The Proposed Plan for Peace of the Afghan National Peace Council (ANPC)


In the Name of Allah Most Gracious, Most Merciful


The key step to implement this Plan for Peace must be: (1) The United States needs to talk directly in face-to-face meetings with the Afghan Freedom Fighters without the presence of the Kabul puppet administration, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, etc. The War Profiteer’s Rand Corporation’s recently proposed Peace Plan is not the right plan for Afghanistan. The Afghan villagers, the majority, are not a threat to the United States. The United States needs to stop using them as scapegoats for the tragic events of 9/11.

We are a group of Afghan brothers and sisters (the Afghan National Peace Council “ANPC”), who do not have Afghan blood on our hands and who are not accused of crimes by any human rights commission or organizations, the United Nations, and/or the general Afghan public. We rely on Islamic principles, our Afghan code of honor and our history of independence, and having a genuine desire to end the war in Afghanistan, we unite to work to bring peace and stability to our beloved homeland through lawful means. We, Afghans, condemn terrorism of any kind, conducted by any individual, group, or state. Afghans are not responsible for the tragedy that occurred on September 11, 2001. None of the individuals on the airplanes that attacked the United States were Afghan citizens. Furthermore, Afghanistan should not be collectively punished for the actions of others.

Presently, the Trump Administration has designated billionaire war profiteer, Zalmay Khalilzad, as an envoy to negotiate peace. The Afghan majority view him as an obstacle to peace. He is only looking out for his financial interests and not the interests of the United States or Afghanistan. His policies are responsible for the millions of Muslims deaths and destruction of Muslim countries in the world. He does not want or care about peace. The majority of Afghan villagers do not trust nor like him. The Afghan freedom fighters do not trust him, which the United States’ government knows. There is more money to be made by the greedy war profiteers when there is war and division rather than peace. There is no incentive for war profiteers like Khalilzad to find a true peace solution. Using Khalilzad as a so-called peace negotiator is just a farcical show to make the world think there is a sincere attempt at peace. When the Trump Administration appointed Khalilzad I realized that true peace was not the United States’ goal and that the division of Afghans, dealings with North Alliance’ war lords like Rashid Dostum and Atta Noor and ethnic cleansing are the desired outcomes. The U.S. ethnic cleansing policy being implemented in Afghanistan is wrong and must stop. Khalilzad’s proposal of an interim government with the same ethnic minorities and war lords will not work and definitely will not bring peace.

In addition, agreements, bilateral security etc. made by the Afghan puppet administrations these past 18 years while under the pressure of U.S. occupation and war must be revoked, canceled and invalidated. This provision must be a part of any peace agreement when Afghans form a new government.

I along with members of our peace group find it urgent that our plan for peace be adopted and implemented as soon as possible because presently Russia and China pose even more of a threat to Afghanistan’s sovereignty and well being.

In the past, I along with another member of our group went to Afghanistan to talk with all Afghan groups to obtain their perspectives on how to achieve Afghan unity and peace. We traveled to many provinces including Helmand, Kunar, Jalalabad, Shamali and others. We made this trip because we do not want to see more bloodshed due to chaos and a leadership vacuum. We met and discussed how to achieve peace and unity with Afghan resistance leaders, UNAMA officials, with the Deputy Ambassador of the U.S. Embassy, Hugo Llorens, religious scholars, Shia religious leaders, tribal leaders, many ministers and parliament members of the Kabul administration, Afghan women organizations, Afghan engineer and medical societies and other organizations, presidents, deans, and professors from universities across Afghanistan, leaders from various political parties, Abdullah Abdullah, Jamiat Islamia, Hezb Islami Party, Northern Alliance, influential Afghans, and last but not least villagers.

The main concerns and opinions that were expressed by Afghans to us are the following:

  • Afghans want unity and peace. They want an end to the war and foreign troops to leave. Afghan people want a friendship with the U.S. but they want their true independence. They are looking for a true national leader not a corrupt one nor one “selected” for them.

  • Afghans are not a security threat to neighboring countries, the U.S. and the world. History has shown that they only defend themselves when foreigners invade and occupy.

  • The Afghan/Pashtun majority will not accept a government or interim government with the majority of the government consisting of the ethnic minorities, Afghan leaders who are foreign agents such as CIA and M6, Afghans with dual citizenship, and the same warlords, war profiteers and war criminals like Rashid Dostum of the past 18 years.

  • The Afghan resistance wants to negotiate directly with the U.S. without any foreign countries interfering. They do not want to repeat the mistakes made during the 1980s during the Soviet occupation and war when the negotiations went through Pakistan.

  • Afghans do not want a corrupt government with war lords like they have now nor a national government that consists of and is controlled by one political or resistance group. They want a government that is a coalition and represents all Afghans. They believe there will not be peace and stability if one political or resistance group is put into power and supported by the United States.

  • Afghans do not want ethnic retaliation or genocide because of the division caused by the foreigners especially the U.S government during these past seventeen years.

  • Afghans believe that the Afghan High Peace Council is not capable of bringing peace because during the past years they have accomplished nothing except some members have increased their wealth.

  • Afghans are concerned about the elections in the future because the current selected Afghan administration is not able to hold such elections and true elections cannot be held during war and foreign occupation under the gun.

  • Afghan women are experiencing problems under the corrupt Afghan administration. The U.S. support of corrupt officials has harmed Afghan women. Rape and other crimes against women have increased. Afghans do not like the selected Afghan administration, other war profiteers using Afghan women and children as sex slaves for foreigners.

  • The Afghan/Pashtun, the majority, are being killed and treated as enemies by the U.S. There has been an escalation of the bombardment of Pashtun villages by the U.S./NATO with the use of mercenaries and Afghan forces targeting and killing Afghan/Pashtun villagers including many women and children in the villages in recent years, which has risen to the level of ethnic cleansing/genocide. Most of these war crimes are not seen in the media. Pashtun people do not understand why the U.S. is treating them in this manner. The Pashtun people throughout Afghanistan are very angry. They realize that the U.S. is trying to divide the Pashtuns. They fear that this division will cause more bloodshed and innocent lives lost.

  • Afghans are concerned that their vast mineral wealth, rare earth elements (REEs) and earth materials are being stolen by the war lords, war profiteers and the foreigners. The super majority of the Afghan people will become poorer while a few Afghan war profiteers become extremely wealthy. The United States is taking and controlling these REEs as it needs a stockpile of REEs, which are vital to the production of technology and defense systems. The majority of the REEs are located in the lands of the Afghan Pashtun villagers, who are seen as the roadblock to control of these REEs. Their villages are being destroyed and they are killed or forced to relocate. Afghans are concerned that their lands are being contaminated by the radioactive byproducts of REE mining and production.

  • Afghan people do not understand why the U.S. keeps paying aid monies and CERT monies to war profiteers, members of political parties like Hezb Islami, Jamiat Islami, Sayaf, war lords and the Afghan administration when the reconstruction is not taking place or is very shoddy such as the bridge in Kunar and the Afghan ring road.

  • Afghan people are angry with the targeting and killing of civilians, religious leaders, religious students, and tribal leaders especially in the Pashtun areas.

  • Afghans are concerned about the contamination of their environment by uranium–tipped weaponry, other new U.S. experimental weapons of war and the lack of infrastructure to handle the waste properly. The Afghan children are suffering because of this contamination of the soil and water which is not visible to the naked eye of an Afghan villager.

We believe that:

  1. The Afghan people have suffered too much for too long because of almost four decades of war due to foreign invasions and occupations. The United States and NATO claim that they are in Afghanistan to secure peace and build a democracy, but in reality they are there for geopolitical reasons, such as to build and maintain permanent strategic military bases, to build and maintain a pipeline from the Caspian Sea region and to exploit Afghanistan’s vast untapped mineral resources mainly Rare Earth Elements (REEs), and for the United States’ CIA to continue to fund its operations especially paramilitary and mercenaries with illicit drug trafficking monies from opium, which has caused Afghanistan to become a NARCO state since the U.S. war and occupation.
  2. The majority of Afghans do not want foreign occupation or interference. Afghans want to decide their own future. Afghans are capable of bringing peace and stability on their own if left alone. Afghanistan must achieve its independence. History has shown that Afghans never accept foreign invasion and occupation. Afghans cherish their freedom and independence. As the past seventeen years have shown, foreigners with mercenaries and a U.S. selected Afghan puppet administration cannot win a war in Afghanistan.
  3. Afghans must unite and not allow foreign occupiers to divide Afghans by ethnicity, tribe, language and gender affiliation.
  4. The Afghan government established and supported by the West is ineffective and corrupt. It cannot bring peace, stability and security.
  5. The United States’ privatization of its war in Afghanistan using a viceroy and modeled after the East India Company with mercenaries of Erik Prince and others will not bring peace or stability, but will increase war crimes against Afghan villagers and will escalate division and bloodshed. Only the war profiteers like Erik Prince and Zalmay Khalilzad will profit. Americans and Afghans will be the losers.
  6. The occupation of Afghanistan by the United States and NATO is a violation of international law. Foreign troops must withdraw and the occupation must end.
  7. Afghanistan must protect its vast untapped natural resources such as its Rare Earth Elements (REEs) and use them to benefit all of the Afghan people.
  8. Afghans must adopt on their own aggressive plans and laws for the elimination of governmental corruption and illicit narcotics trade. Afghans must enforce these plans and laws against all involved in the illicit drug trade and corruption including any foreign individuals and foreign governments.


We propose the following Plan for Peace which incorporates the concerns and desires of the Afghan Majority:



  1. The Ending of Foreign Occupation of Afghanistan


  1. Afghans themselves with the help of our group must work to broker a ceasefire in Afghanistan.
  2. The Afghan freedom fighters or resistance must be included in any and all peace talks.
  3. All non-Afghan armed individuals, foreign troops, and mercenaries (private contractors) must leave Afghanistan.
  4. All prisons, detention, rendition, interrogation centers or facilities maintained or used by foreigners inside and outside of Afghanistan must be closed and all prisoners of war and political prisoners inside and outside of Afghanistan must be released.
  5. There must be no permanent foreign bases in Afghanistan.
  6. Afghanistan leads the world in mine infestation and environmental contamination due to almost four decades of foreign invasion and occupation, and war. The United Nations, the United States, NATO and Russia must aid in the demining of and the elimination of the environmental contamination in Afghanistan.


  1. Establishment of New Governance and Revision of the Constitution


  1. Our group will help with the selection of tribal leaders (representatives) from each province or district. These leaders will participate in a loya jerga, which will form the government.
  2. This government must not consist of current warlords and war criminals dominated government based on ethnicity, gender, language or gun power. It should be based on qualifications, professionalism, effectiveness, transparency and accountability. It must not be dominated by any one faction, party, ethnic group or foreign interest. It must not consist of members who have foreign intelligence affiliations such as CIA, M6, KGB. Members must not have dual citizenship.
  3. This government will pave the way for elections in the future..
  4. The Afghan constitution must be revised without foreign interference.
  5. A new, smaller and more effective national army and police force must be formed and trained. This army and police force must not be controlled by one or a few ethnic groups to the detriment of others.
  6. The Afghan government needs to resume and declare its neutrality. New treaties should be entered into with regional powers, Great Britain, France, Germany, the United States and other countries regarding non-interference.
  7. National tribunals need to be established for the prosecution of top or high level war criminals from 1978 to the present. Reconciliation and reintegration should be allowed for low level war criminals after proper actions such as public apologies and restitution have been provided.


  1. Elimination of Corruption


  1. An aggressive plan for the elimination of governmental corruption and illicit narcotics trade needs to be adopted and enforced with new laws passed that prohibit corrupt practices. Those individuals or companies convicted for corruption must not be allowed to be a member of the government nor awarded any government contracts or grants. The government must give alternatives to small farmers growing poppies. Large scale poppy production and narcotics drug rings must be prosecuted and their assets seized including foreigners and foreign governments. regardless of who they are. Private security companies’, foreign and Afghan, trafficking in illicit narcotics must be investigated, stopped, and prosecuted.
  2. A new independent enforcement body must be formed by the Afghan government to investigate and stop corrupt practices and acts.
  3. Afghan traditional conscription for the army should be reinstated as a way to lessen corruption with the constant influx of new Afghan soldiers.
  4. Afghans suspected of and/or convicted of corruption or drug trafficking must be prosecuted in lawful tribunals and an investigation into their assets conducted with assets, located in Afghanistan or abroad frozen and /or seized upon conviction.


  1. Reconstruction of Infrastructure, Rebuilding the Economy and Social Reforms


  1. The reconstruction of Afghanistan’s infrastructure and economy must be the top priority. Aid monies and funds must be managed in a fund similar to the one established after WWII by the Marshall Plan. Strict rules for awarding monies and monitoring government contracts and projects must be enforced.
  2. Afghanistan must protect its vast natural resources such as its Rare Earth Elements (REEs) and use them to benefit all of the Afghan people. Nationalization of companies involved in mining, piping etc may need to be done. Foreign investment and foreign businesses involved in the natural resources must be very closely monitored to stop exploitation and theft of the Afghans’ natural resources especially REEs. Geological surveys of the untapped resources must be conducted by a non-puppet Afghan government to locate and protect the natural resources such as REEs and the environment, and to ensure maximum benefit to the Afghan people.
  3. For a period of years, Afghanistan should be allowed to freely trade its goods around the world without tariffs, sanctions or the like.
  4. The agricultural sector must be a top priority and restored. Working with the United Nations and other organizations, Afghans must be educated and trained on best farming practices for their land. Dams and canals must be rebuilt.
  5. A public education system for all children and vocational training for adults must be established to create an educated and technically trained labor force. Schools must be rebuilt by the government and not just in the wealthy areas.
  6. Emphasis must be placed on rebuilding Afghanistan’s colleges and universities by attracting top professors and training staff and linking them with their counterparts in other countries.
  7. Community programs to care for orphans, widows and the needy must be established in accordance with Islam.
  8. Strict laws must be adopted to protect women and children from sexual exploitation and the sex trade in accordance with Islam.
  9. Emphasis must be placed on building and/or restoring water, sewer and electric systems.


  1. Refugees


  1. The problem of internal and external refugees must be immediately addressed in collaboration with the international community.
  2. With the help of the United Nations and the Afghan Army and police, internal refugees must be allowed to return to their villages and properties.
  3. The Afghan government must encourage all external refugees to return especially the educated ones, who can use their education and experience to help rebuild Afghanistan.


Steps to Implement the Plan

We have provided our reasons for uniting to work to bring peace and stability in Afghanistan, we have adopted a plan, and lastly, praying that Allah (SWT) keeps us on a straight path and with the well-being of all Afghans in our hearts, we will take the following steps to implement our Plan for Peace:

I. First Phase-

  1. Review and Potential Modification of Proposed Plan After Meeting With Afghans from All Sides
    1. Our group will meet with all sides to determine the demands, requirements, perspectives and ideas for peace of all sides in the conflict.
    2. Our group will review the demands, requirements, perspectives and ideas for peace to then identify possible compromises.
    3. Our Group will review all peace plans and proposals, incorporate compromises if necessary and combine into one plan.


II. Second Phase – U.S. Negotiations with Afghan Freedom Fighters


A. The first step to implement this Plan for Peace must be: (1) The United States needs to talk directly in face-to-face meetings with the Afghan resistance without the presence of the Kabul government, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, etc.


1. There must be an exchange of prisoners.

2. There must be a withdrawal of foreign troops and mercenaries and a ceasefire.

3. Removal of Afghan Resistance fighters from any black lists.

III. Third Phase-Afghan led Loya Jirga to Select Government


  1. Loya Peace Jirga. A national jirga will be held. The purpose for this Peace Jirga is to elect, form and establish an Afghan government. Foreign actors or interference will not be allowed in the process. Afghans will control the jirga process as the loya jirga is their traditional process used by their ancestors for thousands of years. Afghans do not want the loya jirga process hijacked and corrupted by foreigners including neighboring countries again. In addition, the jirga will form provincial councils to ensure that membership is based on the population of the provinces or districts with the majority and the minorities represented.
  2. Afghan Government. The government will do the fundamental work with the goal of establishing better administration and maintaining peace, stability and the independence of Afghanistan. It will pave the way for elections. It must include Afghan women. It must not include Afghans, who are war criminals, war lords, Afghans who are corrupt or have a history of governmental or financial corruption or a history of illegal or illicit behavior.
  1. The government will seek to restore complete peace.


  1. The government will amend and draft a new constitution in accordance with Islamic laws and national values, which guarantees human rights, the rights of women and reflects Afghan society and reality.


  1. The government will practice a foreign policy of neutrality and not allow Afghan soil to be used against any other country or group or by any foreign country or group. Afghanistan will be part of the vision of a fair and rule-based world wherein the rights of the weak must be respected and upheld.


  1. The government will ensure that the withdrawal of all foreign troops and mercenaries and forces and the closure of all foreign military bases in Afghanistan occurs as scheduled.


  1. The government will free all non-criminal prisoners and close all foreign prisons and detention centers.


  1. Treaties and accords not in Afghanistan’s national interest will be abrogated.


  1. The government will work with the United Nations and the Islamic Conference to do the necessary work so that Afghan refugees can return.


  1. The government with the help of the United Nations and the Islamic Conference will take the necessary steps to get ready for a free election.


  1. The government will work with the international community to bring high level war criminals, those persons involved in governmental corruption, those persons involved in the sexual exploitation and or trafficking of Afghan women and children, and those persons, who illegally and/or unjustly secured wealth to justice in appropriate independent war crimes and other tribunals and through civil proceedings in national and/or international courts.


  1. The government will work with NGOs and similar organizations, but the NGOs will work under the direction and supervision of the government.


  1. The government will establish systems and procedures for elections led by Afghans without foreign interference and/or foreign involvement of any kind.

IV. Afghan Led Elections. Free elections will be held to select national leaders, who will focus on all steps of the peace plan.


Kadir A. Mohmand, Founder of the ANPC

Representative for the Afghan Freedom Fighters for North America during 1980s

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