Proof: Watch a Real Baby Suffer from Real Measles


Editor’s note:  VT recently looked at up to 200 fake scientific journals.  Some were ripping off scientists who paid to have their work “peer reviewed” by fake journals.  Others were used to promote fake cures, vaccination scares and sell “dietary supplements” and “penis enlargement” products.

The fake journals were filled with either real papers from ripped off scientists publishing in worthless rags or with autism/vaccine crap from fake doctors.  The good part, for the criminals who run these fake sites, is that vaccine crazies also buy lots of penis enlargement products.

Health Editor’s Note:  This is why you, we, the world have the measles (rubeola) vaccination.  Vaccinations prevent measles and the other bacterial and viral diseases that are so communicable and attack those who are not vaccinated or immune to that particular bacterial or viral disease.

Someone gave measles to an infant who was too young to be vaccinated. She was exposed to the measles virus, which is so contagious that 9 out of 10, who are not immune to the disease, will get the disease.  Does this look like a disease someone would want a child to have? 

Does this look like a disease you would expose your child to on purpose at one of those “Hey, my kid has the measles, chicken pox, whatever, so bring your kids over so they can be exposed and get that “right of passing” childhood disease.  Wake up!….Carol  

Measles: ‘My baby’s eyes were swollen shut’


The mum of a baby who had measles so severely that “her eyes were swollen shut for four days”, says “parents should know what can happen to vulnerable babies”.

Jilly Moss’s daughter Alba spent eight days seriously ill in hospital.

She was not old enough to have had the first dose of the MMR vaccine.

More than half a million children in the UK missed out on the vaccine between 2010 and 2017, the children’s charity Unicef says.

Globally, 169 million children did not receive the first dose of the measles vaccine over the same seven-year period.

There have been more than 110,000 measles cases worldwide in the first three months of 2019 – a rise of 300% compared to last year, World Health Organization figures show.

It comes as NHS chief Simon Stevens warned that people rejecting vaccines was a “growing public health time bomb”.

‘Absolutely terrifying’

Alba, who is now one and over the worst, was unwell for a couple of weeks with a high temperature and rash, before it spread and covered her entire body.

At one point, after deteriorating in hospital in south London, Jilly did not think her daughter would survive.

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  1. Don’t you bother to check the legitimacy of sources you quote? That nonsense report comes from the National Vaccine Information Center, a notorious disinfo operation.

  2. The anti-vaccine scaremongering is the work of the Zionist crime cabal, they have invested a lot into promulgating this nonsense. We are seeing it in action here with all the new commenters who have never commented here before that are popping up to attack us. It must be 20 or more that have suddenly come out of nowhere, although people probably haven’t noticed because we deleted most of them, for the simple reason that these trolls are paid per post and if we don’t allow their posts to appear, they ain’t getting paid.

  3. Looks like we did rub our Mossad/Deep State friends the wrong way. The vaccine hoax is their work and some of those who show up here like fools are on their payroll…

    others legitimately simple minded.

  4. Paul

    Your response must be a joke? You really don’t believe in the idiotic autism hoax?

  5. garyhinchman, Learn the Risks founder is Brandy Vaughan who used to work for Merck as maybe a pharmaceutical representative, not as a vaccine researcher or immunologist. She was involved with Vioxx (painkiller) which was taken off of the market in 2004 because of safety issues that led to $5 billion in lawsuits. Years later, when California worked to increase vaccination rates, she created an organization to educate “the public about vaccine risk and dangers.” What is never mentioned in anti-vaxx propaganda are the risks of not vaccinating. She did not want to have to vaccinate her child, so she started raising money to put up billboards that warn about what she “thinks” are the risk of vaccines. She produced risk cards and encouraged parents to distribute these where ever they went….grocery stores, on cans of baby formula, in books at the library.
    She also believes that we all need to “detox” and she sells oils and supplements to help you to do that. She says it is good to get sick because there are benefits from common illnesses….tetanus, polio, measles, etc. are not common illnesses. Crazy and irresponsible talk. She even says that if you are diagnosed with cancer, you should not take chemotherapy or radiation to kill the cancer. People in Australia work to get her billboards taken down. She wants parents to think vaccines are dangerous and overstates side effects and risks for being vaccinated, pushes scare stories, never mentioning the benefits of vaccines. She would have parents think that getting polio or measles is a childhood right of passage. Iron lungs for everyone. She overstates benefits of natural immunity which is a pretend process at best. She states that vaccines do not work. Gary Hinchman, you are doing what she does on her website. Do you also sell detox materials?

  6. VT has nothing in common with Jim Stone who is a Zionist disinfo operation. We are publishing solid information about vaccination because we are very concerned at the rise in moronic anti-vaccine propaganda and the dangerous effects it is having, such as this current measles outbreak.

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