By Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Cariso

After the suicide drones on Beirut here are the first rockets in an area fortunately almost uninhabited because in the red-hot territory of the border between Lebanon and Israel. The Al-Manar TV correspondent, Ali Shoaib, reported that “the Zionist occupation forces in the Shebaa Farms fired about 36 incendiary bombs on Saturday (August 31) at 4 am, incinerating strips of occupied and liberated Lebanese territories.”

The TV reporter close to the Lebanese Hezbollah also added that “the UNIFIL (United Nations Interim Forces in Lebanon) Blue Helmets survived a 155 mm Israeli rocket that hit their station on Bustra’s farm”, he said. that “the fear is still paralyzing the Zionist military movement on the border with Lebanon waiting for Hezbollah’s response to the recent Israeli attacks “.

The same site, to be taken with caution considering the side view, reports two news items from the 17 in which it refers to the movement of Israeli ships on the Mediterranean coast and the closure of the Kiryat Shmona civil airport due to tensions at the border Northern.

These are the first obvious signs of an escalation of tension on the Blue Line on the border between Lebanon and Israel: the mutual threats of military actions are rapidly turning into conflict, jeopardizing not only the Lebanese and Israeli populations but also the 10 thousand peacekeepers ( peacekeepers) of the UN international operation including 1,100 Italian soldiers, in addition to 1,309 Indonesians, 676 French, 475 Irish, 419 Chinese to mention only the largest contingents of the 44 countries involved.

Hassan Nasrallah, general secretary of the Hezbollah party

Speaking at the inauguration of the mourning ceremonies of Muharram in the Sayyed Shohadaa complex on the evening of beating August 31, Sayyed Nasrallah, general secretary Hezbollah said he appreciates the Lebanese position regarding Israeli aggression in the southern Beirut suburb of last week.

 “There was a national consensus in condemning the incident in Dahiyeh and considering it as real aggression against Lebanon,” the pro-Iranian Shiite party leader specifically mentioned the official position of Lebanese President Michel Aoun, Prime Minister Saad Hariri, and the MP Nabih Berri. “We will have to dwell on Berri’s appeal to the Amal movement to be vigilant and ready, which means that resistance with all its factions and movements has a firm and consistent position,


“Everything that happens in the Middle East, whether in Egypt, Syria or Iraq, is a war that has two dimensions. In Iraq and Syria, the war is between Sunnis and Shiites; in Egypt, the war is between fundamentalists, including the Muslim Brotherhood, and the moderates.

There are endless wars but, I’m sorry to say, there are countries, especially Western ones, but also from the East, which are fomenting all these conflicts. A solution must be found to all these problems. In the wars in the Middle East, Christians pay the highest price “.

The Maronite Christian patriarch Bechara Boutros Rai who has his episcopate in Bkerké, Lebanon

These words are from Bechara Boutros Rai, the Patriarch of Antioch of the Maronite Christian Church who is in communion with the Catholic Church and recognizes the Pope as Primate. He spoke in an interview with Vatican Radio in August 2013.

Six years have passed, I am more than half a million people were killed especially in the conflict in Syria but the cardinal returns to using words of fire to condemn the mission of the Israeli suicide drones in Lebanon where, in Bkerké, the Episcopate of the Antiochian cult from San Marone is based.

“In a statement released Tuesday, August 27, the Lebanese Cardinal stigmatized the repeated Israeli violations of resolution 1701 unanimously approved by the UN Security Council in August 2006, which called for the withdrawal of forces. Israeli armies from southern Lebanon, the halt to attacks by Hezbollah militias against the Israeli army and the end of every military operation in the border areas – reports the Fides agency of the Pontifical Mission Societies – The Patriarch also reaffirmed the urgency of configuring and implementing “a national defense strategy”, inviting the international community to put pressure on Israel to push the Jewish state “to respect international resolutions, in particular the 1701, which regularly violates”, and “increase support politic,economic and military to Lebanon, to help it overcome its difficulties “».

Of the two drones sent by Israel to the suburbs of Beirut, one exploded in the air and another fell on the Lebanese capital, bursting out of Hezbollah’s propaganda offices and causing extensive damage to the structure. Local media report that Israeli drones have been remote-controlled in the last stretch by operators on Lebanese territory. A few hours earlier, the Israeli air force had made a raid in Aqraba, Syria, south-east of Damascus, also causing the death of two Lebanese experts in aeronautical engineering and trained to drive drones.

Unlike Pope Francis I, often misled by fraudulent advisors on geopolitical issues, the patriarch is aware that there is a “definite project of destruction of the Arab world for political and economic interests. There is also the project to sharpen interconfessional conflicts in the Muslim world, between Sunnis and Shiites as much as possible. So the project is there, and it is a project of destruction of the Middle East. Unfortunately this policy comes from outside ».


The Anglo-American Zionist-Masonic empire is trying to replicate the Roman divide in the blood-drenched Asian lands. The most powerful and dangerous armed wing has always been Israel since its “forced” constitution favored by the Askenazite Zionist Movement and by Great Britain at the request of international Freemasonry and Baron Nathan Rothschild as written in a report on the arms lobby and the tycoon Israeli military drone builder.


The attack on Lebanon does not represent a threat only for the country, already invaded three times by Israel in 1978, then in the three-year conflict called by the Zionist Operation Galilee Peace and finally in 2006 with the 33-day war interrupted by the UN mediation. It is a very serious real danger for the international peace and tranquility of the Mediterranean, but, in the immediate future, especially for the 10,277 militaries of the UN Helmet Blue helmets including 1100 Italian soldiers of the Aosta Brigade and of the Italian Air Task Force helicopters.

The UN mission, legitimized by 4 resolutions of which the last few days ago, is focused on the so-called Blue Line that goes from the Mediterranean to the Golan Heights to avoid conflicts between the armies of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), of the Lebanon Army Forces (Laf) and the pro-Iranian Shiite Republican guard of the Hezbollah, the third ruling party but considered a terrorist organization by the US, Canada, Holland, and Israel, only in relation to the “armed wing” also from Australia and the United Kingdom.


Unifil is currently commanded by the Italian general Stefano Del Col who, following the Israeli drone attack, is intensifying diplomatic meetings with the Lebanese authorities to prevent an escalation of the clash despite declaring in an interview with Radio24 that the operation took place at Beirut, in an area that is not the responsibility of the Blue Helmets. He met Prime Minister Saad Al Hariri, leader of the Sunni party, and later the LAF commander Joseph Kalil Aoun.

The general commander of the Lebanese army Joseph Aoun (right) in the meeting of recent days with the Italian commander of the Unifil general mission Stefano Del Col

The Italian contingent in Lebanon, located in the Sector West, is based on the mechanized Aosta Brigade which, under the command of Brigadier General Bruno Pisciotta, is deployed in the Land of the Cedars with its own units coming from the Palermo barracks and consisting of the Lancieri di Aosta regiment (6˚), from the Logistical Regiment “Aosta” and from the “Simeto” Battalion of the 4th Regiment of Engineers Engineers; as well as from the 1st battalion of the 62nd “Sicilia” infantry regiment of Catania.

Added to these is the Italair Task Force, recently commanded by Colonel Andrea Ascani (alternating with Luca Piperni, awarded by Del Col), which is equipped with 6 AB 212 double turbine helicopters, with daytime and nighttime instrument flight capability and allocated to the heliport of Naqoura.

The state of alert of the Blue Helmets has risen not only for the suicide mission of the IDF’s unmanned aircraft and the consequent harsh Lebanese reactions but also for the news, immediately spread by the provisional government of Tel Aviv according to the usual strategy of terror, of the cancellation of all licenses and permits to the military for this first weekend in September.

The Italian Blue Helmets of the Aosta mechanized Brigade in the Unifil mission

That is why today the threat of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is seeking support for his Likud party ahead of the 120 members of the Knesset, against Beirut’s Hezbollah is more real than ever and risks becoming the detonator of the Third World War if Iran intervenes in support of Lebanon, giving the US and Great Britain, the main provocative agents of NATO, the excuse for military action, thus motivating the intervention of Russia and China, with Turkey ready to join forces to those who are last to take advantage of the opportunity to raze Kurdistan and annihilate all the Kurdish militias, including SDF in Syrian Rojava, not by chance allies of the Americans.


Those who believe these political fiction nightmares should not forget that they were occupied by the Golan Heights in 1967, tearing the territories from Syria, obtaining the legitimation of the property from the US President Donald Trump in March 2019, causing Netanyahu to rename Ramat last June Trump the project of an urban settlement on the plateau.

But we must also remember that the Mossad, the Israeli secret service accused and suspected of hundreds of political murders and thousands of sabotages, is considered by authoritative international military intelligence experts (such as former CIA agents and VT FBI) ​​involved in the training of suicide bombers of planes launched on the World Trade Center in New York on 11 September 2001 and the assassination of Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq al Hariri, killed along with 21 people including colleagues and bodyguards with a car bomb driven by a kamikaze and stuffed with a ton of TNT.

The murder unleashed the “cedar revolution”, the fall of the pro-Syrian government and a strong political rift in Lebanon between the Christian and Islamic rival members of Shiites and Sunnis. So much so that it became an ideal ground for the 2006 Israeli invasion.

The crater formed by the car bomb exploded in Beirut on February 14, 2005 for the attack on Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri

According to a detailed report dated February 16, 2005, by Joe Vialls, republished these days by the VT site, “on April 18, 1983, the Zionists bombed the US embassy in Beirut, killing 63 people. Then, on October 23 of that year, Jewish “special forces” war criminals set off two Dimona micro-bombs outside the American and French naval barracks in Beirut, killing 241 and 58 soldiers respectively. As in the murder of Rafik Hariri in 2005, Western media attempted to use the “false flag” of Hezbollah and Syria for the atrocities “.

Precisely for this reason the exponents of the Shiite party but also those of the Christian political formations have strongly challenged the International Tribunal for Lebanon launched by the Netherlands which has indicted four Hezbollah exponents without obvious evidence with the same ease with which Joint Investigation Team (JIT) has blamed four Donbas pro-Russia for the demolition of the MH17 Malaysian Airlines flight, provoking protests even by the Malaysian government which has a member of the investigative commission.


The Israeli threat is a blatant hostile act against the recent political stability conquered by Lebanon after the May 6, 2018 elections in which the Free Patriotic Movement (MPL) party of the Maronite Christian Michel Aoun, President of the Republic since 2016 and former general commander of the LAF , won 15.72% obtaining 29 seats and guaranteeing the majority with 69 out of 128 seats in the Lebanese parliament thanks to the “8 March” coalition formed with Amal Shia from Nabih Berri and Hezbollah led by Hassan Nasrallah.

Aoun, in order to guarantee tranquility to the country ravaged by multiple wars, has given the mandate to Sa’ad al Hariri, leader of the Sunni Muslim alignment Movimento Il Futuro founded by his murdered father.

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri and father Rafiq assassinated in an attack

Hariri, the heir to the billionaire assets of his father who classified him as the 522th richest man on the planet, had already been supported by a cross majority in 2009, when he obtained the support of Hezbollah by granting the right to maintain the armaments of the militias, authorized also from Unifil despite the UN resolution 1701 imposed its dismantling.

But his government had a short life because of his decision to collaborate and not to disregard the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, whose purpose “would” be to find and condemn the killers of Father Rafīq but in reality, it resulted in demonstrating the responsibilities of the guards Shia republicans in the attack initially attributed to Syria.

On September 6, 2010, however, the Lebanese premier Sa’ad declared to the Saudi daily al-Sharq al-Awsat (Middle East) that he was wrong, on the basis of factual data, to suspect Syria of his father’s murder. This was probably a consequence of the previous détente sought by the then interim president Aoun who on December 3, 2008, made an official visit to Syria where he was received by President Bashār al-Asad. During a historic press conference held the same day, the Lebanese political leader declared his intention to build the future together with Syria and leave the past behind.


On 3 November 2016, a few days after the election of Aoun as president, Hariri was commissioned by him to form the new government in the cross-party agreement between Christians, Shiites, and Sunnis. But a year later, on November 4, 2017, he announced his resignation during a state visit to Saudi Arabia, denouncing Iran’s strong interference in Lebanon, claiming it was life-threatening. The resignation was temporarily rejected by the Lebanese president who suspected interference from Saudi Arabia. Hariri returned to Beirut on November 22 and, at Aoun’s request, suspended his resignation, and then definitively revoked them on December 5th.

It is very probable that he was warned that the greatest dangers could come to him not so much from the Iranians, however supporters of Hezbollah’s political and paramilitary force, when from the notorious Mossad and from Israel. Something that was punctually verified with last week’s attack defined by Hariri himself as an “attack on Lebanese sovereignty”. Lebanese President Michel Aoun, who was involved in the 1978 Israeli invasion as a Lebanese army officer and the subsequent conflict that began in 1982, went even further, calling the drone attack against his country a “declaration of war”.

It is therefore clear that a possible new move by Israel would unleash the inevitable retaliation of Hezbollah, probably supported by the same Lebanon Army Forces by virtue of the more compact political coalition between Christians, Shiites and Sunnis. That is why the fear is very high that there may even be an excellent attack by 007 experts with a license to kill the Mossad, perhaps even the already threatened Hariri, to cause confusion in the government and in the country.


“The suicide attack at dawn is the first act of aggression since August 14, 2006. The condemnation of the Lebanese state of what happened and the referral of the matter to the Security Council is good, but these steps do not prevent us from taking the course of actions – declared Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah in a speech on friendly television Al Manar – Israeli drones entering Lebanon are no longer gathering information, but [carrying out] murders. From now on, we will face Israeli drones when they enter the skies of Lebanon and work to bring them down. I tell the Israelis that Netanyahu is running with your blood. ”

It should not be forgotten that many of the IDF raids against Syria to hit the positions of the Lebanese militias and the Iranian Quds Force, allied with the president Shiite Alawite Bashar Al Assad, in the war against ISIS, were led by the skies of land of the cedars since the Lebanese air force, equipped with old Cessna converted toy aircraft, cannot compete with the modern American-made F-16s and F-35s of the Zionist army.

The Katyusha rockets of the paramilitary forces of the pro-Iranian Shiite party Hezbollah

As the Iranian media Tasnim News reports: “Hezbollah is not afraid of any Israeli response or of retaliatory actions by the regime, since it has a huge arsenal of smart missiles, UAVs, missile defense systems that correspond to Russian S-300 missiles and can reach most of the cities and the main objectives: occupied Palestine, airports, ports, factories, power plants and water services “.


“After the recent Israeli attacks against Lebanon, Syria and Iraq, the Middle East found itself in the middle of undeclared war – investigative journalist Andre Vltchek reports in Russia Today – Almost everyone in Lebanon seems to agree. “This time Israel has gone too far. In just two days he bombed three countries, “I was told by a local United Nations staff based in Beirut.”

“Meanwhile, a powerful blockade in the Iraqi parliament – the Fatah Coalition – insists on holding the United States” fully responsible “for the Israeli attacks,” which we consider a declaration of war against Iraq and its people. ” The Fatah coalition wants all US troops to get out of Iraq as soon as possible – adds the RT reporter – There is no doubt that Netanyahu, with its recent raids and bombing of combat drones, has thrown the entire region into big and unexpected riots. Israel regularly attacks Syria and bombed Palestine for decades. But Lebanon is a completely different story: only its airspace has been routinely violated by Israeli jets flying towards Syrian targets. Bombing Iraq is also clearly an escalation of Israel’s bellicose strategy. A bizarre escalation, considering that Iraq is still, in fact, a state occupied by Israel’s closest ally: the United States “.

As Vltchek always explains “Hezbollah is providing social services including food supplies, medical care and education to all people residing on Lebanese territory, regardless of race or religion. Furthermore, it is fighting against Israeli invasions, bringing all Lebanese citizens who want to unite among its ranks. It also fights terrorists in Syria. It is closely related to Iran. All this obviously infuriates the United States, Israel, and Saudi Arabia. Hezbollah is firmly on the “terrorist list” of the West and its associates “.

An Indonesian soldier in front of the wall built by Israel on the Blue Line on the border with Lebanon – photo Andre Vltchek

“Only a few days ago, I managed to drive to the border between Lebanon and Israel, and then I went east, following the so-called Blue Line which is patrolled by the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL), for tens of kilometers – reports the Russian Today article – The Israelis have already erected a wall almost completely from the Mediterranean Sea to the Golan Heights – the Lebanese border. More than a year ago, the Lebanese government stated that “building the wall would amount to an act of war”. Israel could not care less. He set up a huge concrete structure right in front of the Lebanese army, Hezbollah and UNIFIL “.

To elicit comments, the journalist asked Indonesian soldiers of the Blue Helmets what they would do if Israel attempted an invasion. They smiled without answering … “On many occasions, the Israelis actually crossed the border, at least a few meters or centimeters, while they were erecting the wall, “several local farmers told me in the village of Markaba. And nothing happened, “recalls Vltchek.


The doubt for Beirut is indeed “Hamlet”: if Lebanon or Hezbollah decide to take revenge, thousands of people will die. “If they fail to respond, new walls will be erected and low-key Israeli bombing campaigns will most likely continue for many years to come. As a result, the entire region will continue to be paralyzed, “reports the reporter, quoting the words of a Lebanese colleague:” This inertia is like a slow death for the whole of Lebanon “.


Added to this are the sanctions imposed by the US Treasury Department on 4 banks in Lebanon, including the most important Jammal Trust Bank suspected of being a Hezbollah lender. A decision that has aroused strong bewilderment in Beirut where the same bank was used by USAID, the American agency to support developing countries (often used to finance regime-change like in Syria and Venezuela).

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu increasingly close ally in US geopolitical war strategies Donald Trump

Especially because they occurred just one year after the visit in which Mike Pompeo, US Secretary of State, promised that no financial sanctions against Lebanon would ever be enacted. But we know that President Trump does not hesitate to undertake sudden betrayals in order to please the arms lobbies and the Zionist-Masonic occult globalist powers. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu immediately thanked the White House demonstrating a solid and criminal alliance like the one that was initially between Hitler and Stalin …

“The new escalation in the region following the latest Israeli military operations in Syria and Lebanon raises concern for Moscow,” said a statement from the Russian Foreign Ministry, warning that “a broad military conflict that could lead to unexpected repercussions”. The Kremlin called for and obtained the fourth UN resolution for peace in Lebanon. Waste paper for Washington, which has already demonstrated with the recognition of the Golan Heights occupied by Israel that it is mocking the resolutions of the glass building with its right of veto at the UN.


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