Prolonging War on Islam: Terrorism in Sri Lanka and the Global Zionist Project


By Sabtain Ahmed Dar, for VT

On the peaceful day of Easter more than 320 people were killed and around 500 injured in eight blasts in Sri Lanka. The attacks were well planned by terrorists who killed hundreds of innocent people indiscriminately. The attacks on hotels and churches were ideologically driven and the holy day of Easter was deliberately chosen to target righteous Christians. The terrorist attacks since 9/11 and recent attacks on mosques and churches since the Christchurch attack leave plenty of clues for investigators. If these attacks are not stopped they may culminate into a civilizational clash.

Who are the real culprits? Why has a universally accepted definition of terrorism not yet been established? Is terrorism a legitimate tool of modern warfare to attain foreign policy objectives? Perhaps this is the reason self-interested nation-states have not showed a consensus on a universal definition of terrorism for two decades. Above all, who will benefit by supporting religious extremists to divide the masses?

For 1400 years Muslims and Christians have been mostly living in peaceful coexistence. What happened suddenly in the aftermath of 9/11 so that they are pointing guns at each other? What if tomorrow temples and synagogues are attacked by the terrorists? How are such clandestine and sophisticated attacks effectively taking place around the globe?

These are awesomely important questions in order to understand the reality of the contemporary world order. Only through a rational and investigative approach one can find clarity about reality. Before commencing into further details on this subject let us analyze what Quran and Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) have to say on the issue of Religious Extremism, Jihad and Terrorism.

Religious Extremism, Jihad and Terrorism: An Islamic Response to Sri Lanka Bombings

Since 2001, terrorist organizations have become a global phenomenon within few years, threatening the lives of the people around the globe. Anyone who does not submit to the ideology of terrorist organizations is considered as an infidel who should be killed by all means. Are Muslims the real culprits who are destroying the peace of the world? Does ISIS represent Islam? What Islam has to say on the issue of religious extremism, Jihad and Terrorism?

Islam completely denounces the fanatic ideology of terrorism and religious extremism and teaches the message of peace and religious tolerance. Thoise who attacked the innocent people in Sri Lanka do not represent Islam; rather they have turned away from the true heart of Islam and chose the side of the oppressors.

Firstly, one way of understanding the Islamic view on terrorism, religious extremism and Jihad is to look at the role of the Prophets of Allah. Had they been sent to forcefully bring the people into their teachings? Were Prophet Moses (P.B.U.H), David (P.B.U.H), Jesus (P.B.U.H) and Muhammad (P.B.U.H) ordered by the Almighty to impose their teachings upon the people by sword? Absolutely not, For example the Quran says; “Let there be no compulsion in religion: Truth stands out clear from Error: whoever rejects evil and believes in Allah hath grasped the most trustworthy hand-hold that never breaks. And Allah heareth and knoweth all things.”(Quran 2:256). Meaning no Muslim has the right to forcefully convert any non-Muslim.

Secondly, Jihad is an Islamic institution that is widely misunderstood. The non-Muslims fearfully regard it as an Islamic practice that aims to wage ‘Holy War’ against all disbelievers, to convert them to Islam or to kill them. To the common Western mind, the word ‘Jihad’ is synonymous with ‘terrorism’ and Islam is a ‘militant’ religion. What does Islam has to say on this issue of Jihad by force (Jihad Bil Saif)? Answer: For what purpose does a Muslim wage war? Jihad Bil Saif in Islam is based on the Quran, as Quran is the supreme authority not the “ISIS Manifesto”. The Quran says that you wage war in response to aggression, but even when aggression is committed against you, you do not respond with warfare unless and until you have explored and exhausted all possible peaceful means of resolving the problem. That is real Islam which comes from Quran and Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). Does ISIS talks about peaceful means? Answer: No, this is why ISIS does not and will never represent true Islam.

Thirdly, when Muslims wage war against aggression, if the enemy is inclined to peace (which means giving up aggression) then Muslims must also reciprocate and incline to peace. Does ISIS incline to peace? Answer: No, thus ISIS does not represent Islam and Muslims. They are the ones who are spreading terrorism around the globe. So who are these people if they do not represent Islam and Muslims? Are they even Muslims or part of Islam? What Islam has to say on the issue of terrorism?

Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) has referred them Kharijites (foreign to Islam).  They have existed since the very early period of Islam and they will continue to cause strife in the Muslim nation and the rest of the world until the end of time when they will join forces with the False Messiah (al-dajjāl or Anti-Christ in Christianity). We must be aware of their ideology and characteristics in order to protect ourselves. The Kharijites earned their name (from the root kh-ra-ja meaning “to go out”) because they exited Islam and the Muslim community due to their heretical innovations. They will recite the Quran but it will not go beyond their throats, meaning it will not enter their hearts and they will not understand it. Abu Sa’eed Al-Khudri reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said: “There will come a people from the east who recite the Quran but it will not go beyond their throats. They will pass through the religion just as an arrow pierces its target and they will not return to it just as the arrow does not return to the bow”. (Sahih Bukhari – 7123)

The Kharijite ideology is based upon three main evil tenets;

– Declaring Muslims to be unbelievers

– Rejecting lawful obedience to the rulers

– Justifying violence against Muslims and innocent people

True Muslims have mercy upon the entire creation, including unbelievers and idolaters, but the Kharaijites have no mercy for those outside their group. They declare other Muslims to be unbelievers by misinterpreting and misapplying the verses of the Quran. The Kharijites believe their opinions regarding leadership, government, politics, and the Sharia are the only valid opinions in Islam and whoever disagrees with them becomes an unbeliever. However, the truth is that much of these matters is left open to interpretation and consultation among the Muslims.

Pakistan’s imminent Islamic scholar Dr. Tahir ul Qadri has written a Fatwa (a ruling on a point of Islamic law given by a recognized authority) “On Terrorism and Suicide Bombings” (512-page English translation) in which he declared “suicide bombings and terrorism” as Haram (illegal and foreign to Islam) and refuted the ideology of Kharijites i.e. Al-Qaeda, ISIS etc. This Fatwa has also been enforced by Al-Azhar University in Egypt. The crux of this “Fatwa” is that Jihad Bil Saif (Jihad by force) is not permissible to any non-state actor and the right to Jihad Bil Saif is only in the hands of the State. Meaning, no non-state actor on the behest of themselves and or from the help of any foreign power can challenge the writ of the state, municipal law and overall governance.

Unveiling Deception: RAW, MOSSAD and the Zionist War Machine in Sri Lanka 

An investigation reveals in the article below that the forces that has benefitted again from these bombings in Sri Lanka are the Zionists who since long have been plotting to divide the masses to their strategic advantage. In the context of Sri Lankan attacks, the state of Israel, its Lobby in the United States, and India are the beneficiaries. Firstly, what happened in Sri Lanka cannot be studied in isolation. The attacks on Sri Lanka are merely a unit of the larger game that has been going on since 2001. There are plenty of historical facts on the role of India and Israel in Sri Lanka. The Indian intelligence agency RAW supported the Tamil separatist group, Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in Sri Lanka, which also brought RAW much criticism from human rights organizations. RAW helped train and arm the LTTE to foment Sri Lankan Civil War from 1970s onwards. As a result, in 1991, Rajiv Gandhi, prime minister of India was assassinated by an LTTE suicide bomber.

On the role of Israel and its intelligence agency Mossad, former Sri Lankan diplomat Dr. Jayatilleka revealed in one his press conferences in 2014 that historically Sri Lanka has been influenced and deceived by Israel. While criticizing the policy of Sri Lankan government on Tamils, Dr. Jayatilleka said Sri Lanka is attempting to follow and imitate Israel when it comes to Tamils and quoted a statement made by his father Mervyn De Silva before the Mossad Commission appointed by former President Premadasa in which he had warned that the Sinhala majority should never believe that Israel would side with them because the Zionists have always identified themselves with the LTTE struggle. Dr. Jayatilleka said this fact is further proven by the contents of a book – ‘By way of Deception’ written by one of the youngest spies that worked for Mossad, Victor Ostrovsky, in which he has revealed that while offering training to the Sri Lankan forces, the actual training was provided by Mossad to the LTTE.

Diplomatically, Israel sold its KFIR aircrafts to Sri Lanka to bomb Tamil tigers, the same forces to which they were arming and funding secretly on land through their secret agency Mossad. If one pays close attention, this strategy is similar to the US-Israeli strategy of war against the Muslim world. They bomb the same terrorist groups they are secretly funding and arming through their intelligence agencies on the ground, thereby implementing an effective masterplan based on deception for the total destruction and destabilization of their target countries.

But the attacks on Sri Lanka on 21st April, 2019 are completely different from previous attacks. Unlike the previous conflicts between Tamils and Sinhalese, Sri Lanka has witnessed ideologically driven terrorist attacks against righteous Christians for the first time in its history. The attack by the alleged “National Jamaat Al Tahweed” who has shown its affinity with the ISIS ideology is being framed by the international media as “revenge for Christchurch attack” while ignoring the fact that it will culminate in more global catastrophe.

What happened in Sri Lanka is a clear manifestation of this impression that India is using Israel’s global model of war on terrorism (read Islam) to perpetuate its Hinduvta project in South Asia. It simultaneously serves the purpose of Israel as well to defame and target Islam—the same objective the Modi government in India is pursuing these days. Without any proofs Indian media has stepped ahead of everyone and put the blame of these attacks on Pakistan’s secret agency ISI. Contrary to Indian media claims, Sri Lankan Defense Minister Ruwan Wijewardene says; “Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen India (JMI), a unit of the Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh or JMB, may have had a role in Sunday’s bombings”.

This scenario completely fits the definition of “false-flag attack”. Islam and Muslim states have always been on the receiving end after any terrorist attack. And it is time this issue should be addressed in detail to unveil the deception by the Zionists who are perpetuating war on Islam since 2001. Above all, the issue of terrorism in the world cannot be understood without having an understanding of the ideology of India-Israel Alliance and the overall Zionist control over the power-structure of the world order.

Hindu-Judaic Axis and Islam: Two Parallel Zionist Universes Found a Common Enemy

What is the secret behind Israel-India relations? Why is Hindu India in South Asia the most strategic ally of a Jewish Israel in the Middle East? Is there an ideological similarity in between the two? What are the explanations of this phenomenon? Firstly, Hinduism proclaims that history moves in cycles; when a cycle is completed another one starts and replaces it. Through the prism of contemporary Hindu scholars as well as in the mainstream Hindu religious literature, history has now reached at a point in time when one cycle is about to end and another one will begin to replace it. Therefore for the Hindu this is a last age or an end of this cycle i.e. the end of history.

Hinduism is established on the belief of holy land. Bharat (Hindu holy land) not only includes the territory of contemporary India but also regional countries such as Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Maldives, Tibet, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and Myanmar etc. Hinduism hold on tightly to a golden age in the ancient time where the gods and goddesses of Hinduism lived on earth and Hinduism ruled the world from Hindu holy land. Hindus cling to the belief that Hinduism has an absolute right to authority in the holy land of Bharat, and hence Hindus have an ideological and moral duty to make sure that the Hindu conception of the movement of history and truth triumph in this holy land of Bharat.

Brahman-Hindu conception of civilization is based on the strong belief that human civilization was originally created unequally. The Brahman-Hindu belongs to the highest caste and hence belong to the elite of human civilization. Non-Brahman mankind is inferior in social status. This belief naturally spawns a system of authority over others which results in perpetual inequality. Thus in the view of Hindu civilization which is ruled by the Brahman-Hindu, history will not end without Brahman-rule in Holy-land of Bharat. If we play close attention to the domestic affairs of India we see a tide of Hindu Nationalism and the galvanization of forces aiming to accomplish this religious obligation. The current geo-political scenario of the South Asia and Indian hegemonic ambitions in the region offers proof that they are preparing for Dharamyudh (a holy war for the sake of Brahman-Hindu rule over the holy-land of Bharat).  Only this explains why India never accepts the realities of its surrounding states and has been destabilizing them for decades.

Zionist Jews are supra-national in nature. They do not give a hoot about the Goyim (non-Jews) or any land except their Holy land of Israel. According to the Jewish view of the beginning and end of history, history reached its climax in the golden age of Prophet David and Solomon (P.B.U.H) who ruled the world from Holy land Israel. Around 2000 years ago Jews expelled from the holy land after the golden age observed two periods of Jewish betrayal of their covenant with God which resulted in two ages of Jewish historical disintegration. The first was the Babylonian exile and the second started shortly after when Jews dismissed the message of Jesus (peace be upon him).

Laurent Guyénot’s From Yahweh to Zion may be the best book ever written on “the Jewish question”

If we study the history of civilization we come to realize that much of history is predominantly the history of the Jews.  But this history is specifically the history of the Jews in their relationship with their Holy Land which they claim was awarded to them by the Lord most high. The Jews claim that history will not end until they reclaim the rest of their holy-land beyond the present geographical lines of the state of Israel. Their claim is referred from the Bible which declares that the holy-land comprises of “from the river Nile in Egypt to the river Euphrates in Iraq”. This means the Jewish conception of truth and history will not end until they fully reclaim the territory which today comprises Sinai, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Iraq and Northern Saudi Arabia. Thus, by way of deception, destabilizing and further disintegrating the Muslim states surrounding the territory of the state of Israel, is the centerpiece of its strategy.

The Jews believe their golden age is around the corner but in order to pave the way for this Jewish golden age firstly, they must return to their holy land which they had already done during the inter-war period. Secondly, they must reclaim holy Israel as their Jewish homeland which they had already done in 1948. Thirdly, the state of Israel must expand its territory from river Nile to river Euphrates (Greater Israel) and the temple of Solomon must be rebuilt replacing Masjid Al-Aqsa. Fourthly, the Jewish holy land the State of Israel would have to become the ruling the state in the world. Lastly to constitute the end of history for Judaism, Jewish scriptures proclaim that a Jew will arrive and declare him as the Messiah in the last age and with that Jewish recognition of him as the Messiah would declare their end of history.

Ideologically, Israel was founded on the ideology of Zionism thus its domestic and international politics have already been built on the foundation of religious ideology. Both India and Israel, both civilizations with their only states in the world order have found a common obstacle in the quest for their respective golden ages. And that enemy is Islam and its message which contradicts with the claims of Hindu and Jewish views of the movement and the end of history. Islam talks about peace, equality and justice thus, it reject the notion of elitist rule and the dominion of one supreme faction over the rest of human civilization. Islamic civilization which is currently divided into a nation-state system comprises of states surrounding Israel in the Middle East and states surrounding India in the South Asia. Hence, the establishment of an alliance between the Zionists who rule Israel today and the Brahman Hindu who rule India today is inevitable and has resulted into a nexus which is unbreakable in both war and peace.

21st Century Global Zionist Project: War on Terrorism is War on Islam

A former US Assistant Secretary under the Reagan Administration, Paul Craig Roberts (a whistle-blower) address this issue, saying “the only reason Muslim terrorism exists is that Washington created it. Washington used jihadism against the Soviet army in Afghanistan. They used it against Gaddafi in Libya. Then Obama used it to invade Syria. Obama sent ISIS to overthrow Assad. General Flynn, who was the director of the US Defense Intelligence Agency, stated this matter on Al Jazeera. Flynn said it was a willful decision of the Obama administration to send ISIS to overthrow Assad”.

Strategically, all warfare is based on deception and secrecy. The dilemma of modern political theories is that there is no precedent which addresses the issue of deception and secrecy in Political Science and International Relations. With the presence of an international law, institutions and globalization which spawned rapidly in the aftermath of “Post-WWII World Order”, the mode of warfare has also been changed. The model of conventional warfare has been taken as a last resort by the powerful states and unconventional tactics such as the use of revolutionaries, separatists and mercenaries has been used to destabilize and disintegrate the target countries. The rest of the job is handled mainly by the Media through agenda setting and framing to control the minds of the people.

Since 2001 and the false-flag attacks on Twin Towers, the global war on terrorism has been framed as a “War against Islamic Radicalism”.  Since then Islamic radicalism as a “threat” has been artificially created and used just as the threat of “communism vs. capitalism” was used by the Zionists to expand their sphere of influence around the globe in the late 19th and the whole 20th century. However, very few know that the strings of both Capitalism in the west and Communism in the east were handled by only one force, the Zionists. Every conflict during the Cold War had resulted into fortunes for the International Zionist Bankers. In the aftermath of every small and large scale crisis they were able to set up their banking operations and above all multi-national corporations to extract the real wealth of the target countries. (For details read the last four chapters in Laurent Guyénot’s From Yahweh to Zion. -ed.)

Both Capitalism in the West and Communism in the East as ideologies and revolutions were orchestrated to initially destroy the role of the church which prohibited the Zionist bankers from operating freely in the market through their banking system based on usury. The separation of church and state in the aftermath of these revolutions around the globe has resulted in full spectrum dominance by Zionists who controls the power structure of modern Western Civilization and the World Order through their International Institutions and Monetary System.

For 2000 years, Jews in their exile have learned the art of running a global banking system based on usury. Through it they have been influencing and controlling the governments of America, Europe and rest of the world. As a result, today Zionists through their lobbies sitting in the United States, Europe and rest of the world are using international institutions in their favor, with NATO as its military arm, to perpetuate the Greater Israel project. In doing so, they have found an ideologically similar partner in the form of India. India is leading the global Zionist project in the Eastern Hemisphere by creating a perpetual divide in between Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran. And the methods of Indian modern warfare are similar to Israel’s methods; they include the use of terrorists and media propaganda etc.

In the context of the global Zionist project of war on Islam for Greater Israel, major intelligence agencies such as the United States’ CIA, Israel’s MOSSAD and India’s RAW took the idea of “Caliphate” from Islam and handed it over to their proxy terrorists (Kharijites) whom they were already supporting, arming and funding from behind the scenes. The masterplan is to destroy the true peaceful idea of caliphate by framing it as terrorism, and by the use of same proxy terrorists, further destabilize and disintegrate the Muslim countries on ethno-sectarian lines to enhance the security of the state of Israel.

The Zionists have come a long way to arrive at this point. In the aftermath of WWI and during the inter-war period the new Muslim nation-states were established on the basis of ethno-sectarian lines to perpetuate conflict within ‘Ummah.’ Both the British and French establishment worked hard to attain this objective. Strategically throughout the 20th century, Zionists tactically divided the foreign policies of the Muslim states and their leaders on whether to form an alliance with capitalist United States or Communist USSR, in an attempt to prevent the Muslim nation-states from reverting back to a united “Caliphate,” while entangling their foreign policies in the conflict between US and USSR. This was the master plan against the Muslim world till the disintegration of USSR in 1991.

In the 21st Century, the Zionist global project for the new world order has entered into its final phase. The spread of terrorists around the globe is initially aimed at turning the world against Islam and tactically provoke a civilizational war among the masses on an ideological basis. This civilizational war cannot be fully realized as long as there is a Nuclear Pakistan in South Asia alongside other powerful Muslim countries. For example, the spread of terrorism inside Pakistan through Afghanistan has been done by India and Israel during the past two decades. In another example, we see the Zionist led Kurdistan project in the Middle-east aimed at further disintegrating Iraq, Syria and Southern Turkey etc.

Lastly, why would Zionist Israel want to provoke a civilizational war in at the center of human civilization? A: The Jews believe that their Messiah will not arrive until they expand their territory to their biblical frontiers. And the current map of the Middle-east which they drew in the post WWI world order does not allow the state of Israel to legally expand its territory from River Nile in Egypt to the River Euphrates in Iraq. Thus, a final mode of hybrid war is required to further disintegrate these Muslim states. Finally, in the aftermath of this Zionist planned clash of civilizations, the world will witness an official transfer of power from Washington to Jerusalem, from where Israel is planning to rule the world.

Sabtain Ahmed Dar is a Pakistan-based political analyst and a research fellow at the Department of Political Science, Punjab University. He specializes in Pakistan affairs and geopolitics, specifically the US strategy in the Middle East and South Asia. He also writes for several online journals and his analysis can also be found at the public portal of the Belgrade based Center for Syncretic Studies.


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  1. The Zionist have a huge amount of experience of engaging in terrorism: “State of Terror – How terrorism created the modern state of Israel” by Thomas Suarez.

  2. That Christianity and Islam have lived a peaceful coexistence for centuries before is not entirely true. Any religion can be used as a weapon in the hands of unscrupulous men who lust for power. Inquisition anyone?. History is rife with examples on the Islam side, such as the various Beys and Sultans who made up the rulers of the Barbary Coast. Thousands of Christians were taken as galley slaves and worked to death, or drowned chained to their oars when the galley went down.

    • Probably the best example is southeastern Europe and the Balkans, where Muslim encroachment cost million of Christian lives, half the population of Hungary was killed by the Ottomans. In the 90s, Muslims from all over went to Bosnia and slaughtered Serbian civilians, but not reported by the MSM, instead they only reported on Serbian reprisals to paint them as the bad guys. Of course, Christians have also massacred Muslims too, both religions are stained in blood.

    • Almost all wars have been more political than religious. Catholic France, for example, was allied with the multi-confessional but Muslim-ruled Ottomans against Catholic Spain. As a rule, Christians have fought Christians, and Muslims have fought Muslims, just as enthusiastically as each has fought the other. Today, the secularist US fights secularist (Baathist) Iraq and Syria and secularist Libya, while allying with Wahhabi Saudi Arabia and Messianic Satanic-Zionist Israel.

      For a book length debunking of the “religion causes wars” fallacy see Karen Armstrong’s Fields of Blood.

  3. The colonists in that racist settler colony are being played by the elite and are pawns in the western imperialist zionist neocon agenda. Incentives keep them there. You wouldnt have these rabid colonists without incentives and without incentives they wouldnt have the demographics

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