By Gordon Duff

When Trump backed out of the nuclear treaty with Iran, breaking with America’s allies and trading partners, destroying America’s diplomatic credibility with the world, this was the Deep State in action.

(You will have to fight through YouTube blocks to view the video below)

The game has many facets such as profiteering on oil price speculation, a trillion dollars milked out of investors in less than 40 days, massive defense outlays and even larger currency manipulations around the world.

The threat of war is just theatre, The US is militarily incapable of acting against Iran other than limited long range missile strikes at nuclear targets the rest of the world agrees are part of Benjamin Netanyahu’s imagination.

(So many years ago, Wikileaks was busted in the MSM as a Mossad front, something forgotten just like Dan Rather citing arrests of Israeli bombers on 9/11)

Behind it all, behind the lies, the endless series of bizarre acts, are those pulling the strings.  None of it would be possible without fooling the public, a job left to, among others, Wikileaks and Julian Assange.

In fact, Assange’s position within the Deep State infrastructure has long been underestimated.  Is he more powerful than Trump, a tiny Hitleresque figure hiding in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, except for forays to visit his Rothschild/Goldsmith friends, as alleged by “Wiki-defectors?”

Our sources tell us that it is Julian Assange, working with his friends at Facebook, Google, Black Cube, Cambridge Analytica, the Heritage Foundation, PJ Media and various “front groups” like AIPAC and the ADL, that plunged the world into the new “dark age” we are seeing.

It is all about demonization and smears, false flag terrorism and the oft used “they are killing their own people” street theatre.

The goal is chaos, not politics, confusion and disarray while the “usual suspects” pull off a bank robbery of epic proportions, again.  There are princes among them, some seen, most unseen.

One is Julian Assange, Crown Prince of the Deep State.

Targeting both Russia and the US, with full support of the MSM and troll infiltrated fake independent media as well…from his Rothschild owned roosts in the UK and France, we give you Crown Prince Julian, “Lord of Deception”

Wiki-Janus, the Two Faces of Wikileaks

In Australia, there is a political party, supposedly libertarian, based on “Wiki-values,” such as transparency and other things, we aren’t so sure about.  Whatever they began as, by 2013, the Wikileaks Party had cloned VT and its quite “Un-Wiki” real transparency regarding Russia, Syria and Israel.

Thus, there were two Wikileaks, one seen by Russia as supporting them on Syria and Crimea, a Wikileaks that opposed Israeli occupation of Palestine and considered Israel an apartheid state.  That the Wikileaks party supports BDS and is openly accused of being Alt-right and anti-Semitic while Julian Assange is a leader of the anti-BDC movement can be taken as proof that Wikileaks is neither goose nor gander. Wikileaks is simply a hired gun.

This is the Wikileaks Russia followed, the Wikileaks that led Russia into a partnership with Trump that has led to accusations of election rigging in the US, and betrayal at every turn in Syria, Crimea, and a Wikileaks joined at the hip with the Zionist state, a Wikileaks that hates Russia.

Russia only saw the Australian Wikileaks. They know nothing of politics in the US and Britain and of Julian Assange’s ties to the Murdoch propaganda empire and Israel’s Mossad.  Russia got “set up.”

To Americans and the British, the love affair between Wikileaks and Israel is an unbreakable bond.  All Wikileaks material is, by Julian Assange’s own admission, screened and authorized by Israeli intelligence.

The “good” Wikileaks, the “good” and “phony” one also, in 2013, asked to open an office in Damascus, while Julian Assange’s father, once a guest of President Assad in Damascus, accused Israel of staging gas attacks in Syria.


The world has changed, spun on its axis and that which was “untouchable” may now be questioned.  When Russia went to the UNSC and The Hague with evidence of the widely used practice of “false flag terrorism” used by the US, Britain and Israel, through their proxy, the White Helmets, a door opened.

When Russia finally showed the world where terrorists really get their poison gas, the lot numbers, the manufacturing labels, when Russia brought phony terror victims into the public eye and let independent investigators for the UN find the truth, that we have all been lied to all along, a door opened.

That door opened to a world where everything we are fed by the media, MSM, Hollywood, even the so-called alternative media, is evidence of a vast, comprehensive program of psychological warfare and “cultural modeling” on the part of the Deep State, a program that controls all and destroys all it cannot control.

The questions we ask today can now only be asked today, yet we know there will be reaction, smears and suppression, but they will be asked.  Yes, there is a Deep State.  Yes, the Deep State is a post-Orwellian nightmare where, as we will state time and time again, all that can be controlled will be controlled and that which cannot be controlled will be destroyed.

The White Helmets

When Russia “busted” the White Helmets, it still went unreported in the US and Britain, a total press blackout, yet the “bust” stuck and the White Helmets were defunded by the US and their backers are now running for cover.

Similarly, Netanyahu’s fabricated Iran nuclear tales, turned on him, burning the “king of liars,” a term believed to be coined by President Barak Obama.  Even after Netanyahu’s claims about Iran were discarded by America’s allies, Trump, in a wildly irrational move, followed the Jewish State down the rabbit hole.

At this writing, with former CIA director, now Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, in the air to meet with North Korea, a meeting predicated on America’s steadfastness behind treaties and agreements, Trump has just guaranteed that any potential trust between North Korea and the US, is unlikely.

Media Complicity in Terrorism

With an American court citing Iran as the architect of 9/11, a bizarre “Trumplike” move by any means, and a media silent on the absurdity this act entails, media complicity in false flag acts of terror are essential to Deep State goals.

We note that Assange has refused to look at 9/11 or even the gas attacks his own father, the Wikileaks party leader, says were false flag terror acts.  Assange was, however, quick to speak of Hillary Clinton dying of an imaginary disease or heading a Satanic pedophile cult in the “basement” of a Washington DC pizza takeout.  Mendacity and moral flexibility have always been strong suits for Wikileaks.

The media still protects Israel and Saudi Arabia for their role in 9/11 while an American court, an act of infinite audacity, “fines” Iran for its culpability based on, well based on nothing.

The runup to war with Iran, the monsters around Trump, the savage attacks and occupation of Syria, prove beyond any question that those who placed the “orange buffoon” in office, serve an agenda of chaos.

The obvious beneficiaries, Israel, the military industrial complex and the Deep State banking cabal that controls the Federal Reserve along world currencies and financial markets, have turned, time and time again, to Wikileaks, among other assets, to serve their agenda.  Wikileaks is the most visible single source of covert backing of Trump’s ascendance to power.  Trump and Assange are inexorably linked, both accused rapists, both theatrical figures created for the stage, men of smoke and shadows, empty and soulless.

A number of sinister figures have gravitated into the circle seemingly centered around enigmatic American President Donald Trump.  Those that have left Trump’s side universally call him an “idiot,” often using terms unfit for publication, if such a term is still applicable.

The figures, torturer Gina Haspel, carnival conman Mike Pompeo or Steve Bannon, are the most overt.  Least mentioned, and there is a purpose behind this, is Julian Assange.  Recent revelations show that Assange and Trump were in regular contact before the election, perhaps since, nothing surprising there, but that Assange and Wikileaks, according to those who have “jumped ship” on Wikileaks, are fakes.

This is new, or is it?

Wikileaks has been exposed, over and over, for fabricating material, for its ties to Israeli “exceptionalism” and neocon extremism in the US and for the coddling it receives from the “fake news.”

“Not so new ‘revelations’” tie WikiLeaks to supposed Rothschild conspiracies, or anti-semitism, but even as Assange is exposed as a fabricationist and “showman,” even as a global war monger and hypocrite, the press continues to spin, to fake, to ignore and defend.

Sources in Special Branch and MI5 have long claimed that Assange barely makes it back to the Ecuadorian embassy for his public appearances and interviews.  They claim he is shuttled among the great homes of Britain and France’s banking elites.

The truth, upon analysis, shows Wikileaks to be just another asset, part of the “tool box” used to form public misconception, to smear, to denigrate and mislead, a job taken to new heights by Facebook and Google.  Behind them, Black Cube, Idea Groups and Jigsaw, the White Helmets, Hollywood and the entirety of the MSM.

Behind them, the Deep State.

The recent Cambridge Analytics scandal, suppressed and contained before it revealed that all communications other than “whispers in the dark” are recorded, analyzed and put to use to serve a dark agenda of control, is the story behind Wikileaks and its “sisters.”

Who do we mean?  Early on, Wikileaks was tied to intelligence agencies, cited for spewing “chickenfeed” seeded with fabricated propaganda and conspiracy theories,” all “certified” with Hollywood orchestrated precision.  Wikileaks is the Spielberg production from hell.  Not one iota of it is real.

Wikileaks had gotten a “pass” for years despite being exposed nearly a decade ago for fabricating material and “fronting” for one or more intelligence agencies.  This story was broken on America’s last bastion, at the time anyway, of press freedom, PBS, the Public Broadcasting System.

Today’s news stories, currently being spun and controlled into “nothingness” by the MSM, when analyzed are attempts to save Wikileaks as an intelligence asset.  Taking the darkest and most obvious direction the Assange led “organization” has taken, their agenda is pretty clear, that of building world tensions on behalf of one or more client organizations seeking to increase Israeli control of American policy while ramping up a campaign against Russia.

All of this is done under the guise of complex fakery and the full backing of the controlled media.  In fact, Wikileaks has been exposed many times.

It was November 29, 2010, when guest, former Carter national security advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski, made a series of accusations against Wikileaks on the News Hour show with Judy Woodruff.

“The real issue is, who is feeding Wikileaks?  They are getting a log of information which seems trivial, inconsequential, but some of it seems surprisingly pointed, the very pointed references to Arab leaders could have as their objective undermining their political credibility at home.

It’s rather a question of whether Wikileaks is being manipulated by interested parties that want to either complicate our relationship with other governments or want to undermine some governments, because some of these items that are being emphasized and surfaced, are very pointed.

I wonder whether, in fact, there aren’t some operations internationally, intelligence services, that are feeding stuff to Wikileaks, because it is a unique opportunity to embarrass us, to embarrass our position, but also to undermine our relations with particular governments.”

Brzezinski then goes into the methods used by Wikileaks and what he claims is the intelligence agency behind them.

“Seeding is very easy.  I have no doubt that Wikileaks is getting a lot of the stuff from relatively unimportant sources, but it may be getting stuff at the same time from interested intelligence parties who want to manipulate the process and achieve certain very specific objectives.”

All of it is subterfuge.  Failing to connect “Black Cube,” the Israeli black ops contractor employed by Trump personally, the folks that helped serial rapist Harvey Weinstein, to keep him out of jail and push for a war with Iran, to Facebook, Google, Cambridge Analytics, Wikileaks and the Mossad, is a glaring demonstration of “absence of critical thinking.”

The common threads are frightening, including the least well hidden of all, blaming Russia for everything while cozying up to Russia for that “knife in the back” coup de grace, as demonstrated in the Trump and Netanyahu missile attacks on Syria.

Wikileaks is a myth, worse than a myth.  Analysis of press coverage, now unraveling, of Wikileaks and Julian Assange, is telling, and the story is frightening.  As Wikileaks insiders, or rather those who thought they were “insiders” come forward, the pattern emerges.

During the past few weeks, former followers of Julian Assange have been coming forward, exposing Wikilieaks for fabricating material and worse, far worse.  Wikileaks insiders like James Ball and someone calling himself “Iain” have come forward, or have they?  From the website DailyBeast:

“‘Information and false information have always been weapons, used at all levels of society, from the family structure to the state, and WikiLeaks… uses both, and not just to inform or mislead society, but to literally reshape it according to a singular viewpoint. It is a viewpoint that speaks of ‘annihilation’ and then acts in the taking of political “scalps.”’”

— Iain, former WikiLeaks supporter

WikiLeaks baffled some supporters when it started seeding or promoting fake news about Hillary Clinton’s health, Pizzagate, and even Democrats engaging in satanic rituals at the same time it was releasing genuine material stolen from the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton campaign.”

There is little question that institutions in the US and around the world are corrupted, with government, education, culture and of course the culture subset of “media,” which now combines fake news and propagandized fiction, at new levels.

None of this is new, every war is a war of words and ideas, almost always fake, an endless stream of propaganda to send young men from farm or factory into cemeteries around the world.


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