Israeli general: Israel was behind coup against President Mohamed Morsi

“At that stage, Israel was quick and willing to activate its diplomatic tools, and perhaps even greater means, to bring Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi to power in Egypt, and convince the then US administration under President Barack Obama not to oppose this move.”


…by Jonas E. Alexis

Israeli army Brigadier General, Aryeh Eldad, has taken the Israeli cat out of the bag by saying that Israel was behind the attempt to overthrow the Mohamed Morsi government and replace it with a puppet regime. Why?

Well, Morsi did not want to be an Israeli puppet. In fact, he “intended to cancel the peace agreement with Israel and send more Egyptian military forces to the Sinai Peninsula.”[1] Morsi obviously perceived that a peace deal with Israel meant that Egypt would have to suspend international law and apply the Zionist/Talmudic ideology, which always gets countries in the Middle East into trouble.

Morsi obviously had to reject the Israeli “peace” deal. That obviously upset the Israeli regime, which supported previous Egyptian politicians and puppets like Hosni Mubarak. The Israeli newspaper Maariv declared:

“At that stage, Israel was quick and willing to activate its diplomatic tools, and perhaps even greater means, to bring Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi to power in Egypt, and convince the then US administration under President Barack Obama not to oppose this move.”[2]

So Israel was behind the coup that helped put Al-Sisi to power. This is one reason why no one in the West is challenging the Al-Sisi government, despite the fact that it has widely been viewed as a dictatorship. It has been reported that “Egyptian voters” have been “demoralized and cowed by years of brutal repression since the 2013 military coup.”[3] Human Rights Watch reported:

President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s government continues to oversee Egypt’s worst human rights crisis in decades and has escalated the use of counterterrorism laws to prosecute peaceful dissidents. The government has arrested scores of al-Sisi’s critics, including potential presidential candidates, ahead of the 2018 presidential elections that was held in an unfair and unfree environment.

“Police and the National Security Agency have systematically used torture and enforced disappearances. The government has sent thousands of civilians to military courts, undermined the judiciary’s independence, and executed dozens of people following flawed trials. The government continues to ban most forms of independent organization and peaceful assembly.”

By 2015, Foreign Policy itself declared that “Egypt’s Sisi Is Getting Pretty Good … at Being a Dictator.”[4] It stated then:

“The outrageous death sentences in Egypt over the weekend, and the muted reaction from Western governments, suggest that President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has cemented a ruling coalition that will propel him out of a transitional phase into a long-term project of power consolidation.

“Lost amid the court ruling against more than 100 defendants — which include academics and senior members of the Muslim Brotherhood, even Egypt’s sole elected civilian president, Mohamed Morsi — is the mounting evidence that Sisi has cobbled together a workable formula for ruling Egypt.”[5]

The interesting thing again is that puppets and political whores and mush-heads in the West are running around like wild animals and saying crazy things like Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro has to go because he is suppressing “democracy” and “freedom,” but the United States and its allies are supporting Al-Sisi! How stupid can we be?

I personally had to stop communicating with an individual who keep mouthing that Maduro has to go while deliberately ignoring terrorist regimes like Saudi Arabia, with which the United States is covertly making deal.

Kevin Barrett pointed out way back in 2013 that Al-Sisi is working for Israel. In fact, he is Jewish. This is another reason why you will never hear politicians talking about how they are going to place sanction on Egypt. Mike Pompeo has recently declared that “The United States and its allies will not quit this fight” against Venezuela. He added that Venezuelans “courageously standing up for democracy in their home country. It’s a historic opportunity when you have all but a handful of countries that are truly market-driven, democratic in ways that you haven’t had in South America for decades.”

We all know by now that this is a blatant lie. What we are seeing in Venezuela is purely imperialism in action, not democracy and freedom.

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