What is Wahhabism?


By Dr. Osama Ismail for VT

Corrupt groups that create sedition and destroy stability and the denial of society, it is time to hold accountable and expose the misguided stray band that has become a real nightmare for every moderate Muslim.
The Wahhabis, their hypocrisy, their eloquence, and their pretense, after their knowledge of the definition of Wahhabiism and its nature, were so much discussed, so we liked in this article to expose them and expose them to people.
The Wahhabis are the ones who Allah Almighty says among them: “Say:” Shall I tell you that the losers have done deeds? “Those who lost their pursuit in this life are reckoned to be good.
He also said in them: “The hypocrites warn that a surah will descend upon them, to prophesy them, including their hearts.
And he also said: (The expiation is more infidels and expiation, and it is better not to know the limits of what Allaah has revealed to His Messenger, and Allah is Knower, Wise.)
The beginning of the saying: Do not think that the spread of Wahhabism Vtawa on the Internet and spread as founding members in the forums famous, do not think good for them, but is evil and expose them to be necessary
This deviant band that brought us back to the era of sectarian conflicts and the struggles of the Islamic sects and out of its womb many extremist groups in Egypt, Algeria and Syria, and other corrupt groups that create sedition and destroy stability and expiation of society. The time has come to hold and expose this doctrine which has become a real nightmare for every moderate Muslim.
Personal characteristics of Wahhabis:
1 – accusing everyone who opposes them or criticizes them as apostates, that they are short fanatics trying to spread the spirit of division and hatred and division among the countries of the Islamic world
2 – personal defamation and mockery of the other opinion and others and the sarcasm and the seriousness of the controversy.
3 – love of the controversy has been forbidden by God and the fallacy and perseverance in the debate.
4 – Attempt to preach their doctrine and impose it on the minds of Muslims and readers in various deceptive ways and brainwashing.
5 – Evasion of the doctrine of the understanding they do not say they are Wahhabis, but claim that they are the Sunnis and the community to acquire power and legitimacy and deceive the simple and inexperienced. While it is just a radical deviant doctrine.
6. They remind us in the American style during the Cold War of accusing and blaming communism against anyone who opposes it.
7 – intellectual stalemate and extreme intolerance and non-acceptance of criticism and non-response to him and not to give advice and not to realize the mind in the legitimacy of their doctrine from the ground.
8 – lying and hypocrisy to defend their doctrine.
9 – Demonstrate with their opponents that they do not know the definition of Wahhabism and say misguided: taught me waiting for you do not evade .. Perhaps you give me Thtbaa Thuaaba.
The most important views of Wahhabism:
1- Prohibition of the use of the crescent as a symbol and emblem of Islam and thus reintroduce the term and emblem of the Red Crescent and the flags of Turkey and Algeria.
2 – Atonement of society in its civil image and saying its ignorance and atone for those who do not follow their doctrine.
3- Prohibition of celebrating religious festivals such as the celebration of the Prophet’s birth, the Islamic New Year, the night of the half of Shaaban, Ashura, Israa and Maraj. They only celebrate Eid al-Fitr and Adha and do not recognize any Islamic religious holidays.
4- Prohibition of celebration of national and national holidays such as evacuation, victory, declaration of the republic, revolution, independence, unity, fedayeen work in Palestine, nationalization of the Suez Canal, national holidays of cities and provinces,
5 – Prohibition of celebrating one’s birthday and the day of marriage and social holidays such as Mother’s Day, childhood and spring and workers and the day of the martyr and the orphan day and the like .. And considered a heresy also and resemble infidels !!!
6- Prohibition of playing chess, table tennis, and koheina, and it is considered as a facilitator, idols and shalom. And distracted from the mention of God.
6- Prohibition of visiting the Pharaonic antiquities and expiating them to the ancient Egyptians and hostile view of ancient Egyptian history and archeology.
7 – Prohibition of singing, music, painting, sculpture, photography and all the arts and therefore the consequent prohibition of the prohibition of the acquisition of statues or pictures painted or photographs in homes
For the animation and the prohibition of statues in the fields and the prohibition of the establishment of museums and the prohibition of archaeological discoveries and the prohibition of archeology as a whole !!! .. Therefore, they deny the Islamic books of heritage in permitting the use of musical instruments such as the book (clarification of semantics in hearing machines) of Sheikh Abdul Ghani Nabulsi.
8 – Prohibition of television and thus prohibit video and antenna class and all that relates to it.
9. Prohibition of Arab nationalism, patriotism, patriotism, belonging to Egypt, Syria, Syria, etc., as a kind of tribal nepotism and denial of the modern “love of the homeland of faith”.
They say that the love of the homeland is imported from the West and that it is similar to the Christians !! And therefore they are forbidden to take the flags and see the flag of Egypt and Syria, etc. current heresy and that the science they recognize is the flag of Saudi Arabia
Therefore, al-Qaeda taught it as the science of Saudi Arabia, while it was painted and written on it (the testimony and the sword), but they differed in the fact that al-Qa’ida is black, the earth is white, the font is white, the white is black, They are proud of their family of Sheikh, Al Maktoum and Al-Sabah.
10 – Atonement of the earthly.
11 – Prohibition of giving flowers to the patient.
12 – Prohibition of the alliance of the Prophet and begging him like (for your beloved Prophet) may be resorted to the prohibition of all prophetic promises, whether by hunting or teams of educators.
13 – The sheikhs and followers of Wahhabism have gone so far as to forbid naming names attributed to religion !! Such as Nur al-Din, Fakhr al-Din, Kamal al-Din, Izz al-Din, Jamal al-Din, Baha al-Din, Burhan al-Din, Nasir al-Din, Sharaf al-Din, Saad al-Din, Saif al-Din, Imad al-Din, al-Din, Ali al-Din, Shahabuddin, Taj al-Din, Shams al-Din, Jalal al-Din, Safi al-Din, Salah al-Din, Taki al-Din, Religion.
14 – They also invented what they called (verbal abuse) where they deny the words of no wrong, even speech deprive us !! They are trying to change our Egyptian expressions.
15 – The denial of most of the Prophet’s Hadiths such as (Egypt’s Kinana God in his land), (religion treatment), (from the help of Jabbara God’s authority on him), (fasting fasting), the talk of Satan with the Messenger of God, the talk of the torment of women in the fire … Hostile to Egypt, to the asceticism and to the good treatment that is commanded by the true religion and because the Shiites share with us faith in some of these ahaadeeth.
16 – They also deny some female names Kften and Nahed claiming that they are exciting instincts !!
17. Prohibition of logic, philosophy and speech science.
18 – Prohibition of reading the popular people Ksira Antara (Ibn al-Sobki claimed that it is lost time and does not benefit God !!!) and the prohibition of reading Maqamat.
19 – Prohibition of animal welfare and the establishment of associations to him and to preserve his rights claiming that they resemble the infidels .. And (Noah on animals)
20. They are forbidden to write books of Friday and Eid sermons, and prayer books for pilgrims and imams.
25. Banning the republican system and naming the revolution as the Palestinian revolution and the circulation of power, democracy and shura rule.
21 – Appearance in religion: The prohibition of wearing Western civil clothes, which became global clothing worn by Chinese, Indian, European, Arab and African, claiming that the clothes of the infidels, wearing trousers and white turbans and white robes and lengthening beards (although all the extremists of all religions extend the beards are Christian clergy) They wear tall beards, Jewish rabbis wear long beards, they are not a sign of Islam) or wearing the Shammag (although the mattress they were offering food to the English colony) and the headband, the robes and the slippers !! Their sheikhs wear a special robe, the red and white boxes and the light brown cloak with the golden frame. They do not put camels on their heads, but they leave the chamelebs like scarves on their heads.
22 – Prohibition of prayer in a mosque by the shrine of one of the House or the parents and righteous, and the prohibition of building mosques with the tomb of a man of the righteous.
23. The prohibition of socialism, communism, Marxism, democracy and secularism,
24 – Prohibition of the use of good morning and the morning light and the evening of good and the evening of the Phil or Shlnk or how to greet and consider it heresy and resemble infidels.
25 – Prohibition of the use of the word Bay in farewell, even though the meaning of God with you or by phone Halo
But they are lying and claim that its meaning in the care of the Pope, and the prohibition of the use of the word Oki and claim that the name of a US president is a Christian while the right meaning: everything is okay or okay.
26 – Prohibition of women driving cars and sitting on chairs.
27- It is haraam to write a book or a mosque next to the name of the Prophet, even though the abbreviation of the habit of the Arabs is Fadhilah, Hukla, Basmalah, Al-Jadala, Tahlil, and Zubair. No one said: So he said: Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds.
– Prohibiting the use of the Gregorian calendar and the Gregorian months in the result, the interests and the organs of the state, banning the Coptic calendar, and imposing the Hijri calendar only, as is the case in Saudi Arabia.
30 – Prohibition of the interpretation of dreams and read the books that are competent and questioning the proportion of the book Tterim Anam in the interpretation of dreams of Ibn Sirin.
31. Anti-science, the denial of the spherical earth and its rotation around itself and around the sun and the denial of the sun’s stability.
32. Prohibition of jokes and fictional stories.
33 – The denial of many of the supplications and the holy supplications and their denial of the validity of what is in the du’aa ‘that is answered by the hadeeth and the book,
34 – questioning the name of Eve and created from the rib of Adam, despite the Prophet’s Hadith (and recommended women good, they were created from the rib and that a crooked thing in the rib above if you went to assess him broke and that left is still crooked Vstosoa good women).
35 – consider them to pray group or individually after the written prayers of innovation !!
36. Refusal to create new versions of the proceedings.
37. Refusal to prove scientific and numerical miracles in the Holy Quran.
38 – to consider their sheikhs sacred entities do not touch the criticism, and therefore use them titles such as Sheikh Islam and God saved.
39. Prohibition on learning English (Fatwa Ibn Al-Uthaymeen).
40. Prohibition of Ramadan lanterns.
41 – Prohibition of reading the Koran at graves and in funerals, and the conclusion of the Koran every week at the dead and the distribution of disk and food to readers at the graves.
42 – Prohibition of the expression of the listener to admire the reader of the Koran during the reading, such as saying God God.
43 – Prohibition of writing Quranic verses or a name of God on the graves.
44 – Prohibition of giving the reward of worship, such as prayer and other dead.
45 – Prohibition of the suspension of the Koran or verses in the necks, and forbidden to take the omen from the Koran.
46. They are forbidden to teach the dead.
47 – their failure to the Fatimid state in Egypt and accused them of mjosiam  and infidelity and insistence on decimation and call them Abediyeh and trying to distort history.
48. They are forbidden to use bells for school rugs, alarm bells and house bells.
49. Prohibition of billiards.
50. They are forbidden to tie  .
15. They are prohibited from educating girls about math, geography, engineering and the prohibition of women’s work because it causes women’s rebellion and dissolution, as in the fatwa of ‘Abd-Allaah ibn Sulayman bin Humayd and Ibn Hameed on the education of girls.
52. They prohibit women from entering the Internet.
53 – Prohibition of eating with spoon, fork and knife, and analyzed eating three fingers claiming to be from the year !! Women are also deprived of eating ice cream
54 – Some of them deny the status of the crescent and the construction of niches and minarets and domes for mosques and see them as heresy.
55. It is forbidden to build mosques over shrines and demolish mosques that include shrines
56 – attacking and humiliating the Amazigh Muslims.
In the denial of three quarters of the prophetic  saying , in the prohibition of singing and music). ople of Muslims.



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