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[ Editor’s Note: While China seeks its future in a comprehensive half-century infrastructure program which will stimulate consumer demand over a vast area, the US and its colonialist cohorts, including Israel, have chosen military unipolarism as their main stimulus, wanting to control everything via might and power.

Neither the US nor Europe has even considered a similar program to the New Silk Road, which appears to indicate that their respective publics are not to be invested in, but “maintained” in their current serf mode of eternal indebtedness to the banksters.

The major infrastructure project in Europe, Nordstream 2, is being fought tooth and nail by the US, and even by lackeys in the EU, despite Russia being once viewed as part of Europe. When I lived in Zaandam, Holland for a while, they had a statute of Peter the Great there, in honor of this having labored as a common ship worker on his famous tour of Europe.

Try driving around Europe looking for a public bathroom somewhere, or touring Greece and looking for a gas station or convenience store in the countryside. Try parking your tourist rental car in Naples and finding it still there five minutes later. The Balkans are even worse.

Gordon has been there and seen it all, including having he and his wife surrounded by ten gypsy teen girls demanding they drop their valuables and walk away, and Gordon’s wife begging him not to kill any of them.

The warnings of the Founding Fathers have been ignored, and our so-called democracy is a counterfeit relic. To that we can add the “fourth estate”, maybe the biggest disgrace of allJim W. Dean ]

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The New Silk Road will not look like the old one

– First published … July 16, 2019

China’s trade with countries participating in its ambitious Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has been expanding and reached 4.24 trillion yuan ($617.5 billion) in the first half of this year.

Customs data showed trade with BRI countries for the period was up 9.7 percent year-on-year. It has outpaced the growth rate of China’s total trade, which remained stable at 3.9 percent.

Exports and imports with Russia, Saudi Arabia and Egypt were up by 11.5 percent, 34 percent, and 11 percent respectively.


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  1. Manufactured wars since 1776, only 16 years without war to pillage and plunder resources every and anywhere. Domestic terrorist, the pirate of the corporations robbed the US mankind and livelihood. The so called “democracy” only applied to the 1% of Donald Trump gangs. Even more absurd, that all the mental impaired, restarted, sicken people becomes a gunman since John Lennon’s murder, which totally a False Flags. Are the mass brain dead or just too low a IQ to see thru decoy works by the system? Even a well trained army man can’t shoot in such incision target, of course, all the murders needed to be executed on sport to bury all the evidences. If the journalist failed to see the plot per hidden agendas given, but no one even points out this fraudulent act in light? What a society is this? Pointing finger target China, Russia, North Korean any and all the nations whom do not serve US’s need and agenda but protected their sovereign will be targeted and tarnished. The commenter’s shortsighted and self-servicing psychic will stopping us all from progress. Only if the westerner willing open their eyes and their hearts we probably still have a chance.

  2. If only given a chance for the world peace and prosperous initiated by China, or any other nation in this reference. But no, it is extreme hard to reach the aim due to deep hatred, prejudice and discrimination against any and all non-white nations. I never have any doubt, if said program sponsored by the West nation, there will never have any desist from becomes the most successful program in human history.
    But it never can be reality due to the Chinese non non-compatible extreme profound culture and civilization which the Westerners can ever hardly digesting the scratch of the surface, the East humanity mentalities of “both street goes long way”. Also, the never stopping propaganda Cold-War mentality demonizing, bashing, slandering China and Communism. Which the mass cheated for last couple of centuries of so called “Democracy” , which was a “hoax”. I always question how in the world a nation addicted to a “Capitalism” system, in short, a total “money” operated nation from the white house, superior court to the common people in full function. A soul, spirit, social and morel corrupted a society to even call itself a “democratic society”.is an insult. The very base of “Democracy” first step is “humanity”. Simple question, where can one find the “humanity” in US?

  3. i acknowledge im not the sharpest tool in the shed, but i believe this BRI could put an end to the
    ‘new world order’ & wonder if rushina or chiussia ??? have been quietly working toward this goal from the outset….
    would the ‘debt control’ that rothschild has over all countries, be as over-powering ?

  4. Somehow I don’t believe China is the road to freedom and prosperity. More an Old World Family slavery the likes of which our Deep State masters would welcome and embrace.

    • i concur. whitey forever holds to his messiah farce addiction, the dream of ultimate righteousness and justice for all. while the current crop of demo’s exhaust themselves over whities’ invented trangressions, their imaginations are too weak and their cognitive resources too damaged to consider history and nature’s cold & cruel law of the jungle to see what’s ahead: cruel taskmasters? wait until the former united states answers as indentured slaves to their asian taskmasters! (and the japanese will never forget the hiroshima and nagasaki incidents.)

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