Why Veterans With PTSD Stress or Chronic Pain Should Consider CBD Oil


It is now common knowledge that stress and sometimes even PTSD affects veterans in a significant way. This type of stress can be so severe that it could debilitate the individual, making it hard to think clearly and function as anyone else could.

Some veterans who were injured in service may deal with additional issues, like chronic pain. Of course, individuals attempt to deal with this problem with something like opioids, but some of these medications are highly addictive. One of the side-effects is anxiety and stress, making thing worse for some of these heroes.

You can clearly see why many are turning towards safer alternatives, like CBD oil, but does it really work, and what could it really address?

CBD Oil and Pain

Opioids are quite powerful and have led to addiction for some. The issue is so prevalent that some are calling this type of addiction an epidemic that is affecting many people in the country, including veterans.

The problem is the pain is still there and has to be dealt with one way another. One option seems to be CBD oil, even though some people frown on this or overlook it.

Using this herb to combat pain has been quite popular for some time though it started in ancient China. The herb not only seems to promote sound sleep, which is an issue many veterans dealing with chronic pain have, but it also seems to reduce inflammation. Most of the time, pain is the result of inflammation, so finding a way to effectively address that inflammation is good.

Now, you do have to make sure the CBD oil is good quality to get the desired results and that your CBD provider provides third-party lab tests to make sure you’re actually getting what they advertise. One such brand is Royal CBD, though certainly not the only.

It is recommended to start with one or two doses before going up any higher. The good thing about using pure CBD oil is that it is a natural option while other over-the-counter and prescribed medications are filled with all sorts of questionable ingredients.

Can it Address Anxiety and Stress?

PTSD and excessive stress can also be dealt with using CBD oil. The only catch here is that it does not necessarily prevent stress but rather reduce its effects, and it also helps calm you down after an episode.

It would be great if this oil could provide more than just relief but actually solve these problems, but this is still better than nothing, and it is definitely better than dealing with these problems using questionable medications. CBD oil has shown to be helpful for anxiety, not to mention it may help address PTSD episodes.

The problem is quite complicated, especially PTSD, so it should come to no surprise that CBD oil can only be used to help minimize a PTSD episode. This is an issue a veteran is going to have to address with the help of a mental health specialist, but at least the issue might feel more in control, thanks to CBD oil.

Why do People Find it Hard to Make the Switch?

The reason many people, despite some of the findings and studies linked to CBD oil still have trouble making the switch deals with marijuana. Yes, CBD oil is derived from this controversial plant, but the THC component is not found in CBD oil. THC is the element of the plant that is responsible for getting you high.

Misinformation about what CBD oil is, where it came from, and what it could do to you make some people a little apprehensive about making the switch. This oil is now legal in all states, so that is showing people it is safe to use.

You should also keep in mind that CBD oil may promote the growth of the marijuana plant, but the growth is quite controlled, so those who are worried that you are supporting something that makes THC marijuana available to others can rest easy.

Hopefully, this information makes it clearer why many veterans are making the switch from prescription drugs to something natural and effective like CBD oil. It is important that you talk to your doctor and health care specialist to monitor your reaction to CBD oil when and if you begin using it.


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