Trying to Forgive Trump? Remember His Syrian Bombings and White Helmet Gas Attacks


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

For those of you who continually try to find good where none exists, to forgive Donald Trump for the crimes mentioned daily and forget the irrefutable evidence of his drug addiction and his problem with sexually abusing children.  Let’s also remember Noel Casler and how VT predicted that his video on Trump would be crushed.

Youtube lists this with 2000 views except it got ten times that on VT alone.  Google owns Youtube and Google Ideas Group helps manage the White Helmets who stage gas attacks.

It was Google, more than any other organization, that fed the world endless lies to cover election rigging and then blame it on the Russians.  Google is the Mossad.

As for Trump, the John Bolton warning below is given while we have solid evidence that Trump has ordered a chemical attack in Ukraine to justify moving a war there as well.

Trump ordered Syria bombed, and Trump has killed more civilians with haphazard bombing of Syrian cities in two years than, well I can’t bring myself to compare Trump to Obama.

Is 12 Trump’s youngest?

Trump’s lies about Syria, his complicity in fake gas attacks, in false flag terrorism, his endless lies, none of this can be forgiven.

He just can’t be fixed and Syria and John Bolton make this totally clear.  When Trump orders the execution by drones of his own White Helmet mass murderers, and then resigns, perhaps permanently, I might reconsider.


From the Daily Beast:

John Bolton issued a stern warning to Syrian officials that the planned withdrawal of U.S. troops isn’t an invitation to start using chemical weapons, Reuters reports. The comments from President Trump’s national security adviser came in the wake of Trump’s abrupt announcement that some 2000 U.S. troops, who have backed up Kurdish forces in their fight against ISIS, would leave the war-torn nation. Bolton, who is on a four-day trip to Israel and Turkey, did not say that Syria was poised to use chemical arms, issuing his warning in a hypothetical way, according to Reuters. There is absolutely no change in the U.S. position against the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian regime and absolutely no change in our position that any use of chemical weapons would be met by a very strong response, as we’ve done twice before,” Bolton reportedly said on his plane shortly before arriving in Tel Aviv. “So the regime, the Assad regime, should be under no illusions on that question,” Bolton also said. Trump has bombed Syria on two occasions during his presidency, in April 2017 and April 2018 for the Syrian government’s alleged use of chemical weapons during the conflict. The ongoing war has reportedly left more than 500,000 dead and forced 11 million to flee.


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  1. The comments against Bolton are not helpful and a total unnecessary personal attack. Just attack what he says and his actions please. I do not like him either nor that for which he stands. I do not like his actions especially in Syria. It is my hope that he too resigns or Trump gets wise to him and lets him go.

    That being said, making it personal is not helpful.

  2. Gordon,

    Here is how you forgive Trump. Trump’s actions in Syria have been horrible and exactly the same as Obama’s actions. His actions of playing along with the game and falling for every false flag chemical weapons attack and then bombing Syria. But December 2019 changed that when he actually made good on his campaign promises and ordered troops home from Syria…. home…immediately. This is to be applauded. He did this against the advice of his generals and it cost him a resignation of a seemingly good man. Bolton is trying to pull him back in.

    Think long and hard about this Gordon. He stuck by his guns and did what was right.

    Now he gets all kinds of grief by the media and it has hurt him politically. But he did the right thing.

    • You obviously don’t get it at all. Trump’s actions are infinitely worse than anything Obama did, no comparison, Obama refused to allow any strikes on Syria after the Ghouta gas attack whereas Trump sent in 140 cruise missiles after a similar gas attack. Obama created the JCPOA with Iran, Trump ripped it up, over the objections of just about every US ally, especially those in Europe.Trump isn’t bringing the troops home, he has already reneged on that announcement within a few days. Nearly 2 years of this bloated orange scumbag acting like an imbecilic, incompetent spoilt child and still some people can’t see him for what he is. Jeez, I always knew the US had a lot of dumb people, but this is really getting beyond the pale.

  3. The photo (and please stop pretending to be a moron) is a representation of the 12 year old that any frigging idiot could read about by going to google and typing in ‘trump lawsuit jane doe’

    Then again, you have written comments 3 times before on articles where the Jane Doe lawsuit was featured as a Scribd file/PDF.

    You are a regular here….and are not excused when you don’t think before making a comment. We actually read them and some of us remember shit.

  4. So what is Bolton really saying. Well we should know more in short order, as soon as he gets his new set of orders from Nutnyahoo.

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