Europe’s Caliphate: The Saudi/CIA Jihadist Army Aimed at the Throat of NATO


In the book by an Italian police commander in Bosnia
the true history of Balkans war among plots and rapes
with Muslim criminals and Western intelligence agents

___di Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio ___

«Without a catastrophic perspective, humanity would not need prophets. They are like the nerve centers of our society, they manage to feel the proximity of the danger hanging over us all. And in this new book Antonio Evangelista shows that his novel is part of those works that we can with absolute certainty define as prophetic. This is especially noticeable when the content is compared with everyday reality».

«And prophetic books are always present, even centuries after their creation. Thus the Demons of Dostoevskij meet with the small martyrs of Madrasse of the same writer Evangelista, who now grown up and matured throw the whole world into the depths of horrors, tinting the old continent with that blood which by now seemed to belong only to the industry of fun, video games and action movies. The author not only explains how fragile our society is, it leads us to the origins of that event that today we could call a crusade in reverse. That is a violent expansion of Islamic fundamentalism in the heart of Western civilization with all the dramatic consequences that we regret to observe». Nicolai Lilin wrote in the preface of the book Europe Caliphate (Califfato d’Europa, 2016, Iris editions).


The image of Chrono devouring his children fearing that they might become adults can take away his power is what in the novel shakes the naive soul of the little witness of a fratricidal crime among the Muslim fighters of Bosnia. This image well become a symbol of the new Western plutocrats, emulators of Creso, tormented by the insane greed of wealth and ready to sacrifice their own children in the infernal mouth of Jihad, openly financed by the Saudi wahhabists and secretly piloted by the US for hegemonic interests in geopolitics on the Middle East and the Old Continent.

The cover of the book Caliphate of Europe – click on the pics to request information on the book

This tremendous background also emerges in the disturbing stories of a super-policeman who entrusts to the discreet formula of the historical novel the impressions and memories lived in the Caliphate of Europe during the peace mission following the Balkan war. The executive official Antonio Evangelista was in fact commander of the Italian Police of UNMIK, the UN contingent engaged between 2000 and 2004, dealing with war crimes, terrorism, organized crime, Balkan mafias and corruption. In 2010-2012 he participated in the EU mission in Bosnia as Councilor of the Ministry of the Interior and the Director of the Police of the Republic Srpska. After becoming deputy “inquisitor” and head of the Digos of Asti, he is now an investigator in Interpol.

Already author of important volumes such as La Torre dei Crani (2007, Editori Riuniti, translated into Serbian with a donation of the proceeds to an orphanage in the Balkans), on the war massacres in Kosovo, and Madrasse (2009, Editori Riuniti), on small indoctrinated martyrs in Balkans from the Sunni- wahhabists imams funded primarily by Saudi Arabia, has not yet received the deserved attention of the critics for its Caliphate of Europe perhaps because, as evidenced in the preface, it narrates “dramatic consequences which we regret to observe”.

Especially because it rips the veil of the pagan temple over the lie about the Balkan War, depicting the horrible and bloody truth of a holy war led by radical Islamists without mercy. A carnage made even more unimportant by the “weapons” of serial rapes, women and children torture, sometimes just for fun, to give free rein to a malice capable of instilling respect on adversaries as on their fellow soldiers and allies.

The former Bosnian president Alija Izetbegović

War crimes that the mainstream has attributed only to the notorious Slobodan Milosevic, Serbian president since 1989, and not to the Bosnian Alija Izetbegović, who were denounced by the Serbs to the international Trinidad but died in the meantime, although behind the screen of a struggle for ethnic independence and religious has written pages of blood of a systematic and planned genocide identical, if not even more heinous.

In Bosnia some of the authors of the 11 September 2001 massacre were trained and others still capable of sowing attacks, deaths and terror all over the world. It is believed that Osama Bin Laden met the Bosnian former president who was aided in his war by Palestinian but also by al Qaeda affiliates.


If a very lucid, in-depth gepolithic analysis sheds light on the soul of the novel, its body is subdivided between the history of real characters such as the criminal Mušan Topalović, known as Zazo, and that of the brutalities of Muslim fighters witnessed by the surviving victims of UN investigative commissions. A correspondence of horror reports from which emerge atrocious atrocities of women raped by jihadist groups in Sarajevo, scene of every merciless infamy, and forced to blame the Serbs to be able to get the interruption of pregnancy in the hospital.

The correspondence on rapes, kidnappings, killings of civilians and other war crimes of the UN Security Council – click on the pics to read the documents in English

“The true horror, less bloody but just as violent, lies beyond the battlefields, the besieged countries, the streets tormented by snipers. Bad that reveals itself in that invisible and inextricable network of foreign interests, from the monumental and swampy gas export project called South Stream to the struggle for Eastern European economic hegemony after the fall of the Berlin Wall, from Arab oil to routes of international smuggling. For this reason the main characters of the story cannot act as protagonists of an epic or a sterile historical re-enactment» writes Noa Bonetti in the introduction to the book.

A jihadist militIaman controls some prisoners tied to the ground

«They are different men, lined up side by side in battle but enemies in life. All equally and inexorably maneuvered from above and plagiarized deep inside. From the Palestinian mujaheddin Ali, who arrived in Bosnia to join the Holy War called by President Izetbegovic, to the insane Zazo, a jailbird transformed by the conflict into a guerrilla commander and leader of the local underworld. From the ethnic Dragan, watchmaker, spy and depository of the ancient Yugoslav Orthodox culture, to the nebulous and disturbing Fabian, mercenary in contact with the American Secret Services and the oil multinationals».

«So here is the author renewing the condemnation of the warlords disguised as managers, diplomats or politicians – adds Bonetti – touching on the hidden, unspoken, forgotten essence of an induced massacre and linking the tragic history of the Balkan conflict to the new threats that recently they have moved armies and capitals to the borders of Russia and Syria. What is behind it? Gas, energy, arms trade, wealth, subordination plans and financial dependence. Still the clash between two worlds that have never been so similar and fierce as ever».


Former Bosnian Muslim commander Atif Dudakovic

A confirmation of what is written in the novel by Evangelista came last autumn from the judicial chronicles. Bosnian Muslim war commander Atif Dudakovic and 16 veterans of his unit were charged in October 2018 of having committed atrocities against Serbs in western Bosnia during the 1992-95 war. With 26 years of delay the justice machine, sometimes fast and sometimes very slow, has started to run its course. His general predecessor Rasim Delic had been indicted but died before the trial. At the moment, no proceedings are pending before the Aja War Crimes International Tribunal.

It is now the 65-year-old who is also accused of war crimes against Muslims who were members or supporters of a rival faction in the area during the conflict, as communicated to Reuters by the state prosecutor’s office in an official statement. The defendant categorically rejected all the accusations, calling them politically motivated.

Dudaković was a general in the army dominated by Bosnian Muslims who commanded the fifth operational corps in the enclave of Bihac and was surrounded and besieged by Bosnian Serb forces from 1991 to 1995. “The defendants are charged with the murder of over 300 Serbs , many of whom are civilians, especially the elderly, as well as soldiers who have surrendered or been detained” said the statement reported by Reuters.


The bloody gangster and Islamic fighter Mušan Topalović known as Zazo

In the novel, instead, it is around the real figure of the paramilitary Mušan Topalović that the story is articulated: a bloody militiaman killed by his own Muslim allies for his fratricidal crime, but celebrated at the funeral as a hero with a public tombstone.

“His career as a criminal-combatant soon led him to become President Izetbegović’s godson who entrusted him with the command of the Tenth Mountain Brigade, which will become the most notorious”, wrote Roberto Franco in a book on the website Critica Impura.

The plaque in memory of Zazo in the place of the massacre

«The former musician Zazo recruits militiamen in the context of rave parties organized and controlled by the same along with the Bosnian evil. And it is precisely during one of these gatherings, in 1992, in the multi-ethnic Borgo Velesici, that in the implementation of a diabolical plan devised to put the local Orthodox out of action, martyrs and kills Ramush, a Palestinian he had met at the rave and promptly manipulated – he adds Franco – From here various subplots unravel, the most important of which starts from the fact that Ramush is none other than Ali Ahmed’s younger brother, a Palestinian mujaheddin from the Lebanese camps of Sabra and Chatila, who went to various theaters of holy war to reach finally the forces of what Izetbegović plans more or less covertly as the future Bosnian Caliphate. His parable of international Jihad fighter is exemplary».

«Here in Bosnia – said Alì in the second part of the narration during an interview with a Dutch reporter – the blood flooded the earth under the aegis of the international missions and (…)was baptized the first Europe Caliphate. Thousands of mujaheddin ready for Jihad flowed into these places and Sarajevo became the new Kabul. Serbian troops of General Ratko Mladić massacred thousands of Muslim civilians, but the information fell on the most disturbing backgrounds. Srebrenica was offered in sacrifice to justify NATO intervention in favor of Bosniaks».

The infamous militiaman Mušan Topalović, second from the left, with the Bosnian president Alija Izetbegovic

«This was followed by Iranian support for the Islamic brigades employed in Bosnia through the network of non-governmental Muslim organizations of false humanitarian origin. Thus fourteen thousand tons of weapons and three and a half tons of TNT and seven tons of plastic explosives entered Sarajevo, for a total cost of seven million dollars – writes Antonio Evangelista in the novel – Saudi Arabia supported the Bosnian Jihad with over one billion dollars of aid and equipment for holy war. Foreign soldiers blessed by Izetbegović’s party settled in the villages of central Bosnia, continuing to proselytize».


Here is a paragraph from the very eloquent book on the context of the Jihad in Bosnia narrated by Antonio Evangelista.

«A few steps away, behind the hole, was the entrance to the tunnel for Sarajevo. Seven hundred meters of underground route which for the inhabitants of the Bosnian capital represented the discriminating factor between life and death. Few knew that in that place many Serbs were raped, tortured, and some never returned to their homes. A tunnel that connected the two free parts of the city, Dobrinja and Butmir. And at night there were transported tons of goods, soldiers and sex slaves».

The Grvavica district bombed during the siege of Sarajevo

«A recess almost a kilometer long, a meter and a half wide, five feet high, that crossed Sarajevo. City under siege of the Serbs with six hundred pieces of artillery positioned on the surrounding mountains, responsible for the indiscriminate cutting of light, water and gas. In the houses frozen by the cold the telephones were mute and the hungry inhabitants caused bombings and snipers that prevented any movement. Those who succeeded fled through sewers, minefields, frozen river, or hid in the few trucks of humanitarian aid. The tunnel was in the dreams of ordinary people but only the authorities took advantage of it to better withstand the siege, facilitate maneuvers, deliver food, medicine and weapons. It was entered through the remains of a bombed house to which» we read on page 23 of the book Caliphate of Europe.

«It was forbidden to approach for the presence of anti-personnel mines. Only those who knew where to put their feet could dare. Underground gut controlled by the Bosnian army and thousands of people, tons of goods, homemade bombs, alcohol, gasoline, heroin and secrets circulated every day through that strip. It took two hours to get over the entire route. And when the structure was strengthened they moved with the carts arms retrieved into an old mine. For Alija Izetbegović a special was even created with a presidential chair. People, politicians, diplomats, criminals, smugglers».


One of the many mass graves where the victims of Muslim executioners were buried

The mere logic of ethnic self-defense explains this intrigue of organized crimes, indoctrinated jihadists and state fighters. The holy war is not enough to explain why poor Bosnian Muslims have managed to fight and win to build their Caliphate of Europe despite having less experience and military forces than the Serbian army that besieged Sarajevo.

The reason is often more important than who and what in torpid stories of war and crime. The Italian Police investigator official, Antonio Evangelista, knows this well and that is why he dedicates a large paragraph to illustrate the geopolitical background narrated by the fictional character of Ali, depressed by the murder of his brother, punished and marginalized by his own militia. He will end up in jail after taking possession of US secret documents …

Journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva who discovered CIA arms trafficking for ISIS terrorists

«Between 1981 and 1987 the United States had allocated over eight million US dollars. with the secret intent of curbing Soviet economic expansionism by attracting Yugoslavia into the economic sphere of Western Europe influence as an outpost of American capitalism. In the same period, CIA, MI6, SAS (US and British intelligence agencies and special bodies – ed) and other secret agencies formed radical Islamists to be employed in a reserve plan in the event that the economic subjugation of the Balkans was not enough to repel Russian energy expansionism» is told in the novel Caliphate of Europe describing a story very similar to that of the birth of Isis in Syria …


«The result was a multi-ethnic jihadist movement, armed and trained by the United States, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom and others to make the Russian gas pipeline transit area to Europe turbulent and impractical. A secret economic program from the operational arm made up of seventeen world-famous economists, called G.17 – still tells the protagonist of Evangelista’s book – The mind of the plan was The IMF, International Monetary Fund. The project involved the liquidation of the Yugoslav national industry, replacing it with a liberal western-style economic structure. In fact, a colonial economy».


Blessed Aly that for the sake of his brother, upset by his infamous killing for futile reasons, he tells us a difficult truth to confess as to listen and believe. The super-policeman Evangelista and his literary talent were able to outline the contours and the shape of contemporary monsters.

In a forthcoming report we will tell the story of the Madrasses, the prison orphanages where the small martyrs of the Jihad have been indoctrinated to the culture of evil only because of the dirty interests of Islamic fanaticism, Western geopolitics and the Lobby of weapons on which speculate the Western tycoons and the Zionist banks.

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio


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