North Is South: South Is North

The rotation and convection of molten iron at the center of the planet creates a dynamo effect, generating Earth's magnetic field. (alxpin / iStock)

Earth’s Magnetic Field Could Take Longer to Flip Than Previously Thought

by Emily Toomey

Swirling around the solid inner core of our planet, more than 1,800 miles below the surface, hot liquid iron generates a magnetic field that stretches beyond the atmosphere. This field provides us with everything from compass directions to protection from cosmic rays, so it’s no surprise that scientists were alarmed earlier this year when they noticed that the northern magnetic pole was rapidly drifting towards Siberia. While geophysicists scrambled to release an updated model of Earth’s magnetic field ahead of its five-year schedule, the migrating pole posed an urgent question: Is the Earth’s magnetic field preparing to flip?

The magnetic state of our world is constantly changing, with the magnetic north and south poles wandering by a few degrees every century or so. Occasionally the magnetic field experiences a complete polarity reversal, causing the magnetic north and south poles to switch places, although no one knows exactly what causes this turnabout. (In fact, the north pole of the planet is a magnetic south pole right now, but it is still referred to as “magnetic north” to correspond with our geographic measurements.)

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  1. Hello Carol, about the climate, the weather. I heard a professor, Herman Russchenberg from the Netherlands. He talks about a program, playing with clouds, whitening clouds, and throwing bicycles (iron) into the sea, carried out by planes ! I live on the coast and have seen the sunset for 30 years every day. When I look outside, I notice the many airplane streaks,I have to think about that professor every time, “Many dust particles make small raindrops”, it seems that this program is responsible for changing the Weather. Maybe Cindy Myer can give us an explanation.

    Geo-Engeneering en Klimaat | Herman Russchenberg.

  2. And this is precisely why we have climate change. The weakening waning and ebbing of our earths magnetic field that protects our planet from the sun’s dangerous solar winds and other cosmic radiation and particles is what contributes to climatic chaos. Weak magnetic fields allows more solar energy to enter our ionosphere which is the engine of our weather patterns creating weather pattern changes. Very easy concept to grasp but not so for the fanatical it’s all humans fault crowd. Yes we have some influence but the greater changes are caused by natural forces out of our control. This is what the scientists and TPTB don’t want to admit because they can’t control this and if people understood this then we would lose faith in their rule and losing control over us is what they fear. They need to make us think they are in control and they can save us then we will just give up our own free will and submit ourselves to their will and control. Climate change is the new religion for the elites. Time to expose these false prophets.

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