Horst Mueller: Prisoner of Faith, Europe’s Most Persecuted Patriot



Anton-Saefkow-Allee 22 in 14772 Brandenburg Prison

Open letter to the sons of the covenant B’nai Brith

You blasphemers, do you hear the rumbling of the mischief to come? The foundation of your world domination shows cracks. I am not referring to the crisis of the BANK. Your Holiness, the Holocaust Church, is wavering. Soon it will collapse. The BVerfG of the FRG, your servant, gives him the deadly blows, probably not deliberately, but out of stupidity.

It was the meritorious work of the publicist Ursula Haverbeck (90) that put the Karlsruhe “judges” in a position where they could only make mistakes. In doing so, they have chosen the worst imaginable. After all, they managed to justify the prosecution of the so-called Holocaust deniers with the sentence:

“The denial that a crime has been committed is an endorsement of that crime.”

With this verdict of the highest court the FRG is marked as an injustice state, if it were a state. It is, however, a foreign rule, as the father of the Basic Law, Prof. Dr. Carlo Schmid, a specialist in constitutional and international law, expertly and competently classified it as an “organisational form of a modality of foreign rule”.

There are many things you can do with us Germans. Our “naivety” is proverbial. Because we basically see the good in people, we can achieve a lot with lies. But you have overlooked something important: We have – in contrast to you – decency and a sense of honour. So it hurts us if we are expected to believe that obvious nonsense is the truth, but that’s exactly what you tried to do with your judge puppets.

Karlsruhe has spanned the arch.

Ursula Haverbeck became known because she – a contemporary witness – did not want to accept the accusation you made against the German people that they had slaughtered European Jewry in the years 1941-1945 in a factory.

We Germans do not believe in your God Yahweh and his countless threats of genocide against the peoples, including his “people of property.

Ursula Haverbeck thinks that the German people – her people – are not capable of committing the genocide you claim to have committed. Genocide is such a terrible and reprehensible crime for her that she fights for an acquittal for the German people with all her soul powers – now even in old age. For this she is now 90 years old and in prison.

And you? What are you doing? You have your ventriloquists announce that she “approved” the alleged genocide of the Jews of Europe.

You will atone for that. You will atone for it with the loss of the world domination which was promised to you by your God as compensation for the fact that you are hated by all nations because of the work of destruction commanded to you by Yahweh (Isaiah 60:12-16).

We will put you out of power by revealing to the nations that whatever may have happened to you in world history has happened to you by the will of Yahweh. That you therefore blaspheme your property god by pretending to have fallen into the hands of an “idol” – the German people (the “edomite Germania”) – and Yahweh could not help you.

It was you, after all, who forced atheism on the Christian Occident as a new religion (Enlightenment), so that no one would think any more of interpreting your fate (to be the No to the Life of the Peoples / Martin Buber) as the worldly existence of Yahweh, Satan.

You have always known that the “shaking off of the yoke of Jacob” threatens you from us (Genesis 27:40). And for centuries you have been addressing to Yahweh the prayer of thrust to avert this destiny from you (Talmud, Megilla Fol. 6b). So your world politics were shaped in such a way that they proved their worth in your pleas. And the nations did not notice it, but regarded Germany as the warmonger.

The invention of the Holocaust Church is your undertaking to transform your prayers into reality under your own direction. Thus you have turned away from Yahweh. There is now nothing left that will keep you as a people. Israel is no longer an issue.

The secret of the circumcision of your male descendants is revealed on the 8th day after birth. It is the traumatization that turns Hebrews into Jews, who thereby become an unnamed fear of life, which they fight against Yahweh with unconditional obedience. You have left this path forever with the Holocaust narrative. Now the free-floating fear will drive you mad. In this state, you will do things that the armies of nations will turn against you and devour you.

But the salvation for Israel also comes from him by putting an end – if necessary by force – to the desecration of boys. This act of salvation makes Satan’s people a people of men – within 40 years. The descendants of Israel who are no longer traumatized by circumcision will no longer be able to be talked into the genocidal Yahweh as their God. They will walk the path of Gilad Atzmon and free themselves from Yahweh. He has recognized Yahweh as an evil deity and reacts as people generally react to evil.

The Talmud (Megilla 6b) documents that you believe the German people to be the wrong-doers who will disempower you. Hence the hatred against our people! It is “holy hatred” which has no earthly (finite) cause – especially not the persecution of the Jews in the 20th century. A “saint” of our day, the archangel and two-time Nobel Prize winner (for literature and peace) Elie Wiesel, is my witness. He writes:

“Every Jew should preserve somewhere in his heart a zone of hatred, of healthy male hatred against that which the German embodies and which lies in the essence of the German.” (Elie Wiesel, “Appointment with Hate”, Legends of Our Time, New York 1968, p. 177 f.)

Half a century before him and without the experience of German Jewish politics between 1933 and 1945, the much-read Jew Cheskel Zwi Klötzel wrote:

“I believe one could prove that there is a movement in Judaism that is the faithful reflection of anti-Semitism, and I believe that this image would become more perfect than any other. And that’s what I call the ‘great Jewish hatred’ …

They call us a danger to Germanism. Certainly we are, as certain as Germanity is a danger to Judaism. But do they want us to commit suicide? No one can shake the fact that a strong Judaism is a danger to everything gentile. All attempts by certain Jewish circles to prove the contrary can thus be described as cowardly and comical. And as twice as lying as cowardly and funny. Whether we have power or not is the only question that interests us, and that is why we must strive to be and remain a power.” (Cheskel Zwi-Klötzel, Das große Hassen, Janus No. 2/1912; quoted from Theodor Fritsch, Handbuch der Judenfrage, Hammer Verlag, Leipzig 1944, p. 307)

The times in which we Germans no longer dared to let such thoughts approach us are finally over. You will never again be able to dictate how we should think. German idealistic philosophy – especially the thinking that Hegel showed mankind – has risen again. After that, God and man can no longer be thought of as separate. Atheism has thus become unthinkable. God is. Not in the afterlife. It appears as a world to recognize itself. World history is the development of his self-confidence. So in it it is reasonable. What is real is reasonable; what is reasonable is real (Hegel).

History is not a fact that can be grasped as such in the facts of a law. The “Holocaust” is not a fact – especially not obvious.

The criminal prohibition to deny the “Holocaust” is the prohibition to deny your God Yahweh and his power in the world. The “Holocaust religion” is the foreign rule of Judaism hostile to ALL peoples.

Already Jesus, the Christ, marked you Jews as descending from the devil (John 8:44) and condemned the work of the rabbinate (scribes and Pharisees) as “making the Jews children of hell” (Matthew 23:15).

The religious argument again has a basis – in reason. And reason recognizes you as Satanists on the basis of your holy books. In the Revelation of John (Apocalypse) you are identified as the “synagogue of Satan” (Revelation 3:9).

You betray the world. This knowledge takes away all power from you – even the power of money. This loss of power is hope for you.

The interpretation of your existence in the terminology of reason is the only reliable guarantee for your survival in the peoples – no longer as an exclusive cult cooperative, but as individuals and tolerated strangers. This grace is bestowed upon you by the word of the apostle Paul, the founder of Christian theology, that you are enemies for our sake (Romans 11:20). So it is our duty not to kill this enemy.

German idealistic philosophy begins with the cobbler from Görlitz, Jakob Böhme (1575 – 1624). He gave the key to the knowledge of the truth of the German-Jewish enmity, which Paul still pronounced as a secret:

“I will not conceal this mystery from you, brethren, lest you rely on your own wisdom: Blindness has partly happened to Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles has entered, and then all the people of Israel will be saved, as it is written (Isaiah 59:20; Jeremiah 31:33): “The Redeemer shall come from Zion, who averts the ungodly nature of Jacob. And this is my covenant with them, when I will take away their sins.

According to the gospel they are enemies for your sake, but according to God’s gracious choice they are beloved for the fathers’ sake.

For God’s gifts and calling cannot repent him.”

(Romans 11:25-29)

You are the “repulsiveness” without which we would not know what we are (according to Jakob Böhme). And perhaps we are the chastisement of Yahweh, through which he drives you to be this unpleasantness. We are not united by friendship among nations, but by holy enmity.

Do you realize how ridiculous and at the same time dangerous it is to want to hide this event of salvation in the “Holocaust Church”? If you do not voluntarily leave it, your people will be buried under its ruins.

Can’t you see the storm clouds on the horizon?

Holocaust justice is crumbling. The uprising is inspired by Thomas Fischer, the author of the most influential commentary on the penal code. He drives the Federal Constitutional Court before him. The Federal Constitutional Court reacted with the “Wunsiedel Decision” of 4 November 2009. Fischer had shown in a monograph how his fellow judges misused the expression “in a way that is likely to disturb public peace” in the determination of the legal property “protected” by §130 StGB. With the Wunsiedel decision the BVerfG seemed to want to eliminate the worst excesses. But that was again only a Talmudic deception.

But Thomas Fischer does not rest. In paragraph 25 of the explanation of §130 StGB (Volksverhetzung in der Begehungsform der Holocaust-Lenugnung) he reveals that the “jurisprudence” assumes a reversal of the burden of proof. The accused is burdened with the proof that his “denial” of the “overall historical events” of the Holocaust is not an approval of the same. This is called a “probatio diabolica”. This is a ticking time bomb. And it looks like it’s about to go off.

That the state must prove the guilt of the accused in order to trigger the state’s claim to punishment is the foundation of the rule of law. To describe the Federal Republic of Germany as a “constitutional state” is an obvious lie. Although it was never a constitutional state at any time, the BVerfG has now, with the Haverbeck Resolution, provided the evidence that is immediately obvious to everyone by means of a concrete example that “gets under the skin” of every honestly-minded citizen. And this decision goes far beyond Fischer’s statement. What is special about it is the fact that the BVerfG, by equating denial and approval, is deeply immersed in Talmudic rabble-rousing. This linguistic work is so exceptional for a Christian-influenced person that it deserves to be reproduced in its wording with the decisive statement. Otherwise you would again deny that something like this exists in the world. The Christian’s reaction to this is profound contempt for the authors of the resolution.

“According to the aforementioned principles, it is to be assumed that the constituent elements of approval and denial indicate an aptitude for disturbing public peace.


Nothing else shall apply to the variant of denial. The transgression of peacefulness here lies in the fact that denial can only be understood as denying the generally known genocide committed under National Socialism against the background of German history in such a way that these crimes are legitimized and approved by mantle. Denial thus has a similar effect to the approval of criminal acts, which is otherwise punishable under §140 StGB…

and in turn equals the glorification of the National Socialist dictatorship of violence and arbitrariness according to §130 (4) StGB”. (BVerfG of

22.06.2018, 1 BvR 673/18)

That’s the purest form of legal perversion. The criminal energy with which she has been staged is breathtaking.

The “red robes”, like a surprise stroke, presume a derogative power under supra-constitutional law to “recognize” “exceptions” to fundamental rights.

The master of the GG are the Bundestag and the Bundesrat. Only they can decide changes of the Basic Law with 2/3 majority. Karlsruhe should therefore have allowed Ursula Haverbeck’s constitutional complaint after the “judges” had finally admitted that the ban on Holocaust denial is a special law against a certain opinion and thus falls under the ban contained in Article 5 (2) of the Basic Law.

The claim of a “competence of recognition” for exceptions to fundamental rights violates the constitutional principle of separation of powers (Article 20 (2) GG).

Karlsruhe should have declared §130 para. 3 StGB null and void. At best, it should have signalled to the legislature that it would allow a prohibition law to pass as a law restricting fundamental rights within the meaning of Article 19.1 sentence 1 of the Basic Law if it were passed in compliance with the citation requirement of Article 19.1 sentence 2.

Do the “judges” want to defend themselves with the statement that they were not aware of this legal situation? Certainly not!

The “guardians of the constitution” were of course aware that in 2009, when the problem was openly recognized, the Bundestag would not pass the prohibition law again. The former Federal Constitutional Judges Hassemer and Hoffmann-Riem had already publicly expressed their concerns. It would also have been remembered that in 1994 the CDU parliamentary group of the Bundestag had unanimously spoken out against the prohibition law. The chairman of the Central Council at the time, Bubis, had only just succeeded in persuading the members of parliament to change their minds.

The “Central Council of Jews in Germany” will probably have taken the necessary measures to ensure that the prohibition of denial is not defeated. The only way to prevent this was to remove the BVerfG from the division of powers in the Basic Law so that it could save the ban on denial despite Articles 19 and 79 of the Basic Law.

This is how it happened.

What happened in the case of Haverbeck is the transition from hidden to open foreign domination. For what will can now still be thought of as decisive for the “BVerfG”?

As an organ of Jewish foreign rule over the German people, Karlsruhe has also callously ignored the Basic Law’s prohibition of retroactivity for criminal norms (Article 103 GG). At the time of the “commission of the offence” Ursula Haverbeck was allowed to assume that Article 5 of the Basic Law applied without restriction.

It is a stairway joke of world history that of all things the Haverbeck decision aimed at a conviction of all lawyers who acted as public prosecutors or judges in “Holocaust cases”, will now bring the blush of shame to the face. They must be ashamed because they have failed to assert the nullity of the ban on denial by submission to the BVerfG. They were too cowardly.

What the BVerfG has now said – that the ban on denial contravenes Article 5 of the Basic Law – was obvious to every legal layman, including every lawyer. Thus, in every case of denial, the requirements for a referral under Article 100 of the Basic Law, which is mandatory there, were met.

But that was not all: the accusation of cowardice applies to all judges, public prosecutors, lawyers and notaries, i.e. the “guardians of the law” in our country. They looked away and remained silent – even when their colleagues were thrown into prison because they defended the accused in cases of denial, arguing that their clients did not tell the truth and could prove the accuracy of their allegations.

Holocaustism does not only concern an insignificant niche of the life of our people, but also the core of our spiritual existence, in which our experience of identity is created by the self-determined imprinting of the people’s consciousness, through which we are only a people with the capacity for will (state).

It is your war goal to stop this educational process for all the future. It is the Talmudic modality of genocide.

You can only achieve this goal if you succeed in suppressing the contradiction against the Holocaust narrative through a system of social sanctions. The keystone of it is the Holocaust Inquisition, which does not deserve the name “Justice”.

The highly developed legal system on German soil in the past has been replaced by a New Barbarism. The Haverbeck resolution of the BVerfG now makes this “visible”. First signs indicate that judges and public prosecutors are now aware of this and are refusing their further participation in this system. The Regional Court of Hanover, for example, acquitted the convicted in the appeal proceedings of a “Holocaust denier” convicted at first instance at the request of the public prosecutor’s office. It is noteworthy that the Court of Appeal expressly refers to the aforementioned extract from the Haverbeck decision of the BVerfG and clearly and unambiguously based the acquittal on this extract against the intention of the Karlsruhe “judges”.

Consequently, the same public prosecutor’s office that had applied for the acquittal challenged it with the appeal.

Thus, an internal official conflict in the public prosecutor’s office in Hanover has become public. A one-off event!

We will closely observe how the careers of the presiding judge Goldmann and the public prosecutor Müller-Sommerfeldt, who are responsible for the acquittal, will proceed (Ns – 40 Js 81/13 – 42/18).

The first public prosecutor Wortmann, who justified the appeal with the hostile legal arguments of the BVerfG (NZS 1101 Js 15658/18 of 26.02.2019), will probably no longer be used as a lawyer in a free Germany. She has made herself dishonorable.

She deprives the Germans identified as “Holocaust deniers” of the right to express their opinion publicly on the grounds that this is appropriate,

“to induce the audience inclined to the utterer to aggression and to take action against those who are considered to be the authors or responsible persons of the distortion of the alleged historical truth implicitly claimed by denial”.

Apart from the fact that the alleged cause-and-effect relationship (nexus) is a pure invention (where is the empirical evidence?), this argument negates the principle of civil liberty: because others break the law, when they take note of my thoughts, these thoughts are forbidden. Whoever comes up with something like this is an enemy of the law. If this “federal constitutional judge,” then he is a highly dangerous enemy of the law.

That is the situation in the OMF FRG. The “punishability” of Holocaust denial is only the tip of the iceberg. The BVerfG thus protects the cornerstone on which an all-pervading system of thought police is built. The steam chatterer Peter Sloterdijk accurately described his appearance in the magazine “Cicero”:

“What would certainly stand out most to the observers of our circumstances coming from outside, although it has become almost invisible to us through its everyday nature, is that we have established ourselves under the guise of freedom of speech and unhindered expression of opinion in a system of subservience, or rather of organized linguistic and intellectual cowardice, which paralyzes practically the entire social field from top to bottom.

You – Sons of the Covenant – are the masters who created this system. They would like to congratulate you on this achievement. Under no circumstances should you be scolded for it. An enemy is an enemy because he acts like an enemy. That is all right. What is wrong is that some of our own think that Jews should be treated like friends. You have friends as individuals in dealing with individuals. As a people in relation to the people, the reasonable form of communication is the unity of war and peace. In the relationship with Jewry the moment of war is decisive, because Yahweh wants it so. It is therefore a holy war. In this war every one is a winner and a loser. At present you are winners and we are losers. For us this is the more favourable starting position; for the loser learns and is the winner of tomorrow. But you rot in the sun of victory. Amen! So be it!

Horst Mahler


BVerfG                      Federal Constitutional Court

Karlsruhe Town, in which the BVerfG resides

GG           Grundgesetz – not really a Constitution, but that’s what we have


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  1. The laws shielding honest enquiry of the holocaust can only be explained as without logic. eventually they will crumble. Explain to me how it makes any sense that a defense lawyer is prosecuted, and jailed, for vigorously defending his client? This has happened in Germany.

  2. Difficult language. The language used in legal texts is nearly always very difficult to follow. But oulawing opinion? That goes a bit far, doesn’t it? After all, opinion is that basis of democracy. What I struggled with here was the abbreviation BVerfG, short for Bundesverfassungsgericht, as I finally realised. (It wasn’t stated before the very end).

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