Murder, then Corpse Rape, the Death of a Portuguese Nun


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No red shoe. No red bow either in Italy or in Europe for the barbarous killing of a Portuguese nun, strangled with the “blow of the lion” and even raped by the dead. Nothing even for the ever increasing number of victims of sexual violence who in the multi-ethnic Stockholm represent a social and even daily health emergency.

To kill Maria Antónia Guerra de Pinho, 61, also known in Italy where she served for a few years for the Spanish congregation of the Servants of Mary Ministers of the Sick, would have been a 45-year-old drug addict, released on probation three months ago from prison where he had served 12 years of a penalty of 16 for two previous rapes. The nun died for having tried to defend her virginity and her vow of chastity in every way.

Not only. The Portuguese judiciary had issued an arrest warrant on 3 September for another attempted violence against a 20-year-old woman released a few weeks after her release. But the judicial machine failed to stop him in time before his road crossed that of the nun, always smiling, loved and well liked by everyone in the local community of Sao Joao de Madeira where she was affectionately called “Irma Tona”, that is sister Tonia . She was known for her Christian fervor and fundamentalism, but above all for her selflessness and for the faithful motorcycle with which she traveled in the city of 21 inhabitants of the district of Aveiro, bordering on that of Porto, to help the poor sick.


The newspapers and the police tried to reconstruct the incident also with the help of the alleged culprit, interrogated and arrested for the murder, Alfredo Santos called “Tito”. “It is known that the sister left her home on Sunday morning to go to Mass at about 8am, but she never arrived at church – writes the Portuguese newspaper O Regional – It is known that her sister was in a cafe in S. João from Madeira to have breakfast with “Tito”, in a meeting that apparently “perfectly normal”. So the nun gave him a ride in the car »taking him to his apartment in Arrifana Street, where the drug addict lived with his mother and brother, a few meters from the house where the nun lived with her elderly mother to assist her .

“Once he got home, he would first offer her a coffee to thank her and then he tried to abuse her. With the rejection of Sister Antonia, she suffocated her and immediately abused her when she was already dead »reports the Fides agency of the Pontifical Mission Societies.

“In search of his intent, the detainee resorted to physical force, apparently applying a strangling blow known as the ‘lion killer’, which was the cause of death, and then he put it on the bed and got having had sex »reports the police. Some rumors reported in Portuguese newspapers report that the poor woman was even sodomized during the horrific abuse of necrophilia. The lifeless body with traces of asphyxiation and sexual violence was found by Tito’s brother who called the Sao Joao de Madeira police.

“When the authorities arrived, the 45-year-old man who left prison in May was” apparently calm. ” The individual, with a long criminal record, had just served a prison sentence for a rape in Pombal and another in S. João da Madeira – Regional reports again – Alfredo tried for the first time to mislead the inspectors of the homicide Brigade Judicial Police of Porto stating that it was a sexual act presumably accepted by the nun herself, but had “wrong”, putting an end to the life of Maria Antónia. But a little later he explained the essential contours of the case “.

Tito has a long history of violence, robbery and drug addiction. Since returning home, she has sought support three times from the Trilho Association, in Valencia of Santa Casa da Misericórdia, which accompanies drug users but, according to Portuguese media, has always missed meetings. Alfredo, who was heard last Tuesday at the Court of Criminal Instruction of Santa Maria da Feira, was arrested by decision of the judge who indicted him for the death of the nun, but also for a series of other crimes he committed by when he left the prison on probation, having atoned for three quarters of a 16-year sentence.


The news of the barbaric killing of Irma Tona threw the whole community of Sao Joao de Madeira into dismay: hundreds of people wanted to say goodbye during the funeral in the Mother Church. The bishop of Porto, D. Manuel Linda, was not present, but sent a message of dismay for “such a heinous crime”, in disfigurement to all that Antonia gave to others. Amaury Medina Blanco of the Apostolic Annunciation even stated that “Tona” preferred to die rather than renounce the religious vote.

“She was well known for her generosity and her commitment, as she moved around the city, wearing her religious dress, to help sick and infirm people in the hospital and at home, and bring her help to those in need, both day and night, according to the charisma of his institute – reports Fides – He had been a nurse and a religious for 40 years, and had carried out his service in Italy and Spain ». At the age of 21 she was consecrated in the Servants of Mary Ministre of the Sick, a religious congregation born in Madrid in 1851 for home care for the sick present in Europe, Africa, America and Asia. Sister Antonia had returned to live in Sao Joao Madeira in her mother’s house to assist her but in the meantime she continued her work of helping the sick of the town.

The horrific violence has aroused disgust and shock even in the civil authorities. The City Council has unanimously approved an official note of condolences for the “tragic death of the nun Maria Antónia Guerra de Pinho”. Mayor Jorge Sequeira has joined the “dismay proven by the circumstances of his premature death”. The mayor also addressed his family, the parish and his Congregation: “No one deserved, especially the victim, who was an example of humanity and love for others”.


The story of the nun raped by the dead brings to mind the terrible and bestial rape of the group suffered by the young Roman Desirèe Mariottini, raped by drug addicts and African drug dealers, with a residence permit for expired humanitarian reasons, despite being still a virgin and abused to death, even when he was already unconscious and probably already dead from the deadly mix of psychotropic drugs he had been given.


But the alarm for the rapes committed with great lightness by urban criminals who act without restraint or fear of the law because they are addicted to daily delinquency, are already sought after and enter and leave the prison habitually. An alarm that has become a real emergency in Sweden, as already reported in a previous report by Gospa News, marking the failure of the multi-ethnic society as reported by Sputnik International.



“According to the Mitt i newspaper, Stockholm sees an average of five rapes a day, many of which make headlines that attract attention, like the gang rape in Hässelby. The situation is so serious that the Södersjukhuset hospital had to set up a special emergency department for raped women. About 800 victims are treated there every year »writes Sputnik. In the first half of 2019, 1,060 rapes were reported in the Swedish capital, two hundred more, with a dramatic increase of 20 percent, compared to 890 in the same period of 2018.

The financial council of the Irene Svenonoius region of the moderate liberal-conservative party has called this escalation unacceptable: “I look extremely seriously at all the rapes. The increase is alarming – Svenonius told Mitt i – We know that the number of rape victims is significantly higher “, he added, asking for” strong and concerted efforts “to solve the problem”. According to Södersjukhuset, only six out of ten rape victims choose to report the attack to the police.

ERGASTOLO WITH PAMELA SQUARTATORE: the shadow of the black mafia remains

The Dagens Nyheter newspaper also reported in early August that in many cases sexual assaults are not classified as rape but as other crimes, such as illegal threats or illegal coercion, especially if the woman managed to escape.

Given the recent development, the moderates are in favor of greater police presence and tougher sanctions to stem the growing number of rapes, said Elisabeth Svantesson, spokeswoman for the moderates’ fiscal policy. “It is not the only way to go, but it is important to emphasize the seriousness of the crime. We must treat the authors with hard gloves and ensure that the rape actually leads to prosecution.

At present, only five out of a hundred have been convicted, according to the national broadcaster SVT earlier this year. Meanwhile, the number of reported rapes has increased from around 4,000 per year to over 5,000 in the last ten years.



Unfortunately, in no alarm is the correlation between the increase in cases of rape and the high level of immigration of foreigners, especially of Muslim origin, for whom the violence of an unfaithful woman, as a non-Muslim, is in fact legitimized by a Sura of Mohammed. In a previous article they highlighted the position of a Swedish feminist who somehow defended Arab rapists because “it is normal that refugees tend to rape women because it is part of the culture of their countries”.


Therefore, there are even no statistics on sexual violence committed by immigrants in Sweden to avoid creating prejudice or reprisals. The data emerged in Germany, on the other hand, confirm the boom in rapes committed by immigrants exactly as in Italy. “In the case of murder and rape, the numbers still offer a worrying picture. From January to June this year, of 434 voluntary murders, 83 were committed by foreigners (19.1%), while sexual violence is 41.6% of those committed (964 out of 2319) “reported the Il Tempo newspaper in 2018 confirming the alarm also launched by Gospa News in another article.


In England the phenomenon of gang rapes of minors by Muslim gangs has taken on a gravity such as to induce the National Crime Agency (NCA (the British FBI, to open a special unit only to prosecute the approximately 1500 rapes that occurred in a few No red shoes or red shirts even for them …

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio


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