9/11 Truth Teller Mohamed Morsi Martyred by Crypto-Jew al-Sisi


By Kevin Barrett, VT Editor

Was Egypt’s real president, Mohamed Morsi, poisoned? Or did he finally succumb to the nonstop torture and abuse he suffered during six years of imprisonment?

Either way, the man was martyred. And the monster who did it, al-Sisi, is grinning and gloating and raising a toast with his master Bibi Netanyahu.

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz accused truth-tellers of spreading “hate and paranoia.”

In September 2013 I published an exposé of who al-Sisi really is. Its original title was: “Al-Sisi’s a Jew, Egypt Is Israeli-Occupied Territory.” After complaints from the ADL, the headline was changed…barely. But the content was not.

That story had half a million reads many years ago, millions of actual reads by 2019, not reflected by the counter which has been reset numerous times. Its contents have been repeatedly highlighted in the Arab media.

That the Zionists are trying to steal the entire Muslim East “from the Nile to the Euphrates” as a springboard to total global domination, in service to their God-given delusion, is hardly front page news. But some of the details are, shall we say, “sensitive.” If the Egyptian people knew who al-Sisi really is, they would, as George W. Bush suggested in similar context, chase him down the street and lynch him.

All of the lies and disinformation about Morsi cannot disguise the fact that he was a decent, pious, well-intentioned man who was martyred for trying to do his job as the duly elected legitimate president of Egypt. Morsi’s courage in speaking out for 9/11 truth, including his repeated demands for a scientific conference to determine who really authored the false flag operation of the century, undoubtedly contributed to the international Zionist deep state’s decision to terminate his presidency and slaughter thousands of his supporters.

May God have mercy on Morsi, and may He quickly usher the Zionist monster al-Sisi to his well-earned “reward” of eternal torment.


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  1. Ian, it is a matter of record that Morsi supported 9/11 truth and repeatedly called for an official conference to expose and prosecute the false flag of the century. The MB is heavily infiltrated and sometimes steered in destructive directions because its goal—completely end Western imperialism and Zionism and reunite the Muslim-majority lands under the deen of Islam—is one that the vast majority of Muslims support, and that every decent human being should support.

    • Morsi was not a good guy in any way, shape or form, sorry, that is the truth, regardless of what he might have said, his actions towards the people and nation of Egypt show his true character – a brutal, ruthless dictator with loyalty not to his people, butt to intranational criminals. The Muslim Brotherhood is a complete fraud, it was established by British intelligence and has always functioned on behalf of British intelligence and their allies, it is a classical controlled opposition operation. That is why Nasser, who was a real deal, Egyptian Nationalist, suppressed the Brotherhood. The concept for the Brotherhood was to crate an Arabic analogue of the Freemasons, which is a front for a control network that extends throughout the Christian world. Just as 99% of Freemasons are unaware of the secret society hiding within the topmost level of their organisation, so most Brotherhood members are unaware of the true purpose and role of their organisation. Morsi, however, was fully aware of who it was that he and the Brotherhood served.

  2. You don’t need to go into the James Bond world to explain this death, Morsi has been in very poor health for years, he had severe diabetes and other ailments, he had been ensconced in one of the worst prisons on the planet where there was virtually no health care, so it was just a matter of time before he died. International delegations had been trying to visit him and had been warning of the threat to his life due to the conditions of his incarceration for several years.

    Don’t shed too many tears for Morsi though, he wasn’t a truth teller nor a good man, he was just as bad as al-Sisi, he did a lot of damage to Egypt and it’s people on behalf of his controllers in the West. Don’t forget, Morsi lead the Muslim Brotherhood, which is a front for the British intelligence services and their American & European allies and was just another in a long line of Arab politicos who had sold out their own people to Western forces. Morsi had the blood of many Egyptians on his hands and was a traitor to his country and people.

  3. The frozen dart vanishes minutes after death. They need Israel’s puppet el-Sisi in there to ruin Egypt not some leader elected by the people . This is the same as Venezuela now and before, Iran in 1953 and Pakistan when they murdered Benazir Bhutto – same scenario, same perpetrators – the Khazars.

  4. the would, as George W. Bush suggested in similar context, chase him down the street and lynch him.

    should read

    they would, as George H. W. Bush suggested in similar context, chase him down the street and lynch him.

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