Lunar Pyramid?


The origin of the pyramids of Egypt has fired the human imagination for centuries, and it is often asked who the true pyramid builders were. Those who ‘want to believe’ now speculate that the answer can be found on our planet’s only natural satellite.

Alien conspiracy theories are swirling after an E.T. enthusiast spotted traces of intelligent life on the Moon.

The ‘discovery’ was made by a YouTuber going by the handle Pacitto Dominique, who was apparently exploring old high-resolution photos of the Moon’s surface taken by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter.

One of the photos shows what looks like a pyramid-shaped object sitting at the centre of a huge crater.

“It was a three sided pyramid with a single dark window going along one side,” self-styled UFO expert Scott C. Warring wrote on his popular conspiracy theory website

“The question remains, is this definitive proof that the pyramids in Egypt were built by aliens from our moon? It seems so,” he concluded.

While the origin of the object in question is yet unclear (it could be a simple boulder), this is not the first time the possible existence of pyramids on the Moon has had alien hunters in a frenzy.

An actual grainy photograph snapped by one of the Apollo 17 mission members in 1972, which shows a dark pyramidal structure in a light background, sparked claims several years ago that there has been a civilisation on the Moon.

However, considering the sequence of pictures in the mission’s repository of images, it appears that the “pyramid sighting” was in fact a low-quality photo of the floor of the lunar rover.


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  1. …..I should point that China and Russia outed NASA in an open letter to the press in 2014 pointing out that the Chinese ChangE2 lunar orbiter that they flew in 2009, with a high resolution camera, didn’t find any of the six lunar landers or the five Surveyors or anything that was America on the moon. So obviously these pictures DID NOT come from the Apollo 17 movie………if they are real, and they may be, they must have come from a lunar orbiter……this area of the moon was clearly a Birkeland current discharge field from all the circular craters with clearly defined molten rock features. This is part and parcel of the Electric Universe, and even the tetrahedral formations have been seen on Pluto I believe, but these formations are created by Birkeland currents and scalar energy plasma. The fundamental shape of two longitudinal waves of scalar energy intersecting is a tetrahedral, then hexagon, then cube, then sphere. This also explains the hexagon shaped poles on Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Check out, Thomas Bearden’s papers on scalar energy physics at, the with Wallace Thornhill, Hutchinson’s experiments, and some of Judy Wood’s work. Gary Hinchman

    • No they didn’t, those Chang’e images had a resolution of 1.3 metres, which is not sufficient to prove or disprove anything. At that resolution, the 3.1m long lunar rover would be less than 3 pixels in size.

      Check the basic facts before making statements.

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