QANON: Hope and Heartbreak


By Alan Ned Sabrosky

The psyop known as “Q” or “QAnon” is about to end. For years it/they delivered vague but supposedly well-informed hints of developments supposedly based on inside information. But a few weeks ago, “Q” became very specific.

It promised (or foretold) that on March 19th, supposedly some or all of up to 84,000 (!) sealed indictments will be opened in a cave or courtroom somewhere in Utah (!) or maybe elsewhere. This will result in mass arrests followed by military tribunals – maybe in Guantanamo Bay, perhaps already in progress – meting out justice to the transgressors, presumably most if not all Democrats and those to their left (!) although there is some uncertainty on this point.

It is a heady prospect: the thought of the Clintons and the Obamas and their minions, and their paymasters like George Soros and presumably the entire CNN “news” team and most of Hollywood in chains or solitary confinement under Marine guns awaiting summary trial and punishment was guaranteed to make some hearts beat a lot faster.

The likelihood that it would include the Bushes and Trump their minions, and their paymasters like Sheldon Adelson,  as well as the FOX “news” team and a lot of Wall Street and all of the neo-cons, was either a complication or icing on the “Q” cake, depending on who one was addressing.

Now, anyone who knows anything at all about the Federal justice system and the military justice system knows this is nonsense. In the old USSR, it could have happened, but then it would not have been concealed but official – they called it a purge. In the US, if it were possible, Obama and his cohorts would have been long gone and considering what he has and has not done, Trump and his key people as well.

It isn’t clear how any of this could be done without a full-fledged military coup – a “Seven Days in May” scenario that worked – nor how that scenario could even play out short of a dramatic national catastrophe, which we do not have; we are dying instead of a death of a thousand cuts.

But it didn’t happen and won’t. So why did and do so many intelligent people cling to the notion? Partly desperation – we have horrible problems: incessant wars, a $22 trillion national debt, and a society that increasingly looks like something the Mad Hatter created on a very bad day. And partly despair at any of the existing constitutional or political institutions being able even to address these issues, much less put them right.

Q (or QAnon) promised an end to these things, BY SO DOING SERVED ITS MAJOR PURPOSE: a lot of the most outraged and activist people deferred doing anything confrontational and kept their AR-15s on the mantle in the (ultimately vain) hope that some part of the system in some way would correct itself. So they waited and hoped, and kept waiting and hoping…

It won’t happen and was never intended to be anything other than a pacifier given a turbulent but still reasonably law-abiding and decent population. It worked admirably, and the hope of those who clung to “Q” has been like that of the passengers on the Titanic clinging to deck chairs in the icy waters waiting for rescue – and dying.

But those doomed passengers had a better chance than the people clinging to the promise of Q. The heartbreak on March 20th will be heart-rending to behold. I expect the architects of the Q phenomenon will laugh themselves silly.


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  1. According to many of Q’s followers, even when George H.W. passed, he had actually been taken to Gitmo and executed. “The note” to the bad people at the funeral was rumored to notify these slimy folks that they were next. When I was young I believed that God delivered comeuppance to the wicked on Judgement Day, but now I know that it was just wishful thinking. Q was a combined effort of US/Israeli intelligence groups, the same people who gave us 911 and have a great amount of influence on religion and almost everything else.

  2. Americans are suckers for linear thinking psychodrama & their master’s know that. Far more Mammon RA in ‘BS’ than there is in Truth. It’s like watching Celebrity Rehab Redux w/ the same perpetual addiction to ‘BS’ & group therapy. People will read any corrupt politicians BS Magnum Opus after they leave but never pick up true literary or historical masterpieces. America the fatted calf got slaughtered from within by being addicted to it’s own BS. America is being covertly compositionally balkanized while it’s culture simultaneously destroyed.

    • The worst part of it all is at the founding of our nation people were intelligent, they were hard working, there was hope for the future based on a solid set of good moral value. This was all destroyed over the course of 200 years. People don’t get that this is a conspiracy. King George et al thought this out long and hard. They devised a long range plan and carried it thru using every form of malicious conduct he could to capture our legislators. They changed laws and ruined the Constitutional and moral value of what our nation stood for. They did this so slowly we never knew. We never knew what was going on. The conspirators bred us into complacency, just like cattle.

      And here we are, a far cry from where we were.

      This was all planned.

  3. Yeah, it would be more than nice if the truth won out, and slugs and worms like obama, the clintons, bushes, et al. were all held accountable for 9/11, selling out to monsanto, and all the other crimes committed at their behest. A military tribunal, high treason at the top of the list of charges, executions and/or life sentences, as well as fines greater than the profits they’ve realized (at our expense) it would be a slam-dunk in any untainted courtroom, even the greenest of prosecutors could not fail to become a rising star, with all the evidence available…
    Imagine that.

  4. I find it interesting how Q shills for Trump- Wkikileaks indirectly shills for Trump- Kim Dotcom is partnered with Wikileaks- David Wilcock supports all three including Trump.

    David Wilcock is currently promoting this and his alien disclosure to a new mass of millennials and gen Z’ers through youtube channel EoW. His Marxist brainwashed audience is eating this stuff up. DW is very crafty- recently redirecting his message to this younger demographic.

    Trump is the prodigy of Russia, Zionists and ruthless elite American/European bloodlines. All a subsequent creation from the American Civil War, the Bolshevik revolution and the creation of Zionist Israel.

    My estimation is: Trump, as dirty as he is, was picked to lead this battle. A battle between multiple interest groups for control over US military might, financial creation and or world wealth management, the American adoration.

    How did he gain this?

    First he/they had to win over the American people. He did this with the help of Q, Wkikileaks, Kim dotcom, David Wilcock and all supporters of these interchangeable organizations. The audience just loves these groups- blind trust.

    With the strength of the Red Mafyia behind him, the rest is in the bag.

    All media is controlled opposition. All his public enemies are controlled opposition.

    Trump however is just another cog in the wheel. The “program” is the ultimate entity.

    One of these special interest groups will prevail.

    Under false pretense America falls in love with Q.

    Finally Trump will be liquidated as the program starts it’s new course unabridged by competitors as it will have none at this point, if the plan succeeds. “Trust the plan”- Q –

    The result: A global Absolute Monarchy- a one world order to rule them all.

    I’ve already disqualified DW and his insiders as he claims to support Einstein’s theory of relativity which has been proven to be false by true science. He is also promoting Al Gore’s global warming.

    I believe Q, Kim DotCom, Wikileaks and David Wilcock are not only working together but are independently interchangeable pieces of a very complex modular social construct created by the Red Mafyia (Soviet- Zionist- Bloodline) over the course of the last 100+- years.

    • I have been watching this with interest as well. DW has that slimey feel to him. But I have not ruled out Corey Goode as being genuine. Recently read the Law of One transcripts just to get an understanding of what they are talking about. Does the cabal have channels to nefarious off world entities giving them tech and asking for blood/fear in exchange? Hmmm…. Whether it is real or imagined the cabal seems to believe it.

      EoW and DW promotion of Trump stinks… and is the flashing red light that should send warning signals to all who are paying attention. Q, haven’t followed much of that sideshow. But it seems strange that Q would give a firm date that could eventually backfire. Wy burn an asset that seems to be working so well?

  5. See, if you leave the back door open and cat food out in the open, it attracts scavengers like possum and raccoons.

  6. I’ve talked with many that bought into the Qanon nonsense. They listen to Rush and watch Fox news. They know what’s going on. Blame the Liberals. This despite my telling them that Liberal means someone that has achieved freedom by being able to read and think for themselves. Liber is a book for Christ sakes. (I evoked Christ because of the Lenten season for all you Mackeral Snappers). Don’t give up reason for Lent.

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