In Connivance with Israel, India Converted Kashmir into “Auschwitz” in Gaza and the West Bank


      By Sajjad Shaukat for VT

Massacre of the Jews through various tactics of torture in the concentration camps, erected by Hitler before and during the World War 11 is still shocking and condemnable. It was a big tragedy, popularly known as the Holocaust, conducted by the forces of state terrorism.

According to the Zionist-controlled American leading think-tanks and media, “Genocide of 5 [or six] million Jews was carried out at the extermination camps, using tools of mass murder, such as gas chambers of Germany, Poland, Austria and Alsace”

But, impartial writers, researchers and authors have opined: “The Nazi command had a policy of deporting Jews…only 600,000 Jews were killed rather than six million. All Jews were not killed through gas chambers, but also due to hunger, diseases and depression.”

Renowned historians agree that Hitler was impulsive ruler, guided by ungoverned temper—he was the most ambitious leader who believed in the principle of “world power or downfall.” He had a firm faith in the superiority of German race and inferiority of other races. Anti-Semitism and the Nazi ideology played a major role in Hitler’s thinking. He believed that the path to German greatness was through aggressive military actions. He started a programme of enormous armament by developing German military on modern lines. Hitler became powerful ruler and acted upon an aggressive foreign policy to subjugate other nations.

After coming to power, Adolf Hitler’s internal policies were authoritarian and totalitarian. Liberty disappeared completely. The secret police-Gestapo was formed to deal with the slightest indication of opposition. He mixed politics with religious fervor and massacred several Jews in the concentration camps.

Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party had come to power with the avowed purpose of conquering colonies and foreign lands for the Germans. They must have a living space-‘Lebensraum’ as the Nazis called it for the living surplus German population and find raw materials and markets for German industrial goods.

It was due to Hitler’s unskilled diplomacy that militarization of Germany alarmed France, England and Russia. Thus, they humiliated the Germans, as their country was defeated in the World War II.

It is notable that on the one hand, the Jews have made the Holocaust the greatest device of gaining sympathy, while, on the other, they have used it for wars, anti-Muslim policies, expansion and foreign-aid, and to fulfill the Zionist ambition of greater Israel. With the support of American-Zionist Jews who manipulate the Holocaust, Israel has also become the sixth strongest military power of the world owing to the US assistance.

It is worth-mentioning that through the phony global war against terrorism, American President George W. Bush and President Barrack Obama provided a golden chance to Israel and India to accelerate the systematic genocide of the Palestinians and Kashmiris by equating the wars of liberation in the controlled territories of Palestine and Kashmir with terrorism. Their forces have been employing military terrorism such as curfews, crackdowns, sieges, massacre and targeted killings to maintain alien rule on these territories.

As regards Israel, it converted the Palestinian territories into concentration camps. In this respect, a number of investigative reports after lab-verification verified that since 1948, Tel Aviv used the banned chemical and radiological materials against the Palestinians, Egyptians and Syrians, and during various phases of the Palestinian Intifada, which resulted in to severe convulsions, the burning sensation, the difficulty to breathe, the vomiting and pain found in relation to the victims—mostly women and children, a majority of whom died in the long run. In 2006, during the war against Lebanon, Israel used banned chemical weapons like phosphorous bombs in Lebanon and Gaza, which killed 286 Palestinians and injured 4,200.

After the destruction of more than 7,500 Palestinian homes and displacement of some 3,500 families by a brutal military operation, Israel started the barbaric blockade of Gaza in 2007 by preventing humanitarian aid to the Palestinians. This new phase of atrocities reminded the world of a concentration camp, set up by the Israeli Jews for the Palestinians in the modern era. Israel’s main aim was to collectively punish the Palestinian innocent civilians, condemning them to vast devastation, leaving them to imminent death, without bothering even for patients who were suffering from kidney and heart problems. Besides fuel, the occupying power deprived the Gazas of clean water and electricity to ensure that homes, hospitals, factories and shopping markets were not able to function, resulting into a miserable life for the Palestinians—and even to the eventual deaths of the most vulnerable. However, Israeli brutalities in Gaza amounts to the brutal treatment of human beings which Jews themselves faced in the concentration camps, established by the ‘Hitlerite Germany’, but, they learnt no lesson. On January 23, 2008, after suffering from acute starvation including everything, Palestinians were forced to pour into Egypt from Gaza Strip through a border wall, blown up by the Hamas militants. This scene reminded the escape of Jews from Sobibar, a concentration camp, established in Poland during World War 11. In that camp, German Nazis had made the life of Jews so troublesome, even culminating to deaths that a number of Jews prepared a plan and succeeded in saving their lives through the ‘escape’.

In July and August 2014, during Israeli war in the Gaza Strip, Israeli military bombed apartment houses, hospitals and the UN schools which were used as shelters and thus, killed 15,000 Palestinian civilians, including women and children.

Earlier, in 1982, during the Israeli invasion of Lebanon, the then Defense Minister Ariel Sharon ordered to target the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps and martyred hundreds of Palestinian civilians.

It is of particular attention that it was owing to the lack of action by the US-led Western countries and encouragement of the US President Donald Trump that last year, the Israeli regime officially declared their status as “the Jewish State” where only Jewish people have rights to self-determination. Trump’s decision such as recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem and recognition of the Syrian Golan Heights as part of Israel might also be cited as instance.

Now, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is pushing US President Donald Trump to give the go-ahead for Israel’s annexation of the of “Area C” of the occupied West Bank, where the majority of its some 500 illegal settlements are located— before the country’s upcoming general election on 17 September, this year in a bid to secure his Likud party’s victory and therefore his re-election as prime minister.

The disclosure has angered the Palestinian Authority (PA), with spokesman for President Mahmoud Abbas, Nabil Abu Rudeineh, condemning the planned declaration as “playing with fire” by elaborating: “This step would neither establish any right to Israel in the West Bank, nor it will create a viable false reality…any decision which affects Palestinian national rights and violates international resolutions will be considered illegitimate”.

Similarly, in connivance with Israel, India has also converted Kashmir into concentration camps.

In this connection, Indian extremist Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government ended special status of the Jummu and Kashmir on August 5, this year by abolishing articles 35A and 370 of the Constitution in a malevolent attempt to turn Muslim majority into minority in the Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK).

The upper house of India’s parliament also passed a bill proposing the state of Jammu and Kashmir which includes the Kashmir Valley and the Ladakh area—be split into two federal territories. Jammu and Kashmir will have a state legislature, and Ladakh will be ruled directly by New Delhi.

India which already had 500,000 troops in the Indian Controlled Kashmir sent almost 30000 extra troops, while escalating tensions with Pakistan.

Despite, India’s excessive deployment of troops in the Kashmir region, expulsion of Hindu pilgrims, tourists, closure of educational institutions, arrest of the Kashmiri leaders and imposition of curfew, Kashmiris have accelerated the war of liberation, being waged for their right of self-determination, which was also recgonised by the United Nations.

Following Israeli ruthless tactics on the Palestinians, India is going to increase brutal scheme through military operation to suppress the Kashmiris’ struggle. Indian forces have already intensified state terrorism, as every day innocent Kashmiris are being martyred. In the recent past, Indian forces again used cluster bombs on the Kashmiris. Many Kashmiris have become permanently blind and paralyzed due to pellet guns shots, including chemical weapons used by the ruthless Indian forces.

In this context, human rights groups and even Western media have condemned Indian illegal measures and human rights violations which continue unabated.

The Independent wrote on August 13, 2019: “Kashmir’s tight security and communications lockdown remained in place…as reports emerged of daily essentials running low. Restrictions on almost all movement in the Indian-administered section of the disputed Himalayan region were strictly enforced…With internet and phone lines still cut off since the decision on 5 August to strip Kashmir of its special constitutional status and the right to make its own laws, the valley has become the setting for all-out information warfare….soldiers stopping vehicles in the centre of Srinagar, causing a traffic jam just as a military surveillance drone flew over….The network of barbed passageways was unprecedented…The entire Srinagar city has been knitted in razor wire to seek our silence and obedience…In a statement, Pakistan’s foreign minister said that the closure of mosques had curtailed the religious freedoms of Kashmiri Muslims on one of the most significant days in the religious calendar….Restrictions and curtailment of this fundamental religious freedom of millions of Kashmiri Muslims constitutes a serious violation of applicable international human rights law, to which India is a party,” the statement said.”

The New York Times wrote on August 10, 2019: “On the streets of Srinagar, Kashmir’s biggest city, security officers tied black bandannas over their faces, grabbed their guns and took positions behind checkpoints. People glanced out the windows of their homes, afraid to step outside. Many were cutting back on meals and getting hungry. A sense of coiled menace hung over the locked-down city. Shops were shut. A.T.M.s had run dry. Just about all lines to the outside world—internet, mobile phones, even landlines — remained severed, rendering millions of people incommunicado. Correspondence for the New York Times got one of the first inside views of life under lockdown in Kashmir and found a population that felt besieged, confused, frightened and furious by the seismic event. People who ventured out said they had to beg officers to cross a landscape of sandbags, battered trucks and soldiers staring at them through metal face masks. Several residents said they had been beaten up by security forces for simply trying to buy necessities like milk. Many Kashmiris see India as an oppressive and foreign ruler. Tens of thousands of troops from the Indian Army, the Central Reserve Police Force (a paramilitary unit) and the Kashmiri State police have been deployed in just about every corner of the valley. In some villages, even remote ones, a soldier was posted outside the gate of each family’s home….The lockdown’s effects are visible everywhere. Schools have been closed. Parks are deserted. Baby food is running out…At the Lala Ded hospital, sick people had traveled more than a day to get here, only to find a skeleton crew. Many doctors couldn’t get to work. Many patients were curled up on the floor….Many Kashmiris fear that Mr. Modi’s sweeping decision, which also wiped away a decades-old provision that gave Kashmiris special land ownership rights, will encourage millions of Hindu migrants from India to move into the valley, fabled for its stunning alpine scenery and fertile soil. Kashmiris fear they will be turned into a minority in their own land.”

On August 12, 2019, Human Rights Watch (HRW) demanded the Indian government to lift the communications blackout and step back in Kashmir. In a statement, the HRW South Asia Director Meenakshi Ganguly said since one week Kashmiris remain mostly under lockdown and their leaders are under arrest.

In a press release on August 13, 2019, Amnesty International condemned a decision by India’s Supreme Court to allow New Delhi to continue a security crackdown and communications blackout in Kashmir.

Urging New Delhi to ease restrictions imposed in Kashmir, Amnesty warned that “a complete clampdown on civil liberties is only likely to increase tensions, alienate the people and increase the risk of further human rights violations”.

Notably, New Delhi which has also secret ties with Tel Aviv left no stone unturned in crushing the war of independence in the Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK). Encouraged by the double standards of America and the US-led Western powers regarding the solution of Kashmir issue, both open and clandestine techniques of state terrorism have been employed by the Indian security forces to suppress the struggle of Kashmiris who are fighting for their genuine right of self-determination, as recognized by the UN resolutions.

Various forms of state terrorism have been part of a deliberate campaign by the Indian army and paramilitary forces against the Muslim Kashmiris, particularly since 1989. It has been manifested in brutal tactics like crackdowns, curfews, illegal detentions, massacre, targeted killings, sieges, burning the houses, torture, disappearances, rape, breaking the legs, molestation of Muslim women and killing of persons through fake encounters.

Besides Human Rights Watch, in its report on July 2, 2015, the Amnesty International has highlighted extrajudicial killings of the innocent persons at the hands of Indian security forces in the Indian Held Kashmir. The report said, “Tens of thousands of security forces are deployed in Indian-administered Kashmir…the Armed Forces Special Powers Act allows troops to shoot to kill suspected militants or arrest them without a warrant…not a single member of the armed forces has been tried in a civilian court for violating human rights in Kashmir…this lack of accountability has in turn facilitated other serious abuses…India has martyred one 100,000 people. More than 8,000 disappeared (while) in the custody of army and state police.”

It is also of particular attention that in 2008, a rights group reported unmarked graves in 55 villages across the northern regions of the IOK. Then researchers and other groups reported finding thousands of mass graves without markers. In this respect, in August, 2011, Indian Jammu and Kashmir State Human Rights Commission officially acknowledged in its report that innocent civilians killed in the two-decade conflict have been buried in unmarked graves.

Foreign sources and human rights organisations have revealed that unnamed graves include those innocent persons, killed by the Indian military and paramilitary troops in the fake encounters, including those who were tortured to death by the RAW. In the recent past, more unmarked graves have been discovered.

In this regard, in its report, China’s leading News Agency Xinhua has unearthed more unnamed graves in Poonch of the Indian Controlled Kashmir. The report quoted the statement of Sofi Aziz Joo, caretaker of a graveyard as saying, “Police and Army used to bring those bodies and direct me to bury them. The bodies were usually bullet-ridden, mutilated, faces disfigured and sometimes without limbs and heads.”

In the recent past, some online authentic sources suggest that the latest wave of Kashmiri Intifada has witnessed cruel repression by the Indian armed forces; large numbers of the dead and injured have been youngsters. The pellet guns used by security forces have damaged the faces of 1600 people and more than 1100 people have partially or wholly lost their eyesight making 2016 as the year of dead eyes.

In 2017, reports also disclosed that in the IOK, Indian security forces have also used chemical weapons against the Kashmiri civilians in violation of international law and Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In a development on July 4, 2017, the Indian Army had destroyed houses in Pulwama and killed 3 Kashmiri civilians. Upon recovery of the bodies, it was discovered that they were burnt beyond recognition.

Sources report that Indian Army is imitating Israeli tactics by using white phosphorus bombs to destroy houses of Kashmiris suspected of harboring freedom fighters.

It is noteworthy that in a series of tweets on August 12, this year, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has likened India’s abrogation of Jammu and Kashmir state’s autonomy to Nazi ideology, and warned the international community that inaction would be similar to appeasing Hitler.

Prime Minister Khan stated: “If the international community would stand by as Indian Hindu nationalism spread into Muslim-majority Kashmir…it was the same as appeasing Hitler at Munich…the ideology of Hindu Supremacy, like the Nazi Aryan Supremacy, will not stop in Kashmir…the Hindu Supremacists version of Hitler’s Lebensraum would lead to the suppression of Muslims in India and eventually lead to targeting of Pakistan…Attempt is to change demography of Kashmir through ethnic cleansing”.

Addressing the session of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly in Muzaffarabad (capital of Pakistani side of Kashmir) on August 14, this year, Prime Minister Imran Khan said: “He has assumed responsibility of raising the voice of Kashmir in the world by exposing the true face of RSS [Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh] ideology dominant in India is dangerous for all…he has tried to fully expose the true face of BJP [Bharatiya Janata Party]and its leader Modi before the world in his statements and tweets…ideology of RSS which was inspired from Nazi party of Hitler. RSS followers considered themselves superior to other nations in India. The RSS ideology hates Muslims and Christians for their ruling of India. In their agenda, ethnic cleansing of Muslims is also included…the extremist mindset and ideology of Hindus was responsible for killing of Mahatma Gandhi. This ideology also showed its ugly face in Gujarat carnage of Muslims…the intensity of violence against Muslims in Occupied Kashmir during the last five years is also due to this fanatic ideology”.

The premier also warned that Pakistan will respond with full force, if India launches any aggression against Pakistan, and said, “not only our valiant armed forces, but the whole nation is ready to defend the motherland”.

Taking cognizance of revoking special status of the Jummu and Kashmir by New Delhi, including restrictions on the Kashmiris, Pakistan celebrated its Independence Day on August 14 in showing solidarity with the Kashmiris and today (August 15) Indian Independence Day is being observed in Pakistan as the Black Day.

Regarding lack of any practical action against India, addressing a press conference in Muzaffarabad, Pakistan’s Foreigner Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said on August 12, 2019 that many countries in the world had economic interests in India. Without naming Saudi Arabia and some Arab countries, he stated: “Though we happen to talk about the Ummah and Islam, but the guardians of Ummah have made investments and have interests in India which is a market of one billion people”. He then observed that no one was waiting for Pakistan at the Security Council “with garlands” and added that any of the P5 members [of Security Council] could create an obstacle.

Undoubtedly, we can conclude that in connivance with Israel, India converted Kashmir into concentration Camps

Sajjad Shaukat writes on international affairs and is author of the book: US vs Islamic Militants, Invisible Balance of Power: Dangerous Shift in International Relations



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