job on the Trump analysis by the way. 73

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