…by Jonas E. Alexis

New World Order agents in the United States are using a new diabolical tactic in Venezuela: famine. How are they actualizing it? They slapped sanctions on the entire country. The New York Times itself has acknowledged that the sanctions are intended to target both President Nicolás Maduro and the oil company.[1]

The opposition group in Venezuela, which is funded and supported by NWO agents in the United States, have said that they want “to deliver tens of millions of dollars in food and medicine to ease devastating shortages and undermine the authoritarian rule of Nicolás Maduro.”[2]

Wait a minute. Do these people really think that we are stupid? If they were really sincere, why didn’t they target the root of the problem in the first place? Why didn’t they tell the United States and other covert agents to remove the sanctions, which would have solved the food crisis overnight?

What we are seeing here is that the opposition group is getting their orders from the United States, which is currently using famine for ideological purpose in Venezuela. The ideological strategy is pretty straightforward: starve a sizable number of the population, and then provide food and shelter for them so that they can blame the current crisis on Maduro. The New York Times has essentially and indirectly been advancing the same ideology. They declared:

“Hunger has gripped the nation for years. Now, it’s killing children. The Venezuelan government knows, but won’t admit it.”[3]

Yet in the same article, we are told that “Venezuela has the largest proved oil reserves in the world.”[4] Well, well, well. Aren’t we just repeating history here? Aren’t New World Order agents using the same tactic that they employed in Iran in 1953, when they overthrew a democratically elected president by the name of Mohammad Mossadegh?[5] Haven’t they been using the same diabolical ideology to destabilize any country that they don’t like?[6]

The interesting thing is that Reuters and other news outlets have recently perpetuated subtly that the famine is caused by Maduro. They did not even remotely suggest that US sanctions could be the cause of the famine![7] How stupid can it get?

ABC News, an organ of the Zionist establishment and war machine, did the same thing when inadvertently blame Maduro for the debacle. The news cited the Venezuelan opposition leader, Juan Guaido, urging members of the nation’s military to join the opposition. He declared: “How many of you national guardsmen have a sick mother? How many have kids in school without food.”[8]

Guaido is not that dumb. He knows the United States is responsible for the embargo, therefore he was simply using the crisis to advance the New World Order vision. Once again, he wants to win to hearts of the Venezuelan people by pretending to feed them. Once they are fed with US “humanitarian” aid, then they won’t even suspect that the US caused the crisis in the first place. Maduro seemed to have perceived the diabolical plan, and blocked the convoys.

Let us say this to my fellow Americans who trust the New World Order media: start thinking! Do not allow ethnic cleansers and destroyers determine your worldview. Use reason and history to blow the entire New World Order ideology out of proportion. For example, we know what the New World Order did in Iran in 1953, in Iraq in 2003, in Afghanistan, in Libya, in Syria, in Guatemala, etc. Has anything good emerged from these diabolical manifestations?

You be the judge.

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  1. This gross mistreatment of innocent civilians and children in South America was why two time medal of honor winner Charlie Liteky turned in his medal and spent the rest of his life demonstrating against the outlaws in his own government for their dastardly acts and lies about their criminal activities:

    Charlie Liteky, activist who renounced his Medal of Honor, dies
    By Kurtis Alexander
    Updated 8:18 pm PST, Sunday, January 22, 2017

    • Photo: KATY RADDATZ, SFC
    File photo of Charlie Liteky and his wife Judy Liteky.
    Charlie Liteky, a former Army chaplain who received a Medal of Honor for carrying more than 20 wounded soldiers to safety in Vietnam but later renounced the award as a bold protest against U.S. foreign policy, died Friday. He was 85.
    A resident of San Francisco, Mr. Liteky had been a relentless champion for peace for decades, winning respect not only in antiwar circles during the Cold War and ensuing American conflicts in the Middle East but also from onetime colleagues and admirers in the military.
    At a protest outside a training base in Fort Benning, Ga., where Mr. Liteky twice was sent to prison for his pacifist acts, Army paratroopers and Navy commandos were said to come outside the gates on occasion to meet Mr. Liteky and thank him for his service.
    “He was a person who took his beliefs and his values very seriously,” said longtime friend David Hartsough of San Francisco. “If you love your neighbor and your neighbor is getting beat up, he did something about it. He believed that people in Central America and people in Vietnam and people all over the world were his friends and family.”

    • The Four Star Air Force General Richard Myers born March 1, 1942 from Kansas City, Missouri is one of the principals who sold out America on 9/11/01 and couldn’t even explain why the early warning system NORAD dismally failed that morning. He has received the highest award the Medal of Freedom from another traitor named Bush who along with Cheney and cronies in Israel pulled off the con false flag attack to get us into a war in Iraq and rob all Americans of their Constitutional rights:
      https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Myers How about it Four Star General Myers, why not demonstrate some final courage and come forward and spill the beans on the massive scam on America that day? It is 100% certain that General Myers knows all the dirt of 9/11/01 Why not do one final Patriotic Act General Myers for all Americans and then report to prison for the remainder of you cowardly life. Tell all Americans how gangsters in Israel, along with traitors Bush, Cheney, you and other traitorous four star generals pulled off the con of 9/11/01 on America. General Myers also has a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

  2. Bad timing on the article Alex….Max Blumenthal and a host of other people have recently gone there and documented that there is no food crisis, food shortages for certain imports sure…but the average citizen is well fed.

    All the worlds a stage though, the internet is rife with vitriol for Madura and those poor ignorant socialists.

    • buy a plane ticket and go see for yourself. why? all the world’s a stage, for the storytellers and narrators.

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