Why did Turkey create a new Ukrainian church?

These days in Ukraine a new church was created - the Orthodox Church of Ukraine.


By Bohdan Lysytsia for VT Ukraine

The new church was created by Patriarch Bartholomew of Istanbul. According to the laws of the Orthodox churches, Ukraine is the territory of the Moscow Church. Having created this new church, Patriarch Bartholomew of Istanbul violated church laws, he had no right to invade the territory of another church. What are the goals of Turkey, going to the creation of a new church while breaking the church laws?

Ukraine is the foundation of the Russian Church. Having removed the Ukrainian Church from subjection to the Moscow Patriarchate and subordinating it to the Turkish Patriarchate, Turkey seeks to weaken the Russian church. The Russian church provides an ideological basis for the Russian authorities. In Turkey they believe that if the ideological basis of Russia is weakened, then this will ultimately lead to a weakening of the central authority in Russia.


After the start of the war in Syria, several times Russia and Turkey were close to a mutual war. And each time in difficult times for Russia, the Russian Church prophesied ancient prophecies about the coming war of Russia against Turkey, about the disintegration of Turkey, about the transfer of Istanbul to Greece and others. An example is the movie “Prophecy for Russia”, shown on one of Russia’s largest TV channels NTV:

In Moscow, they believe that the creation of a new church in Ukraine is the black ingratitude of Erdogan. In July 2016, a coup attempt was suppressed in Turkey. Erdogan was able to prevent a coup d’état only because at the last moment he received a warning about upcoming events from Russian sources.

There have already been 13 Russian-Turkish wars in history. And who said that the fourteenth war can not be? To start a war against Turkey, Russia only needs to find a reason. And Turkey has already given a reason. Turkey got involved in the internal conflict of Saudi Arabia. Turkey began to promote in the world information space information about the murder of Saudi Arabian journalist Jamal Khasogdzhi in the building of the Saudi Arabian consulate in Istanbul. In the Turkish media, there are accusations of murder against the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.

Here we need to recall the important prediction of Michel Nostradamus.

Michel Nostradamus, centuria 2, quatrain 62:

Mabus will soon die, then be accomplished

The terrible extermination of people and animals.

Then suddenly comes retribution.

Hundred, hand, thirst, hunger, when the comet rushes.

For centuries, Nostradamus commentators have tried to establish the identity of Mabus, after whose death important events will begin on earth. This man was a complete mystery to everyone until the crown prince of Saudi Arabia appeared, who was briefly called MBS (Mohammad bin Salman) in the press and in documents. The name of the League of Arab States in English is written abbreviated AU (Arab Union). Combining these letters creates the word MABUS. Perhaps it was about his death as the cause of the beginning of the war that Nostradamus warned. Russians are masters in organizing operations under a false flag. They can organize the murder of Mabus, blame Turkey and conquer it.

It can be assumed that after the conquest of Turkey, the Russian soldiers will donate the Patriarch of Istanbul Bartholomew to Moscow. The patriarch in front of the cameras of the whole world recognizes that his creation of a new Ukrainian church was illegal and repent of this sin.

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  1. Good analogy and great article, although don’t agree about with Nostrodamus predictions or credibility. Plus such false flags will have no ground on entities based on moral foundations and seeking international respect.

  2. Nostrodamus does not pass the basic minimum requirement for any predictive credibility whatsoever.
    The test is very simple. An unbiased third party unrelated to the test subject picks particular days or periods, and then the predictions for those are required to be verifiable through specific data. This is possible and demonstrable.
    Widely applicable phrases with ambiguous or flexible meanings are unacceptable. I call this fluff. Fluff is used by charlatans and amateurs to gain power or influence over the eager subjects.
    Also, he orientated all his calendars to Jan 1 which is entirely financial and otherwise unjustifiable. He appears to be someone who entertained a few important people, and fell into fortuitous and generous popularity in cult like fashion.
    Finally, of the thousands of predictions, even a clock is right twice a day, and yet not one is specific enough to nail down with certainty. This is not the mark of a true intuitive or master astrologer.

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