Existential Stupidity, the “Moron” Meme


By Dick  Croy for VT

When I wrote my stage play Morons, after availing myself of the abundance of evidence that 9/11 was a false flag operation aided and abetted by rogue elements within our own government, you’d be correct in assuming it was my intention to get in the face of as many people as possible, even though the inflammatory title alone would no doubt limit its potential audience – to say nothing of theater companies.

But that didn’t matter, I couldn’t imagine its ever being produced anyway, not in my lifetime. The point – other than simply ranting to vent my extreme anger and frustration – was to leave something on the record for future generations trying to comprehend how such evil could occur and be so successfully covered up in a supposedly well-educated, well-informed nation like the United States; how such a ludicrous patchwork of lies could be accepted as the truth of what had taken place. (Much as many are still trying to get their heads around the self-immolation of the German nation under Hitler.)

But there was another reason for using as the title an epithet that is much heard these days, although I was only vaguely aware of this at the time. Before it became an insult, moron was “a term used in psychology to denote mild intellectual disability,” according to my handy consultant Wikipedia. And I was grappling with the distressing fact that so many otherwise intelligent Americans were buying into the “official” version of 9/11 sold by government and the media, even though as I had discovered, there was so much evidence available to refute it.

In answer to this conundrum, psychologists weighed in with the concept of “cognitive dissonance.” When people’s basic beliefs are challenged by information that contradicts them, they’ll ignore or disavow the threatening information. That’s all well and good, people, but we need to acknowledge that we’re facing a world crisis that demands far more than diagnoses and explanations. I came to realize that “moron” had acquired a special meaning for me. In writing, editing and revising my play, the word came to refer to people of average or, especially, above-average intelligence who nevertheless behave in ways that favor their extinction.

“Morons” by this definition are like winners on the repugnant website Darwin Awards, “who improve our gene pool – by removing themselves from it in the most spectacular way possible –” except that instead of engaging in award-winning fatal behavior, they merely remain lethally passive. As in Edmund Burke’s often cited quotation, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men [and women] do nothing.”

In Morons the following dialogue takes place between ARONSON, a well-traveled rather world-weary middle-aged man and his younger listener: “Well, think about it. What’s the one make-or-break factor in whether a species survives or not?” (when there is no answer) “Adaptive behavior. How it deals with its environment. Fits into the existing order. That’s what “survival of the fittest” means. And that’s the fundamental measure of intelligence. If we go down, it will be stupidity that does us in.” To which the other replies, “Existential stupidity. Sounds about right.”

So what I’m attempting in this short piece is to establish a new meme, one that might possibly gain some online traction and make people think. My life partner says I’m too angry; kindness and compassion are better ways to cure society’s ills. But I believe that anger is essential too when used in attempting to right wrongs and to wake people up. Maybe introducing the concept of “existential stupidity” into our post- 9/11 world will serve a useful purpose. 9/11 should have been our wake-up call, yet most Americans are still asleep and all but refuse to wake up. Or they choose to see this heinous state crime against humanity as a terrible event in the past, period, rather than a revelatory exposure of ongoing malign forces that continue to threaten the whole world.


Dick Croy


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  1. “I think people can be excused for being fooled at least at the beginning.” -wjabbe

    I did not have any doubts until the first building collapsed in a cloud of pyroclastic dust, which did not pass the smell test.

  2. One must admit those who pulled off 9/11/01 were good and accomplished their goals. Damage, while locally extensive, was limited. They didn’t turn the whole City or State into ashes. However environmental damage was extensive. The planes were likely a Hollywood production. Explosives were obviously planted in the buildings. A NY Federal Judge carefully limited claims or aided owners in others. Some top Generals had to have been in on it. There is really only one evil group in the world with the means, motive and money and intelligence to pull it off and everyone knows who they are. Muslims were the patsies. Locals like the Mayor and others were in on it. One must sadly admit this was a very well planned and executed con. I think people can be excused for being fooled at least at the beginning. In less than 2 months will mark 18 years. Are any of the real perps in jail yet?

    • Many victims in New York died or suffer from lifetime injuries from the crime of 9/11/01 against our country by Israel aided by criminals in the U.S. These suffering victims and the rest of the population deserve no less than the whole truth of this false flag attack on our country. If we can’t have trials for everyone involved we can offer them immunity in exchange for the truth each one knows. Let us resolve to do this at the 18th anniversary of this sordid crime on America no matter whose Ox is gored from lowest to highest. I am only talking about perps inside America not Israel. Those in Israel are a separate problem which must also be dealt with differently at a separate time. Bush may have already provided secret immunity to his friends and cronies and possibly himself. If America fails any longer to get to the bottom of these crimes it can’t survive in its present form. I urge the VT editors to prepare a special article or articles on this subject. All these criminals know the roles they played in the 9/11/01 false flag attack on America. Let’s have each one spill the beans in public in exchange for immunity.

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