Blockbuster! Doomed MH370 Plane Was Downed to Prevent Repeat of 9/11


Editor’s note: Malaysia has long been a target of Israel. If this story has legs, and we believe it does, there is no other possible answer, then Israel needs to be brought to justice for killing hundreds.

(Redacted excerpt from highly classified diplomatic letter outlining the role of XXX and XXX, meaning VT personnel, in investigation MH370-17 ties to false flag terrorism)

There is already strong proof that Israel worked with Ukraine to down MH17 as well, more of Israel’s war on Malaysia and Russia as well, a “two-fer” as it were.

VT has spent the last week tracing hacks by Israel and US intelligence working with Google Corporation to shut us down. It is stories like this that they are trying to suppress, one the Russians got anyway. Push us further and we will take the gloves off and release some of our reptile files, stuff that makes Wikileaks look like child’s play. Consider this a warning.


[ Editor’s Note 2: VT was all set to go to Malaysia with an all-star list of talent – everything from former FBI agents to the expected experienced crash investigators.

Then at the last minute Malaysia pulled back, not just from us, but from any formal investigation. The reasons as to why was a short list, and when we asked directly, their answer was yes, they had been threatened with assassination.

Who? There was only one suspect – a country that does not fear doing such things, even though they are a little country, as there is a long record of no one spanking them in the past for anything, thus spoiling the child. Our mothers were all correct.

And we don’t believe that after the past month of relentless hacking, which has had tech experts at the data center where our server is engaged in hunting down something they have never seen before, and made it their quest to find out.

Today they finished their trace, with the usual fake bread crumb trails to Iran for example, and to Jordan, another expected pasty pass through, but then to one that was not a standard patsy…the Netherlands. Despite all the solid reporting we did on the Ukraine MH17 shootdown, their investigators never contacted us.

Dear Netherlands, that was a big screw up. A real investigation ALWAYS contacts media reporting controversial material with a history of deep sources. You should have called us just to check off the box that you did. You screwed up.

We cannot tell you more now, but will when the timing is right. The bad guys have talented people, and so do we, with the difference being that Gordon and I get to press the publish button.

The same happened when we learned quickly from a former pilot who had flown the same type of plane as MH370, that its Rolls Royce engines were constantly monitored by them, including all data and the plane’s location. When we published it, we never got a call from anyone wondering what else we might know… Jim W. Dean ]

– First published … February 02, 2019

It’s been almost five years since Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 disappeared over the South China Sea with 239 people on board. Two massive search operations produced no results, but aviation experts and private investigators still use every clue and piece of information to try and solve the mystery.

An MH370 hunter claims that the plane’s disappearance has to do with the Malaysian military panicking about the pilot’s potential suicide plan.

The doomed Boeing 777 disappeared above the South China Sea while en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing in March 2014, after making a leftward detour and flying toward the Indian Ocean. Massive search operations for its remains in the Indian Ocean produced no results.

Noel O’Gara, an Irish writer who has spent years struggling with the MH370 mystery, alleges that the military was scared by the Boeing veering off course in what could be an attempt to fly back to Kuala Lumpur and target the famous Petronas Towers.

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Then-Prime Minister Najib Razak was allegedly made aware of the change of course and convinced into shooting it down so as not to repeat a 9/11-style tragedy.

As O’Gara puts it, a military fighter jet was scrambled to intercept MH370 and fired a warning shot at the plane, which was carrying 239 passengers and crew. However, instead of alerting the airliner, the military aircraft is thought to have accidentally shot it down.

“Why did Razak within just a few hours of the downing decide to play dumb and tell the first press conference that the plane was missing?” O’Gara told the Daily Star.

“It’s possible that the hijackers were on a suicide mission which would mean there was no reasoning with them, or no demands were made.

On the other hand, it’s also possible the hijackers made demands which were rejected by Razak.”

The truth-seeker recalls that the initial search was conducted in a relatively small area of the South China Sea, where it went off radars. It was only a week after the plane’s disappearance that Razak ordered the search to include a much larger area in the Indian Ocean, quoting a credible source as saying that the plane made a turn back.

O’Gara believes the delay helped authorities cover up the military’s accidental downing of the plane.

Razak also said that, according to military radars, the plane ascended to 45,000 feet (13,700 metres), which is well above cruising altitude. The private investigator says it is “evidence of a violent struggle for control of the plane by hijackers.”

Almost five years since the Boeing’s vanishing, theories are still running wild about what happened to it — but most people believe the ill-fated aircraft crashed into the ocean. In 2015, a fragment of the plane wing was discovered east of Madagascar on Reunion Island and confirmed as coming from the missing aircraft. Malaysia, China, and Australia conducted a nearly three-year, $144-million surface and underwater search in the southern part of the Indian Ocean, which was called off in January 2017 after yielding no results.

Last May, US tech firm Ocean Infinity also ended its operations. The company searched over 112,000 square kilometres of ocean floor, also to no avail.

In July 2018, Malaysian investigators issued a lengthy report saying the Boeing was likely deliberately steered off course under manual control, but they failed to identify the culprits, if there were any.

A new development came later in November 2018, after several pieces of debris were found washed ashore in Madagascar.


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  1. Quote:
    “Corruption allegations[edit]
    Rolls-Royce has been accused numerous times of corrupt practices and bribery. Most recently, in 2014, facing allegations of bribery in the aftermath of the Sudhir Choudhrie affair, Rolls-Royce offered to return money to the Indian government.[52] The Serious Fraud Office (SFO) also investigated allegations of bribery in Indonesia and China.[53]
    In February 2015 Rolls-Royce was accused of bribing an employee of Brazil’s state-controlled oil company to win a $100 million contract to provide gas turbines for oil platforms.[54]
    In October 2016 a joint Guardian and BBC investigation alleged widespread corruption by Rolls-Royce through middlemen in foreign countries including Brazil, India, China, Indonesia, South Africa, Angola, Iraq, Iran, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia. Rolls-Royce became subject to a major SFO investigation.[55]
    Alleged defects[edit]
    In 2013 media reported allegations from two American ex-employees that thousands of the company’s new jet engines were assembled with used parts.[56]
    Settlement with SFO[edit]
    In January 2017 Rolls-Royce came to an agreement with the SFO to pay £671 million under a deferred prosecution agreement to avoid prosecution for bribery to obtain export contracts.[57][58] As part of this agreement, a $170 million fine was paid to US authorities to end a bribery investigation,[59] and $25 million to the Brazilian authorities.[57]
    Subsequent to the settlement, Private Eye reported that some of Rolls-Royce’s contracts under the scope of the SFO investigation had been supported by the British government’s UK Export Finance department, using taxpayers’ money. The government department underwrote multimillion-pound liabilities under Rolls-Royce contracts secured with the help of bribes and “facilitation” commissions. It has also been highlighted in the press that Rolls-Royce’s auditor since 1995, KPMG, had failed to identify any corrupt practices throughout the 1990s and 2000s. This is notable considering judge Brian Leveson’s statement that Rolls-Royce’s offending was “multi-jurisdictional, numerous”, “persistent and spanned from 1989 until 2013”, and it “involved substantial funds being made available to fund bribe payments”.[60]”

  2. “Next time the water doesn’t flow from the well, you’ll have
    instead of digging 400 meters of pipe
    to just check the valve.”

    It won’t salve anyone’s ego here to note that nobody checked the source of the ruse – one Noel O’Gara from Mullingar, Co. Westmeath who drew the ire of both the British and Irish judiciary for reasons on the zany edge of reason – or in other words stretching credibility. He is a business-man, a qualified accountant with a relentless propensity for tickling the nasal hairs of snooty, nose-in-the-air types. As I once wrote elsewhere, the Gaelic word for empty is ‘follamh,’ pronounced ‘full-of’. So, to say Mr. O’Gara is ‘full of it,’ would be – has been, the general consensus of those unfortunate enough to cross his path. As far as the Mossad being involved in paying him off with his pie-in-the-sky theory about Flight MH370 they would be hard-pressed to justify it … let alone entertain the ‘notion’. Who knows maybe in the middle of all he has to say there is a nugget of information to bolster the VT (see Ian Greenhalgh articles) version of events. I consider it unlikely if only for the allusion to the Kuala Lumpur Twin towers shining a scorching torch-light on their finger-prints all over the Manhattan skyline on that fateful day they obliterated the lives of over 3,000 Americans in collusion with the countless traitorous thugs who sold their country down the Potomac into Chesapeake Bay.

  3. The story about MH370 routed to Diego Garcia makes the most sense and flight logs in DG seem to be missing in that time period. Najib is extremely corrupt, probably more so than Mahathir and quite possibly on the take from Israeli goons.

  4. I wonder if the Israelis managed to place mini nukes in the Petronus towers before this false flag attack, just to prove that jet fuel(kerosene) really can melt steel just like at the WTC. DUH !!

  5. “reptile file” in clandestine op lingo means “dirty” like sex with kids or eating babies

    watch more films

  6. The only source of infallible knowledge, the Bible? Of course, and you’ll be in heaven worshipping a hairy white guy wearing a robe with a circumcised weiner, sitting on a cloud. Although you will only see this after you die. How plausible.

    Warren East CBE
    Chief Executive Officer

    Chris Cholerton
    President – Civil Aerospace

    Mark Gregory
    General Counsel

    Officers of Rolls Royce:

    The authors of this article in VT, Managing Editor Jim Dean and Senior Editor Gordon Duff have documented that your company is refusing to release the engine data of where a plane with one of your engines vanished some 5 years ago with hundreds of innocent passengers and crew killed. Isn’t it time all of you stepped up to the plate and provided this essential information which could lead to the location of the crash site?

    How about it? Suppose your loved ones had been on this flight. Would you then display some guts and gumption to reveal the truth to aid in the investigation? How can you face your children and family knowing this information but hiding it from the authorities? Shame on you.

    Haven’t you betrayed all the rules of honor and integrity and science and engineering by taking the cowardly road of deafening silence to the world? Shouldn’t all of you cowards resign if you continue to refuse to release this simple information?

    Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

  8. I thought immediately of the Chosen ones with each of these incidents, or for that matter, when anything unexpectedly explodes……gets hacked, or has an instant patsy explanation.

  9. So just to clarify, the main body of this article describes MH370 may have been accidentally shot down? So this article is in conflict of previous articles suggesting that MH370’s controls were taken over remotely and flown to an undisclosed location then re-branded as MH 17 which was destroyed over Ukraine? This article confuses me. Was MH17 really MH370 re-branded or what?

  10. Gordon and Jim you are talking about reptile files why don´t you publish them and let us know about that we don´t deal w humans so we can let down our guard not to hurt another human being ? Every love heart human is hurt by knowing not to deal w humans but reptiles

    • and your answer is? we have an occam’s razor issue here, which means you might well be in denial….again

    • Of course and who but Israel could keep that information secret. In the investigation, RR’s data stream was requested but refused. The aircraft also had a ‘fly by wire” override system, standard anti-hijacking ware, that would have diverted the plane to land at the nearest capable facility. That was hacked as well.

    • They knew as long as they were attacked to the plane and were running. And they would have known the last reported tech transfer. We knew that something was amiss as soon as nothing came out from Rolls Royce, and then confirmed when we published it and got nothing but silence.

    • Why would Rolls-Royce Holdings plc withhold this information, and why were no legal steps taken to obtain it? Threats of losing future armaments contracts (for the first question)?

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