by Jonas E. Alexis

The CIA has always been a covert operation from the beginning. [1] In fact, the organization would be out of existence if they happen to stop their subversive move around the world.

The CIA played a major role in overthrowing a democratically elected president in Iran in 1953. [2] Declassified documents confirmed that they did meddle in Iran:

“On the 60th anniversary of an event often invoked by Iranians as evidence of western meddling, the US national security archive at George Washington University published a series of declassified CIA documents.

“‘The military coup that overthrew Mosaddeq and his National Front cabinet was carried out under CIA direction as an act of US foreign policy, conceived and approved at the highest levels of government,’ reads a previously excised section of an internal CIA history titled The Battle for Iran.”

“The documents, published on the archive’s website under freedom of information laws, describe in detail how the US – with British help – engineered the coup, code named TPAJAX by the CIA and Operation Boot by Britain’s MI6.” [3]

The CIA attempted to do something similar in Syria. As Bob Woodward has recently pointed out in Fear: Trump in the White House:

“General [John] Kelly informed the president that his two top foreign policy advisers, McMaster and Tillerson, were in a ferocious fight over who would negotiate with Saudi Arabia to get $4 billion. The money was in part to fund operations in Syria, including a top secret CIA project for the Syrian rebels code-named TEAK.

“Getting foreign governments to fund U.S. military and CIA operations in foreign countries remain one of Trump’s biggest goals.” [4]

The Trump administration, said Woodward, was “willing to write big checks for a variety of projects in Syria.”[5]

The CIA’s diabolical project has produced devastating results over the years. And finally the New York Times has the guts to point out some of those horrible crimes that the CIA has supported. Consider this:

“Razo Khan woke up suddenly to the sight of assault rifles pointed at his face, and demands that he get out of bed and onto the floor. Within minutes, the armed raiders had separated the men from the women and children. Then the shooting started.

“As Mr. Khan was driven away for questioning, he watched his home go up in flames. Within were the bodies of two of his brothers and of his sister-in-law Khanzari, who was shot three times in the head. Villagers who rushed to the home found the burned body of her 3-year-old daughter, Marina, in a corner of a torched bedroom.”[6]

The men who killed Khan’s family were directly trained by the CIA. The Times moves on to say that “The investigation found details of a C.I.A. mission with tactical successes that have come at the cost of alienating the Afghan population. One former senior Afghan security official bluntly accused the strike forces of war crimes.”[7]

In other words, success for the CIA means that the Afghan population has to die horribly and miserably. Now, how would anyone with an ounce of common sense believe that the Muslim world hates us because of our freedom and democracy?

And where are the white nationalists when innocent Muslims are being killed virtually every single day at the hands of the CIA? Is it really logical for people like Richard Spencer to say that they are “white Zionist” and then declare that they are protecting America? It just doesn’t make sense whatsoever.

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