VT’s European Jewish Problem

the Senior Editor having lunch with VT staff in Paris, 2018

…by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

VT is currently the most effective intelligence source in the world.  It was built out of contacts and friends around the world, some from the intelligence community, some from banking, some from commercial trade in wine, oil and gas, mining and other areas.  Some, of course, from defense contracting.

Along the way, we picked up retired journalists, academics, diplomats and lots of aging spies.  We even have an editor serving in the Russian embassy in Paris as well, rooming in with our “Jewish” bureau chief.  It gets complicated here.

I preface this because we have a Jewish problem, particularly in Europe.  It runs two directions.  Of VT’s bureau chiefs, a significant number are Jewish.  All are close personal friends and have been for years.

Those in Europe, particularly in France, have been under attack by those who demonstrate open prejudice against Jews.  I won’t use the fake term “semites.”  No Jew working for VT is a “semite,” and all of us know it and laugh about it all the time.

However, particularly in France, we have received government harassment at every level and are sick of it.  I have a long history of working with the highest levels of France’s counter-terrorism and defense community and should be treated with some deference which rightly should pass on to our bureaus.

I can tell you this, the “powerful” Jewish community in Paris, the real one, has no power at all.  There is a Mossad and Zionist presence there and that does nothing for Jews, quite the opposite.

This brings me to point number two.  We also have Islamic sources, writers and scholars, some in France and elsewhere.  They are deeply opposed to Zionist influence in France and Britain.  In Britain, it isn’t a problem, there is freedom of press there and civility.  London does have  a powerful Jewish community where VT has powerful friends and we openly discuss our very real differences.  It is refreshing.

In France, our Islamic brothers who may not understand the Jewish community so well but openly attack Zionist influence over Macron and his cronies, something all of us see too openly, are being attacked.

Some are academics, some have standing with French intelligence agencies having worked in North Africa and elsewhere.  We are living through our own version of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.”  This is right out of “Mengele.”

They are being rounded up and some are being put in psychiatric hospitals and forcibly drugged for “Jew hating.”  Anti-Zionism is not “Jew hating.”  Jew hating angers me.

It is a disease, hate is a disease.  Early on in Germany we began putting a Menorah in our window, one on a city square in one of Germany’s busiest Christmas market downs, each year.  There was a reason for this.  You can guess what that was.

Years ago in the Czech Republic (before the breakup), we established the first Kosher food distribution for a nearly non-existent Jewish population and, of course, produced the first Kosher beer in Eastern Europe.

VT’s primary rule is to stand against hate and prejudice of all kinds.  In Israel, this makes us politically moderate and being moderates, we are labeled “Jew Haters.”

In France, we are sick and tired of Macron and his games, a petty stooge of right wing extremists and world organized crime.  He is making life impossible for everyone, Jew, Muslim and, oh yes, there are French left who are neither.

You see, in France, it isn’t supposed to matter.  To VT, Macron’s games remind us of the Nazis the same as Netanyahu’s in Israel, ethnic cleansing and race war.  We recognize it, we aren’t idiots, nor are our readers.  And so it goes.


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  1. I always ask the priests, what would happen to Catholic theology if Jesus turned out to be a black Nigerian ?


  2. the only thing I can see is that how ones call into the wood so it calls back. It has nothing to do w race, etnicity or other things but w human weakness. Who wants to show his weakness and being slapt around the face constantly w/o mercy and never hits back ?

  3. As Atzmon points out, the only things all Jews have in common is tribal identity (and as Duff and Greenhalgh mentioned, even that is not universally agreed upon). The rest is too obvious to need to be stated.

  4. These days, you can watch closer at nearly every place in estern Europe, the game they play is almost the same everywhere. The amount of influence may vary, depending on the local circumstances, but the clearly divisive politics and coming into the foreground under various pretences can be easily observed by simply reading daily news or watching TV as well as on Radio.

    I always get this uncanny felling that my mind is beeing played with a very specific intent to an even more specific goal, which may in some cases be of a more subtile psychlogical nature, but mostly indicating a growing anxiety and nervousness of the game players, coupled with a more and more brute force kind of speech.

    As always, especially in my German country, in parallel to all this it often seems as if no one seems to notice. In addition to this rather unreal situation, no one really speaks about all this, which adds up to this menage of a very real feeling in the air, that makes peole feel uncomfortble with no response.

  5. It’is a great honor for me to be the particle of VT. Recently, another russian and my favourite http://www.topwar.ru was acknowledged as military and analytics resource #1 in the global WWW, above all popular US and Chinese military sites. . It is a twin-brother of VT of some kind. Too bad, that it has no english translation.
    Thank you, VT!

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