Italy: School Bus in Flames for the Jihad of the Left



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I do not even care to know if the Italo-African bomber from Crema has ever voted Pd , he has the card or maybe just thanks to the friendships in this party (which governs in that town) he managed to get a job as a driver school bus in spite of the precedents for sexual harassment to a child and driving while intoxicated . On this aspect of the tragedy touched on yesterday in Lombardy, in San Donato Milanese, the Carabinieri who arrested him  must obviously shed light, in the hope never last to die that this time also the judges will raise the Communist vestments, the red cloak and the mutual good-looking to beat hard with an exemplary prison sentence of hypothetical future emulators. The police will have to ascertain whether in addition to the damage there is also the double joke of a person convicted for specific crimes to which the keys to the fate of 51 innocent pupils of the Vallati middle school in Cremona have been handed over , seized for 40 minutes of terror . This is nothing but the umpteenth confirmation of a filthy justice thanks to which the terrorist and matriculated criminal Massimo Carminati was able to create Mafia Capitale with sodale Salvatore Buzzito speculate, also through the recently closed Baobab reception center for obvious illicit actions, on the procurement for the management of the immigration emergency, made so by the suicide policies of the governments legitimized with great fanfare by the presidents of the Repo Giorgio Napolitano and Sergio Mattarella . This aspect of the disturbing affair is only the aggravating circumstance in disfigurement to the minimum decorum of a legality that before being killed by Italians crafty and naughty was massacred in the Palaces of Justice with prone sentences to the untouchable authority of the “deep state” : that super-governmental and transnational entity in which they plot, at least from 1860 with the Expedition of the Thousand and from 1943 with thelanding of the Allies in Sicily , high finance, hidden politics, Freemasonry, international secret services and various types of mafias and terorisms according to the historical moment. As judge Rocco Chinnici also claimed, killed with a bomb from Cosa Nostra ( see link to previous article Gospa News ).


The 47-year-old Senegalese Ousseynou Sy, an Italian citizen since 2004, at the time of arrest by the Carabinieri.

The real crux of the problem of Crema’s drama is to understand who armed the “mind” of the 47-year-old Senegalese Ousseynou Sy , an Italian citizen since 2004, the driver who yesterday morning, Wednesday 20 March, hijacked a bus with 51 students and gave him set on fire, forcing the soldiers of the Meritorious Weapon to make a desperate rescue intervention to evacuate the children from the vehicle, breaking the windows and thus avoiding the death and injuries of an attack that could have turned into a massacre. I do not dwell on the details in the news, widely reported by newspapers around the world ( link at the end of the article ). I really want to try to understand if and how much the obsessed fanaticism of the African driver –arrested by the Carabinieri for kidnapping, attempted massacre, fire and resistance with the aggravating circumstance of terrorism – he was incited, fed and even justified by the “jihad” of the left: the ideological “holy war” and the politics of contesting the control of the immigration approved by the Conte Government and strictly applied by the Interior Minister Matteo Salvini; even at the cost of an ignominious tug of war with the judges, following the investigation into the delayed embargo of the migrants of the Diciotti ship, which forced him to appeal to parliamentary immunity to demonstrate his consistency and determination in the reception aimed at monitoring and favor the real war refugees. That the casus belli of the attempted massacre, hatched even with the intention of going to Linate airport to make the bus go up in flames, were the new directives on the reception said the same bomber. The chief prosecutor of the Milan-based anti-terrorist pool Alberto Nobili and the prosecutor Luca Poniz admitted his motive: «The case of the Ionian Sea ship was the trigger, the straw that broke my vessel . ” He reiterated what he had already shouted in front of rescuers and carabinieri intervened to save the children from the burning bus: “I want to end it, the deaths in the Mediterranean must be stopped”. A clearly demagogic motivation, given that thanks to the new immigration policies launched by the Lega-M5s Government with greater preventive control action in international and national waters and the coordination with the Libyan Coast Guard, the travels and the deaths due to shipwreck connected to them have drastically decreased in the last year (202 arrivals so far in 2019 with a 94% drop).


The bus on fire on the Paulese provincial road near S. Donato Milanese (Mi)

But the Senegalese bomber climbed up on the mirrors also taking advantage of the last story of the Ionian Sea , the Italian migrant relief ship of the Mediterranea project , which on Tuesday came to ignore a specific order from a Guardia di Finanza patrol boat to reach the coast of Lampedusa. It remained in the harbor for a few hours but was subsequently landed regularly, as happened to the Eighteen Ship , with the immediate rescue of an immigrant with health problems and the subsequent landing of all the others. So here is the first inevitable question: the Senegalese protest because the Italian StateDid you save the so-called 49 refugees on the ship by making them wait a few hours with the terrible discomfort of a little seasickness? Or do you protest because the judiciary opened a file against unknown persons for aiding illegal immigration, seized the ship and then investigated the commander? The government’s point of view is very clear and has highlighted two violations of the so-called Salvini Law on Security and it is precisely on this assumption that Salvini himself has requested the arrest of the captain of the vessel and of the Head of Mission.

The Italian flag vessel Jonian Sea of ​​the Mediterranean NGO escorted to the port of Lampedusa by the Guardia di Finanza patrol boat

« The Ionian Sea has twice disobeyed the order of the Finance Police to shut down the engines. The sea was not rough and there was no danger of sinking – Interior Minister Matteo Salvini declared to Ansa – The Ionian Sea was closer to Libya and Tunisia , but it headed for Italy by subjecting immigrants to a longer journey. The ship did not notify Malta. He disobeyed the instructions of the Libyan Coast Guard. A behavior that demonstrates the clear intent to want to bring illegal immigrants to Italy ». These peremptory words of the Minister of the Interior echo those so emotional and unsubstantiated and current by Ousseynou Sy, who, like any astute protagonist of attacks, first clears the field from the insinuation that someone could have instigated him to the crime: ” It was my personal choice – he told the public prosecutors during the interrogation – I couldn’t take it anymore to see children torn by sharks in the Mediterranean, pregnant women and men fleeing from Africa». Sentences heard and resented millions of times by leftist propaganda that does not accept having been repudiated by Italian voters on 4 March 2018, especially for the disastrous immigration policies aimed at indiscriminate reception of real war refugees, economic and climatic migrants but also of very many laborers of the Nigerian mafias and a good number of ISIS jihadists. To those who still do not believe in the frequency of the intrusion of terrorists among the people rescued in the Mediterranean, it should be remembered that: most of the illegal immigrants arrive without documents, even making fun of the Italian authorities, so much so that among those of the Ship Diciotiarrived in Catania in August in 14 out of 41 declared to have been born on 1 January; Islamic fundamentalists of Daesh provide their fighters with travel awards in Europe, as demonstrated by a previous report by Gospa News ( link at the end of the article ).


Nigerian criminals arrested by the police in Palermo last year

That said, I no longer even care to know if the Senegalese really received encouragement, promises or money from some pro-immigration leftist activist to carry out his action , fortunately much more blatant than disastrous. To impute the moral responsibility of what happened to those who rant against the Security Law of the Conte Government (and therefore not only of Salvini), approved in large part by a democratically elected Parliament , the daily proclamations of incitement to hatred against the Ministry of the Interior , the demonstrations of disobedient rebels who revive the No-Globalremained almost always in hibernation for all the seven-year government of the left and, acer in fundo, the political protests of public administrators like Luigi De Magistris and Leoluca Orlando, respectively Mayor of Naples and Palermo : the two most mafia cities of Italy where Camorra and Cosa Nostra go hand in hand with the Black Thing , the Nigerian Mafia of international criminal organizations Black Ax, Eiye and Maphitewho are trafficking in human beings and organs, prostitution, drugs, extortion and have become the “neighborhood gangsters” at the service of the Italian criminals now in suits, disguised as entrepreneurs or bankers. The appeals of Orlando & co. Were born precisely in the disgusting jumble of this partisan policy of resistance to the laws of a State .to the other mayors to boycott the Security Decree which contains nothing but strict measures of expulsion or forfeiture of political asylum for criminals who commit crimes. The message conveyed by these champions of immigrant rights, in fact, theorizes the concept that the clandestine, coming from a disadvantaged country and not having sufficient civil culture, can safely commit crimes if he needs them to survive. Exactly as many enlightened left-wing Europeans claim that the rape of Muslims is not considered a crime because their male-dominated culture does not allow them to understand the gravity of the gesture. It would not be surprising if tomorrow someone would be expelled in an attempt to justify the terrible gesture of the pyromaniac Senegalese as a moment of understandable despair. At bottom,Mare Jonio , the Italian flag ship launched by left-wing activists through the Mediteranea NGO, especially with the money of Banca Etica (and the wrath of motli by the supporters of this last, see Il Giornale article ), in clear defiance of the Government’s restrictions of the Italian Republic that oversees the proper functioning of Frontex, the European Coast Guard and Border Agency , and the new Themis relief plan , which envisages a patrol of Italian military ships just 24 miles from Libya and the obligation to aid from the nearest coastal nation: this is why Mare Jonio should have first of all asked to land inMalta .


Luca Casarini, as leader of the No-Global in the protests that devastated Genoa in 2001 as head of the Mediterranean NGO on the Ionian Sea

There is however surprising that political, law enforcement and the judiciary do not take seriously the complaint and the prosecution of “intellectual instigators of this jihad of the political left, even able to take away from the popular naftlalina protester No- Global of the beginning of the third millennium, Luca Casarini , in order to make war on the Government and its laws. He is the one who set the antiglobalists against the G8 in Genoa paving the way for the notorious Black Bloc guerrillas who put the city to fire and sword from 19 to 22 July 2001,  exactly as they did on Saturday 16 March on the avenue des Champs-Élysées wedged between the Yellow Vestsand putting an end to the credibility of the popular protest already undermined by too many violent revolutionary tendencies. Today he is the Head of Mission and spokesman of the Ionian Sea: tears poignant reports on the poor immigrants on board the ship at the mercy of waves 7 meters high, which become 3 in the same words as the commander and are further halved in the analysis of the coast guard. Precisely the presence of an ancient enemy of globalization like Casarini makes the logic of the rebel left-wing partisans perverse and suggests that there are many other interests hidden behind it. How can, in fact, reconcile the logic of a bitter adversary of the globalization spread by the globalists of the international potentates of finance and politics with those mass migrations foreseen by the UN Global Contact projectso blessed by the left but born of the same globalist plutocrats to deprive every nation of sovereign identity? It can coincide if we think, as many say, including myself, that it is all part of a precise criminal design aimed at obtaining new low-cost servants for the multinationals’ labor market with indiscriminate immigration, to guarantee new slaves of trafficking illicit, business with constant need for money laundering that is well practicable in financial investments on the stock exchanges of the usual global speculators, and finally to create a climate of social tension so violent in which the rigor of very strict police laws, even against every ideology of alternative thought, can be used to eliminate the champions of true democracy and ethnic identity expression, religious and cultural heritage of each people. Therefore, even the unscrupulous and prejudiced Senegalese driver, author of an incendiary attack as dangerous as it would be innocuous in the end, could only be another pawn in the game ofinternational terror strategy . Like the Turk who fired on the Utrecht tram or the Australian-Jew who massacred New Zealand mosques . To understand who the directors could be read the previous article on Gospa News ” Christchurch, the Jewish killer trained by Mossad and Isis to kill Assad “.

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio
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