NYC’s Hidden Holo Memorial: Yet Another Hollow Lie

Why are OUR courthouses consecrated to another country's demonic myth?


Introduction by Kevin Barrett, VT Editor

From my recent Unz article on Alan Sabrosky:

Flames rise from Israel’s Holo-myth memorial defacing the US Court of Appeals in NYC

Why is Dr. Alan Sabrosky the most censored man in America? Those seeking to silence him don’t want you to know what he thinks about two issues: 9/11 and the Holocaust. Specifically, they don’t want you to know that he thinks 9/11 was “a Mossad operation, period.” And they don’t want you to know that he thinks the official Holocaust narrative of six million Jews killed mostly in gas chambers is “a technological and logistical impossibility.”

Why are these two issues so sensitive? The Holocaust, whatever it was, happened 75 years ago. And 9/11 happened more than 17 years ago. Isn’t all that stuff ancient history?

The answer, I believe, is that both Official Conspiracy Theories (OCTs) are foundational myths of Zionism. The myth (sacred narrative) of the Holocaust is Israel’s primary basis of legitimacy in global public opinion and especially Jewish opinion. The Platonic guardians of Zionism need the Holocaust horror story to bludgeon world Jewry into accepting the necessity of establishing and maintaining a “Jewish state.”

Let’s back up a minute and review our folklore & mythology studies: The sacred narrative of six million Jews killed mostly in gas chambers is a myth—a foundational sacred narrative—regardless of whether or to what extent it is true. And it is THE central legitimizing myth of the State of Israel.

Listen to Ron Unz discuss “Holocaust Denial” on Kevin Barrett’s radio show

It is normal for people to kowtow to their own society’s foundational myth(s). Britons kowtow to their myths of royalty. Americans kowtow to their myths of the Founding Fathers. Frenchmen kowtow to their myths of royalty-replaced-by-republicanism, the sacred French language, and liberty-equality-fraternity.

So why do all Westerners have to kowtow to the sacred Holocaust narrative—far more than to their own national myths? In the US, Britain, and France you may have your reputation and livelihood ruined if you don’t kowtow to Israel‘s foundational myth. And in many other European countries you will be witch-hunted by the Inquisition if you question Israel‘s legitimizing sacred narrative…but you can ridicule your own country’s sacred cows as much as you like…which proves they are no longer sacred. Only the big-H Holocaust is sacred. As the West declines into the twilight of the idols, the Holocaust is the only idol still standing. Try to smash it and you yourself will be smashed.

This situation is unbelievably perverse, and totally unsustainable. Patriotic Americans, Britons, Frenchmen, Germans (!) and others are waking up and noticing that their countries have been subjugated by hypnotic storytellers from another nation.

It is telling that in New York City, where 3,000 people were murdered on 9/11 by the Dancing Israelis and their Mossad accomplices, the Appellate Courthouse features an engraved Holocaust memorial headlined INDIFFERENCE TO INJUSTICE IS THE GATE TO HELL. Is the Synagogue of Satan, which is indifferent to injustice (and to anything else except money and power) recruiting new members? Is it asking the viewer to remain indifferent to the injustice done to German people after World War II, when exaggerated war propaganda stories were sanctified forever to hide the real holocausts perpetrated against Germans—firebombings of cities full of civilians, the extermination of over a million helpless prisoners, and the deliberate starvation of more than ten million German civilians after the war?

No wonder the mobbed-up courts in NYC, once ruled by Trump’s mentor Roy Cohn, covered up the mass murders of 9/11/2001. Here, in Straussian neocon doublespeak, they are vaunting their real motto: hellish injustice.

-Kevin Barrett

NYC’s Hidden Holo Memorial: Yet Another Hollow Lie

by Esther Watcher

I happened to be outside the Appellate Courthouse at 24th & Madison Avenue today when I noticed something curious etched into the building annex’s facade.  Upon closer inspection, I saw it was some kind of sculptural relief.

I knew I had seen that image somewhere and then it hit me. Is that the map of Auschwitz?!?!  I got closer so that I could read the text and sure enough, the first word I saw was “Gas Chamber.”  I’m, like, WTF?!?

Yep, it was a NYC hidden holocaust memorial.

In the photo above you’ll see that the sculptor identified three sections of the Auschwitz compound. Below I compare the three sections to the map drawn by John C. Ball (see attached) found in Nick Kellerstrom’s book, Breaking the Spell.

  1. COMMANDANT’S HOUSE (upper left) correlates with Ball’s entry as “Hoss’s residence” (#20).
  2. GAS CHAMBER AND CREMATORIUM I (lower left), however, is at odds with the marker Ball defined as “Crematorium aka ‘Gas Chamber'” (#8).
  3. And the area Ball describes as “Cement fence around two sides of camp” (#22) and “Sand and gravel pit” (#16), the memorial labels EXECUTION WALL and TORTURE CHAMBER (upper right).  (I was unaware of a Torture Chamber at Auschwitz, but apparently it’s also known as Block 11.)

The accompanying plaque describes the artwork as a MEMORIAL TO ALL VICTIMS OF THE HOLOCAUST.   The artist’s use of all caps conveniently sidesteps a thorny PC dilemma.  By dedicating the memorial to “all” victims, the word “holocaust” would have to be lowercase since in Holocaustianity-ese, upper case “H” not only solely applies to WWII Jewish victims, but must be applied to all Jewish WWII victims.

The artist’s start date of 1938 is puzzling given the first camp in Germany was opened in 1933. Likewise unclear is the acknowledgment of two “lighting” artists. Perhaps the piece is lit up at night?  (Please not let it be a mini son et lumiere.)

And then, of course, we have the obligatory burnt offering imagery of flames going up the side of the building — so high actually I couldn’t capture it all in my photo (the long vertical photo above).

Appellate Courthouse, NYC — secretly dedicated to Israel’s founding myth

Stumbling across this sidewalk display brought back to me Alan Sabrosky’s’ snarky comment that it’s getting to be there’s a holocaust memorial on every corner gas station.

Indeed, I’m reminded of walking around the 9/11 memorial site earlier this year and coming upon an Anne Frank tree no less. Would that the public knew how truly appropriate such a holo memorial is in terms of commemorating the Zionist origins of 9/11.

And on a final note, might the phrase on the memorial — “Indifference to injustice is the gate to hell” — be a form of Appellate Court justice code for “Watch out, goys, with our new directed energy weaponry, we can turn you and your indifference to Jewish suffering into burnt offerings from hell.”

OK, I’d better end this before I get any more carried away.


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  1. There’s a grotesque holo-memorial on Boston’s Freedom Trail that appeared there within a decade of the ’67 expansionist war. We will know America is a free country again when it is replaced with a monument to the indigenous people who were the victims of an actual genocide.

  2. Good article. Research into WW2 (and maybe even WW1) is verboten, because it might just topple some foundational myths…

  3. Excellent article. Thank you Dr. Barrett.
    U.S. Citizens need some serious re-education regarding the Zionist instigation of and participation in the Bolshevik Revolution leading to WW1 and WWII, so that they will begin to see that the Zionists are in the final stages of creating WWIII with the help of Puppet Trump. All U.S. Citizens are now slaves in their Crown state “Kingdom” and the ending that these NWO/Zionist psychopaths foresee will not be pleasant.

  4. They want to pull everyone into their demonic empire by focusing our attention only to their BS standing in the pit full of shit

    This article is the very best I have ever read on the concentration camps At least these inmates were put to good use whereas I do not think the Japs were used in any constructive way and the South African concentration camps saw the death of 27000 woman, children and old men from typhus which was also the main cause of deaths in the German camps As for the Anglo Boer war the British employed a scorched earth policy wherein all the farms were burnt to the ground and the crops and livestock was also destroyed and at the end of the day the British together with all there commonwealth troops of over 400,000 had to negotiate a peace treaty against 75,000 Boers known as the Vereeniging Peace Treaty In the words of James Packenham war historian it was the most expensive most unpopular war and the Boers taught the British one hell of a lesson.

    • When Britain and France declared war on Germany in 1939, the German government classified the few Jews remaining in the Reich (about 25,000) as enemy alien nationals and interned them. This compares to the U.S. policy of interning Japanese-American civilians in the wake of the preemptive strike the Japanese government launched against the fleet that FDR moved against them to Pearl Harbor.

      I wonder how the Japanese captives would have fared if the Japanese Air Force were nightly bombing American cities, as the RAF and the USAAF were? What if Los Angeles and San Francisco had been obliterated in firestorms, like Dresden and Cologne? How long would it have been before Americans, either officially or in lynching parties, would also have applied a vigorous final solution to those helpless souls?

  6. Support the BDS movement avoid if possible buying Kosher Taxed items at the grocery .Separation of Church and state or separation of Synagogue and state ?

  7. This is the sympathy scam run amok. The sympathy scam is the most powerful of all cons because sympathy for the alleged victims diverts attention from the natural human defenses to being shafted out of money. The American Cancer Society is also a perfect example of this massive sting and has been going on for well over 50 years. The Relay for Life directs attention to the alleged “survivors” while ignoring the non survivors which exceed the survivors by about 10-1 or more and are pushing up daises in the cemetery. The American Cancer Society is a multi billion dollar racket. And to add insult to injury the cancer statistics are just as grim today as 50 years ago. Americans love to be fleeced, fooled and had. Never donate one dime to this criminal racket. Read the article “American Cancer Society America’s Wealthiest Non Profit Institution by the late Samuel S. Epstein, M.D. in the International Journal of Health Services, 1999.

  8. Great article on the biggest lie of the 20centry, in Britain, (I don’t call it great anymore), the poor taxpayer subsidizes school children to the tune of millions, to go to Auschwitz for indoctrination.
    A recent book by N Kollostrom, “Breaking the Spell” is an excellent read if you have the ’emotional strength’ to do so.

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