A Reader Questions the Saudi Attacks…Is Trump Peddling Fake Evidence Again?


…from Ron in Australia

I have been trying to piece together some discrepancies I noticed when I compared the media pictures of the refineries burning with actual Google Earth images. What I noticed is a couple of problems with the official report – you can look for yourself on the attached PDF file.

The burning images are gas flares – not actually the refineries themselves as you would think.

Anyway, food for thought.


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  1. @Jimmy wotnot: Regarding air defense, there is no direction air defense is oriented to. Normally AD is sectored with a priority direction of expected attack. Nevertheless, as it is also layered, it must be deployed to cover a 360 degree. E.G. if a large facility is to be covered, the closes layer will contain several AD devices (rockets and/or AD guns) which will be placed surrounding the protected facility, and where the engagement zones of each device will overlap with its neighbor device. Under no circumstance shall there be a gap between to devices. Also the AD control is using a alpha-radar (360 degree detection) to determine the direction of incoming attacks, which in combination of a high finder will allow to define the rules of engagement and selection of engaging device. Defense is done as soon as an attacker is detected and the probability of a kill is exceeding the set threshold.
    In summary: the statement, that the AD was oriented in the wrong direction is total BS, or shows an incomplete setup of the AD system as such.

  2. Always the same question remains “Cui bono, who benefits mostly ? Especially in these days of election in Israhell

  3. I would not pay too much attention to those photos that are probably on file and look dramatic as they show black smoke emanating from facilities known as “burn pits” designed to burn crude oil if the plant trips.

    The video from the Abqaik event showed multiple fires within the station and this is a significant event. This station is a crude stabilisation unit and it processes all the crude oil emanating from the Ghawar field and possibly another big field near by to make it suitable for export. Take this station out and the country loses about half their production until the damage is rectified and then the question becomes one of how extensive the damage is.

    The really interesting political question is “who did it”. When the Yemenis hit facilities on the trans Saudi pipeline no one asked any questions even though the range was in the same ball park as this strike. Now that someone has hit this facility it suddenly becomes “impossible” for the Yemenis to have executed this hit. It would seem logical that defensive facilities are configured to look for “incoming” from

    • Why shouldn’t they lie? As Duff correctly writes, most people are too stupid to live, and most of those who are not stupid are evil sociopaths who call anyone who points out the truth a liar.

    • If you don´t have sources and the right information you are unable to decide if it is true. This has nothing to do w “too stupid to live”, but w lack of information

  4. Curioser and curioser…Anyway Trump has all but blamed Iran. Now do we wait for the ‘strike’ or will he chicken out as usual, depending on how desperate Bibi is..

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