by Preston James

Why are the Israeli-American dual citizen traitors and the other Cabal lackeys pushing so hard for anti-BDS legislation?

They have been ordered to do so by the Cabal and its main cutouts, who are now exerting influence on any politician who has signed the AIPAC Loyalty Oath to put Israel first, even before America. These Cutouts have signed this Oath, which is almost always necessary to get re-elected in order to stay in office.

A captive US Congress:

How many members of Congress are controlled by the Ruling Cabal through its action-agents AIPAC by signing a Loyalty Oath to place Israel first, even before America whom they work for and wore an oath to uphold its Constitution? The answer for the Congress that ended in 2018 is all of them except one. It is expected in the new 2019 Congress, most will be induced to sign this agreement which is a violation of their oath of office and a commitment to place a foreign power even before one’s country.

Anyone member of the US Congress that refuses to sign this AIPAC Loyalty Oath to place Israel first has the full weight of the Cabal and its action-agents such as AIPAC brought against them and is typically prevented form being re-elected. This is can be done by lavish support for an opponent that will sign the AIPAC Loyalty Oath, redistricting, or various covert ops and psyops to smear or ruin that politician. Doubt this just do some research on the great American Hero, former Representative Cynthia McKinney who refused to sign the AIPAC Loyalty Oath to Israel and was redistricted out of office.

The coming battle over BDS in America:

This coming battle over BDS is a critical battle for We The People. If the Cabal loses, it is likely going to be finished. If the Ruling Cabal fails to obtain its desired laws to prevent the Boycott, Divest, Sanction of Israel, or if they do get them and they are then reversed in courts, it is basically going to be over for the Ruling Cabal.

The main operational center of the Ruling Cabal is located in the “City of London” (COL), a one square mile separate nation-state and world’s most powerful business district, even more powerful than Wall Street in America. This COL nation-state is inside the much larger city, London, UK.

Israel happens to be the main action-agent for the Ruling Cabal and has many assets inside America such as Israeli-American “Dual Citizens”, PNACers, NeoCons, AIPAC, the ADL, the SPLC, and the like.

Prohibition of BDS is critical for the Ruling Cabal to maintain control over America:

If the Cabal loses its battle to prohibit BDS in America, Israel’s influence in America will deplete rapidly, and this will spell the beginning of the end of the Cabal’s hegemony over America and then the western world too. This is so because Israel is the Cabal’s most influential action-agent and has been protected from any serious criticism by always invoking the notably false charge of anti-Semitism.

Evoking the false charge of anti-Semitism against any criticism of Israel for its Blockade, Apartheid, and genocide against Palestinians is becoming a lost cause. Why is this so? Because more and more folks are beginning to understand that about 97.5% of the Jews living in Israel have no ancient Hebrew Blood at all but are Khazarians, that is from the Ukraine area of East Europe (also called eastern European-origin Jews or Ashkenazi). And this means that they have no ancestral right to the land like the Palestinians do, of which about 80% are of ancient Hebrew Blood and are true Semites. This was discovered by a well-respected Jewish MD genetic researcher who published his results in a peer-reviewed research report from Johns Hopkins and is generally accepted as valid in its conclusions.

The Ruling Cabal hijacked America in 1913:

City of London statue, modeled after the Alien ET group of ancient biblical lore, the Dracos, who are believed by some insiders to be fallen angels who descended at Mount Hermon, also called “lesser gods”. It has been claimed by insiders that the Dracos have been the secret Darkside power behind the COL Banksters.

It is a fact that Cabal hijacked America in 1913 with the passage of the Federal Reserve Act. Today Israel-American dual citizens dominate American politics, the Pentagon, the US Department of Justice, the FBI, and DHS and the Senior Executive Services (SES). Largely unrecognized by the Internet’s alt media users, is that The Ruling Cabal (centered in the City of London) is actually controlled by those Old Black European Nobility families that have infiltrated and control the Vatican and are known to consort with the Darkside.

Massive Populism now emerging from the Internet, the New Gutenberg Press:

Right now thanks to the Internet which is the New Gutenberg Press, and the massive populism emerging from it, the Cabal and its evil is being exposed. This widespread exposure all over the world and to the governments of the Russian Federation, India, Pakistan, China, and Venezuela is causing the Cabal to react with desperate acts to regain the control they are losing progressively. The Cabal is desperate because this is causing it to rapidly lose control over America, many western nations and especially the Russian Federation and China. And while the Cabal’s battle for its very survival is going on, the US Petro dollar, which was put in place by the Cabal and is the world’s reserve currency, is rapidly losing its popularity. Many nations are dumping it, some already have, and many are in the process.

The Cabal is attempting to neutralize this new and widely emergent populism from the Internet by attempting to hijack it and divide Americans into violently opposed groups based on left versus right politics. The Cabal is also now attempting to neutralize the Internet by ordering and forcing Internet providers to use covert and subtle means to de-monetize and even censor popular alt media spokespersons and web publishers. The Cabal has also loaded the internet with hundreds of volunteer and paid sock-puppets and shills, and have a whole floor at Langley publishing fake but often convincing misinformation designed to neutralize truth and keep all the Cabal’s coverups in place.

The Cabal’s main action-agent:

The Cabal knows that Israel is their main action-agent enforcer in the western world and especially America and has been a base of covert western power for the Rothschilds. Because Israel has now lost their mercenary terror war against Syria in which they created and supported ISIS/ISIL/Daesh et al. against Syria, their plan to use Syria as a base to take down Iran has now failed. Iran is the nation Israel and the Cabal fear the most due to old Khazarian/Persian conflicts, based on Persia’s destruction of Khazaria in about 1250 AD which has been generally excised from the history books. Israel and its parent, the COL-based Cabal, views the BDS movement as a major worldwide assault on its key action-agent and Cutout, Israel; and it is pulling every string it can to get BDS outlawed in Europe and especially America in every state and by the US Congress.

Obviously, many think that the Rothschilds (aka the Bauers or Red Shield of Lucifer) run the world and are the pre-eminent power base. Actually, they are not the top dogs. They are the top, most empowered Cutouts for the worldwide Pyramid of Darkside Power, but they are not the top dogs which are actually the leaders of the twelve Old Black Nobility families. These are the top “Bloodline families” that prefer to stay hidden from sight, and they are not of ancient Hebrew Blood. Insiders who know claim these top dogs run the world by a series of Roundtables which are interlocked with the top of their pyramid of power, which itself is fully empowered by the Darkside.

The Rothschilds started out as the Vatican’s Bankers (called “hofjuden” or Court Jews). They were allowed to marry into the Royal families and sometimes did so by stealth, as even today many of their prominent progeny are not known publicly to be related. Their super-elite progeny/spawn (later to become super-elite Cabal-elected and high USG officials are allegedly conceived in “eyes wide shut”, secret occult breeding ceremonies (as described by Stanley Kubrick in his movie, for which it has been alleged he was murdered for disclosing this).

The Vatican’s secret agreement to transform Jerusalem into an international city of all religions:

What few realize is that the Vatican has negotiated a secret agreement with Arabs and Israel’s leaders to first transform Jerusalem into an international city in order to rebuild Solomon’s Temple for all religions, and then to transform all of Israel into a Globalist NWO international nation for all religions. If one does extensive Internet research, one can discover evidence for this.

The real Ruling Cabal power lies in a top Roundtable of these top Old Black European Nobles who are deeply into the Darkside and known as Luciferians. These are the folks who created political Zionism, hijacked America in 1913, and created the illegal, unconstitutional Federal Reserve System, neither a bank nor a monetary reserve, but a debt-note creation factory lent out to users at pernicious usury. This top Roundtable calls themselves the Olympiads and runs their meetings as a 12-member Roundtable, which has been used as a model structure of committee-based secret government in the UK and in America.

These “Olympiads” love professional sporting events like the Olympics and human competition of all sorts, and especially enjoy starting and running wars of all kinds. This top Roundtable of Old Black European Nobility has the world divided up into sectors run by various members who love to entice humans in their areas of responsibility to engage in wars, using them as cannon fodder and human sacrifice to their specific Gods known as the ancient Olympiad Gods of Rome. They view this as competition, but also as ways to increase power and profits and move their Globalist one-world NWO agenda forward.

The Old Black Euro nobility is the top power structure of a well-organized secret hierarchy that actually runs most of the world. It is basically an organization empowered from the Darkside, known by insiders for its immense evil and hatred of the common man. Over the years they have hijacked high secret Freemasonry, formed the OTA and other secret Masonic groups, and infiltrated and merged with the Vatican Clerics and Jesuits. They have also taken elite Chinese warlord families into their membership. This secret world government is now making its move to establish a Globalist one-world government New World Order of the ages, something they have had as an intergenerational family goal for hundreds of years.

This top OBN control group, the top Roundtable, is now pushing hard in America and Europe to implement its Globalist Agenda, which involves implementing the following necessary changes which are best described as NeoBolshevism. This might seem confusing that such a group would push a form of Bolshevism. It shouldn’t be, since this same group was responsible for creating the Bolsheviks in 1917, creating the Nazis, creating Maoist China and also creating the City of London private fiat debt-note based American Federal Reserve System and the US Petro Dollar, the greatest financial Ponzi fraud in history.

What exactly is the Cabal’s Globalist one-world government NWO Agenda comprised of:

1. A state-based top governmental policy imposed on all citizens of political correctness, legitimacy of deviance and perversion, erosion of normal male/female sex roles, destruction of the family, destruction of community morality and integrity, destruction of the educational system and imposition of a nationally directed public school system that dumbs students down, neutralizes conventional moral values and mind-kontrols them to be good globalists.

2. Complex soft-kill and hard kill deployments to reduce population and fertility. Soft-kill involves adulteration of food, use of EMF to sicken, use of contaminated vaccines and over vaccination, deployment of covert, but subtle biological warfare agents and pollutants in the water and air to poison people slowly. Hard kill involves use of drug trafficking to create criminal subcultures, large numbers of sick addicts, overdose deaths, murders, and the deployment of perpetual unwinnable wars to mass-murder millions of soldiers, and innocent civilians while displacing millions as homeless, starving refuges.

2. Using immigration, legal and especially illegal which is created by perpetual wars to destroy the borders, language, sovereignty, and culture of America and European nations, and to drain down the government budgets and destroy the middle class by imposing the Cloward-Piven model of forced socialism and governmental bankruptcy.

3. Deploying massive human compromise ops at every level to buy, bribe, corrupt, or blackmail every sitting politician, government official, military, and corporate leader in order to make them do thing they would never otherwise do. This is known to insiders as the fine-art of human compromise and often involves drugging and videoing folks at elite parties, placing them in staged sexual situations with children. Some that are human compromised have been selected for high office because they have a weakness for perversions that the Cabal provides and records, thus creating a control file that can be used to forever control that individual. The greatest fear of these politicians and officials that are thus controlled becomes exposure publicly with these videos or photos, and they will do whatever the Cabal’s representatives instruct them to do. Normally those politicians allowed to be in the highest positions are real perverts that are also into the Darkside very deeply and can always be easily ruined in the press if they veer outside their Cabal-allowed parameters.

4. Deploying synthetic Gladio-style False-flag terror (real and imaginary) to justify more centralized government police state power and tyranny, to justify perpetual aggressive and illegal, unconstitutional wars for profit and increased power, suppression of human rights, and an excuse to disarm We The People and turn us into gelded European defenseless serfs and sheeple.

5. The destruction of all nation-states through deployment of economic and social chaos, the enforced division of society into warring groups to destroy any unity which could support nationalism and sovereignty. Most of the top politicians have been mind-kontrolled and human compromised to view the Globalist one-world Government NWO system as their wet dream or Nirvana. They believe that the transition will be difficult but will end up with a small but manageable and highly cooperative populace that will live in luxury, health and have extended lives all managed by Artificial Intelligence and robots and robotically operated environments and food manufacturing. This of course is all a big lie, because the top Cabal folks plan to get rid of all their Cutouts as soon as they are no longer needed. If you want to know why, investigate the concept of Cosmic Fascism, which is the next part of the Cabal’s plans which they are keeping secret.

In this Thursday, Jan. 3, 2019 photo, then Rep.-elect Rashida Tlaib of Michigan, is shown on the house floor before being sworn into the 116th Congress at the U.S. Capitol in Washington. Tlaib exclaimed at an event late Thursday that Democrats were going to “impeach the mother——.” According to video and comments on Twitter, she apparently made the comments during a party hosted by the liberal activist group MoveOn. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)


If the Ruling Cabal and its Cutouts fail to get laws enacted to prevent BDS movements in America, this will be the beginning of the end of Israel’s control over America. This is also true for the recent Edict once again ordered by the Ruling Cabal for their action-agents such as the Dual Citizens and AIPAC and ADL to get legislation at the state level and Federal level to begin disarming America in progressive steps.

The Cabals’ plan is to use all their deployed false-flag staged DHS/FEMA mass-shooting terrorism (most fake like Sandy Hoax, a few real such as Columbine) as a spring board to justify the passing of seizure laws and magazine size limits requiring registration.

These proposed seizure laws would allow anyone to make a complaint to the police, justified or not, that a person has guns and seems to be a danger to the community. This could come from an angry, whacked-out imaginative neighbor, or a separated spouse, or even a police officer with a grudge.

No real evidence would be required for the seizure; and it could take many months and a lot of money for a good attorney to get into court to get the sized guns back. And these seizures would be enacted with no due process. Not only is this unconstitutional, but is clearly an example of the NeoBolshevism that the Ruling Cabal loves.

If the Cabal fails to get the guns from American gun owners, fails to get limits on magazine size and fails to prevent massive BDS in America and Europe which is now spreading, it is over for the Ruling Cabal. And if the US Petro Dollar ceases to be the world’s reserve currency, as it seems to headed for soon, it is over for the Cabal’s hegemony and Israel’s too.

It is important to note that Israel must immediately negotiate peace with the Palestinians and return its land according to UN-required mandates before it is cut off from the world and sectioned up. The Dead Sea is drying up, and there is a vast amount of rare earth mineral wealth there, enough for every single surrounding nation, including Palestine and Israel. It is time to disempower the Ruling Cabal and all their action-agents and Cutouts, stop all the war and mass-murder around the world being used for Cabal and their Cutout profits.

It is time for every major nation to work together rapidly to develop Tesla’s Cosmic Wind based interdimensional free energy and displace the oil Cartel, which is run by the Cabal and used to oppress the world. Free interdimensional Cosmic Wind energy has been known by the Secret Shadow Government since Tesla’s documents were seized by the FBI and is now being used by Secret Space War systems in the Secret Shadow Government and inside Russia’s deep black space war programs too. China is also developing it now for their space war systems.

Right now Israel’s greatest fear is that their major role in staging the attacks on America of 9-11-01 will be made clear to the majority of Americans by the planned release of massive evidence stashes by a very powerful faction of the US Military’s Secret Space War Program that wants payback. There is a lawsuit against Saudi Arabia by survivor families for its alleged part in 9-11-01. There was a major article in the Saudi Press last summer that if there is any attempt to blame the Saudis, they would disclose the truth that Israel ran the 9-11-01 op with help from high USG officials.

The best solution for all is to accept the solution that Robert David Steele has proposed, to have a Truth Commission and extend immunity and forgiveness for those coming clean. International peace and a world movement to expose the true causes of terrorism are the best way to go.




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  2. The right of boycott is the oldest, most powerful, non violent means of protest. It is available to any one any company anywhere. It is an obscenity that many of our States have passed illegal unconstitutional laws seeking to prevent this basic right to be exercised against the criminals and gangsters in Israel. Americans must wake up to this gross criminal activity to abridge our basic Constitutional right to boycott anyone or any company or any government. Shove it you criminal thug gangster expletives deleted in Israel. Go to H!

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