Unfortunately, we are all limited by 24 hours per day. Even this amount of time is diminished by the time we need to sleep, eat, and fulfill our basic needs. Thus, if you do simple calculations, you will get a number between 8 and 10 hours per day that you can devote to your personal development.

What you do within that time influences your productivity and career opportunities directly. The way you schedule your activities, the format, and length of your meetings, and even the ability to distill useful information from the junk data are essential factors that allow you to establish a confident foothold in the labor market.

The way you allocate your free time has a direct influence on your results. Excellent time management skills allow you to complete all tasks duly without haste and sleep deprivation. When you plan your schedule, you can plan your future. This is called self-government, or, in other words, a possibility to steer your own “ship of fate.” On the other hand, poor time management skills often lead to low productivity and, consequently, a constant state of being in a hurry. It adversely affects your mental state and ultimately and can result in depression or low self-esteem.

Today, we will discuss the positive impacts of good time management skills on your performance.

Forget About Deadlines

Initially, the definition of deadline refers to a special area in prison that limited the space prisoners could walkabout. In case one of them crossed the mentioned limit, they could have been shot by guards. Nowadays, this definition is not commonly applicable anymore, but it reflects the general understanding of this word — this is the limit you will be punished for crossing (or missing). It can be a reduced grade for submitting a tardy assignment or salary decrease because of a delayed weekly report.

Solid time management skills help you forget about deadlines. If you plan your life, you should add each new task to your schedule as soon as it arises. In this case, you will do it always on time and will never forget about it. Furthermore, either you use the ordinary notebook for planning or advanced scheduling tools, such as mobile time managers, you can save a lot of your time.

First, we meet deadlines at the university — this is the first place where we are the only ones who are responsible for our time planning. But, being a student, you might find it difficult to manage all assignments and organize your day properly. Yes, some students succeed in time managing without additional efforts. But, that depends on one’s background and experience. The majority of students are not keen on time management during their first degree program. As a solution, they can buy essay papers and get some additional free time for other, non-academic activities. It is a common practice that allows students all over the world to have more free time and try to manage their daily routine, having an essay writing services as an airbag.

Avoid procrastination

Unfortunately, we do like procrastinating. According to TheGuardian, the majority of people are likely to see Facebook newsfeed or watching new trends on YouTube instead of focusing on the assignment. Moreover, the said people distinctly recognize that they are wasting time, but… There is always a sentence starting with “but” in their mind: “But this video might be helpful for me during the studies,” “But I can miss something in social media,” “But my friends have invited me to the online game, who knows when there will be another time they gather,” etc.

This is called a lack of self-discipline. If you do not set clear time frames, you always bear in mind a thought that you can postpone this task and come back to it later. But again and again, you face a challenge to complete your assignment in a rush, trying to make it before the deadline. Time management skills help you avoid that and many other problems. When you have a schedule and stick to it, you have everything planned and don’t have to hurry.

Get Rid Of Stress

Trying to combine all your activities, such as studying, volunteering, work, hobbies, dating, and social life may be stressful and complicated. 75% of the population claimed they had experiences stress they could not cope with. They suffer from daily routine stress that adversely affects your both physical and mental state. Everyday stress is a typical cause of illnesses, such as skin diseases, cardiac arrest, asthma, regular headaches, etc.

If you follow time management rules, you will forget about a negative health condition and will never be stuck at home because of poor health. Moreover, stress prevents you from positive communication with your colleagues. Being overwhelmed by tasks, you feel nervous and often express your negative emotions to your interlocutor. Thus, optimizing your schedule has a positive impact on your social environment as well.

You can also learn more from Adam Wright, the founder of the LifeHacker Guy, about his personal journey of procrastination, poor time management, and how he takes a lot of effort to lead a better, optimized, and extraordinary life.


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