February 25, 2019 Meeting in Doha: Genocide, Ethnic Cleansing are War Crimes


To the Honorable Alice Wells

U.S. Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for South and Central Asian Affairs

U.S. Department of State

RE: February 25, 2019 Meeting in Doha.

Dear Deputy Wells:

It is widely known that peace talks between the United States officials and the Taliban representatives will be held in Doha, Qatar, on February 25, 2019. I believe the United States does not really want true peace in Afghanistan. It is still a divide and conquer tactic. These peace talks are just a farce.

I have worked for peace in Afghanistan for four decades. I know war as I fought against the Soviets and Afghan communists in the 1980s. I hate war. I would like talks to end in true peace but I am skeptical and very concerned because of Trump’s and his administration’s actions.

I believe that to show that the United States’ talks are sincere that an exchange of prisoners would be a good first step.

First, for true peace to be possible in Afghanistan, I believe the United States must withdraw all of its troops from Afghanistan and all other foreign forces must also leave. In addition, I believe the Trump administration must not replace the U.S. troops with CIA paramilitary forces and private contractors/mercenaries which Trump has indicated he wants to do. Over the past 18 years, the United States has used hundreds of thousands of private contractors/mercenaries and CIA paramilitary forces in Afghanistan, whose presence has not been made known to the American public. This continued and additional use of these mercenaries and CIA paramilitary forces will definitely not lead to peace. The United States must stop using such forces and mercenaries in Afghanistan. Also, the Afghan people do not want the United States to control Afghanistan’s intelligence services, national police and army. The Afghan army and police must defend Afghanistan and not be under the control of the United States especially the CIA. Afghans want complete in dependency.

Second, for there to be true peace, of course Afghanistan must not allow its territory to be used by foreign terrorists including mercenaries who have terrorized Afghans. It must not support terrorism. Afghanistan has a history of defending its homeland and territory against foreign invaders/occupiers such as Great Britain in the 19th century, the Soviet Union in the 1980s and for the past 18 years the United States. It does not have a history of committing terrorist acts against other countries.

Afghans were not responsible for the tragic events of 9/11. Afghans have been scapegoated and the media falsely has led Americans to label Afghans as responsible. There were no Afghan citizens taking over the planes on 9/11 only Arabs. The United States’ use of armed force against Afghanistan could not and cannot be justified by the right of self defense against an armed attack, because the armed attack could not and cannot be attributed to Afghanistan. In 2001, the State of Afghanistan, governed by the Taliban, had no overall control over Osama Bin Laden or his followers, “Al Qaeda”. The U.S. could not and cannot attribute the armed attack of September 11, 2001 to the State of Afghanistan by simply alleging that the Taliban harbored Al Qaeda or it was a mere safe haven.

I strongly believe the creation of Al Qaeda can be attributed to the U.S. In the 1980s, when the brave Afghans were fighting against the Soviet Union and the puppet Afghan communist government, the United States trained Osama Bin Laden and other Arabs in Texas. Then the United States brought these Arabs to Afghanistan and trained them along with others in CIA training camps in Paktia Province, Afghanistan. I have first hand knowledge because I was fighting in Afghanistan at that time against the Soviet invaders. I saw these CIA camps and Arabs, which the Afghans did not want or need in Afghanistan. The United States had overall control over these CIA training camps for these Arabs, who eventually attacked the United States on September 11, 2001. The armed attack can be attributed to and imputed to the United States’ action of training Osama Bin Laden and his followers in CIA training camps. Instead, the United States decided to scapegoat the State of Afghanistan, and invade, occupy and wage a war against it for these past 18 years.

Furthermore, there was no imminent threat that Afghanistan would attack the US or another UN member country. Self- defense can only be used to repel an attack. Immediately after the tragic events of 9/11, the attacks stopped. There was no imminent threat to attack the US by the Afghan government before or after 9/11. The United States must stop scape-goating the Afghan people. They are not the terrorists.

Third, I strongly believe the United States needs to stop bombing the Afghan women in the villages. Freedom for Afghan women means an Afghan woman being able to live in her country, with her family, with her culture being respected, with her honor in tact, with her faith being respected, and without foreign drones and intelligence balloons flying and buzzing overhead, without puppet leaders in Kabul, and without the constant fear of foreign soldiers, U.S. mercenaries and CIA paramilitary and special op forces invading her home and privacy, terrorizing her and threatening her safety and honor. An Afghanistan occupied by foreign military and private mercenaries, who are terrorizing the villagers, with widespread drug trafficking, and with rampant systemic corruption is a country where there can be no true freedom for women or anyone. The media likes to report that more Afghan women have cell phones than they did before the war. The fact that they have cell phones in their hands does not give them safety and freedom in a country that is occupied by foreign troops and mercenaries, who are scapegoating and terrorizing them. The withdrawal of U.S. and foreign troops, CIA paramilitary forces and mercenaries will give Afghan women their freedom and safety.

In addition, I strongly believe that the United States needs to have as part of their withdrawal a plan to take care of the hundreds of thousands of Afghan children, who have suffered these past 18 years. Afghan children are especially the victims of this ugly U.S. war and occupation. Afghan puppet administration officials, funded and supported by the United States, are bringing poor Afghan children to guest houses “brothels” where they are sexually molested. It is common knowledge that many of these houses are paid for with U.S. monies. These crimes and corruption must be the number one focus of investigations. Afghan medical doctors in hospitals such as Gandhi Children’s Hospital in Kabul, who have treated these children, have told me about these crimes. These medical doctors are afraid to report these crimes to the government officials for fear of retaliation. These doctors need to be brought to the United States to testify before an investigative committee. How shameful! Afghan children have been raped, bombed, sodomized, molested, maimed, killed, tortured, injured, terrorized, traumatized and orphaned in this illegal war these past 18 years. There needs to be justice for these Afghan children. As part of any talks, there needs to be a plan that provides medical and mental treatment and therapy for these children. There needs to be a plan that provides educational and financial support for these children. They are the future generations, who need to be nurtured, healed and made whole so that they can live peace and carry it forth. There cannot be peace until these children, who are the innocent, silent victims of this ugly war receive justice, care and services. It will cost a lot less and be more effective in establishing security in Afghanistan and the world than the trillions the U.S. has spent on bombs, uranium tipped weaponry, weaponized drones, cluster bombs, bunker busting bombs, mercenaries, troops etc.

Unfortunately, this war and occupation have not been about freedom for Afghan women or the education and nurturing of the Afghan children. It is all about Afghanistan’s Rare Earth Elements! Only after Trump learned from the Pentagon about Afghanistan’s rare earth elements (REEs) deposits worth trillions did he decide to stay in Afghanistan- a war the U.S. has lost. At one of his media events in 2017, Trump himself boldly stated that he wanted the United States to “exploit” the REEs. The Pentagon kept the existence of the vast deposits of REES in Afghanistan under the radar. As the past two years have shown, Trump cannot help himself. When he was briefed about the REEs worth trillions, his inability to keep quiet and his greed took over. He had to state that he wanted to exploit them in the media. His friends, Michael N. Silver of American Elements, a company that specializes in mining REEs and his adviser, billionaire friend, Stephen A. Feinberg of Dyncorp will benefit from this exploitation. Probably Trump and his family will too.

The U.S. under the Trump Administration and NATO escalate the war against and the massacring of Afghan/Pashtun villagers in Helmand and other mainly Pashtun areas where the super majority of the Rare Earth Elements (REEs) are located. REEs are used in the manufacture of vital modern defense systems and weapons and in a lot of modern technological products. The U.S. and war profiteers all want to exploit the Afghan/Pashtun villagers’ REEs and other mineral wealth. The only roadblock to this successful exploitation is the Afghan Pashtun villagers in the Helmand Province, where almost all of the vast untapped REEs worth trillions are located. They are fighting to defend their homeland, their families and their mineral wealth from being exploited by superpowers, greedy neighbors, other war profiteers and northern alliance warlords. The Afghan Pashtun villagers are the native, indigenous people of Afghanistan. It is their land especially the REE rich Helmand Province. Its all about control over and exploitation of these REEs. The U.S., NATO and its puppets have been trying eliminate the road block by massacring and relocating the Afghan. Pashtun villagers. The UN needs to stop blaming the Afghan Pashtun villagers. They are the victims. That is not “fake” news. I strongly believe peace cannot be achieved without addressing the Afghan people’s REE wealth and how to safely mine and share it with the world where all of the Afghan villagers get a piece of the rich REE pie and do not get cancer from the radioactive byproducts. The REEs are being stolen from the Afghan people. Alaskan natives het quarterly checks from the oil piped out of their native lands. Such a program for the Afghan natives will lead to peace and prosperity. The Afghan people and the U.S. will benefit. Sharing the wealth with the Afghan native villagers will bring peace. It needs to be part of a peace plan.

The vast untapped deposits of REEs are located on the Afghan/Pashtun villagers’ land mostly in Helmand Province and other Pashtun areas throughout Afghanistan. The Afghan/Pashtun villagers are fighting to defend their land that is being taken from them for control over the REEs. It is really not about terrorism. It is really about exploiting the Afghan’s REEs! The United States has lost the war but it continues to massacre the Afghan villagers, mainly Pashtun, in their villages in Helmand Province where the vast untapped deposits are located. The Afghan Pashtun villagers are the only resistance and road block to the United States and other war profiteers’ exploitation and theft of the Afghan Pashtun villagers’. Rare Earth Elements.

Trump sees the escalation of the war, which targets the villagers in Helmand, as the only way for the United States to control and exploit the Earth Elements (REEs) such as lithium, worth trillions, which are vital to defense systems and technology. It allows the United States to build its strategic stockpile of REEs. In a Pentagon internal memorandum, the Pentagon called Afghanistan “the Saudi Arabia of Lithium”. REEs such as Scandium, Yttrium and fifteen lanthanides are key ingredients in a number of military applications such as guided missiles, lasers, radar systems, night field equipment, battlefield communications, guidance and control systems for Tomahawk Cruise missiles, smart bombs, predator unmanned aircraft etc.

The U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) is establishing a strategic stockpile of these REEs as it has an insufficient supply to meet its demand. China has mined REEs in its country and has dominance as the main supplier of REEs that are of strategic importance to the U.S. military. China controls 90% of the world’s supply. According to petroleumnews.com (03/31/2013), U.S. Senators Mark Begich and Lisa Murkowski, and Representative Mike Coffman, stated that “’clearly rare earth supply limitations present a serious vulnerability to our national security…” The U.S. DOD provided Congress with a written report on its REE demand and stockpile requirements. The United States was looking for a new supply chain for REEs. Based on information I have received, I strongly believe the United States knew about the REEs deposits in the Helmand Province even before the tragic events of 9/11 and before it chose to invade and occupy Afghanistan long term. Soon after its invasion in October, 2001, the United States dropped down geologists into the REE deposits in Helmand with special operation forces.

The U.S. has used special aircraft with special technology to look at the subsurface geological strata to map out the location of REE deposits in Afghanistan. The DOD has a special division to address REEs. Afghan villages located near the vast REE deposits are bombed and destroyed. The Pashtun villagers are forced to relocate or are killed. They are wrongly labeled “terrorists” because they resist the destruction of their homes and villages and the stealing of their minerals .I believe the U.S. and its Afghan puppet government are committing war crimes. They are terrorizing the Afghans in these areas. In September, 2012, when I met with Amb. Hugo Llorens, second in charge of the U.S. Embassy in Kabul, he talked about the REE deposits. He thought because of my engineering background I would be interested in obtaining a contract to be involved in the REE mining. I am not a war profiteer. I would not profit from war and the blood of my Afghan brothers. As part of any peace a plan, the Afghsn villagers need to profit from their REEs.

It is all about Afghanistan being the United States’ new supply chain for REEs! It is not about nation building. It is not about terrorism! It is not about helping the Afghan people! A former State Department employee, who worked on the ground in Afghanistan, told me in an e-mail that the U.S. government does not care about Afghans. Of course, REEs are never discussed at the hearings of the armed services committees or the recent UN meeting. Why has the U.S. been so secretive about the REEs in Afghanistan? It is much easier for the U.S. strategically to steal and stockpile the REEs. I strongly believe when it kills the Afghan Pashtun villagers to achieve this goal the U.S. has to make it look like the killing of the villagers was to stop terrorism. To achieve peace at the talks, the United States needs to stop the games regarding the REEs and have a plan that spreads the wealth and lets the U.S. benefit from the REEs too.

The U.S. war in Afghanistan to exploit REEs is illegal. The United States’ invasion and occupation of Afghanistan violates the UN Charter and international law. First, the United Nations’ Charter is a treaty which was ratified by the United States. As a ratified treaty it became part of US law. Therefore the US must comply with the UN Charter. Article 2 (4) of the Charter, bans the use of armed force against another country except under two circumstances. It reads, “All Members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state, or in any other manner inconsistent with the Purposes of the United Nations.” This article has also become part of the international customary law.

Under the UN Charter, there are two exceptions to the ban on the use of armed force. First, a country can use armed force against another country in self-defense as provided for in Article 51. Second, a country can use armed force when the UN Security Council approves such force to maintain or restore international peace and security. Neither of those exceptions were met before the United States invaded Afghanistan and began waging war.

The United States’ war in Afghanistan is beyond the scope of self-defense allowed by Article 51. Self-defense can only legally take place when an armed attack takes place against a state. The Afghan government in 2001, the Taliban, did not attack the United States on 9/11. Nineteen individuals, 15 from Saudi Arabia, attacked the United States. The State of Afghanistan did not attack the United States. A non-state actor, Al Qaeda allegedly did. That is a fact. No evidence has ever been produced by the United States to the contrary. Propaganda, speculation and expert opinions in the media do not constitute credible and relevant evidence.

In addition, the UN Charter and well established international customary law, provide that self-defense would warrant only measures, which are proportionate to the armed attack and necessary to respond to it. It must not entail retaliatory or punitive actions. The US war tactics in Afghanistan are retaliatory, punitive and illegal. In and of itself, the use of cluster bombs, drones, uranium tipped weapons is a disproportionate use of force and unnecessary force. The US’s illegal use of self-defense is collectively punishing an entire nation. It is in violation of the UN Charter and international law. The right to Self-Defense set forth under Article 51 cannot be legally used against Afghanistan because the Afghan government allegedly refused to extradite Bin Laden. Extradition matters are resolved through peaceful measures in courts and not through the use of armed force with massive cluster bombs, drones, uranium tipped weapons etc, which have killed thousands of innocent Afghans during the past eighteen (18) years. This illegal war and continual killing of innocent Afghans violates the UN Charter and international law. It is not legal self-defense under the UN Charter, international law or any law. The use of the “Mother of all bombs” in the Achin District of Afghanistan was a war crime committed by the United States under the Trump Administration. It was a disproportionate use of force. Civilians were targeted and killed even though the United States and its puppet Afghan administration and the UN covered up the war crime.

The recent UNAMA(United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan), report about civilian casualties blames the Afghan victims. It is true that there were more Afghan civilians killed in 2019 but UNAMA fails to blame the United States under the Trump administration’s escalation of the war for these increased deaths. The Trump administration dropped more than 10,000 bombs on Afghan villages. UNAMA protects the United States and hides its war crimes. The United Nations does not need to be involved. These past eighteen years have shown that the UN is a puppet on U.S. string. I realized this earlier in my journey for peace. On September 30, 2012, while I was in Afghanistan when I met with Dr. Talatbek Masadykov, Director of Political Affairs for UNAMA, he told me that his agency cannot do anything without the United States’ approval.

The United Nations and UNAMA do not need to be involved in Afghanistan because they really work for the U.S. who pays the largest portion of the UN budget. The United States is using United Nations especially UNAMA to do its dirty work and cover up war crimes. The genocide, ethnic cleansing, massacring, torturing, raping, disappearing, slaughtering of several hundred thousand innocent Afghan/Pashtun villagers are war crimes and human rights violations. The United States, NATO, the puppet Ghani and their administration and others have committed war crimes in Afghanistan during these past eighteen years.

During these past eighteen years, the UN Security Council, who is a puppet of the United States and other superpowers, observed as the United States and NATO has waged its illegal invasion of Afghanistan and war against the Afghan villagers. The UN concealed and did nothing about the war crimes committed by the United States and its puppets and mercenaries, and NATO against the Afghans. Now, the UN is watching as the Trump administration escalates its war crimes against the Afghan Pashtun villagers. It did nothing about the mother of all bombs being dropped on the Achin District or the current massacring of Afghan Pashtun villagers in the Helmand Province and other Pashtun areas. The United Nations has no business to speak on behalf of the Afghan villagers about peace when its inaction and actions show otherwise.

The U.S. cannot win the war in Afghanistan. I do strongly believe peace can be attained but only through sincere talks. The American and Afghan people want a true “win” which can mean peace and an end to the U.S. war and occupation of Afghanistan.

Stop these war crimes! Bring true peace.


Kadir A. Mohmand


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