Race hustlers are working for the Khazarian Bankster Cult

Race hustlers are working for the Khazarian Bankster Cult, the very people who want to see a race riot in America and even England.


…by Jonas E. Alexis

Way back in December of 1957, Martin Luther King, Jr., made an interesting observation in a speech in Montgomery, Alabama. The speech was delivered at the Second Annual Institute on Nonviolence and Social Change at Holt Street Baptist Church. Bear with me here:

“Let us be honest with ourselves, and say that we, our standards have lagged behind at many points. Negroes constitute ten percent of the population of New York City, and yet they commit thirty-five percent of the crime. St. Louis, Missouri: the Negroes constitute twenty-six percent of the population, and yet seventy-six percent of the persons on the list for aid to dependent children are Negroes.

“We have eight times more illegitimacy than white persons. We’ve got to face all of these things. We must work to improve these standards. We (All right) Then on the other hand, they say some other things about us, and maybe there is some truth in them…

“And another thing my friends, we kill each other too much. We cut up each other too much. There is something that we can do. We’ve got to go down in the quiet hour and think about this thing. We’ve got to lift our moral standards at every hand, at every point. You may not have a Ph.D. degree; you may not have an M.A. degree; you may not have an A.B. degree. But the great thing about life is that any man can be good, and honest, and ethical, and moral, and can have character.

“We must walk the street every day, and let people know that as we walk the street, we aren’t thinking about sex every time we turn around. We are not animals to be degraded at every moment. We know that we’re made for the stars, created for eternity, born for the everlasting, and we stand by it.

“There are some things that we can do; improve our conduct; we must improve our sanitary conditions; we must even improve our cultural standards. There are many things that we can do. Opportunities are open now that were not open in the past, adult education and all of these things-we must take advantage of them. There are things that we can do to make ourselves respected by others. Let me rush on. There’s a third thing we must do, that we can do. We must achieve excellency in our various fields of activity and our various fields of endeavor. This is a new day, and that simply means that doors are opening now that were not open in the past.

“Opportunities stand before us now that did not stand before us in the past. And the great challenge before the Negro at this hour is to be ready to enter these doors as they open. Ralph Waldo Emerson said in an essay back in 1871 that if a man can write a better book or preach a better sermon or make a better mousetrap than his neighbor, even if he builds his house in the woods, the world will make a beaten path to his door. We must get ready and do the job, the opportunities will stand there for us.”[1]

Contrast that to our day. Would any so-called black leaders such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson even approach that kind of language? Would they tell us that the black community has some work to do in places like Chicago, where hundreds of people are being killed every single year?

More recently, a black man got caught mercilessly punching a female San Bernardino sheriff’s deputy, tackling her and stealing her gun. Right after her gun was taken, the officer started running. The man then fired a shot at the officer.

The million-dollar questions are simply these: where are the so-called black leaders, the puppets of the Khazarian regime? Where are the representatives of the Black Lives Matter movement? Where are the race hustlers?

Well, they are nowhere to be found. This is again an infallible sign that those people are working for the Khazarian Bankster Cult, the very people who want to see a race riot in America and even England. Why do they want to see a race riot?

Simple: they will be able to kill two birds with one stone.

[1] “Some Things We Must Do: Address Delivered at the Second Annual Institute on Nonviolence and Social Change at Holt Street Baptist Church,” http://okra.stanford.edu/transcription/document_images/Vol04Scans/328_5-Dec-1957_Some%20Things%20We%20Must%20Do.pdf.


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  1. It would be hard to deny, race baiters of all colors are out in full force, barging into almost every conversation. Most seem to have weaponized it, to demonize their adversaries. All a person can do when getting loaded questions is to stop talking.

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